Online high schools prepare students for college

There are two primary aspects of college life students must be aware of before embarking on an advanced educational journey: The first being academic successful with college preparatory classes, the second is learning time management skills expected on a college level. At Christian Educators Academy, one of the top-rated online high schools today, graduates have given written testimonies to the success of our online school.  Online high schools prepare students for college in many ways.


  1. Academic Success:

Study Skills: Online high school classes instill excellent study skills to prepare students for college. As an online high school student, CEA encourages students to get in the habit of studying and taking notes on a regular basis. “Studying” can mean re-reading lessons presented, completing a study guide or taking good notes on materials presented. Online high schools prepare students for college by offering SAT type test questions on computer scored testing and diagnostic testing. Practicing test taking skills sharpens study skills, by teaching students what types of questions may be asked to prove mastery in a subject.


Research: online high schools prepare students for college by regularly requiring students to be able to compose well-written essays, as well as developing research papers that are properly documented. In order to write these types of paper, students must have experience with developing thesis statements, writing outlines, taking notes, citing resources, using correct grammar and walking through the revision process. Students must know how to take notes as they read for research. In order to prevent plagiarism, students should always reword any notes right away, so they are not tempted to use someone else’s words in their document. Students should also learn how to document all of their research using correct the format to cite any resources used.


Reading skills: Students who want to be prepared for college-level reading should be reading all the time. Online classes require students to be online a minimum of 3 hours a week in every subject. Each course presents a variety of reading materials, from novel excerpts, to textbook materials, and well-written documents. For college success, students must learn how to read for comprehension as well as retention. The reading load in college is much greater than the reading load in a traditional high school, but with online classes, students often read at a college level as early as 10th grade. Students who have not practiced reading large amounts quickly will have a difficult time managing the workload of college reading requirements.


  1. Time Management Skills

This is perhaps one of the greatest advantages of online high schools. At CEA, we teach students to choose their priorities One of the hardest management skill for college readiness is prioritization . With CEA’s online learning program, students are given study guides to help them consider questions that may be important for each activity and quiz on their schedule. With our Apex curriculum, students are given a weekly schedule, which we often find better than daily schedules. Knowing what needs to be done within the week, allows students to learn how to plan.


How do online high schools prepare students for college in the time management area?

Most online high school students say that learning how to find academic resources online before attending a college is valuable. These same students recognize the importance for their college careers of being able to plan and coordinate group tasks using calendars, scheduling and discussion applications. Students learn to develop a daily to-do list, follow weekly calendars and adhere to assignment deadlines. They learn to use their time wisely in completing assignments. Most importantly, students learn to set goals that are realistic, not ones that may set them up for failure.

Accredited Online high school – today’s choice for a changing world

There are many traditional high schools moving to a “blended” learning style, of online and traditional schools, however, some parents and students seek out an accredited online high school for excellence in course selections, quality teachers and the ability to work at their own pace.  Christian Educators Academy is such an accredited online high school, one that offers a wide range of online high school courses in a variety of formats. These programs help your child achieve academic success, earn an accredited online high school diploma, preparing them for academic success in higher education.

Accredited online high school students work in a structured environment online, yet have flexibility with their own scheduling.  Students need to work 180 days, but have a full year to meet these requirements.  Most online students study between 3-5 hours a day, 5 days a week, and the best part?  No homework!  If students complete all assignments each week, they can work ahead, or have more time to pursue other hobbies, talents or passions.  Many online high school students earn a well-rounded education with many outside extra-curricular activities, including organized sports, dance, drama or other performing art credits.

Flexible enrollment is another advantage of an accredited online high school.  Students can enroll at anytime-and still take up to one full year to complete up to 6 courses in the school year.  Most online high schools over around the clock access to the curriculum, with teacher response and support within 24 hours.  Teachers usually hold master degrees, and are specialized in their subject area.  They are able to encourage, mentor, tutor and help students master subject material.

Christian Educators Academy is a fully accredited online school that offers an award winning online curriculum called Apex Learning at a great price.  It is a proven curriculum, taught by Christian Teachers, yet meets accreditation standards for college preparatory credits.


