What are EOC exams? Do private schools require them?

What are EOC exams?

Most public schools in most states have instituted, or will institute,  End-of-Course (EOC) Exams.  Each EOC exam is used to assess student knowledge of key concepts in a particular subject.  EOC exams are typically limited to core subjects in  English, math, science and history.  EOC’s prove that a student has useful working knowledge of a subject that they have received credit for, such as Algebra 1, Biology and English 9.  Public schools use EOC’s to filter out students who show credit for a subject on their transcript, but who do not really know that subject.   Students who do not pass a particular EOC have to re-take that subject in the public high school.  EOC’s are typically only administered to students attempting to re-enter the public school system from a private school, they are not administered to students transferring from one public school to another.

Do private schools require EOCs?

Typically, private schools do not use or require EOCs, however this choice is completely up to the school, as it is with public schools.

Christian Educators Academy policy around EOC’s:

  • CEA does not use, administer or require EOC’s.
  • CEA is fully accredited by AdvancED and SACS.
  • CEA uses only college-preparatory curriculum, taught by professional teachers.
  • CEA has no control over public high schools, who may choose to require EOC’s at their own discretion
  • CEA advises parents contemplating a return to public school to check with their local school or superintendent about EOC requirements

Homeschooling Online for High School

If you are considering homeschooling online your children through high school, accreditation should be a major concern for you. Most college and universities will only accept accredited diplomas, and if your child does not have an accredited diploma, it will severely limit their choices. Even many high schools, public and private, will now only accept credits from an accredited institution.

To eliminate the possibility that your child’s high school transcript will not be accepted, enroll them in an accredited online homeschool program. The online homeschool should not only be accredited, but be accredited by a recognized accreditation agency – one of the six agencies recognized by the US Department of Education – or one of their designates.

If you are homeschooling in high school, another concern is the curriculum that you use. It is not uncommon for college admissions directors to ask what curriculum was used for students coming out of a homeschool program. Much of the curriculum promoted to homeschoolers is frowned upon by colleges – particularly curriculum that is based on religious content or that is highly religious in nature. Colleges prefer curriculum that they deem as “college-preparatory”.

To eliminate questions about the curriculum you used, enroll in an online homeschool that uses college-preparatory curriculum, taught by professional teachers. This ensures that there will be no questions when it is time to enroll your students in college.

Other important ways that high school students prepare for college include preparing for the SAT or ACT tests, and taking a few college or dual-enrollment courses in their junior or senior year. Look for an online homeschool that includes SAT and ACT prep, and the ability to take Honors or Dual-Enrollment courses.

Christian Educators Academy (CEA) is a private school in Florida that provides an online homeschool in all 50 states that is properly accredited by SACS and AdvancED, uses college-preparatory curriculum and professional teachers, and offers SAT/ACT prep and Honors and Dual Enrollment courses. CEA’s program allows your child to continue to work at home, have access to their curriculum anytime, and meets the educational standards in all 50 states.

CEA offers two world-class curricula – Apex Learning and Gradpoint by Pearson – both are well-received by colleges and are considered to be college-preparatory. The curricula differ slightly in how they are presented, Apex being more “academic” and Gradpoint more “intuitive”. Having two curricula allows CEA to adapt to the individual learning styles of its students.

CEA’s program promotes academic excellence and is mastery-based; at the same time CEA’s educational philosophy is to develop the whole person so that they can fully utilize their talents and gifts. We also approach learning from a Christian viewpoint and perspective. We strive to maintain a relationship between academic excellence and the dynamics of Christian life, with the highest quality of educational materials, grounded in Christian values and beliefs.


Home School Online- An Excellent Choice

Home School Online – an excellent choice for homeschooling families in the middle school and high school years – and a great alternative to public education.

Many parents begin homeschooling in the early grades for a variety of reasons – wanting to educate and spend time with their children, concern about values taught in public school, or recent changes in public school curriculum, fear of peer pressure, special needs. As children move into the middle and high school years, those concerns become more pronounced. At the same time, parents find themselves increasingly challenged by having to teach complex subjects they are not comfortable with.

Traditionally, the alternatives at this point were not great – slog on with homeschool, enroll in an expensive private school, or take a chance with public school.

Online Home School is a great alternative to all of these choices. It avoids concerns and issues about content, values and peer-pressure in public schools, allows education at home to continue and is much less expensive than private school.

Christian Educators Academy is an Online Christian Home School that allows parents to provide their children with the best possible education. CEA has over 100 online courses, including Honors and Dual Enrollment courses allowing students to earn college credit while still in high school.

CEA diplomas are fully accredited, and have been accepted by colleges and universities around the country. CEA’s online homeschool program is available to students in grades 6-12 to students living in all 50 states and abroad. As a Christian school, CEA provides a faith-based foundation preferred by many Christian parents. CEA offers discounts for single-parent, military and missionary families. Online Home School opens a new world of opportunities, and CEA is at the forefront of this new world.

