Christian Online Schools: the good, the bad

Negative 1

One disadvantage of Christian online schools may be the fact that it is NOT for everyone.  Some students have difficulty working independently, some have poor study habits.  But starting 9th grade with Christian online school as a choice, builds these necessary college skills early on.  In a traditional school, students must follow a daily structure, with homework, test schedules and projects assigned on a daily basis.  Sometimes this does not work well with young minds either.  Students who have trouble maintaining a strict schedule may struggle with the freedom of Christian online schools.

Positive 1

Even though students may struggle with working independently at the beginning, it is a learned skill, one necessary in college and the workplace.  Students often find that being more “in-control” of their schedule; what course they work on that day, when and how long, is a great motivator.  This is a BIG plus with Christian online schools.  Expectations are easily met, accomplishments are instantaneous.  Students develop self-confidence and independence by working at their own pace, on a schedule customized to their needs.  Many online schools allow students to see the course syllabus for the entire year up-front, similar to taking a college course.  They know exactly what is expected of them.  In other words, there are no surprises, no added work at a teacher’s whim.  In choosing an online school, look for one with “open enrollment” any day of the year.  One with a schedule providing class instruction 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to complete courses under the weekly supervision of a “live” teacher.  With a flexible schedule, attendance isn’t an issue.  Students who may have illnesses preventing them from attending classes will not fall behind with daily work or miss homework and project deadlines.

Negative 2

Another disadvantage of Christian online schools can be inadequate teacher-student contact.  When a person takes online classes at home, he must be able to focus on learning the material without the benefit of verbal interaction with the teacher.  In a traditional brick and mortar classroom, a student interacts with both the teacher and fellow students, in a controlled learning environment.  The student listens to lectures, asks teachers questions, and benefits from the questions asked by other students as well.

Positive 2

With a Good Christian Online School such as Christian Educators Academy, students don’t have to go to school in a controlled environment to have day-to-day contact with teachers and other students.  Kids today are internet, email, and “texting” experts.  Online communication is a part of their everyday world.  Teenagers can also be moody, not wanting to talk to anyone for days, and suddenly, they feel the need to talk to anyone who will listen.  When students take online classes using live teachers for grading and interaction, they can listen to the quick-time lessons on their schedule and pace, take notes, and ask email and internal site structured questions to a teacher.  Many students use a laptop computer, and enjoy learning in any environment.  Some online schools will schedule “phone” tutoring, using whiteboard demonstrations to assist students with specific needs.  A good online school will also have a student-to-student forum, allowing students to interact with other students taking the same class, or any class offered by the school.  Online schools that do not use computer generated grading systems also allow teachers the flexibility to adjust assignments to meet the individual needs of every student.

Negative 3

A person who attends a brick and mortar school has daily contact with teachers and understands daily and weekly assignments.  They must be prepared to keep up with the assignments and deadlines, and are given constant reminders of when assignments are due.  In a traditional school, students must rely on the teachers for their schedule and instruction.  When enrolled in an online course, students are responsible for completing reading assignments and other homework, without the frequent reminders of teachers regarding due dates and deadlines.  Students may fall behind or fail the class, if they have to be online at a particular time for instruction.

Positive 3

In contrast, a Christian online school student can often procrastinate, postponing reading assignments when they are having a “bad” day or week; without falling behind or failing assignments.  It is easy to catch up on assignments or advance ahead of schedule.  Some online students are athletes, musicians, or entrepreneurs who may need more time to complete assignments on some weeks or months, but they have an abundance of time on other weeks or seasons.  Online schooling gives students more freedom and control.  With parent support and a good online administrator, students are more accountable to themselves, with a schedule that works for them.  Students know their progress on a lesson-by-lesson basis.  No more worrying about what their current grade is, or if they are passing or failing.  Assignment feedback is usually within 24-48 hours, instead of weeks it may take a traditional teacher to grade essays and assignments.  Students are not mandated to keep a traditional teachers schedule nor do they have homework assignments that can fill up their weekends.  As long as all work is completed with 365 days, students stay on track, complete all assignments and can move on to the next course for graduation.  Another positive of online schooling is students can also work much faster.  No more waiting for other students to catch up; they can work at their own pace.  Online students often finish courses way ahead of schedule, allowing them to take additional classes and graduate early.

