The benefits of an accredited online homeschool

If you have been homeschooling your children and they are approaching the middle school years, you may be starting to think about alternatives.  Teaching basic reading, writing and math skills at the elementary level is something most parents can grasp fairly easily with the help of a few workbooks and other readily available teaching aids.  On the other hand, teaching algebra and geometry, physics and chemistry, is beyond the comfort level of most people.  Besides, who really wants to grade English papers, or essays on the civil war?  In terms of getting into college, report cards prior to the ninth grade are not examined that closely, but from the ninth grade onwards, they are reviewed very closely.  Courses need to meet scope, sequence and coding requirements, and most colleges look for some type of accreditation, especially from a private school.  Although parents in the US are allowed to homeschool, colleges do not have to accept homeschool transcripts, and many do not.  An accredited online homeschool offers the following benefits to parents who have been homeschooling:

  • Your student continues their schooling at home – an online homeschool is just like homeschooling
  • The online homeschool takes over all the teaching, grading & record-keeping, relieving all those burdens from you.
  • Your child is taught by caring, professional teachers who are qualified in the subjects they are teaching.
  • If the school is properly accredited, you can rest assured that when your child graduates, their diploma will be accepted by any college or university.

Christian Educators Academy offers an online homeschool program for students in grades 6-12.  In addition to the benefits stated above, we offer the following:

  • Open, year-round enrollment – start the semester or school year any time.
  • Up to six classes per enrollment – typically 4 core and two electives.
  • Choice of Apex or Gradpoint college-preparatory curriculum – both have recently won prestigious awards.
  • Honors & AP classes, foreign language, all the sciences, plus over 90 electives
  • Ability to switch classes if needed at no charge
  • AdvancED/NWAC accredited.
  • Extremely personalized service with 24-hour response times.
  • Christian teachers.

If you have been homeschooling and are looking for alternatives, Christian Educators Academy online homeschool may be just what you are looking for.  To find out more, call 1-800-886-0501 for more information.

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