March 2016 Newsletter

2015 Future College Applicants

We have a smaller graduating class this year, but almost all have been accepted at the colleges of their choice! Our 2016 graduates will be:

Natalie L.
Natalie S.

****Remember, all seniors should plan to finish by June 1st.



Most of our students have finished the first semester work in their classes. Please email if you received an INC (incomplete) when the transcripts were mailed. She will be happy to reissue a new one with your corrected grade.Now, please remember Apex shuts down for the summer and all second semester work must be finished by June 30th – that means written work and final skypes. At CEA, teachers have the month of July off, and August they are getting ready for new students.Progress reports on current progress and attendance will be mailed mid-April. That way, students have the opportunity to catch-up on assignments or take a Spring Break!

Gradpoint students can work all summer, but there is limited teacher support. Miss Gentile, Mr. Zabor and Mr. Barnett will be covering most of the Gradpoint questions, rotating time available. TBA (To be announced)

CEA Accreditation

In April, students, parents and teachers will be asked to participate in a REQUIRED survey. These surveys are crucial to our ratings as a school. The links will be sent by email, but they will be in the newsletter as well. The April newsletter will be mailed with the progress reports.

We have had a few incidents of cheating or plagiarism, which is a serious integrity violation at CEA.  Students can fail a semester or be expelled for repeated incidents.Plagiarism is any time you use work and claim it as your own. 90% of the assignments for the course you should not use ANY outside resources for, especially literature-based assignments. They should be completely your own thoughts, and can be written just from lesson materials.Sometimes you will have research assignments you need to look at outside sources for, but there are two important pieces to remember:

  1. IF you use the exact words of a source, you must put those passages in ” ” marks AND include a citation. This is how you give the author credit. Direct quoting like this should be used sparingly, not totaling more than 10-15% of any paper.
  2. Most of the time, you’ll use information from a source, but want to reword it in your own words. YOU STILL MUST CITE THE SOURCE, because it’s not your original idea. You must reword it thoroughly, not just change a few words. The best way to do this is look at the source, think about what it says, then put the source away and write your thoughts – so it’s completely reworded. Then put a footnote and list the source there to give the author credit for their ideas.   Miss G.

1Is there an official Spring Break? Yes, but because we do NOT want students too far behind, and because everyone takes different times off in the spring, all of our teachers will rotate their spring break schedules so that students can work as they want to.

January 2016 Newsletter

Semester Transcripts & Report Cards

Wocea_graphic2w! Semester report cards will be mailed by the end of the month! Regarding Gradpoint and Apex due dates: the system did not recognize our vacation times. We can adjust due dates. Email your teacher, but extensions are given until January 27th. You must start 2nd semester work by February 1st, in order to finish before June 30th – start of summer break. CEA tries to send all transcripts and report cards out by February 4th. Please note: If you do NOT finish the semester, the transcript will show INC or “F” UNTIL you finish ALL semester work.



Attention all 2016 Graduates!

We will offer a graduation ceremony if a minimum of 10 students will attend. We typicalcea_graphicly hold the ceremony in Orlando or Cape Canaveral, Florida on the Memorial Day weekend. Please contact Mrs. Z by email ASAP if you plan to attend.
All graduates must take the SAT or ACT exam. Be sure to register with as soon as possible. Our ETS code is 102311.
All Seniors must finish all work by June 1st to be sure final transcripts are sent to the college of your choice before summer vacation.



New Logo Design Merchandise

Itcea_logo‘s taken a few months, but we have finally got our new logo design onto some merchandise that you can order and have shipped directly to your house! We’ve ordered some test merchandise already and the print quality is very good, there will be some photos and more detailed instructions about how to order in the February newsletter–so watch out for it! Currently, you’ll be able to order a range of items: t-shirts, sweatshirts, tote bags, decals, notebooks, etc. We may be able to offer other items depending on student interest.

December 2015 Newsletter

Standardized Testing

We require standardized testing for students in the  5th, 8th and 10th grade, and for 12th grade students who do not plan to take the SAT or ACT before graduating. 10th grade students taking the PSAT are exempt.  12th grade students or parent must contact the office by Jan. 15th if you are taking the SAT or ACT.

