Accreditation – CEA – A fully accredited online school

Christian Educators Academy is a fully accredited online school.  CEA is accredited by AdvancED and by SACS.  AdvancED is one of the leading accreditation agencies, and has accredited over 20,000 high schools and colleges around the world.  SACS – Southern Association of Colleges and Schools – accredits all the major colleges and universities in the southeastern United States.

As a fully accredited online school, CEA’s accreditation means that its transcripts will be accepted by colleges across the United States.  For a list of the colleges our graduates have been accepted to, please visit our Graduates page.  Accreditation also means that CEA transcripts and diplomas will be accepted by all branches of the US military.  Whatever you or your children’s future plans are, if you are planning to use an online high school for their education, make sure that it is properly accredited.  A properly accredited online school is key to your success.  Christian Educators Academy is proud to be properly accredited.

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