Why more parents choose online home school

Online home school is a hot topic of discussion among homeschool parents, especially for high school and junior high.  Traditional homeschool is still the best solution for the younger grades – below 6th grade.  Online home school is the superior solution for students in the 6th grade and above.  Christian Educators Academy is an online home school that offers the highest quality curriculum, with professional, Christian teachers for your children.

Home schooling is still regarded by many as unusual and a bit radical, and online home school as even more radical.  Unlike the failed traditional public schools, which copy one poor policy after another, online offers students excellence in teaching, material, and teacher/student interaction. Ten years ago there were roughly 15,000 home schools nationally; today, according to the U.S. Department of Education, there are 350,000, and the number grows significantly each year. Generally, parents choose to home school their children for social, academic, family, and/or religious reasons. When choosing an online home school, these reasons are still in place.



Public schools attempt to socialize children through many avenues, including classroom management, peer grouping, and extracurricular activities.  However the socialization a child actually receives is largely determined by their peer group, and this is not always well-controlled.  Much of it may not be what you, or your child, wants.  Not all socialization is good.  Bullying, harassment, experimentation with drugs, alcohol, tobacco, and premarital sex, and exposure to guns and violence are the kinds of socialization that none of us wants for our kids.   The positive side of socialization—sharing, respect, communication, getting along, and relating to others—can be wonderfully fulfilled in a home-school setting.  While critics charge that home-schooling leads to children who will be socially inept, and unable to adapt to real-life interaction when older,  this is not the case.  Introducing children to the ways of the world at a slower pace, when they are mentally and emotionally prepared, results in individuals who are happier and more stable being themselves.  Homeschooled students usually excel in social manners and grace, as well as academically.  We need to remember that we need to live in this world, but not be part of everything in it!



Most people agree that the public school system is NOT working.  Many good teachers are overwhelmed by a political bureaucracy that fails to support, and in many cases actively undercuts, their efforts.  As a result, the quality of teaching is not what it used to be.  There are often far too many students per teacher for the teacher to be effective.  Materials are outdated and low-quality.  Teachers are forced to spend much of their time on teaching students how to pass standardized tests, rather than teaching them actual usable skills.  Much time is also spend dealing with disruptive students and disciplinary issues.  More homework is given than ever before.  Students go to school 6 hours, and end up with 3 hours of homework.

In an online environment, teachers have the freedom and support they need to devote themselves to their students education.  Teacher/student ratios are high, and teachers work individually with each student, adapting their methods to the needs of that student.  The needs of one student do not interfere with the education of another.  Teaching often involves direct tutoring and mentoring of the students. Students work 3-4 hours each day, including homework, and have time to socialize with friends, develop personal talents, or pursue personal interests such as music, dance, team and sports.  As a result,  home school students feel a great since of accomplishment. The overall atmosphere is healthy, productive, and conducive to a student’s academic success. Online homeschooling gives your child access to the best educational environment.



Religion is a major part of the American culture, but public schools are prohibited from addressing matters of faith. In a private online homeschool,  your child the freedom to continue their religious beliefs, strengthen them, and share their beliefs with other Christian teachers.  Everyone recognizes that public schooling has it place, but not perhaps, in your family. Online home schooling, too, is a healthy educational choice. Parents who have the dedication to do it should have every right to choose it.


Chris Jeub

Home schooling neither isolates children nor harms their academic growth; it does, however, come close to the true definition of education: the passing down of culture.


Homeschooling Online – Some Good Reasons!

With all the negative talk about homeschooling online, and homeschool in general, I think it is more important than ever to stress why homeschooling online is a good option.  Every parent should not only have the right to homeschool, but should have access to the best curriculum available – and that is college-preparatory, online curriculum.  It is ultimately the parent’s responsibility, not the government’s, to educate children in the way they should go.

At Christian Educators Academy, we sometimes receive calls from people who are concerned about lack of opportunities for socialization, who wonder if online curriculum is as good as traditional textbooks, if their children will have difficulty getting into college or will be prepared for the real world.   Some of these concerns come from people who don’t have children, have never homeschooled, or are opposed to a conservative, Christian world-view.  Some concerns come from homeschooling parents who have never experienced online homeschooling and are uncertain of what to expect.