As a service to all our families, we offer standardized testing for other students in our school for a cost of $100.00.  We use the newer, more up-to-date TerraNova 3 textThese tests must be paid-for and ordered no later than Jan. 15th.  Our scheduled testing dates for all grades will be between April 4th and April 8th.

If you have a student in the 3rd, 5th, 8th or 10th grade, testing fees have been covered in your enrollment, and a packet will be sent to you by Feb. 15th, 2016.

Semester Transcripts/Report Cards

All students who started online classes on or before September 30th should have completed ALL 1st semester work in Apex, or at 50% completion for Gradpoint courses (1st semester) before the Christmas Break, starting December 18th.  Students who have not finished Apex first semester, will be given an extension until January 29th, 2016 ONLY!  It is critical that all students start 2nd semester on or before 2/3/2016 in order to finish by June 30th, 2016.  Apex is not available for the summer.  Gradpoint students have more flexibility, and can work over the summer, but we want to encourage all students to finish and enjoy a Christmas and summer break.  (Skypes are a requirement for core subjects.)

Transcripts will be mailed by January 15th, 2016.

Please note: CEA will be closed from
Dec. 19th until Jan. 4th, 2016

Students will NOT have access to Apex curriculum.  It is shut down for updates.  Gradpoint students can still work, but remember, our teachers will not be grading during this time, nor will our business office be open.

We encourage all students, regardless of progress, to enjoy their families during the Christmas season.

We wish you all a Merry Christmas!


Photo Contest Winners

Students, there were so many wonderful submissions, that it was nearly impossible to choose! We hope to work on a small yearbook/photobook that incorporates more of these great pictures for the spring. Each submission was really awesome, I enjoyed seeing students in all of their various workspaces or activities, what a treat! It was a difficult choice, but here are the winners! Prizes are being sent today, Amazon gift cards.

December Contest 1st Place winner, Kristen S.
1st Place, Kristen S.

“This image shows me studying for a test as if I was a mermaid. Ever since I was a little girl, I was always wishing that I could have a tail and swim with the mermaids. Well, now, my wish has come true in this picture. It shows my love for creativity, fiction and school. Imagination with school is limitless!”


Standardized Testing at CEA
Report Card information
Christmas Break
Photo Contest winners
New Contest for December

Joy resounds in the hearts who believe in the miracle of Christmas… Wishing you and your family a season of great joy and blessing!


2nd Place, Kaleah H.
2nd Place, Kaleah H.
3rd Place, Nathaniel P.
3rd Place, Nathaniel P.
4th Place, Tiger Lily

December Holiday Contest

Create a photo collage of all of your favorite holiday things. I could be special family traditions, foods you like to eat, decorations, celebrations, anything! Anything that is connected to you and the special season. The pictures can be from your own collection of images, or from friends and family. Send in your collage with a few sentences explaining your collage and some of the important things on it.

When I think of Christmas, I most often think of my Nana, who decorates her house so beautifully. I take after her a little, especially in my tree decorating skills. I go to an annual tree decorating party every year and my job is always the lights- this year’s tree had 2300 on it! My family also makes homemade chocolates for Christmas and we wrap them in pretty gift boxes. And last, but not least, I usually get together with my friends. Last year we made a ginger bread house just for fun. We ate plenty of the decorations ourselves, but there was enough left over for the house! Miss G.

CEA November Newsletter

Miss Nason

Meet Miss Nason

Miss Nason is one of our Gradpoint teachers. She a former Elementary teacher and Principal. She loves working with students and is also an avid sports fan.

Please note…

All newsletters are posted on our website at each month. We also post many Blog articles that could be of interest to you. It has been our goal to make sure everyone gets the newsletter, but sometimes files cannot be opened, emails change, or some students do not get them. I mail 3 news letters
home each year but… starting December 1st, we will ONLY send an email and post the first of each month when the newsletter will be available on the website.


