Getting ahead with an online high school

While many students in high school take online classes to “catch up”, having to take credits they may be “short” on to graduate, CEA encourages high school students take courses to “get ahead.” CEA’s Gradpoint summer school program allows students 8 weeks to finish one course, working as little as 3 hours online per day. Some students can work much quicker, some may need additional time, all built into a schedule that works for you. CEA’s courses are flexible, where students can enroll anytime, and finish a course to recover a credit, or get ahead in their educational graduation plan.

Taking high school online courses in the summer can be completed anywhere as long as you have a computer, and access to the internet. CEA provides a low cost option to complete a course over the summer. Instead of being tied to your local school and taking a class everyday over the summer, an online course can travel with you wherever you go. Because CEA is a fully accredited online high school, your credits will transfer back to your local public school. Sometimes, students are encouraged by their ability to be successful online, and transfer to CEA to finish their high school education. Here is a testimony from a student who stays with their grandparent:
“With CEA, our granddaughter was about to finish her 9th grade year, and her grades are better than ever! We especially appreciate the easy on-line format which eliminates the need for books, and the flexibility of the scheduled work. Also, we are able to get ahead and to take time off whenever we need it. The teachers and staff have been very responsive and stepped in with additional one-on-one tutoring when needed. Thanks CEA for a great Christian education!”
– S. Baker

With CEA’s online high school courses, students can take a math, science, history, or English course, as well as trying out unique electives such as criminology, cosmetology, or archeology! Students who attend online summer school programs can develop better note-taking and time management skills, as well as learning important content for a successful transition to high school or college.
Other benefits from taking an online high school course this summer are:

  • Cost – CEA offers a full credit course for $500, including teacher support.
  • Recovery- Credit recovery, with prescriptive learning courses. Students easily move on within the subject where they show proficiency, only focusing on problematic areas.
  • Transition- Taking a course to help junior high students transition to high school.
  • Advancement- taking a course to graduate early or skip ahead to a higher-level course.

Taking an online high school course is a win-win situation for any student in high school, for both the student who is struggling, and for the high-achieving student. An online summer school course will also allow students to see if online schooling is a good option for them, especially since many colleges now, use online learning.

Mrs. Z
BA Theology/Admin

Changing Schools Mid-Year

This is the time of year when many parents and students think about changing schools.  There are many reasons for thinking about such a change:

  • Student just transitioned to a new school in the fall that isn’t working.
  • Bullying and peer-pressure.
  • Current curriculum isn’t working
  • Student is starting new activities and needs more flexibility in their schedule.
  • Recent diagnosis of a medical condition which will interfere with regular school attendance.

Christian Educators Academy (CEA) has an admissions process that makes these transitions easy.  The documentation requirements are simple, and registration can be done in a day.  We have payment plans that make the tuition affordable.  We offer a combination of unique advantages that make CEA attractive to families considering a transition:

  • We are fully accredited by Advanc-ED and SACS.
  • Students can enroll in CEA at any time of the year.
  • We are extremely flexible in how classes are scheduled – we can schedule your classes around individual preferences and needs.
  • We are a small school with limited enrollment – we get to know all of our students personally.
  • With our new homeroom process, all students have a mentor who regularly monitors their progress and keeps them and their parents informed.
  • For students who enroll in January, we offer the choice of two curriculum – Apex and Gradpoint.  After January, we still offer open enrollment in Gradpoint to all new students.
  • We give credit for any previous work that has received credit from an accredited school on an official transcript from that school.  Schools generally award credits for completed semesters of work.  In Florida, in high school, each completed semester receives a half-credit.  For middle school courses, we just need a report card showing completed semesters of work.
  • We also have a method for awarding credit to students coming out of a homeschool through our Curriculum Director.  The curriculum used and grades received needs to be submitted along with samples of work completed, and this is reviewed by the Curriculum Director for suitability.
  • While we cannot award credit for partially completed semesters from another school, we do try to work with students who have partially completed semesters.  This is done on a case-by-case basis.  Call our business office for more details.
  • We do offer the flexibility of allowing students to start their whole year over, and can offer the flexibility of either trying to complete the year by August/September so that they can start the following year at the normal time, or taking a whole year to complete the work.  Students who want to start their whole year over are usually enrolled in the Gradpoint curriculum because of its flexibility.

