Accredited Online High School Programs

There are many accredited online high school programs available today, but when you want only the very best for your middle school or high school child, starting with an award winning program offered at Christian Educators Academy. The curriculum used at CEA is Apex Learning, which was awarded the 2014 award of Excellence, in online high school programs. includes grades 6 through 12 and leads to successfully earning a fully accredited high school diploma and transcript, accepted by colleges and universities nationwide.  CEA is an ideal combination of academic learning and strong Christian values making our accredited online high school program the right choice for you and your family.

Within the American culture and idealism, is a little red schoolhouse, where our children get the best education, with one-on-one teacher support.   The reality of American education is often quite different.  Beige classrooms are filled with 30+ note-passers and texters, who casually ignore teachers struggling to make it to the end of the 45-minute period. Smart kids are bored, and slower kids are left behind. Anxiety about standardized tests is high, and scores are consistently low. National surveys find that parents despair over the quality of education in the United States — and they’re right to, as test results confirm again and again.

With accredited online high school programs and the internet, students have a wide-range of choices, where students get individual attention, and curriculum choice.  How do we know online education will work? Well, for one thing, it already does. Full-time virtual learning academies are operating in dozens of states. Christian Educators Academy, offers accredited online class instruction to students nationwide.  Online courses allow kids to master material on their own schedule provide “a significant opportunity for students who were behind,” says Jim Shelton, assistant deputy secretary for innovation and improvement at the U.S. Department of Education.  This is why online education is the “wave” of the future.  Email us at today for more information on how online classes can benefit you.

Accredited online high school programs provide a superior and challenging college-preparatory, honors or Advanced Placement education for online high school students in a Christian environment.  With a Christian online high school programs such as Christian Educators Academy, students become private school students, completing their education through distance learning.  Online high school students have the advantage of being able to work anywhere, anytime, all on-line, with quick access to highly qualified teachers, earning an accredited diploma that will be accepted by colleges and universities nationwide.

Through Christian distance learning, CEA’s Apex Learning courses have become a growing solution for college bound, home school, private school and public school student seeking excellent courses with teacher support when they need it.  Parents can be involved in their children’s education, but unlike traditional homeschool programs, parents do not have the added challenge of planning lessons, grading assignments, and assuring grades can be accredited and accepted.

Christian Educators Academy’s online high school curriculum is structured, but like some public online programs, allows for a flexible, year round course schedule that fits your child’s individual needs.  With Apex Learning, Christian online high school students can take classes full-time or part-time, choosing from a wide selection of core subjects and electives.  In addition, as a Christian online high school, students can take outside electives for credit, such as religious studies, mission trips, ministry work, dance, worship leading, and many other extra-curricular activities that reflect a well-rounded and grounded student.