Negative 4

Students attending a traditional school have 4 years to graduate.  Students have access to guidance counselors for college support.  The usually have a graduation ceremony with a diploma.

Positive 4

While most online schools do not have graduation ceremonies, parents can plan special graduation parties where all family and friends may attend.  Many online students plan trips or a graduation cruise.  Online schools provide official diplomas as well as accredited transcripts.  One of the best advantages of an online school over traditional, however; is many students can graduate in 3 years if they choose, enrolling in colleges ahead of their peers.  They are eligible to take “dual enrollment” classes in their junior and senior year, giving them an advantage with the college experience.  A good online school offers ongoing guidance support, with a 3-5 year graduation plan to help students obtain success with their college and career goals.  Unlike traditional schools, online schools have a very low drop-out rate.  90% or more of Online school graduates continue their education, attending colleges and trade schools around the country.


Although there are many other advantages and disadvantages of both traditional and Christian online schools, attending an online school is a practical way to complete your high school education.  Online offers an alternative to public schools and the expense of private schools.  Most online schools offer a wide range of subjects, both honors and standard courses and credits.  A good online school will allow students to take up to 8 or more courses per year.

While traditional schools provide supervision and more structure, Christian online Schools allow students to learn from their own homes, with direct supervision of qualified educational professionals.  Students do not have to worry about attendance, peer pressure, dealing with bullies, drugs, overcrowded classrooms, or homework.  Teachers can be more flexible, working with each student individually.  Students work at their own pace, on their own schedule, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  They become more independent, self-confidant and more in-control of their own educational goals.

Online High Schools

The benefits of online high schools are endless.  Whether you are a middle school or high school-aged student who wants to earn an accredited online transcript and diploma from the comfort of your own home, online high schools can offer the perfect solution~!   The choice of Online high schools may be perfect for a variety of students, including those who have demanding extracurricular activities, missionary children, U.S. Nationals living abroad, or students who are unable to complete public school attendance requirements.  It is also ideal for students with disabilities or medical conditions that require a lot of attention, or can be best monitored at home.

Online high schools can provide you with a convenient, flexible way to learn at your own pace – take classes anywhere, anytime, all on-line!  Online classes are streamlined and prepare you for college in many ways.  You will become self-directed, self-motivated, and learn to keep scheduling that is critical for college success.  In addition, you can accelerate your graduation pace, taking many more advanced classes than most public schools can offer.  If you have a job or other demanding responsibilities, online high school will give you the flexibility to complete multiple tasks on your own terms.

Online students have the convenience of accessing their assignments, class materials and other school resources on the computer 24/7.   All classes are teacher supported.  Get help when you need it, instead of waiting for the entire class to catch up.  Students need to work 15-20 hours a week, or about 3 hours per week per subject.  This is much less than public or private school requirements, which require you to sit in class 6-7 hours a day, then take home mountains of homework!  The daily Internet and technology usage will give online students an upper hand in their computer knowledge and skills, which will be useful in college or the workforce.

Another great aspects with online high schools is the ability to learn from home without ever having to leave the house. Students can save money and precious time by not commuting to and from school. Perhaps the best thing is you will have the convenience of setting up your school schedules to fit YOUR lifestyle.  Be free from cliques, high school drama, bullying and other peer pressures that are associated with middle school and high school.  The online learning experience is unique, and can work with your lifestyle, as well as meet your educational goals and dreams.  For more information, contact today.