Why would anyone want to take their children out of the dominant public education system and attempt to homeschool them?  The answer is to see what public education has produced in the last 10 years – shootings, 40% drop out rates, over crowded classrooms, inept teachers, drug and alcohol abuse, and much more.  According to the NY Daily News, 1 in 12 teens in public school attempt suicide due to the pressures of our wonderful free education system.

Simply put, kids do better academically when homeschooled; they do better socially.  Peer pressure is a non-issue, and self-esteem rises.

Here are some key facts:

  • Homeschooled children significantly outperform children educated in public school in reading, language, math, science and social studies.
  • Test scores of homeschooled children are not affected significantly by the parent’s income. This is not true for public schools.
  • Homeschooled children perform better overall in college — from their freshman year to their senior years.
  • Homeschooled children are well-rounded and grounded in what they believe, how they feel, how they perceive the world around them, and their in communication and socialization skills are above those in public school.

Homeschooling is not just a parent’s right; it allows parents to guard their children’s hearts and optimally mold their character in a dark and fallen world.  Homeschooling allows parents to better prepare and integrate their children into the world, as their maturity permits.

While traditional homeschooling is very time consuming, the online homeschooling option is not burdensome. Online homeschooling takes the burden of teaching off the parent.  It is the best of both worlds.  Enroll in an accredited online homeschool that shares your beliefs and values, and that has Christian teachers overseeing your children’s work.  Online homeschooling ensures that your children receive the best education at their own time, place and pace!

Why more families are turning to online homeschooling

There are many reasons families choose online homeschooling today.  One of the biggest reasons is disagreement with public school curriculum.  Conservative families have always had concerns with the values being taught in the public schools.  The introduction of Common Core has taken that concern to a whole new level.  Not having to be subject to these standards makes online homeschooling even more attractive than it was in the past.

Another top reason for choosing online homeschooling is concern over children’s safety in the public school.  With incidents of violence at public schools across the country increasing at an alarming rate, many parents are looking for a safe alternative.  Besides the dramatic incidents of gun violence, there are chronic problems with bullying which can damage a child’s self-esteem and lead to anxiety and depression.  There is also the persistent concern over peer pressure, however the prevalence of alcohol, drugs and sex in many schools has taken that to a whole new level.

Most importantly, many parents choose to homeschool their children because they simply believe they can do a better job than the state-run, public education system.  Parents of gifted children or children with learning challenges do not want to see their child suffer through outdated programs that do not fit their individual learning styles and needs.  They do not want to see their children lag behind unnoticed in a class of 30-40 students, and not receive individual attention when needed. Parents who want their children to have the advantages of a more intimate education are turning to online homeschooling.

Considering Online Home School

An online homeschool basically consists of online curriculum, delivered via computer over the Internet, in place of traditional textbook based curricula.  Other names for online homeschool are virtual school, distance learning and digital learning.  A good online homeschool has the following characteristics:

  • It is accredited by a reputable, recognized accreditation agency.
  • It provides full teacher support with professional teachers.
  • It provides college-preparatory curriculum
  • It ensures that students meet state educational requirements.
  • It provides accredited transcripts and diplomas.
  • Its credits are accepted by colleges and universities nationwide.

The advantages of online home schools over a traditional home school are the following:

  • Teacher-supported classes alleviate the burden of teaching subjects such as algebra and chemistry.
  • Colleges often do not accept credits from parent-led homeschools because they are not accredited.
  • Online curriculum is more engaging than textbooks because it uses audios, videos and live exercises;
    it is also better for addressing different learning styles and overcoming learning disabilities than textbooks.
  • Students have access to their professional instructors via e-mail, and video-conferences.
  • Students have access to their curriculum 24/7, anytime, anywhere.
  • Online home schools help students to develop good study habits and to learn to work independently.
  • Online curriculum allows flexible pacing, students can spend more time where needed, less time on subjects that come easily.

With all of the benefits offered by online home school, it is clearly a superior choice over a traditional home school for the junior high school and high school years.

Benefits of online homeschooling

Online homeschooling has many benefits for high school and middle school students.  Online homeschooling is a better educational alternative than public schools, at a fraction of the cost of a private school.

8 Benefits of Online Homeschooling

  1. Accreditation

    A properly accredited online school provides and education that is transferable, and that will be accepted by other schools, most importantly, colleges and universities.

