Revealed: The Oldest Christian Song You’ve Never Heard Of

As Christians, we are constantly reminded of the rich history of our faith. One aspect of this history that often goes unnoticed is early Christian music. Recently, a team of scholars made an exciting discovery: what they believe to be the oldest Christian song in existence. The song was found on a papyrus fragment located … Read more

Learn To Play Christian Songs On Trumpet With These Simple Techniques!

If you’re a trumpet player looking for inspirational and uplifting music to play, Christian songs are an excellent choice. Playing religious tunes on your trumpet can be a deeply rewarding experience that connects you with God. While mastering any instrument requires practice, learning how to play Christian songs on the trumpet is relatively easy using … Read more

What You Want Christian Song? These 5 Types Will Meet Your Needs!

If you’re looking for Christian music that speaks directly to your heart, there are plenty of different options available. Whether you prefer uplifting worship songs or more introspective ballads, there is a whole world of Christian music out there waiting to be discovered. But with so many different genres and styles to choose from, it … Read more

How Long Must I Wait For You Christian Song?

The song “How Long Must I Wait For You” is a Christian song that expresses the desire to be reunited with God. It asks questions about the length of time it will take for Him to return and calls out for His presence in our lives. In today’s world, it can feel like we’re constantly … Read more

Why Does Youtube Consider Christian Songs To Be Inappropriate?

Many Christians across the globe have been left bewildered after Youtube, the world’s largest online video sharing platform, flagged some of their favorite worship music as inappropriate content. The move has sparked outrage among believers who claim that Christian songs promote peace and unity, two virtues that are critical in a world grappling with various … Read more

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