Newsletter Highlights:

  • Graduation requirements
  • College Application Time
  • Thanksgiving Vacation
  • Photo contest extended
  • Newsletters posted ONLINE





We are extending the October photo contest until December 1st

CEA is creating a new photo yearbook 2015. Send us your best picture of yourself working on your courses, doing something you love, of just a fun photo! CEA is giving $100 gift card prizes for the most creative workspace and most creative picture while doing your God given talent, etc…. There will be a junior high school and high school winner. We need to have your pictures submitted by email to no later than December 31st. Send all pictures to


CEA Graduation Requirements…

2015-nov-graduationAs seniors prepare to graduate from Christian Educators Academy, I encourage you to set up a conference call with Mrs. Z before January 30th, 2016. Most of you know what the requirements are for graduating, but we want to make sure there are no “loop holes” that could prevent you from earning your diploma.

  1. Seniors must graduate with 22+ credits: 4 credits in English and Math, 3 sciences including Biology and Chemistry, American History, Economics, Government and World History, a practical or performing art credit, health, PE, Bible and other electives.
  2. All seniors must register and take the SAT or ACT exam. Our ETS code is 102311. This is CEA’s EXIT exam.
  3. All seniors must have a total of 100 hours of documented community service
  4. Most importantly, all seniors MUST finish all course work by June 1st for CEA to make sure your transcript is complete and sent to the college of your choice.


It’s College Application Time!

2015-nov-pumpkinIt is the time of year college bound senior students should be thinking about the college application process. Application deadlines vary according to college; some start in January with others going as late as April or May. Regardless of the specific date, applying early can have huge advantages! Hopefully you have made your first attempt at taking the SAT or ACT exam. If not, please enroll at Use our school, Christian Educators Academy, and ETS code: 102311.

Rolling Admissions
Some schools offer a rolling admissions process. This means that they make their decisions on a first-come, first-served basis. The earlier you get your application in, the better your chances are of getting accepted. Sometimes rolling admissions allows for applications to be accepted much later than regular admissions deadlines if there are still spots to be filled in the upcoming class.

Early Decision
Early Decision is a process offered by more than 400 schools across the nation. This is a great program for students who know exactly where they want to study. Students should use early decision to apply to their first choice university or college. Not only does this method guarantee better odds of acceptance, but also it allows for students to know the college’s decision much earlier than the regular application process.

Early Action
This method is a way for colleges to know in advance of a student interested in them, without forcing them to commit to their school. Students will complete an early application and then receive the early decision from the college. Early action offers a much higher acceptance rate because it shows an applicant’s motivation and preparedness.

CEA October 2015 Newsletter

Classes required to graduate
New logo for CEA
September contest winners
NEW Contest-send photos!
NASS nominees FOR 2015
Progress reports – end of October


2015-oct-01Graduation requirements for an online high school is based on the state in which the transcript or diploma will be issued. In the case of Christian Educators Academy, our home state is Florida. For a college preparatory diploma, graduates must earn:

  • 4 credits English
  • 4 credits Math, including Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Geometry
  • 3 credits Science, including Biology and Chemistry with lab components
  • 3-4 credits History, including World History, American History, Economics, US Government. We also highly recommend Geography
  • 1 credit Physical Education
  • 1 credit Practical Arts or a performing art such as dance
  • 2 credits World Language – such as Spanish, French or even Japanese!
  • .5 credits Health
  • .5 credits Computer Literacy- all students earn while taking online classes!
  • 6-8 credits Electives: with CEA, one must be Bible or Ethics

Elective credits can be in any subject area, including extra years of an organized sport, music, art, dance, or additional Bible credits. Some students enjoy taking career path courses such as business law, cosmetology, psychology or forensic science. Taking electives demonstrates your ability to be a well-rounded student and your commitment to academic success.


CEA is creating a new photo yearbook 2015. Send us your best picture of yourself working on your courses, doing something you love, of just a fun photo! CEA is giving $100 gift card prizes for the most creative workspace and most creative picture while doing your God given talent, etc…. There will be a junior high school and high school winner. We need to have your pictures submitted by email to no later than October 31st.

New Logo!

