CEA’s teachers and administrators are crucial to its success.  Teachers actively participate in all decisions.  Teachers have the authority to assess and grade student work, and the responsibility to decide how to best support their students.  Teachers at CEA are carefully chosen for their professional knowledge, devotion to education and character.  All CEA teachers are Christians who uphold a high standard of integrity and respect for students.  Our teachers mentor our students, and strive to develop personal relationships with them.  CEA teachers take a whole-person approach to learning, and believe in training up each student to be a person of Godly character, who can think, reason and give back to their local community.  Our teachers understand the importance of their role in the student’s academic life, and are dedicated to make every effort to help their students succeed.  Teachers also provide individualized instruction when needed, and accommodate students’ learning styles.  All CEA teachers must meet AdvancED / SACS accreditation requirements.

Teachers Must:

  • Have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution with a major or 24 semester-hours in their assigned field, that includes a minimum of 18 semester hours in professional education, or
  • Have a bachelor’s degree and at least 6 months of teaching experience, or
  • Be certified as a teacher in any state, in the subject (or a closely related subject) that they are teaching.

Our teachers meet or exceed these expectations and bring diverse perspectives from different job and life experiences.