Deborah Zabor
30 years experience online

Online High School

Online high school:  A growing trend in all 50 states

In most states, more and more students are struggling with the antiquated traditional public school high school system.  That is why online high school has become a growing trend for junior high and high school students.  Students are bogged down with an unusual amount of homework due to the overcrowded class instruction and are often bored or frustrated with the workload.  Gifted students, or students who are academically strong are exasperated because they are and held back by the rest of the class. A growing number of academically talented teens, as well as the average child are now enrolling in online high schools.  Online high school choices can meet a variety of student needs. The assignments are challenging, yet not overwhelming, the teachers are exceptional, and the transcripts and diplomas are fully accredited for college acceptance.

What to Look For in an Online High School

When selecting an online high school for your teen, make sure the program is regionally accredited by an agency such as Advanc-ED.  Proper accreditation will ensure that the online high school is genuine and the credits will transfer to any school of your choice.

online high school curriculum is a particularly important decision for teens. Make sure the school you select has a solid college-prep curriculum and, if possible, several honors and AP classes. Some online high school selections, such as even allow students to take college-level courses from online universities.  Thus, students earn dual enrollment credits as well. If your child has a special talent, consider selecting a school that focuses on these strengths.

After enrolling your child in online high school, be sure to monitor his progress on a weekly basis.  While online high schools focus on academics as well as encouraging students to be disciplined, your child will still need support and oversight. Sometimes, kids at this age become overwhelmed with a the challenging course load of online high school classes.

Every year more teens choose to study through an online high school. There are many reasons to transition from a brick-and-mortar programs for online learning.  These are just a few:


  1. Online high school classes may help your child earn credits faster, or make up missing credits.
  2. An accredited school may help your child get ahead and graduate early, with an advanced diploma.
  3. Online schools often provide flexibility for students, offering year-round classes.
  4. Online schools offer 24/7 access to courses, and excellent teacher response times.
  5. Online high school students allow students to get away from the failing public school system, avoiding bullying and other negative peer pressure.
  6. Online high school students work at their own pace, in their own home.
  7. Online classes allow students to focus on academics and avoid social distractions.

Accredited Online High School Programs

There are many accredited online high school programs available today, but when you want only the very best for your middle school or high school child, starting with an award winning program offered at Christian Educators Academy. The curriculum used at CEA is Apex Learning, which was awarded the 2014 award of Excellence, in online high school programs. includes grades 6 through 12 and leads to successfully earning a fully accredited high school diploma and transcript, accepted by colleges and universities nationwide.  CEA is an ideal combination of academic learning and strong Christian values making our accredited online high school program the right choice for you and your family.

Within the American culture and idealism, is a little red schoolhouse, where our children get the best education, with one-on-one teacher support.   The reality of American education is often quite different.  Beige classrooms are filled with 30+ note-passers and texters, who casually ignore teachers struggling to make it to the end of the 45-minute period. Smart kids are bored, and slower kids are left behind. Anxiety about standardized tests is high, and scores are consistently low. National surveys find that parents despair over the quality of education in the United States — and they’re right to, as test results confirm again and again.

With accredited online high school programs and the internet, students have a wide-range of choices, where students get individual attention, and curriculum choice.  How do we know online education will work? Well, for one thing, it already does. Full-time virtual learning academies are operating in dozens of states. Christian Educators Academy, offers accredited online class instruction to students nationwide.  Online courses allow kids to master material on their own schedule provide “a significant opportunity for students who were behind,” says Jim Shelton, assistant deputy secretary for innovation and improvement at the U.S. Department of Education.  This is why online education is the “wave” of the future.  Email us at today for more information on how online classes can benefit you.

Accredited online high school programs provide a superior and challenging college-preparatory, honors or Advanced Placement education for online high school students in a Christian environment.  With a Christian online high school programs such as Christian Educators Academy, students become private school students, completing their education through distance learning.  Online high school students have the advantage of being able to work anywhere, anytime, all on-line, with quick access to highly qualified teachers, earning an accredited diploma that will be accepted by colleges and universities nationwide.

