Will God Of War Ragnarok Be On Xbox? Find Out Now!

Recently announced during Sony’s September 2020 showcase, God of War Ragnarok has been confirmed as an exclusive game for the PlayStation 5. As expected, this announcement has left many Xbox gamers wondering whether they’ll ever be able to play the latest installment in one of their favorite franchises on their console. The previous God of … Read more

Why Did God Destroy The Earth The First Time? The Shocking Truth Revealed!

Throughout history, religious texts and traditions have offered varying explanations for why God destroyed the earth the first time. The Bible itself offers a few different interpretations of this event, each with their own unique insights into God’s character and motivations. Some see the Flood as an expression of God’s overwhelming wrath and disappointment in … Read more

Who Calls The Serpent In God Of War?

If you are a fan of God of War, you may have noticed the appearance of an enormous serpent in the game. This creature offers some important guidance and aid to the main protagonist but many players were left wondering – who calls the serpent? This question has been stirring up a lot of curiosity … Read more

What Did God Create On The Second Day? Discover The Answer Here!

Have you ever wondered what happened on the second day of creation? The Bible tells us that on this day, God continued to shape the earth and skies. He separated the waters above from the waters below, creating the heavens. This fascinating chapter in Genesis raises several questions about our world and its beginnings. Where … Read more

How Tall Is Atreus In The New God Of War? Find Out Now!

If you’re a gamer and have played God of War, then you must be familiar with Atreus – the young son of Kratos who accompanies him throughout his journey. As an essential character in the game, many fans are curious to know more about him, including his height. Atreus’ size has been a point of … Read more

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