Are Tarot Cards Against Christianity? Discover the Truth Here!

Many Christians believe that using tarot cards goes against their beliefs. Tarot readings are often associated with witchcraft, divination, and the occult, which are all considered to be sinful according to Christian teachings. However, others argue that tarot cards can be used for self-exploration, self-improvement, and personal growth rather than for supernatural purposes. In this … Read more

Was the US Founded on Christianity? Shocking Truth Revealed!

Religion has always played a significant role in American history, with Christianity being the most prominent faith. The Founding Fathers of America were devout Christians and believed in establishing a society based on Christian values. However, there is much debate over whether the United States was founded as a Christian nation or not. For many … Read more

Is This A Fr Or An On God Situation? Find Out Now!

There are moments in life when we find ourselves struggling to make a decision. It could be something trivial like what to eat for breakfast or something significant like choosing to relocate to another country. These decisions can fall into two categories – Fr (For real) or On God (Serious). The Fr category encompasses the … Read more

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