Through Christian distance learning, CEA’s Apex Learning courses have become a growing solution for college bound, home school, private school and public school student seeking excellent courses with teacher support when they need it.  Parents can be involved in their children’s education, but unlike traditional homeschool programs, parents do not have the added challenge of planning lessons, grading assignments, and assuring grades can be accredited and accepted.

Christian Educators Academy’s online high school curriculum is structured, but like some public online programs, allows for a flexible, year round course schedule that fits your child’s individual needs.  With Apex Learning, Christian online high school students can take classes full-time or part-time, choosing from a wide selection of core subjects and electives.  In addition, as a Christian online high school, students can take outside electives for credit, such as religious studies, mission trips, ministry work, dance, worship leading, and many other extra-curricular activities that reflect a well-rounded and grounded student.

Homeschooling Online in Florida

Homeschooling online in Florida has many benefits for middle school and high school students.  An accredited online school offers students the opportunity to take high quality courses, including honors, advanced placement, an college preparatory courses, all supported by highly qualified teachers.  Most importantly, homeschooling online allows students of all ages to become PRIVATE school students, and excuses them from reporting the superintendent of schools in their district.  Once you withdraw from the state of Florida public school or home education program , your child comes under the jurisdiction of an accredited private school in the state of Florida.

Families who choose homeschooling online in Florida with a private school as their educational choice, are not counted as “homeschoolers” by the state of Florida – yet they keep all the benefits of homeschooling combined with all the privileges of a private school.   This includes accredited transcripts and a certified diploma for high school students, ensuring students can attend any college our university of their choice – nationwide.  For middle school and high school students, the FCAT and hiring of a certified teacher for standardized testing is eliminated, but perhaps the best choice is the high quality curriculum options, with teacher supported classes.

Each private school, such as, has a unique personality, as well as its own procedures and requirements that enrolled families must follow. Florida certified schools usually maintain the same records that a traditional school requires, including a birth certificate, immunization record or waiver, report cards and transcripts.

There are any number of reasons that parents choose to homeschooling online in Florida for their children—better academic test results, poor public school environment, high cost of a traditional private school, improved character/morality development, and objections to what is taught locally in public school are just a few. Homeschooling online in Florida is also the best alternative for families living in isolated rural locations, military families, or missionary families living abroad.

Research supports the fact that high school and middle school homeschooling online in Florida benefit from home instruction. The Home School Legal Defense Association has put together much of the research on homeschooling academics in Academic Statistics on Home Schooling.   We encourage families to register for free at for a complete list of information and documentation.  As the report points out in its closing, “These statistics point to one conclusion: homeschooling works. Even many of the State Departments of Education, which are generally biased toward the public school system, cannot argue with these facts. Not only does homeschooling work, but it works without the myriad of state controls and accreditation standards imposed on the public schools.”

Online high schools – Pitfalls to watch out for, and how to motive students

With all online high schools, there are both advantages and disadvantages.  One of the biggest advantage? Allowing a student to become more independent and responsible, and ironically, it is one of the biggest pitfalls.  Online high school students have great success with academics, but a few areas often crop up when students work independently.  Boredom, discouragement, lack of focus, or just plain laziness:  no matter what you call it – online high school students can lose their focus or motivation completing online classes.

The list of online activities can be overwhelming at times.  Study habits are very different, but there are many tips for success. At, we have 5 Tips to Motivate Online high school Students and lead them to success.  Online high school students have great success with academics, but a few areas often crop up when students work independently.  Boredom, discouragement, lack of focus, or just plain laziness:  no matter what you call it – online high school students can lose their focus or motivation completing online classes.  Here are a few tips that may motivate or challenge your child to be more successful.

With your online high school calendar, go through and develop a daily and weekly schedule. This is perhaps the most important tip I can give you.  Family schedules are often too busy.  We encourage school hours to be planned and scheduled to keep students from falling behind.  Although online learning allows a lot of flexibility, there needs to be structure.  Starting the same time each day, and having a plan with obtainable goals is key.   Suggestion:  have your child work on one class per day, finishing one lesson in a particular subject.  Have a Monday math day, Tuesday science day, etc…  Your child will be encouraged when they see their weekly work completed.