2015-oct-logoRecently, we had a new logo commissioned for our school, which we are very excited about! This new logo will be on our website, our letterhead, and is the new “face” of CEA. It contains our school mascot, an eagle, which is inspired by the passage in Isaiah 40:30-31. I would encourage you to read the whole chapter, it’s taken on special significance for us in the past year as Mrs. Z bravely battled and triumphed over her cancer.

A huge thank you to Rachel Wamsley, who designed our logo for us. We love the unique shape of the eagle and the crisp professional look. Hopefully you like it too! One of the best things about having an official logo is that we will soon be offering CEA gear. CEA is currently preparing the logo in order to use it on merchandise for students and staff. We are hoping to include options ranging from t-shirts to mugs and tote bags. We are finalizing the details now and ordering some prototypes to ensure that the print is of good quality while still keeping costs reasonable, and we hope to provide details in our next newsletter.

National Honor Society

CEA nominates students for the National Honor Society every year. There are requirements the NASS requires and CEA also has a few additional requirements. Students must meet TWO of the criteria below:

  • 1750 SAT score or higher
  • 200 PSAT score or higher
  • 26+ ACT score or higher
  • Score 4 or higher on any AP exam
  • 3.5 Cumulative GPA (4.0 Scale) or higher (or equivalent GPA)
  • A minimum of 2 honors courses
  • Proven well-rounded student with various electives

CEA is proud to announce the following nominees. The NASS has your address and email. Congratulations on your academic hard work.

Joe H.
Magdalena H.
Zola B.
Jessica C.
Anna C.
Caroline D.
Judah H.
Elijah H.
Gracie L.
Gia M.
Shekinah B.
Edik J.
Arielle W.
Victoria K.
Brenna D.
Savannah S.
Caleb K.
Tyra K.
Jared H.
Benjamin H.
Grace R.
Will S.
Emma T.

The September Contest Winners! $$$$$ Amazon Gift Cards!

With the hustle and bustle of the start of school late August and early September, CEA still offered a September contest for all students.

Winners: First place $125 Amazon Gift Card: Sarah S.- who created a very detailed and interesting powerpoint presentation with music about a new class in Economics, including guest speakers and field trips!
Second place $100 Amazon Gift Card: Brianna H. – who created a fun class in face painting, with a great list of resources and videos to teach people the techniques!


Wow! By the end of the month, it is PROGRESS REPORT TIME! All reports will be mailed with the November newsletter. If your address has changed, please notify the business office soon.

September Newsletter 2015


CEA is a certified private school in the state of Florida, FLDOE code 3425. One of the responsibilities we have as a school is to know the constant changes of the state legislation regarding schools.

Even if your child is in another state, we follow Florida state and YOUR state graduation requirements to ensure college entry. Florida has just passed a new legislation requirement regarding students entering 9th grade in 2015: All students, regardless of diploma choice, must earn 24 credits.

CEA has three diploma choices: High Honors: 26-28 credits, College Preparatory: 24 credits, and the standard diploma. The standard diploma is generally for students not planning on going to college. Now all students must earn 24 credits to graduate. This means that students should complete 6 credits each year of high school, including 4 core courses and electives.

CEA New Teachers
Mr. Zabor – now CEA Tutor, extra help!
Avoid Frustrations with Apex and Gradpoint


New Teachers at CEA

CEA is growing every year, yet we are committed to maintaining a small, intimate private school setting. Most of our teachers have between 15-25 students per class and do their best to interact with students on a regular basis. Our teachers are on year-to year contracts, yet most stay with us long term. This year, we have added a few new teachers in Apex. Please read their “bios” in Apex when you get a chance. We encourage all students to write their teachers, introducing themselves. The teachers try and do the same! Welcome…

Mrs. Smithers: Teaching English 10
Mr. Barnett: Teaching physical, earth science, and physics
Miss Stover: Teaching all Apex Spanish courses!


First CEA contest of the new school year:  PRIZES!

Build Your Own Dream Course:      It’s your turn to pretend that you’re a teacher! Imagine that you are a teacher at CEA, and Mrs. Z has come to you and asked you to design a new course about something that you think is really important or fun for students to learn about–something that isn’t currently offered at our school. What sort of course will you design?