By enrolling in Christian Educators Academy, you can be assured that your child will receive a high-quality education from caring professionals, using the best college-preparatory curriculum available, and that any work they complete at CEA will be documented on an accredited diploma.  If you are interested in making a transition, please e-mail or call our business office today to discuss your options.

CEA’s New Homeroom Process

Since I first began teaching at CEA, six years ago now, our online homeschool has grown and changed quite a bit! We’ve introduced two new curricula, ten new teachers, and three new administrators! Our numbers have grown, but our values are still the same: we want to make sure that we know each of our students and their families, and are shepherding them along as they pursue academic success!

When we were a smaller school, our fearless leader Mrs. Z used to do all of this on her own! She is still very involved with every student and family in the school—teaching elective courses with students and answering phone calls and taking registrations–but this past year, we’ve introduced a new Homeroom monitoring system that all of our administrators participate in. This system ensures that we are giving our students the most support possible, and that there is a system of checks and balances to keep everybody accountable.

Approximately every two weeks, Mr. Barnett, Mr. Zabor, and Miss G go through their respective section of students checking progress, emailing students for encouragement, and offering help where they see issues. They also email parents of students who have gotten behind, trying to make sure that we are partnering with parents to help students stay on track. This process has been incredibly important this year, and we have been so pleased with the results.

Our students have always been successful, but this homeroom system has allowed us to identify struggles earlier in the year so that we can intervene as quickly as possible. Our Homeroom teachers meet at least once a month with Mrs. Z to share information and make sure that we are engaging with every single student as productively as possible. We’ve seen students who were struggling make turnarounds and begin to improve, and we’ve been able to help parents feel more empowered and have a better understanding of their students’ schoolwork.

Every year we work to find new ways to improve and grow in our service of students and their families. We hire teachers who are experts in their subject area and who believe in our mission as a school; we work to improve communication and support wherever possible. We never want to remain stagnant, even if we are doing well; we always want to grow and improve and find ways to become better educators! This year’s Homeroom checking process has become a valuable part of our online homeschool, and we look forward to continuing to work with students to help improve their time management and study skills so that they can continue to be successful.

Why choose CEA for my accredited online Christian homeschool

If you are currently looking for an accredited, online, Christian homeschool, here is what is unique about Christian Educators Academy (CEA):

  • We incorporate a Christ-centered approach into our education.
  • We are sensitive to the faiths of our students and we accommodate those values into our instruction.
  • All of our teachers are professional, highly-trained and are subject-experts in the courses they teach.
  • We get to know all of our families and students personally – and we limit enrollment so that we can do this.
  • We offer highly-personalized, caring instruction to our students, that accommodates their individual needs.
  • Our instruction is mastery-based – we ensure that students really learn the material.
  • We take a whole life approach to learning – one that seeks more than just educating the mind.
  • We work with each student to develop their own custom 3-5 year graduation plan based on their goals and ambitions.
  • We have an extremely high success rate in helping our graduates go where they want to go next – whether that’s college, military service or a career.
  • We welcome families from all denominations, faiths and backgrounds.
  • We are extremely responsive – lessons are graded within 1-2 days, but typically within a day.
  • Our curriculum is top-notch (Apex and Gradpoint) – it is college preparatory and it is well accepted by colleges and universities.
  • All of our courses are teacher led, and all of our instruction is online.
  • We ask our parents to stay actively involved in their students education by routinely monitoring their progress, and letting us know if their student runs into any problems or issues.
  • We are highly available through e-mail, and when needed we augment our online education using Skype conferences.
  • We are fully accredited by AdvancED – the leading accreditation agency – and we have a very high IEQ score.
  • We welcome input and participation from our families, students and teachers.  Our culture is open, and we continually seek to improve our instruction, curriculum and methodology.  We seek to be the best, and to always do better.
  • We seek to balance academic excellence with the dynamics of living as a Christian.
  • We strive to keep our costs low and our pricing reasonable; our goal is to offer a high-quality education that is affordable.

If you are considering an online, accredited, Christian high school, or middle school, we would love to talk to you…

Please call us at 1-800-866-0501.

