Homeschooling Online in Florida

Homeschooling online in Florida has many benefits for middle school and high school students.  An accredited online school offers students the opportunity to take high quality courses, including honors, advanced placement, an college preparatory courses, all supported by highly qualified teachers.  Most importantly, homeschooling online allows students of all ages to become PRIVATE school students, and excuses them from reporting the superintendent of schools in their district.  Once you withdraw from the state of Florida public school or home education program , your child comes under the jurisdiction of an accredited private school in the state of Florida.

Families who choose homeschooling online in Florida with a private school as their educational choice, are not counted as “homeschoolers” by the state of Florida – yet they keep all the benefits of homeschooling combined with all the privileges of a private school.   This includes accredited transcripts and a certified diploma for high school students, ensuring students can attend any college our university of their choice – nationwide.  For middle school and high school students, the FCAT and hiring of a certified teacher for standardized testing is eliminated, but perhaps the best choice is the high quality curriculum options, with teacher supported classes.

Each private school, such as, has a unique personality, as well as its own procedures and requirements that enrolled families must follow. Florida certified schools usually maintain the same records that a traditional school requires, including a birth certificate, immunization record or waiver, report cards and transcripts.

There are any number of reasons that parents choose to homeschooling online in Florida for their children—better academic test results, poor public school environment, high cost of a traditional private school, improved character/morality development, and objections to what is taught locally in public school are just a few. Homeschooling online in Florida is also the best alternative for families living in isolated rural locations, military families, or missionary families living abroad.

Research supports the fact that high school and middle school homeschooling online in Florida benefit from home instruction. The Home School Legal Defense Association has put together much of the research on homeschooling academics in Academic Statistics on Home Schooling.   We encourage families to register for free at for a complete list of information and documentation.  As the report points out in its closing, “These statistics point to one conclusion: homeschooling works. Even many of the State Departments of Education, which are generally biased toward the public school system, cannot argue with these facts. Not only does homeschooling work, but it works without the myriad of state controls and accreditation standards imposed on the public schools.”

Florida Online Middle School

There are many options to education Florida middle school children today, but one of the fastest growing advanced education plans is Florida  online middle school courses and classes, that can be taken at home.  There are Florida state-run online programs, but many private schools are adding online middle school Florida certified classes.  These classes are designed to help middle school students get a jump on their high school education, by preparing them for the ever changing educational online field.

Many Florida middle school parents are choosing Florida online middle school courses for a variety of reasons, including the ability to accelerate graduation pace with advanced courses to subject mastery, especially in English and math for the middle school student who may be struggling or passed through the public school system.   Students are able to take a variety of middle school online classes that can be custom designed to meet individual student needs.

With, middle school online students are able to complete courses anywhere, anytime, all online, while meeting social needs in healthy ways, such as church youth groups, organized sports or community youth events.  Peer pressure in the public schools during middle school are some of the most challenging during this age group!

With Florida online middle school courses, students do not have to wait for the new year or new semester.  Most good private schools, such as Christian Educators Academy, offer open enrollment, and year-round schooling. Students are able to catch up, if they have failed a grade, or quickly move ahead and take high school credit courses as early as the 7th and 8th grade!

While all core courses are online middle school courses, they are highly personalized and supported by high quality teachers.  Your child will be able to develop a personal, mentor type relationship with their teachers, and be encourages to excel in their online middle school classes.  Depending on the course, teachers use a variety of methods to engage students, including live one-to-one or small group skype sessions.  Instructors are expected to respond to student questions and provide comments on assignments within 24 hours.

Florida Online Schools

There are many alternatives to public Florida online schools, including Florida online high school and online middle school with an accredited Christian private school:  Florida online schooling has become increasingly popular for many reasons, including overcrowded classrooms in the public school system, the lack of qualified teachers to teach advanced mathematics, and the increasingly high prices of public schools.

An accredited Florida online school is one of the best choices for students transferring from homeschooling, public or private schools. A good, accredited Florida online school, such as has another huge advantage, besides cost:  students can enroll anytime of the year, and take up to 365 days to complete 6 or more courses, all with professional, highly qualified teachers.  Most private Florida online schools will limit enrollment (a good thing!) allowing each student to develop personal relationships with staff and their teachers.  In the public Florida online schools, teachers have a much higher student/teacher ratio.  One aspect that makes Florida online schools in the private sector unique, is that a good school will offer each student a personalized, customized course schedule and graduation plan geared to their and their family’s needs and requirements.

An accredited online school is the perfect answer for families who have been homeschooling and who want to continue providing their children a Christian-friendly, high-quality education in junior high and high school.  Accredited online curriculum programs allows your children to continue their education at home.  In addition to being academically qualified, teachers strive to provide Godly guidance to students, to uphold honor and integrity, to be sensitive to their needs, and encourage them to develop self-confidence to meet life’s challenges and grow in their gifts and talents.  Parents can rest assured that their children are not only receiving a high-quality, education, but that their child will receive a diploma that will be recognized by any college or university in the U.S.

Accredited Online high schools are an ideal solution for students who are developing careers in sports, such as ice skating, cycling, NASCAR racing, golf, tennis, etc.  Year-round programs allows students the flexibility to pursue their talents, goals and dreams while completing a high-school education.

Florida Online High School

Florida online high school is a fully accredited Florida online high school and online middle school, registered by the state of Florida. This means no matter where you live in the state of Florida, or in any other state for that matter, you can have access to all of Christian Educators Academy’s accredited online curriculum programs.  We offer Apex Learning for high school, and two other approved programs for junior high.

With almost 100 courses to choose from, Christian Educators offers everything from college preparatory, honors, Advanced Placement courses, and even courses for the struggling student.  This includes our Learning Advantage and Foundational courses. Our courses are approved by NWAC and AdvancED accrediting agencies, and what’s more, is our teachers are dedicated, professional educators that work personally with you.  Christian Educators Academy (CEA) allows you to learn on your own time and schedule, and earn a choice of three accredited diplomas.  CEA takes students from grades 5th-12th, with a completive tuition price, and NO HIDDEN CHARGES!   If you are a public school, private school or home school student, and have been thinking about online classes and if it is a good choice for you, contact us today at 321-501-0300, or take a tour of our online virtual demo classes!


How does Florida online high school work? is a Private school.  Students who have been enrolled previously as a public or private school, continue to be private school students.  No more FCATS, or End of Course exams, or being mandated to the Common Core National Standards!

The greatest benefit is to our new, potential online homeschool students, is they become private school students taking online digital school courses.  They earn an accredited diploma, and follow private school regulations, not homeschool regulations!  This allows all of our students to transfer to any college of their choice.

We are different than most public or private schools, in that we offer a choice of curriculum, designed to meet each students individual needs, educational goals and schedules.  CEA offers online classes “year-round.”  This means you can register anytime of the year to take one semester or two semester classes as a private school student.

The enrollment process is so simple. We have an online registration form, and our Director of Student Services will be happy to help you choose the correct courses, sign up today, and have you start working with your assigned teachers within 24 hours!  Yes, most of our courses are online, and available to students nationwide.