The course could be related to one of the core subjects (English, math, history, science) but focused on a particular event that’s not typically explored in depth. Or you might think about something like life skills + taxes and create a course about that, or a special type of elective in farming, or car repair, or civic responsibility. Anything you can think of! To submit an entry in this contest, you need to submit your ‘proposal’ for this new course. The details that need to be included are:

–The name of your course
–A short description of what students will learn about
–A short paragraph or two explaining why you think this class is important for students to take

–A list of a few possible readings, videos, field trips, or a potential guest lecturer connected to your course topic

Don’t worry, you don’t have to do any lesson plans, or anything overly specific, I’m looking for big picture ideas. Please be creative!!! You could write up a written proposal as an essay, or create a powerpoint. You could video yourself talking about the course as though you were talking with your principal. There are many ways that you could present this information.

6th-8th grade prize winner:                                               $100 Amazon Gift Card
9th-12th grade prize winner:                                             $125 Amazon Gift Card



Tutoring now available at CEA

CEA will now have tutoring available starting this fall. Mr. Zabor (Mr. Z) will be CEA’s tutor. The main area he will be covering is math: Pre-Algebra through Calculus. He will also cover most of the science courses, and all history topics. If after going through the lessons, you feel that you need a little additional help in a particular area, start by contacting your assigned teacher. Your teacher may work through the problem area with you, or may refer you to Mr. Z for additional work in that particular area. Your teacher will then email Mr. Z and you to set up a SKYPE call to walk you through the difficulty.


With Gradpoint…..

Gradpoint frustrations come from: not staying on schedule, failing an assignment and not knowing what to do, and thinking you are flying through the course, by getting away with SKIPPING major assignments.

  • Much of the time you will be working at your own pace, independently. Please remember lessons must be done in order. This year, you must submit written work before you move to the next lesson, you will not be able to skip written work. This will avoid you having to do all the written work at the end of the course.
  • All work should be submitted through the Gradpoint system. Only your teacher can give you an exception. This video will help: Video
  • If you get below a 70 on a test you must email your teacher to reset it (Monday-Friday) or the teacher may give you a different test to help you master the material.
  • DAILY assignments are posted to help keep you on track, but you can always work ahead. Gradpoint posts grades and percentage of work complete. It is important to complete 50% of the work by 12/18/2015.

With Apex….

There are a few areas that frustrate students more than anything: WAITING for teachers, being locked out of an assignment, and falling behind in work.

  • Most students work at their own time, around their own schedules and outside activities. Please remember Teachers work Monday through Friday. They will respond to you, usually within 24 hours. You may work on the weekends, just expect that a teacher may not respond until Monday.
  • If you FAIL a quiz, it is your responsibility to email your teacher and let them know. The teacher can either move you forward, or help you with the assignment. You should be able to work through an entire unit (including tests) before reaching a “locked” point. Sometimes, if you are more than three days ahead or behind schedule, the TST will not open. If that happens, email your teacher.
  • All written work MUST be completed before you can move onto the next unit. The best way to keep moving is to do the written work as you go along instead of saving it until the very end of the unit. Remember that teachers need time to grade written work to ensure that you are understanding the material before we move you into the next unit. Teachers have 1-2 days to grade work, but usually grade things within 24 hrs. If you do not hear back from a teacher after 2 days, just send another email or contact Miss Gentile at
  • Please use the calendar to help you keep on track. You don’t necessarily need to complete things on the exact day that they are listed, but as long as you complete all the work that is assigned during the week by Saturday night, you should be on pace. If you click on the % score from the Dashboard, you can access the Activity Log that lists all assignments + due dates for that class. Sometimes students find that more helpful than the calendar.

Call the business office if you are stuck, or unable to follow your schedule.  We will try and help you!

August Newsletter 2015


It’s hard to believe summer is almost at an end, and starting the new school year is just ahead! Many states start classes as early as August 7th, yet some start in September after Labor Day. CEA has open enrollment all year, so starting your child can be when you choose!

Please remember that this year, APEX students have 10 months to complete classes, and Gradpoint students have a little more freedom, they have 365 days from the start of classes.