Christian Online High School

Why choose a Christian online high school

Attending an online high school, helps a student develop the skill of time management, self-discipline, as well as learn to be self-motivated.   Most online high school curriculum and assignments encourage your child to work any time of the day, at their own pace, as well as have great interact action with a qualified teacher. Completing online courses for the high school student allows them to make up failed subjects, take remedial courses if needed, or accelerate their graduation pace with honors and advanced placement courses, that may not be offered at their public or private school.

With a good online high school such as, all content is updated on a regular basis, new, innovative learning techniques to benefit most learning styles, are there to help your child broaden his or her horizons and allow you to review his or her academic performance with ease. Some other benefits of using a online high school program are discussed below:

  1. Personal attention due to lower teacher to student ratio – Since most brick and mortar classrooms have thirty to thirty-five students, it becomes rather difficult for the teacher to give personal attention to each of them. However, this problem can be easily resolved    by opting for, as this accredited online high school program offers greater scope for one-to-one interaction between the teacher and the student.
  2. With online high school curriculum, 24/7 accessibility to classroom and course materials – that offers the flexibility of learning at any time of the day as per the schedule of the student. Your child can effectively pursue his or her studies and other extracurricular activities, as there is no problem of time clash. Unrestricted access to course materials at any time of the day does away with the disappointment felt by regular school goers when they find it difficult to complete an assignment due to closed library.
  3. Online high school programs can  accommodate several different learning styles within     the same course.  Most schools offer different levels of instruction for courses such as Algebra, Biology and English.  . Those students who learn better by watching visuals can employ this method while others can opt for the hands-on approach to learn faster.  The curriculum for virtual homeschooling can be customized to suit the pace of learning of the student so that he or she does not feel rushed in any way.
  4. High school online courses usually offer instant feedback – This is one of the major benefits of online homeschooling as students get immediate feedback on the assignment that they submit or the quiz or test that they take. Students can approach the instructor more easily to seek additional help for a particular topic or subject. This feature also helps in better tracking of the progress of the student and to pin point areas where he or she can use additional attention.
  5. Online high school students develop a greater focus – Online Learning in the home environment ensures greater focus for the student as he or she is not distracted by some normal diversions that exist in a brick and mortar class room setting.


Online homeschooling curriculum

Online homeschooling curriculum or distance online learning classes are for students nationwide that want to complete classes at home, at their own pace, and earn an accredited diploma!  This is what online learning is all about-Homeschooling at its finest!  The basic fact is, that online homeschooling curriculum delivered via the computer with the source of the content being teacher supported, professionally developed curriculum.  A good online homeschooling curriculum program uses tried and true, college preparatory curriculum that meets the national standards.  That way, credits earned are transferrable to other schools and all colleges accept the transcript. Although many of the same benefits as homeschooling are also found in online homeschooling, there are considerations to take into account before you decide to homeschool online.

One of the top considerations for choosing a good online homeschool porgraml is that all courses should be teacher supported, accredited and college preparatory.  Although there is great flexibility to online learning, many credits may not be accepted at colleges with “parent lead” curriculum, making the online choice a solid one. Homeschooling online allows for a great amount of flexibility, allowing your child to access the curriculum, engage with the content through multimedia activities, lessons, quizzes, and tests, and interact with other students and instructors through discussion boards, chat, and email. With today’s technology, students can connect anywhere, anytime, and complete all work online. See

Online homeschooling curriculum removes this barrier for parents as an accredited online private school provides approved curriculum choices to meet the needs of your child, providing content in engaging learning opportunities. Your child may need to read information, watch a short video, interact with a multi-media activity, or practice problems to learn the curriculum and demonstrate their knowledge of the subject. The introduction, teaching, and practice as well as assessment of the subject is handled by the online learning.  In addition, teachers use several social media aspects to interact and connect with students on a personal level.

In many cases, homeschooling online requires a child to be self-paced, self-directed learners, which many homeschooled children have mastered. Depending upon the online high school program that you choose, your child can work quickly through the curriculum, or if you’ve established a home school schedule, they can work at a pre-determined pace.  Good schools allow students 365 days to complete classes.  The pacing is decided by you, the parent, and is not guided by the content.

