Academic Counseling

Guidance Counseling

CEA offers guidance counseling to full-time students regarding pre-graduation options and during the college applications process.  Our teachers and administrators work closely with each student, encouraging them to develop their interests and talents.  Good college planning begins with self-assessment and results in greater self-awareness.  Our goal is to help each student attain the highest level of preparation possible for their future calling.  For each diploma choice, CEA has prepared a suggested 3-5 year plan, where many students start earning high school credit as early as the 8th grade, and some students accelerate their pace, graduating early.  CEA allows students the freedom to work at their own pace, and select their plan of action.

College and Career Planning Services

  • 3-5 year plan
  • Assistance with course selection
  • Dropping and adding courses
  • SAT and ACT information
  • Sending transcripts to colleges

Graduation Requirements

  • Students must meet Florida state requirements plus the requirements of their home state.
  • All CEA graduates must take a minimum of 6 courses with CEA.

Diploma Choices

  • Honors/AP Diploma
  • College Preparatory Diploma
  • Vocational Diploma


  • CEA accepts most from public schools and accredited private schools subject to review
  • Review of previous transcripts is required prior to admissions and placement
  • Students wanting to enroll in Honors courses must submit a writing sample or take a math test
  • 9th grade students can take no more than 2 Honors courses
  • Students must complete at least 4 Honors courses before enrolling in A/P or Dual Enrollment courses
  • All students must be willing to set and meet academic and time-management goals

Transfer of Credits

  • CEA provides transcripts for all courses taken at CEA
  • CEA does not require or provide EOC exams

Credit for Homeschool Courses (Accredited Online Homeschool)

CEA welcomes homeschool families.  Parents who have been homeschooling their children can think of CEA as their “accredited online homeschool”.  CEA also grants credit for students who have been homeschooled prior to enrollment at CEA.  In order to provide credit, CEA requires the following documentation:

  • List of curriculum used
  • Copies of tests and assessments
  • Essay or writing sample
  • Portfolio or examinations that demonstrates knowledge and skill level