CEA has a few new teachers this year, and many new enrollments. Please remember we plan to remain a small, personal school, therefore limiting enrollment to 200 students per year. Call today to insure a place at CEA for the new year, or secure your start date.

August Newsletter 2015 for Christian Educators Academy an accredited online school!

The Parents Role at CEA

Parents play a vital role in their children’s education.
Parent involvement is often the critical factor in the difference between success

We have to recognize that teenager’s brains are still developing. The limbic system, or emotional drive, matures before the prefrontal cortex, guiding judgment. New emotions can be overwhelming, which teens lack the judgment and experience to handle. Young adults may not think through consequences, making poor decisions.

In an online-school, students may “opt-out” of their lessons, or run into trouble and not tell anyone that they are struggling. They may not read e-mails, or deliberately ignore teacher’s attempts to help them.

At CEA, teachers and administrators do everything in their power to identify, seek out, and help struggling students and contact their parents – through e-mail, letters and phone calls. But all of these efforts are futile if parents aren’t paying attention.

That’s why parent involvement in online education is so vital. Parents need to know how their students are doing, if they are spending enough time, and if they are struggling
Parents should check their children’s progress about once a week to make sure they are staying on schedule; and if additional resources are needed or accommodations need to be made, and notify the school immediately.
Parents should carefully read and review progress reports, and respond as soon as possible.
Other pitfalls parents can watch out include: Children appear to be online, but are not actually logged in – they are doing something else or children logged-in but are not actually submitting work.
If you have any doubts about your children’s grades, attendance or progress, call Mrs. Z at 800-886-0501 or email at as soon as possible. At CEA, it is our goal to ensure that all students are successful!

July Newsletter

Welcome Back!
2015-2016 school year

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer vacation! For those of you still working on classes, classes can begin in Apex again after the 19th of July. You will need to email for your new password~!

Many students are returning to CEA for the 2015-2016 school year and have notified the office. If you plan to return, please email or call 800-886-0501 soon to let us know. CEA has a limited enrollment policy and we hold spaces for current students until September 1st.

We have had a busy summer, adding new electives to Gradpoint for high school, as well as helping many students finish course work. The teachers have taken a much needed summer vacation.

We will be adding a few new teachers for English, science and Spanish with Gradpoint. Mr. Zabor, who was the current Spanish teacher will be teaching math and science courses on Gradpoint this year, along with Miss Nason and Mrs. Z.

Please see the website for many of your testimonies, as well as the colleges many of our students have been accepted to this year! Congratulations to our 2015 graduates! Please keep in touch with us and let us know how you are doing.


NEW for 2015-2016
Dual Enrollment courses

Christian Educators Academy (CEA) allows its high school students to earn college credit in two ways:

  •     Enroll at a local college, and receive both college and high school credit for their college classes.
  • Apex students can earn college credit directly from Colorado Christian University for classes in CEA’s Dual-Enrollment program.

2015 is CEA’s first year for offering our own dual enrollment courses through Colorado Christian University.  There is a charge from the university in the amount of $200 per course, however, students earn dual enrollment credit.

Christian Educators encourages and highly recommends dual enrollment for ADVANCED high school students.  Dual enrollment allows a student to take a course that simultaneously provides credit for both high school and college.  Even though we offer many AP courses, which use similar textbooks and content, we recommend Dual Enrollment instead of taking an AP course. To receive AP credit, a student must complete an AP course and pass the Collegeboard AP Exam. Students CANNOT GET AP CREDIT WITHOUT THIS EXAM, EVEN IF THEY HAVE COMPLETED and PASSED THE COURSE.


As most of you know, since Feburary, MrsZ has gone through extensive radiation and Chemo treatments. She just had her PET scan, and the blessed news is she is now in COMPLETE REMISSION! While she still suffers from fatigue and is only able to talk a few hours each day, recovery is ahead! Praise the Lord!

Thank you for all your prayers
and continued support.

June Newsletter


CLOSED: Please remember summer vacation is almost here! While we provide classes year-round, the business office and teachers take a short, summer break. APEX students will NOT be able to access classes at all. While Grapoint students can access lessons, but there There will be NO GRADING, NO UNLOCKING OF TESTS, NO EMAIL RESPONSES AND NO PHONE SERVICE FROM

July1st – July 20th

This is in our contract agreement. Please honor your school and teachers by taking this time off as well.