Online Homeschooling courses through a private school

Online Homeschool – Through a Private School

Online Homeschooling through a private school provides support and services to families who need an online alternative for their children.  In Florida, students are not considered homeschoolers, but private school students completing online classes.  Some things to know for homeschooling online, are you do not have to notify the Superintendent of schools, or take end of course exams or FCAT or other standardized tests.  There are many other reasons why online homeschool for your child may be the best option:

1.     Students who want to be ahead of the game in the 21st century working world—learn to work independently and responsibly at a young age.  Online high school classes encourage students to be self-sufficient and responsible for their own success.

2.     Students who are athletes, performers or have to frequently travel benefit from taking online homeschool courses at their own time and at their own pace.

3.     Online homeschooling for children of military families, missionary families and situations that cause children to travel abroad benefit from having access to homeschooling online classes 24/7.

4.     Online high school for fast learners and advanced students can work at a much faster pace, and are free to take college dual enrollment classes at the same time.  These students can graduate early, or earn an Associate’s Degree while completing their high school education!

5.     Online courses for students with learning challenges are able to complete courses at a slower pace, and have curriculum designed to meet their specific learning challenge or disability, without classroom or peer pressure.

6.     Children who need to get away from the social drama or bullying in public school tend to excel with online homeschool curriculum, and avoid the peer pressure.

7.     Students who complete high school online classes can work and complete their high school education, earning “work” credits.

8.     Homeschooling online allows students to complete courses anytime, anywhere, and have access to certified teachers.

If homeschooling online seems like it fits your needs, go to today for more information on cost, and how this innovative learning can help your child graduate with pride.


Online Christian Homeschooling

Why choose online Christian homeschooling for middle school and high school students?  Primarily, because the public education system is going online.  Kids today are much more technically savvy then we were as children.  Show a 2 year old a cell phone, and they can dial, take a picture and post it for you!  Online homeschool benefits students today in our changing world.  Kids today have proven to excel with online classes, remembering far more than with text book courses and exams.  The online homeschool curriculum programs today are ever changing, and highly challenging!

If you homeschool your children, or have considered taking them out of a corrupt and poorly run public school system, consider as your partner in online Christian homeschooling.   CEA takes the guesswork out of homeschooling for grades 4-12th.  Most online Christian homeschool programs are fully accredited, giving your child a college preparatory transcript accepted by colleges and universities nationwide.

By using Christian Educators Academy’s accredited online curriculum program, parents no longer have to worry about obtaining teaching credentials, grading assignments or even creating homeschooling curriculums.  Online homeschool programs today meet state and national standards, and have Christian teachers gifted in individual subject area, giving your child the greatest opportunity for success for high school and beyond.

Online Christian homeschooling now means students have full access to over 100 online courses, including college preparatory, honors and even Advanced Placement courses, taught by highly qualified professional teachers.  Homeschooling online allows students to homeschool year-round, taking up-to 6 courses at a time.  Online classes offer flexible, fully online curriculum that allows students to work from home at their own pace, parents can control how much involvement they would like to have in their child’s education.

Choosing to homeschool online with an accredited school guarantees your child’s transcript will be transferrable to colleges and universities when the time comes.  Today, colleges are become much more strict about the “homeschool'” transcript, and may require students to take unnecessary SAT II exams by subject.  While choosing to teach your child in the home environment, have confidence that all your efforts will yield good fruit, and a transcript worthy of the work put into it!

Florida Online Schools

There are many alternatives to public Florida online schools, including Florida online high school and online middle school with an accredited Christian private school:  Florida online schooling has become increasingly popular for many reasons, including overcrowded classrooms in the public school system, the lack of qualified teachers to teach advanced mathematics, and the increasingly high prices of public schools.