Online homeschool choices

Online homeschool has grown in popularity in recent years with parents as an alternative to traditional homeschool, and there are many online homeschool choices available today. Advantages of a good online homeschool are accreditation, world-class college-preparatory curriculum and professional teachers for students studying at home. Online homeschool prepares students for college, and is a great option for students planning to pursue higher education. Online home schools also offer flexibility in scheduling, the ability to tailor the instructional program to the needs of the student, and some latitude in dealing with special needs.

CEA’s Online Home School

CEA’s online home school is accredited by SACS (Southeaster Association of Colleges and Schools), an agency recognized by the U.S. Department of Education, and by AdvancED, one of the most well-recognized accreditation bodies in the world. CEA’s uses best-in-class college preparatory curriculum, and meets the standards in all 50 states. In addition, CEA offers Honors and Dual-Enrollment classes for advanced students.

Working with professional instructors, students using CEA’s online home school curriculum have a wealth of resources available to them. Unlike a traditional classroom, students in an online homeschool are able to take courses at their own pace, able to go a little faster where they excel, and ability to take a little more time where needed.

Regardless of one’s motivation for choosing online high school courses, the assortment of options available makes this an ideal solution for parents to consider. Flexible coursework, accredited courses, and high quality instruction from professional instructors make these education route an attractive alternative to other schooling. Furthermore, students who undergo such instruction will likely find themselves better prepared for the independent study requirements of collegiate courses.

Choice of Curriculum

CEA offers the top two online curriculum available – Apex Learning and Gradpoint by Pearson. Both curricula are highly acclaimed, have won prestigious awards and are college-preparatory in nature. Both vendors have staffs of professional curriculum writers and are constantly updating their offerings. Both are accepted by colleges and universities. The curricula target different learning styles and objectives. The Apex curriculum is more academically oriented, and offers Honors, AP and Dual Enrollment options in addition to the standard college-preparatory courses. Apex also offers Literacy Advantage level courses for struggling students. The Gradpoint curriculum is simpler and more intuitive, and offers a wide range of electives.

All online classes included text, graphics, videos, recordings and interactive activities. Students ask questions and submit lessons to be graded to their teachers. Contact is primarily via e-mail, but teachers can also set up teleconferences or Skype chats as needed. Teachers respond to all queries typically within 1 school day, Monday through Friday.

As a private school, CEA has the discretion to adapt its curriculum to the needs of individual students. This includes bringing in electives from outside sources, and the ability to make minor adjustments to courses to meet the needs of individuals, such as determining lists of required reading in English, and making minor substitutions. As a Christian school, we always allow students to answer questions based on their faith. As a private school, we have the discretion not to require End-of-Course (EOC) exams and not to administer state tests (FCAT, etc).

Students can access their courses any time of day or night. Gradpoint students have access to their courses for one full year; Apex students have access for 10 months from August – June, except for the Christmas 1-week shutdown.

Christian Online Homeschooling

Christian online homeschooling is an excellent choice for today’s Christian families, and far superior to traditional textbook-based curriculums! One of the big advantages of an online program is that it can be tailored to fit the needs of each individual student. Here are some other reasons why an online homeschooling program may be the best choice for your child:

  • Online learning helps students to be ahead of the game in the 21st century – teaching them to work independently and take responsibility at a young age. Online homeschooling encourages students to be self-sufficient and to be responsible for their own success.
  • Students who are athletes or performers travel frequently; online learning allows them to take classes at their own time and at their own pace.
  • Students whose families live or regularly travel overseas – military and missionary families – have the benefit of a US education that is available 24/7 wherever they travel.
  • Advanced students can work faster, enroll in Honors, AP or Dual Enrollment courses, allowing them to complete high school earlier, or earn college credit in their Junior and Senior years.
  • Students with learning disabilities can work at a slower pace on courses that are appropriate, without classroom or peer pressure.
  • Students who have been subjected to bullying or react negatively to peer pressure can have a safe environment where they can excel.
  • Students have more flexibility to work while in high school, as well as earn credits for certain types of work such as volunteering or entrepreneurship.
  • Homeschooling online allows students to complete courses anytime, anywhere, and have access to certified teachers.

Online Homeschooling Benefits

Christian Educators Academy (CEA) offers an online homeschool program with benefits that are far superior to public schools at a fraction of the cost for more expensive private schools. When you choose CEA’s accredited online school for your homeschooling needs, you are assured of the very best quality education, with fully supported classes that meet all state requirements. One of the most important advantages of CEA’s accredited school is that the diploma you earn and the courses you take will be recognized by colleges and universities after graduation. Whether you wish to pursue higher education or opt for military service, online homeschooling through CEA’s accredited program can help you reach your goals.

