Christian Educators Academy is a fully-accredited online high school.  We offer a high-quality online high school education to students living in all 50 states and abroad.  We also offer a complete online middle-school program for grades 6-8.  What makes us unique is our highly personalized service and the ability to customize our program to the needs of each student.

Highlights of our accredited online high school:
Ranked #4 on The 50 Best Online High Schools!

Accredited: CEA is fully accredited by both AdvancED and SACS CASI.  CEA transcripts have been accepted by colleges and universities nationwide, listed here.

Flexible: You can enroll in our program any time during the year and have a full 365 days to complete your courses.  As our student, you can work at your own pace:  anywhere, anytime, all online.

High Quality:   We utilize two of the very best college-preparatory online curriculums – Apex Learning and Pearson’s Gradpoint.  Both have won prestigious awards.  All of our teachers are highly-experienced, highly-qualified, caring professionals.  Our instruction is mastery-based, and we take a whole-person approach to learning.

Personalized:  We get to know each of our students personally.  We customize our program around the dreams, goals , needs and ambitions of each student, and we assist each student to develop his or her own 3-5 year graduation plans  Our students are well-known and cared for by our teachers. 

Comprehensive: We offer a complete range of courses, including Honors and AP, and a wide range of electives.  In addition to our standard diploma, we offer college-preparatory and Honors diplomas.

Responsive: Students communicate with teachers in real-time via e-mail and Skype.  Lessons are graded within a day of being submitted, Monday-Friday.

Affordable:  Our costs are competitive and all-inclusive.  Each full-time enrollment provides up to 6 online courses, with NO hidden charges or fees.  We offer discounts for families with more than one child enrolling, missionary familes, military families and single mothers.

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A Leading Accredited Online High School

Christian Educators Academy (CEA) accepts a limited number of students each year into our accredited online high school program so that we can get to know each student personally.  We encourage students to develop critical thinking skills, to act independently, and to be confident in their abilities and talents.  We strive to help students balance academic excellence with the dynamics of living a God-centered Christian life; one that emphasizes good citizenship and giving back to their community.

The goal of CEA’s online high school program is to prepare students
for success in college and their future careers, while developing self-confidence,
integrity, honesty and Godly character.


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