One of the most encouraging things to do with online high school students, is to set goals and work on a graduation plan together.  Have regular discussions with your child about their goals and dreams.  Be sure they are taking courses to meet their goals, as well as meeting state graduation requirements.  Starting the process with goal setting will set the tone for the school year and help make it a more positive experience.  Schedule meetings with your student and the school advisor to create goals and possible course options.

At, we find that giving online high school students daily and weekly teacher support and encouragement. Praise takes you a lot further and helps motivate your student to do better.  Give your student frequent and timely praise when they do well and avoid using criticism when they are struggling.  When your student comes to you with a problem, help them find a solution.  Contact the curriculum director for additional ways of giving support and encouragement and finding solutions with areas they may struggle in.

With online high school, or any traditional school, only having academics can be very boring to a teenager.  It is critical to Plan outside events and activities. Online students work very hard most of the time.  They need outside events and activities to stimulate their young minds.  We encourage parents to plan physical education activities, such as joining a gym, learning to play tennis or golf.  Many students enjoy taking private music lessons or art lessons, or enroll in a local drama club.  If you are struggling with an unmotivated student, make some small changes to your family’s educational habits and you may find that your student starts to make progress.

Online high school classes

The majority of Christian Educators Academy (CEA) courses are provided by Apex Learning, a program that has just won the 2014 award of excellence.  CEA has been using Apex Learning for our online high school classes for over 3 years.  In addition, we use Gradpoint, by Pearson for our high school electives.

Our online high school classes follow an in-depth syllabus to match content, sequencing and rigor of traditional school classes.  In fact, our Honors and AP courses are more challenging, giving students an advantage in achieving high scores on the SAT or ACT exams.

Several online high school classes offered by CEA, especially Advanced Placement courses, honors courses and college preparatory classes are taught by professional teachers, gifted in specific subject areas.  Teachers are often mentors to students, and have constant interaction, developing a more personal relationships.  Our goal is not only for academic success, but to help students become well-rounded and grounded in ethics, becoming excellent leaders in their community.

Finally, the curriculum development with both Apex Learning and Gradpoint is ongoing.  New and updated material is constantly being applied.  CEA, as a Christian School, has many opportunities for students to engage in biblical interaction with their answers, and with teacher engagement.  constant feedback and support is given to all students, in all classes.  With the online high school classes offered with, students can enroll year-round, and take a full year to complete assigned work.

With CEA, we strive to develop honesty, integrity, respect and Godly character in our students, and require those values in our teachers and staff.  We consider our online high school classes to be an excellent option for current homeschool families who have children going into the 6th-12th grade, as well as for families considering homeschooling as an alternative to public school options and expensive private schools.  With our excellent curriculum options, as a private school we continually strive to know each student personally, and to offer customized service to each student.  See Link below for more information about the importance of accreditation.

Christian Online Schools: the good, the bad

Negative 1

One disadvantage of Christian online schools may be the fact that it is NOT for everyone.  Some students have difficulty working independently, some have poor study habits.  But starting 9th grade with Christian online school as a choice, builds these necessary college skills early on.  In a traditional school, students must follow a daily structure, with homework, test schedules and projects assigned on a daily basis.  Sometimes this does not work well with young minds either.  Students who have trouble maintaining a strict schedule may struggle with the freedom of Christian online schools.

Positive 1

Even though students may struggle with working independently at the beginning, it is a learned skill, one necessary in college and the workplace.  Students often find that being more “in-control” of their schedule; what course they work on that day, when and how long, is a great motivator.  This is a BIG plus with Christian online schools.  Expectations are easily met, accomplishments are instantaneous.  Students develop self-confidence and independence by working at their own pace, on a schedule customized to their needs.  Many online schools allow students to see the course syllabus for the entire year up-front, similar to taking a college course.  They know exactly what is expected of them.  In other words, there are no surprises, no added work at a teacher’s whim.  In choosing an online school, look for one with “open enrollment” any day of the year.  One with a schedule providing class instruction 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to complete courses under the weekly supervision of a “live” teacher.  With a flexible schedule, attendance isn’t an issue.  Students who may have illnesses preventing them from attending classes will not fall behind with daily work or miss homework and project deadlines.

