Graduation Requirements

Graduation Requirements

CEA’s graduation requirements are based on the requirements of the State of Florida Department of Education, and align with the entrance requirement of most 4-year colleges.

Nomenclature: 1 credit = 1 year; 0.5 credits = half-year

Requirements Common to College-Prep and Honors/AP Diplomas

  • English: 4 years
  • Math: 4 years, Algebra 1, Geometry and Algebra II required, plus a fourth math
  • Fourth Math (College-Prep Diploma): College Readiness Math, Business Math, Pre-Calculus, Probability,
  • History: 3.5 years including World Geography (half year), World History (1 year), US History (1 year) and US Government and Economics (1 year)
  • Science: 3 years
  • Required Electives: Health – 1 semester, PE – 1 year, Bible – 1 year; Art/Music
  • All CEA students automatically earn a required half-year of computer literacy
  • For an Honors Diploma, students must have a minimum of 8 Honors/AP credits, a GPA of 3.5, a fourth science, and the fourth math is limited to College Readiness Math, Pre-Calculus or Probability.

General Graduation Requirements for college-bound students

SubjectGrade 9Grade 10Grade 11Grade 12
EnglishEnglish I or 9 or
Reading/Writing Advantage
Skills Development
English II or 10
(Short Stories)
English III or 11
(American Lit)
English IV or 12
(British Lit)
MathAlgebra IGeometryAlgebra II4th Math (required)
ScienceEarth ScienceBiologyChemistry4th Science or Electives (2)
HistoryWorld GeographyWorld HistoryUS HistoryGovernment & Economics
Elective 1Health (Required)Art/Music (Required)Career and College PrepFree Electives (2)
Elective 2PE (Required)Foreign Language 1Foreign Language 2Free Elective (2)
Extra-curricularBible (Textbook, Required)SAT or ACT TestCommunity Service
(100 hours)


See 3-5 year plan for more advanced options.