We would be more than happy to answer your questions, and discuss your needs and concerns…

The benefits of an accredited online homeschool

If you have been homeschooling your children and they are approaching the middle school years, you may be starting to think about alternatives.  Teaching basic reading, writing and math skills at the elementary level is something most parents can grasp fairly easily with the help of a few workbooks and other readily available teaching aids.  On the other hand, teaching algebra and geometry, physics and chemistry, is beyond the comfort level of most people.  Besides, who really wants to grade English papers, or essays on the civil war?  In terms of getting into college, report cards prior to the ninth grade are not examined that closely, but from the ninth grade onwards, they are reviewed very closely.  Courses need to meet scope, sequence and coding requirements, and most colleges look for some type of accreditation, especially from a private school.  Although parents in the US are allowed to homeschool, colleges do not have to accept homeschool transcripts, and many do not.  An accredited online homeschool offers the following benefits to parents who have been homeschooling:

  • Your student continues their schooling at home – an online homeschool is just like homeschooling
  • The online homeschool takes over all the teaching, grading & record-keeping, relieving all those burdens from you.
  • Your child is taught by caring, professional teachers who are qualified in the subjects they are teaching.
  • If the school is properly accredited, you can rest assured that when your child graduates, their diploma will be accepted by any college or university.

Christian Educators Academy offers an online homeschool program for students in grades 6-12.  In addition to the benefits stated above, we offer the following:

  • Open, year-round enrollment – start the semester or school year any time.
  • Up to six classes per enrollment – typically 4 core and two electives.
  • Choice of Apex or Gradpoint college-preparatory curriculum – both have recently won prestigious awards.
  • Honors & AP classes, foreign language, all the sciences, plus over 90 electives
  • Ability to switch classes if needed at no charge
  • AdvancED/NWAC accredited.
  • Extremely personalized service with 24-hour response times.
  • Christian teachers.

If you have been homeschooling and are looking for alternatives, Christian Educators Academy online homeschool may be just what you are looking for.  To find out more, call 1-800-886-0501 for more information.

Accredited Online High School – A look behind the scenes

Accreditation is extremely important when looking at a prospective online high school.  But what does accreditation really mean?  Is it just a rubber stamp?  How does it add value to the educational process?  Here is a look behind the scenes at what the process of going through accreditation with AdvancED meant for us at Christian Educators Academy…

  • First of all, accreditation is not a rubber stamp; it is a rigorous, never-ending process.  Preparing for our most recent external audit, which we just completed in April, took over six months of work, and involved everyone in the organization.  We had to go through a painstaking process of self-examination and analysis, identifying strengths and weaknesses, as well as areas for improvement.
  • Accreditation does not take a “one and done” approach, but rather calls for a culture of continuous self-examination and improvement that is evidenced by data.  In other words, it is an ongoing process that never stops.
  • Accreditation focuses first and foremost on student success and student learning.  Are students achieving success?  Are results improving?  How do we measure that improvement?  Success isn’t just focused on getting good grades, passing college entrance exams or doing well academically.  Are we teaching students to think critically, to apply their learning, and to develop life skills?  Are we comprehensively meeting students needs?  Do they feel safe?  Is someone in the organization “watching out” for them? Do they have access to resources, career and college counseling, and other services they need?
  • Does everyone in the organization understand our purpose, and is everyone committed to achieving it?  Are our teachers properly trained and equipped?  Do they feel empowered?  Valued?  Are we ensuring that they continue to develop professionally?
  • Are we communicating with the families?  Are they engaged?  Do they understand their roles in the educational process?
  • Does the curriculum provide assessments and diagnostics?  Is the navigation clear?  Are tutorials, training and help provided?
  • How do we customize curriculum around individual student needs?  What is our intake process?  Do we effectively identify students needs and adjust to them?

For us, going through the process of accreditation was long, tiring, and at times, grueling.  However, we felt the effort was well worth it, and made us better overall, in every way.  We were able to identify many things we were doing well, a few areas we need to improve in.  Overall, we passed our external review with “flying colors”.  We were happy with the results, and with what we learned.  Most importantly, going through the process of accreditation has given us confidence.  We know that the service we are offering is high quality.  Ultimately our goal is to provide the very best education we can to all of our students through our accredited online high school, and we can confidently state that we are doing that.

Accredited Online High School Programs

There are many accredited online high school programs available today, but when you want only the very best for your middle school or high school child, starting with an award winning program offered at Christian Educators Academy. The curriculum used at CEA is Apex Learning, which was awarded the 2014 award of Excellence, in online high school programs. includes grades 6 through 12 and leads to successfully earning a fully accredited high school diploma and transcript, accepted by colleges and universities nationwide.  CEA is an ideal combination of academic learning and strong Christian values making our accredited online high school program the right choice for you and your family.