  2. Flexibility

    With 24/7 online access to their courses, students can work wherever and whenever they want, and can schedule school around other activities and interests. Students have the freedom to work at their own pace.

  3. College-Preparatory Curriculum

    Good online homeschooling programs use college-preparatory curriculum that is accepted by colleges nationwide and that prepares the students for college.

  4. Access to professional teachers

    Online homeschooling provides students access to professional teachers who are subject matter experts in their chosen fields. It alleviates parents from the burden of having to teach difficult subjects such as Algebra and Chemistry

  5. Freedom from peer pressure, ability to work at home

    Students in an online homeschool are free from peer-pressure and bullying. They can create a safe environment where they can excel and have a sense of accomplishment.

  6. Meet state educational requirements

    With experienced administrators who are aware of the constant changes in state educational requirements, online homeschools ensure that their students meet all the requirements of their home state when they graduate high school.

  7. Individualized Learning Plans

    Online homeschools create individualized learning plans for each student that take into account their strengths, weaknesses, needs, goals and dreams.

  8. Adaptability to various learning styles

    Online schools have the resources and experience to effectively address various learning styles, through their curriculum and the ability of experienced teachers to adapt the teaching style to the needs of the students.

Choosing Online High School

Choosing an online high school to complete your high school education is a great alternative to public school in today’s ever changing social environment.  Since new online schools are constantly popping up, it is crucial to choose one that is fully accredited, meets state educational requirements, and provides transcripts that are transferable to any college or school in the country.

Christian Educators Academy is an online high school that has been serving students nationwide for over 10 years.  Our mission is to empower students to achieve their academic and personal goals.  CEA offers each student a personal graduation plan to meet their individual needs, goals and dreams.  Our administrators are skilled in assisting students with post-high school planning, including the college application processes and career discovery.  All of our teachers are educational professionals, holding master’s degrees.  Our teachers work one-on-one with each student and are in regular contact with them.  Our goal is to help all of our students succeed.

Christian Educators Academy uses Apex Learning and Gradpoint by Pearson for its curriculum.  Both options are college-preparatory and highly regarded by colleges and universities.  Through the Apex curriculum,  we offer Honors and Dual-Enrollment courses on a 10-month contract.  Classes are available 24/7 except during school shutdowns.  Through Gradpoint, we offer a second complete college-preparatory curriculum with a wide selection of electives.  Gradpoint courses are available all year with no shutdown periods.    Gradpoint students also have the option of working ahead, and completing their high school in less than four years.

High school students typically take up to 6 classes (4 core + 2 electives) at a time.  Students set their own work schedule, which is typically 20 hours per week. With a 96% graduation rate, our graduates are admitted to colleges and universities around the country.

CEA is committed to actively involving parents in our programs by providing regular updates on their child’s progress that includes weekly or monthly reports, quarterly report cards, and regular contact via e-mail and phone.  We strive to keep parents informed about their student’s progress.

Home School Online- An Excellent Choice

Home School Online – an excellent choice for homeschooling families in the middle school and high school years – and a great alternative to public education.

Many parents begin homeschooling in the early grades for a variety of reasons – wanting to educate and spend time with their children, concern about values taught in public school, or recent changes in public school curriculum, fear of peer pressure, special needs. As children move into the middle and high school years, those concerns become more pronounced. At the same time, parents find themselves increasingly challenged by having to teach complex subjects they are not comfortable with.

Traditionally, the alternatives at this point were not great – slog on with homeschool, enroll in an expensive private school, or take a chance with public school.

Online Home School is a great alternative to all of these choices. It avoids concerns and issues about content, values and peer-pressure in public schools, allows education at home to continue and is much less expensive than private school.

Christian Educators Academy is an Online Christian Home School that allows parents to provide their children with the best possible education. CEA has over 100 online courses, including Honors and Dual Enrollment courses allowing students to earn college credit while still in high school.

CEA diplomas are fully accredited, and have been accepted by colleges and universities around the country. CEA’s online homeschool program is available to students in grades 6-12 to students living in all 50 states and abroad. As a Christian school, CEA provides a faith-based foundation preferred by many Christian parents. CEA offers discounts for single-parent, military and missionary families. Online Home School opens a new world of opportunities, and CEA is at the forefront of this new world.