CEA’s online program has been designed with the needs of students in mind. CEA easily adapts its online program to accommodate the wide range of learning styles, aptitudes, needs and goals of a diverse student population. Our programs places emphasis on mastery and success, and provides you the assistance you need to get there. We can customize course selection and sequencing around individual needs. Classes are interactive, and activities are designed to meet the needs of different learning styles. We challenge students to meet their full potential. When you know that achievement is attainable, you will be motivated to strive for the very best and be proud of your accomplishments.

A great benefit of online homeschooling is that you will maximize the use of your time. Online classes allow students to work at their own pace, on a schedule that works for them. Another advantage of CEA is that we have a very generous policy when it comes to accepting high school credits from students coming from a traditional homeschool.

One of the greatest benefits of CEA’s online homeschool program is the cost, which is far less than traditional private schools, and very reasonable compared to other online homeschool programs. At CEA we keep our costs as low as possible so that we can keep our tuition low. Enrolling in CEA today is your first step toward a quality education that will be the foundation of your future.

Homeschooling Online – Transferable Credits for College

If you are considering homeschooling online, it is extremely important to check into the school’s credentials, and make sure that their credits are transferable. In order to be useful, the school’s credits must be accepted by colleges and universities, and also by other public and private high schools – so that your options remain open. Otherwise you will find that the time and money you spend on homeschooling online will provide little or no benefit.

Transferability of credits really is a matter of accreditation – the online homeschool must be accredited by a recognized accreditation agency. Transferability of credits and accreditation has become a major topic of concern for homeschoolers, since almost all colleges and public high schools, and even many private high schools, will only accept credits from an accredited high school.

If you have been homeschooling, and are concerned about accreditation and transferability of credits, an online homeschooling program from an accredited private school is a great option. This type of program allows your student to continue doing their schooling at home with the added assurance that the credits they earn are transferable, and will be accepted by colleges and public high schools. The key to this is the accreditation of the school offering the homeschooling online program. To be transferable, the accreditation must be from one of the six agencies recognized by the US Department of Education for college accreditation (for example, SACS), or their designees (for example Advanc-ED)

Another area of concern for homeschooling students applying to college is the curriculum. Many secular colleges have a skeptical view of curriculum that is purely based on Christian religious content. While colleges respect the rights of prospective students in matters of faith, they also hold all students to the same rigorous academic standards when it comes to core subjects such as English, math, history and science. For this reason, it is important to choose curriculum that is considered “college preparatory”. The curriculum can be presented within a Christian viewpoint. The net result is a program that is Christian-friendly, but not Christian-based.

The leap from high school to college is not easy, and there are other areas in preparing for college, which really should begin in the ninth grade. One of these is preparing for the SAT or ACT test, as well as enrolling in classes at a local junior college in the 11th and 12th grades. Both of these help make the transition from high school to college easier.

Christian Educators Academy (CEA) offers an online homeschooling program fully accredited by SACS / Advanc-ED, with a choice of two of the best college-preparatory curricula available – Apex Learning and Gradpoint by Pearson. Both curricula have won prestigious award and are highly regarded by colleges and universities. Each curriculum is optimized for a different learning style.   CEA has an Honors program for advanced students, which now includes Dual-Enrollment classes through Colorado Christian University. CEA students also have the option of earning Dual-Enrollment credits through their local community college. CEA also offers remedial classes for students who struggle academically. In addition, CEA offers over 90 high school electives. All classes are flexible – they can be started and ended at any time, and students can work whenever and wherever they want. Students have a full year (365 days) to complete Gradpoint classes, and a standard 9-10 months to complete Apex classes.

Online Homeschool – The Key to Success in College

A fully accredited online homeschool can be the key to success in college.  It is essential that the homeschool be accredited by a recognized agency, since most colleges will not admit students with non-accredited diplomas, or with diplomas accredited by non-recognized agencies.  Properly accredited online homeschools help students get into college, and they also better prepare them to excel in college in a number of very important ways.

Online homeschools prepare students to succeed in college by teaching them how to study and take notes.  As one of our graduates commented, “Everyone should learn how to study.  Learning how to study is more important that learning chemistry, history or any other subject.  If you know how to take good notes and how to study, learning is easy.  There is nothing you cannot learn when you know how to study.”

Another way that online homeschools prepare students for college is by teaching them how to develop schedules, pace themselves and stay on track.  Online schools teach students how to avoid academic overload and burn-out.  Learning how to manage their education and fit it into their schedule is one of the most important skills for any student.

The most important way that an online homeschool prepares students for college is by teaching them to take responsibility for their own education, to be self-directed and self-motivated.  Students who are able to take charge of their education are in the best position to get the most out of it.  Being able to take charge of your education is the most important thing anyone can learn.

Online homeschools prepare highschool students to succeed in college in a number of important ways.  As one of our graduates put it, “After completing CEA’s online high school, college was a piece of cake – I found I could do anything.”