Final transcripts and Report cards

Final transcripts and report cards will be sent the last week of June. For high school students who have not finished the semester, an INC grade will be given.

After July 19th, students may return to complete work on Apex if parents call for new passwords. Students will then have until the end of their contract to finish. Students re-enrolling for the 2015-2016 school year must finish ongoing subjects before taking ANY new classes.

NOTE: All students in ALL Grades must complete English and math to pass to the next grade.


2015 Graduatesgraduates must complete classes no later than June 29th.  This is the only way we can guarantee transcripts will be forwarded to colleges before entrance dates.

Please understand this is the best extension we can offer.  Please remember all transcript requests sent to colleges must be submitted by email:

About Mrs. Z

Cancer treatments are completed. There are many tests to complete over the next few months, but I want to thank everyone for the prayers and support. My voice is slowly coming back, and I hope to begin answering phones again after the summer break.

Mr. Zabor, Miss Gentile and many of the teachers have supported me in many ways. All of our students have as well. If you plan to re-enroll for the 2015-2016 school year, please let us know as soon as possible. We hold space for current students, but we expect many new students this year!


Thank you for those who took time to complete the surveys, and for those who wrote personal testimonies! All students and parents who completed the survey – and notified us, were entered into a drawing.
Winner of Student drawing: Hunter
Winner of Parent drawing: Mrs. Essling
We are so grateful for the many wonderful personal testimonies about CEA that were entered. Choosing a winner was very difficult. We had to let outside contacts choose winners for us. I think they all our winners.
Winner from student: Zola
Parent winner: Mrs. Cornwell



CEA is doing well and we are able to keep our same pricing for the new year. We will be offering dual enrollment credit for AP/Honors junior and seniors, with our own AP approved courses!
Please see our website for news!
We are also offering $200 off 2015-2016 registration fees for all parents who register and pay in-full no later than June 30th!
Call 800-886-0501 today.

Online Homeschooling Success & The Parents Role

There are many ways that parents can help a child succeed when enrolled online homeschooling. From providing the appropriate equipment, to ensuring proper time and space for the child to finish assignments, to following up with instructors to be sure the child is on the right track and completing lessons in a timely manner, parent play a crucial part in their child’s online homeschooling success.

Once parents have made the important decision to enroll their child in online homeschooling, one of the first steps is to be sure that the child has access to a high speed online connection and a computer or laptop that is in good working order. Because all of the assignments are done online, this is a basic but important part of the online homeschooling equation. Doing research, watching videos, and participating in online chat sessions with instructors and fellow students can be both difficult and frustrating if the connection is slow or if the computer equipment is not working properly.

Another important role parents play in online homeschooling is ensuring that the child has allotted adequate time to complete assignments by their due dates and that the child has a good, clean, well-lit workspace to do the assignments in. One of the benefits of online homeschooling is having a flexible schedule so children can experience life besides just sitting in front of a computer, but most children also benefit from having some structure, and studies have shown that many children learn and retain information better if they are doing it in a structured, repeatable location and method. Routines also help children learn self-discipline and give them a sense of security. The self-discipline and feeling of security learned during online homeschooling are important traits that most children will retain into adulthood.

While allowing children to develop and learn at their own pace is one of the benefits of online homeschooling, it is also important for parents to communicate with both instructors and child to be sure that the child is progressing through their lessons at the appropriate pace. By checking in with their child’s instructors regularly, parents can be notified if their child needs extra help with a certain area or subject, or if a particular type of task needs more practice. In addition, instructors can let parents know when a child excels in a specific area, so parents can encourage their child to develop skills or talents that they may not have focused on before.

While online homeschooling can allow many freedoms that traditional schooling may not afford, it is important for parents to still be active and involved in their children’s lives. By providing the appropriate technology, ensuring proper time and space to complete lessons and assignments, and keeping lines of communication open between the instructors and the child, parents can play a crucial role in their child’s online homeschooling success.