Online homeschool choices

Online homeschool has grown in popularity in recent years with parents as an alternative to traditional homeschool, and there are many online homeschool choices available today. Advantages of a good online homeschool are accreditation, world-class college-preparatory curriculum and professional teachers for students studying at home. Online homeschool prepares students for college, and is a great option for students planning to pursue higher education. Online home schools also offer flexibility in scheduling, the ability to tailor the instructional program to the needs of the student, and some latitude in dealing with special needs.

CEA’s Online Home School

CEA’s online home school is accredited by SACS (Southeaster Association of Colleges and Schools), an agency recognized by the U.S. Department of Education, and by AdvancED, one of the most well-recognized accreditation bodies in the world. CEA’s uses best-in-class college preparatory curriculum, and meets the standards in all 50 states. In addition, CEA offers Honors and Dual-Enrollment classes for advanced students.

Working with professional instructors, students using CEA’s online home school curriculum have a wealth of resources available to them. Unlike a traditional classroom, students in an online homeschool are able to take courses at their own pace, able to go a little faster where they excel, and ability to take a little more time where needed.

Regardless of one’s motivation for choosing online high school courses, the assortment of options available makes this an ideal solution for parents to consider. Flexible coursework, accredited courses, and high quality instruction from professional instructors make these education route an attractive alternative to other schooling. Furthermore, students who undergo such instruction will likely find themselves better prepared for the independent study requirements of collegiate courses.

Choice of Curriculum

CEA offers the top two online curriculum available – Apex Learning and Gradpoint by Pearson. Both curricula are highly acclaimed, have won prestigious awards and are college-preparatory in nature. Both vendors have staffs of professional curriculum writers and are constantly updating their offerings. Both are accepted by colleges and universities. The curricula target different learning styles and objectives. The Apex curriculum is more academically oriented, and offers Honors, AP and Dual Enrollment options in addition to the standard college-preparatory courses. Apex also offers Literacy Advantage level courses for struggling students. The Gradpoint curriculum is simpler and more intuitive, and offers a wide range of electives.

All online classes included text, graphics, videos, recordings and interactive activities. Students ask questions and submit lessons to be graded to their teachers. Contact is primarily via e-mail, but teachers can also set up teleconferences or Skype chats as needed. Teachers respond to all queries typically within 1 school day, Monday through Friday.

As a private school, CEA has the discretion to adapt its curriculum to the needs of individual students. This includes bringing in electives from outside sources, and the ability to make minor adjustments to courses to meet the needs of individuals, such as determining lists of required reading in English, and making minor substitutions. As a Christian school, we always allow students to answer questions based on their faith. As a private school, we have the discretion not to require End-of-Course (EOC) exams and not to administer state tests (FCAT, etc).

Students can access their courses any time of day or night. Gradpoint students have access to their courses for one full year; Apex students have access for 10 months from August – June, except for the Christmas 1-week shutdown.

Christian Online Homeschooling

Christian online homeschooling is an excellent choice for today’s Christian families, and far superior to traditional textbook-based curriculums! One of the big advantages of an online program is that it can be tailored to fit the needs of each individual student. Here are some other reasons why an online homeschooling program may be the best choice for your child:

  • Online learning helps students to be ahead of the game in the 21st century – teaching them to work independently and take responsibility at a young age. Online homeschooling encourages students to be self-sufficient and to be responsible for their own success.
  • Students who are athletes or performers travel frequently; online learning allows them to take classes at their own time and at their own pace.
  • Students whose families live or regularly travel overseas – military and missionary families – have the benefit of a US education that is available 24/7 wherever they travel.
  • Advanced students can work faster, enroll in Honors, AP or Dual Enrollment courses, allowing them to complete high school earlier, or earn college credit in their Junior and Senior years.
  • Students with learning disabilities can work at a slower pace on courses that are appropriate, without classroom or peer pressure.
  • Students who have been subjected to bullying or react negatively to peer pressure can have a safe environment where they can excel.
  • Students have more flexibility to work while in high school, as well as earn credits for certain types of work such as volunteering or entrepreneurship.
  • Homeschooling online allows students to complete courses anytime, anywhere, and have access to certified teachers.