An accredited Florida online school is one of the best choices for students transferring from homeschooling, public or private schools. A good, accredited Florida online school, such as has another huge advantage, besides cost:  students can enroll anytime of the year, and take up to 365 days to complete 6 or more courses, all with professional, highly qualified teachers.  Most private Florida online schools will limit enrollment (a good thing!) allowing each student to develop personal relationships with staff and their teachers.  In the public Florida online schools, teachers have a much higher student/teacher ratio.  One aspect that makes Florida online schools in the private sector unique, is that a good school will offer each student a personalized, customized course schedule and graduation plan geared to their and their family’s needs and requirements.

An accredited online school is the perfect answer for families who have been homeschooling and who want to continue providing their children a Christian-friendly, high-quality education in junior high and high school.  Accredited online curriculum programs allows your children to continue their education at home.  In addition to being academically qualified, teachers strive to provide Godly guidance to students, to uphold honor and integrity, to be sensitive to their needs, and encourage them to develop self-confidence to meet life’s challenges and grow in their gifts and talents.  Parents can rest assured that their children are not only receiving a high-quality, education, but that their child will receive a diploma that will be recognized by any college or university in the U.S.

Accredited Online high schools are an ideal solution for students who are developing careers in sports, such as ice skating, cycling, NASCAR racing, golf, tennis, etc.  Year-round programs allows students the flexibility to pursue their talents, goals and dreams while completing a high-school education.

Homeschooling Online

Homeschooling Online

Accreditation is a growing concern for many homeschooling families.  Although federal and state law allows parents the right to homeschool ( ), many institutions will not accept non-accredited high school credits from private family homeschools.  Public high schools throughout the country will often only accept credit from private schools that are properly accredited.  Most four-year colleges and universities will also only accept diplomas from properly accredited high schools.  Having non-accredited high school courses or a non-accredited high school may severely limit your child’s educational opportunities once they leave homeschool.

A properly accredited, private online high school is a great solution around the accreditation problem.  A properly accredited school is one that is accredited by a widely recognized accreditation agency.  Widely recognized accreditation agencies include the six regional agencies recognized for college accreditation by the US Department of Education (SACS, NWAC, etc), and AdvancED.  The transcripts and diplomas of a private online high school that is properly accredited will be accepted by any college or university across the country.  And while each of the thousands of public school districts across the US still set their own acceptance policy for incoming credits, a transcript from a properly accredited private online high school can still be a major asset to overcoming these hurdles.

Online Homeschooling offers tremendous benefits for the homeschool family.  

Through an online homeschool program, students can enjoy the highest-quality, college-preparatory curriculum available.  They can have access to Honors, Advanced Placement and Dual-Enrollment courses.  Online high school programs can greatly improve your children’s learning experience, with well-developed and high quality academic materials.   One of the greatest advantages of an online school is “year round” access to school, allowing students to complete their courses anytime, anywhere, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.  This provides tremendous flexibility for personal schedules. Your child will have 24 hour access to an online teaching program that is easy to use, inexpensive and convenient.  This flexibility allows students the freedom to pursue interests in music, drama, art, sports, business and many other interests.

Online homeschools take over the burdens of teaching difficult subjects such as Algebra, Chemistry, Biology and Physics.  They also take over all administrative and record-keeping burdens. All teaching is done using the latest high-quality digital curriculum.  All courses are taught by professional educators.  Your child will be assigned specific teachers for each subject. Online teachers offer one-on-one teaching or assistance as needed, and quickly respond to all questions. We also offer tutoring with the use of a white board demonstration and conference calling. As a parent, the fact that you no longer have to spend time with teaching or administration allows you to focus the time you have with your child on the areas that are most important – motivating, encouraging and guiding them.

Finally,  with an online private school, students and parents can develop their own customized graduation plans, specifically tailored to meet their academic and personal goals.  Students have access to a diverse set of electives that meet individual needs and interests.  These include music, art, drama, dance, business, healthcare, cosmetology, psychology and sociology, and many other interests.  With an online private school, students also have the ability to receive elective credit for their personal interests & passions.  Online homeschooling allows students to excel in their academic studies, while pursuing their interests, goals and dreams. With online homeschooling, the opportunities a child to excel in academics and career goals are limitless.