Negative 2

Another disadvantage of Christian online schools can be inadequate teacher-student contact.  When a person takes online classes at home, he must be able to focus on learning the material without the benefit of verbal interaction with the teacher.  In a traditional brick and mortar classroom, a student interacts with both the teacher and fellow students, in a controlled learning environment.  The student listens to lectures, asks teachers questions, and benefits from the questions asked by other students as well.

Positive 2

With a Good Christian Online School such as Christian Educators Academy, students don’t have to go to school in a controlled environment to have day-to-day contact with teachers and other students.  Kids today are internet, email, and “texting” experts.  Online communication is a part of their everyday world.  Teenagers can also be moody, not wanting to talk to anyone for days, and suddenly, they feel the need to talk to anyone who will listen.  When students take online classes using live teachers for grading and interaction, they can listen to the quick-time lessons on their schedule and pace, take notes, and ask email and internal site structured questions to a teacher.  Many students use a laptop computer, and enjoy learning in any environment.  Some online schools will schedule “phone” tutoring, using whiteboard demonstrations to assist students with specific needs.  A good online school will also have a student-to-student forum, allowing students to interact with other students taking the same class, or any class offered by the school.  Online schools that do not use computer generated grading systems also allow teachers the flexibility to adjust assignments to meet the individual needs of every student.

Negative 3

A person who attends a brick and mortar school has daily contact with teachers and understands daily and weekly assignments.  They must be prepared to keep up with the assignments and deadlines, and are given constant reminders of when assignments are due.  In a traditional school, students must rely on the teachers for their schedule and instruction.  When enrolled in an online course, students are responsible for completing reading assignments and other homework, without the frequent reminders of teachers regarding due dates and deadlines.  Students may fall behind or fail the class, if they have to be online at a particular time for instruction.

Positive 3

In contrast, a Christian online school student can often procrastinate, postponing reading assignments when they are having a “bad” day or week; without falling behind or failing assignments.  It is easy to catch up on assignments or advance ahead of schedule.  Some online students are athletes, musicians, or entrepreneurs who may need more time to complete assignments on some weeks or months, but they have an abundance of time on other weeks or seasons.  Online schooling gives students more freedom and control.  With parent support and a good online administrator, students are more accountable to themselves, with a schedule that works for them.  Students know their progress on a lesson-by-lesson basis.  No more worrying about what their current grade is, or if they are passing or failing.  Assignment feedback is usually within 24-48 hours, instead of weeks it may take a traditional teacher to grade essays and assignments.  Students are not mandated to keep a traditional teachers schedule nor do they have homework assignments that can fill up their weekends.  As long as all work is completed with 365 days, students stay on track, complete all assignments and can move on to the next course for graduation.  Another positive of online schooling is students can also work much faster.  No more waiting for other students to catch up; they can work at their own pace.  Online students often finish courses way ahead of schedule, allowing them to take additional classes and graduate early.

Negative 4

Students attending a traditional school have 4 years to graduate.  Students have access to guidance counselors for college support.  The usually have a graduation ceremony with a diploma.

Positive 4

While most online schools do not have graduation ceremonies, parents can plan special graduation parties where all family and friends may attend.  Many online students plan trips or a graduation cruise.  Online schools provide official diplomas as well as accredited transcripts.  One of the best advantages of an online school over traditional, however; is many students can graduate in 3 years if they choose, enrolling in colleges ahead of their peers.  They are eligible to take “dual enrollment” classes in their junior and senior year, giving them an advantage with the college experience.  A good online school offers ongoing guidance support, with a 3-5 year graduation plan to help students obtain success with their college and career goals.  Unlike traditional schools, online schools have a very low drop-out rate.  90% or more of Online school graduates continue their education, attending colleges and trade schools around the country.


