Academic Life

Attendance Requirements

  • Students are required to attend classes for 180 days, or until all prescribed curriculum has been completed.
  • Each course has been designed to be completed over an 18- or 36-week period.
  • Students should expect to spend at least 2.5 hours per week per course.  High school students should expect to work at least 15-20 hours per week.  Middle school students should expect to work at least 12-15 hours per week.
  • Students who do not log into a course for more than 2 weeks are in violation of CEA attendance policies.  Students who do not log in for more than 30 days without prior notification are considered truant.
  • CEA issues grades only for completed semesters.  No grade is given for partially completed work.
  • Parents must agree to take an active role in supervising their child’s attendance.
  • Due date change requests will only be honored when made by a parent.

Workload Requirements

  • Students must accept responsibility for their study habits and schedules.
  • Students are provided a weekly schedule and a calendar.  Students are expected to follow the assigned due dates as best as possible.  CEA’s policy is that a due date is kept as long as an assignment is submitted any time in the same week that it becomes due.
  • 80% of online time should be spent going through lessons, answering questions and completing exercises, worksheets and other learning activities.  No more than 20% of time should be spent taking assessments.  Additional off-line time may be required for writing essays, research, completing journals or other projects.
  • Students are expected to take good notes.
  • Students are required to keep all e-mails and attachments sent to teachers for at least one year.
  • Students MAY NOT refer to the online curriculum or any other resource when taking exams.
  • Teachers have the right to augment or replace a particular activity or test to meet full completion of all requirements.
  • Students may not skip or “opt out” of any assignment in exchange for a lower grade.  All assignments must be completed.
  • Students are required to earn a 70 or above on all assignments.  CEA does not award failing or “D” grades.
  • Assignments must be completed in the order they are assigned; students may not skip assignments.  In Apex, students are locked out of subsequent units until all work in the current and previous units is completed.
  • At least one test per semester must be proctored via Skype in the core classes of English, math, science and history.  Students are required to have a microphone and camera.
  • Parents must agree to take an active role in supervising their child’s progress.

Communication Policies

  • When students have questions, or are locked out of an assignment, they should contact their teacher immediately.  Teachers have 24-48 hours to respond.
  • Students are responsible to communicate with their teacher when they have a problem and wait 24-48 hours for the teacher’s response.
  • Teachers are available Monday-Friday, except on holidays. Teachers are not available on weekends or during school vacations.  Please refer to the calendar for a list of school holidays and vacation periods.
  • Each teacher provides a bio listing the times he or she is available.
  • The business office is open Monday-Friday, 10am – 4pm Eastern time.  If a teacher has not responded to an email within 48 hours, please forward a copy to the administration and head teacher, and call the business office.