Advantages of CEA’s Accredited Online High School

Accredited:  Earn an AdvancED accredited high school diploma accepted by colleges nationwide.

Flexible:  Work anywhere, anytime, all on-line.  Start and end the year or semester when you want.  Organize school around your schedule.

High Quality:   Access one of the best online curricula available – Apex for high school and Pearson’s Gradpoint for middle school - taught by our highly qualified teachers.  Excel on your SAT, PSAT, and ACT tests, and be well-prepared for college.

Personalized:  Get to know great teachers personally, who will mentor you.  Develop a 3-5 year graduation plan customized to your ambitions, goals and dreams.

Affordable:  Our costs are far less than Christian private schools and many other online high schools.  Take up to 6 courses at a time for one price, with NO hidden charges or fees.  Discounts are available for multiple children, missionaries, military families and single mothers.

Choice: Have access to over 90 courses, including Advanced Placement and Honors courses, and a wide variety of Electives.  Choose one of three diploma options.

Peace of Mind:  Get weekly updates on your child’s progress.  Teachers and administrators work with you to ensure your children’s success, and make sure your child has an education that meets your specific needs and requirements.

A Leading Accredited Online High School

Christian Educators Academy (CEA) accepts students from all 50 states and children of US Nationals living abroad.   CEA provides an accredited online high school program that meet AdvancED standards, taught by highly-qualified teachers, personalized to the needs of each student.  CEA helps each student develop a customized plan of study for their high-school education.  Students who complete their plan of study receive an accredited diploma, accepted by colleges nationwide.

We accept a limited number of students each year into our accredited online high school program so that we can get to know each student and their goals, dreams and ambitions.  We encourage students to develop critical thinking skills, to act independently, and to be confident in their abilities and talents.  We strive to help students balance academic excellence with the dynamics of living a God-centered Christian life; one that emphasizes good citizenship and giving back to their community.

The cornerstone of CEA’s online high school program is to prepare students
for success in college and their future careers, while continuing to develop self-confidence,
integrity, honesty and Godly character.


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