Although there are many other advantages and disadvantages of both traditional and Christian online schools, attending an online school is a practical way to complete your high school education.  Online offers an alternative to public schools and the expense of private schools.  Most online schools offer a wide range of subjects, both honors and standard courses and credits.  A good online school will allow students to take up to 8 or more courses per year.

While traditional schools provide supervision and more structure, Christian online Schools allow students to learn from their own homes, with direct supervision of qualified educational professionals.  Students do not have to worry about attendance, peer pressure, dealing with bullies, drugs, overcrowded classrooms, or homework.  Teachers can be more flexible, working with each student individually.  Students work at their own pace, on their own schedule, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  They become more independent, self-confidant and more in-control of their own educational goals.

Online High Schools

The benefits of online high schools are endless.  Whether you are a middle school or high school-aged student who wants to earn an accredited online transcript and diploma from the comfort of your own home, online high schools can offer the perfect solution~!   The choice of Online high schools may be perfect for a variety of students, including those who have demanding extracurricular activities, missionary children, U.S. Nationals living abroad, or students who are unable to complete public school attendance requirements.  It is also ideal for students with disabilities or medical conditions that require a lot of attention, or can be best monitored at home.

Online high schools can provide you with a convenient, flexible way to learn at your own pace – take classes anywhere, anytime, all on-line!  Online classes are streamlined and prepare you for college in many ways.  You will become self-directed, self-motivated, and learn to keep scheduling that is critical for college success.  In addition, you can accelerate your graduation pace, taking many more advanced classes than most public schools can offer.  If you have a job or other demanding responsibilities, online high school will give you the flexibility to complete multiple tasks on your own terms.

Online students have the convenience of accessing their assignments, class materials and other school resources on the computer 24/7.   All classes are teacher supported.  Get help when you need it, instead of waiting for the entire class to catch up.  Students need to work 15-20 hours a week, or about 3 hours per week per subject.  This is much less than public or private school requirements, which require you to sit in class 6-7 hours a day, then take home mountains of homework!  The daily Internet and technology usage will give online students an upper hand in their computer knowledge and skills, which will be useful in college or the workforce.

Another great aspects with online high schools is the ability to learn from home without ever having to leave the house. Students can save money and precious time by not commuting to and from school. Perhaps the best thing is you will have the convenience of setting up your school schedules to fit YOUR lifestyle.  Be free from cliques, high school drama, bullying and other peer pressures that are associated with middle school and high school.  The online learning experience is unique, and can work with your lifestyle, as well as meet your educational goals and dreams.  For more information, contact today.

High School Online

Take high school online classes, start anytime, work anywhere, with high speed internet access!  Start earning an accredited diploma today, having the flexibility of distance learning, and still focus on dance, drama, competitive sports, or any other interest you have.  Christian Educators Academy offers high school online classes that are fully accredited through AdvancEd.   We use the Apex Learning curriculum, which is state and nationally approved, giving you an educational alternative to public schools.

With CEA’s High School online program, students can choose from over 90+ courses, including various levels in the core subjects of English, math, science, and history.  Students can take standard courses, college preparatory, honors and even Advanced Placement courses!  Choose your level of ability, and have a choice of diplomas.

CEA is registered with the Florida State Board of Education.  We follow all graduation standards for Florida, as well as all other states!  All transcripts and diplomas are accredited, allowing you to attend any college or university of your choice – nationwide!

Students in our High School Online program come from many walks of life, but all of have a common goal: to pursue academic success through distance education. Our diverse student body includes homeschool students, private and public school students with professional careers, students who are in remote locations, , students who want to accelerate the pace of graduation, and students who want more independence in their educational choices.

If you are a resident in the State of Florida, and if you plan to graduate with a college preparatory or honors diploma, you are eligible for Bright Futures Scholarships as well. Christian Educators allows students nationwide to take Dual enrollment credit courses at a local community college, transferring those credits into their high school transcript!  This allow students to earn simultaneous College and High School credit. For additional information contact the today.