Online Home School Courses

Online Home school courses:  A great way to give your child all the benefits of a private school, while having home school advantages.  Here are nine key benefits of using online home school courses.

Benefit #1: Online home school allows students to work at their own pace, at their own time, anywhere, 365 days a year. Online homeschool allows students to work ahead on subjects where their aptitude is high and to spend more time as needed in the areas they are weaker.

Benefit #2: Online home school is very affordable.  With no overhead costs for buildings or campuses, your educational dollars are spent on the resources your children need to succeed – good curriculum and highly-qualified, caring teachers.  Online school is typically a fraction of the cost of a brick-and-mortar private school.

Benefit #3: Online curriculum is world-class and cutting-edge, using the latest technological advances to deliver a quality education to your child.  Online curriculum includes audio, videos and interactive exercises that allow students to develop and enhance their knowledge and skills.  There are also many ways that online curriculum can be customized to meet the individual learning needs of various student populations.

Benefit #4: Online home school curriculum is available 24/7, and provide the ability to have open enrollment throughout the year.  Online home school allows you to work school around your schedule.  Students can complete course work during evenings,  weekends, or holidays. This flexibility allows parents and students to establish a schedule that is right for themselves.

Benefit #5: A private online school offers freedom that a public online school can’t possibly offer.  Students can earn Bible credits, mission trip credits and other credits public school students cannot take.

Benefit #6: The public school is not a conducive learning environment for children. Bullying, peer pressure, noise, and irresponsible teachers are just a few of the problems that plague the public school, to say nothing of the current trend of school bombings, stabbings and shootings.  In an online setting, students can learn in the security and comfort of their own homes, with no distractions.

Benefit #7:    If students, or parents, have questions or concerns about their schoolwork or progress, they can reach a teacher via e-mail within 24 hours.

Benefit #8: By meeting state graduation requirements, online home school students can earn an accredited high school diploma, and apply for admission to any college in the country.

Benefit #9: Students love the online curriculum! Learning is not a chore like it is with textbook-based curriculum, and the online environment teaches students to work independently and to be responsible for themselves. Because an online curriculum can be tailored to fit each student’s educational needs, so that for each student it is challenging, but not overwhelming.  Students succeed with online courses!


Online Christian School – Why choose One?

Why choose an online Christian School? Simple. Students can reap the benefits of a highly recognized, AdvancEd accredited Christian education, while studying at their own pace, for a fraction of the cost of a traditional private school. Why should you study online? What’s the advantage? There are many advantages in choosing a Christian online school.

First, convenience. Online education is as easy as logging into a site, viewing lessons, texting and emailing teachers on an ongoing basis for support, and having instant access to grades. Students can work part-time, be involved in competitive sports, study music and pursue outside interests, and still receive a superior, accredited education. The Internet makes it possible to unite students and instructors without long commutes or fixed class schedules. When it is all is said and done, the only substantive difference between a brick and mortar school education and an online education is the building.

Another advantage is access. Students only need a computer and access to the Internet. Students in rural areas not able to travel to a high quality school are given access to the best possible education from their own home. Years ago, there was no way around geographic barriers, but online schooling allows access anywhere, any time, all online.

Perhaps the biggest advantage of online schooling is being on the forefront of education.  Several states have recently passed laws requiring students to complete one or more online classes to graduate.  Many states have also recently made major investment in free public online schools, and many charter and private schools are offering online courses.  Colleges nationwide are introducing lectures online, class tests and participation online, and access to professor notes – all online. It is apparent that tomorrow’s students will be seeing more e-learning technology. And clearly, education authorities are recognizing the value of online learning.  Choosing a private online highschool gives your student a head start into the brave new world of online education, while allowing you to exercise discretion over your child’s education, at the same providing the accredited diploma your child will needed for entrance into college.