We take pleasure in knowing each and every student, and in developing a personal relationship with each of our families.  Therefore, we have a limited enrollment policy.  We are a small online school, providing one-on0one support, giving personal attention to each family.  We adhere to a strict non-discrimination policy, and to not discriminate against applicants or their families on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, or religion.  Prior to accepting a new student, we require that students and their parents consent to our policies by signing a legal contract.  In addition, all incoming students must have a phone interview with the Admissions Director to ensure that they are academically ready for CEA and that CEA has the services necessary to meet their needs.  The Admissions Director may require additional assessments to determine where a student should be placed, and has the final decision as to whether a student will be admitted to the school, and what classes they will take.