Within the American culture and idealism, is a little red schoolhouse, where our children get the best education, with one-on-one teacher support.   The reality of American education is often quite different.  Beige classrooms are filled with 30+ note-passers and texters, who casually ignore teachers struggling to make it to the end of the 45-minute period. Smart kids are bored, and slower kids are left behind. Anxiety about standardized tests is high, and scores are consistently low. National surveys find that parents despair over the quality of education in the United States — and they’re right to, as test results confirm again and again.

With accredited online high school programs and the internet, students have a wide-range of choices, where students get individual attention, and curriculum choice.  How do we know online education will work? Well, for one thing, it already does. Full-time virtual learning academies are operating in dozens of states. Christian Educators Academy, offers accredited online class instruction to students nationwide.  Online courses allow kids to master material on their own schedule provide “a significant opportunity for students who were behind,” says Jim Shelton, assistant deputy secretary for innovation and improvement at the U.S. Department of Education.  This is why online education is the “wave” of the future.  Email us at today for more information on how online classes can benefit you.

Accredited online high school programs provide a superior and challenging college-preparatory, honors or Advanced Placement education for online high school students in a Christian environment.  With a Christian online high school programs such as Christian Educators Academy, students become private school students, completing their education through distance learning.  Online high school students have the advantage of being able to work anywhere, anytime, all on-line, with quick access to highly qualified teachers, earning an accredited diploma that will be accepted by colleges and universities nationwide.

Through Christian distance learning, CEA’s Apex Learning courses have become a growing solution for college bound, home school, private school and public school student seeking excellent courses with teacher support when they need it.  Parents can be involved in their children’s education, but unlike traditional homeschool programs, parents do not have the added challenge of planning lessons, grading assignments, and assuring grades can be accredited and accepted.

Christian Educators Academy’s online high school curriculum is structured, but like some public online programs, allows for a flexible, year round course schedule that fits your child’s individual needs.  With Apex Learning, Christian online high school students can take classes full-time or part-time, choosing from a wide selection of core subjects and electives.  In addition, as a Christian online high school, students can take outside electives for credit, such as religious studies, mission trips, ministry work, dance, worship leading, and many other extra-curricular activities that reflect a well-rounded and grounded student.

Online high school classes

The majority of Christian Educators Academy (CEA) courses are provided by Apex Learning, a program that has just won the 2014 award of excellence.  CEA has been using Apex Learning for our online high school classes for over 3 years.  In addition, we use Gradpoint, by Pearson for our high school electives.

Our online high school classes follow an in-depth syllabus to match content, sequencing and rigor of traditional school classes.  In fact, our Honors and AP courses are more challenging, giving students an advantage in achieving high scores on the SAT or ACT exams.

Several online high school classes offered by CEA, especially Advanced Placement courses, honors courses and college preparatory classes are taught by professional teachers, gifted in specific subject areas.  Teachers are often mentors to students, and have constant interaction, developing a more personal relationships.  Our goal is not only for academic success, but to help students become well-rounded and grounded in ethics, becoming excellent leaders in their community.

Finally, the curriculum development with both Apex Learning and Gradpoint is ongoing.  New and updated material is constantly being applied.  CEA, as a Christian School, has many opportunities for students to engage in biblical interaction with their answers, and with teacher engagement.  constant feedback and support is given to all students, in all classes.  With the online high school classes offered with, students can enroll year-round, and take a full year to complete assigned work.

With CEA, we strive to develop honesty, integrity, respect and Godly character in our students, and require those values in our teachers and staff.  We consider our online high school classes to be an excellent option for current homeschool families who have children going into the 6th-12th grade, as well as for families considering homeschooling as an alternative to public school options and expensive private schools.  With our excellent curriculum options, as a private school we continually strive to know each student personally, and to offer customized service to each student.  See Link below for more information about the importance of accreditation.

High School Online

Take high school online classes, start anytime, work anywhere, with high speed internet access!  Start earning an accredited diploma today, having the flexibility of distance learning, and still focus on dance, drama, competitive sports, or any other interest you have.  Christian Educators Academy offers high school online classes that are fully accredited through AdvancEd.   We use the Apex Learning curriculum, which is state and nationally approved, giving you an educational alternative to public schools.

With CEA’s High School online program, students can choose from over 90+ courses, including various levels in the core subjects of English, math, science, and history.  Students can take standard courses, college preparatory, honors and even Advanced Placement courses!  Choose your level of ability, and have a choice of diplomas.

CEA is registered with the Florida State Board of Education.  We follow all graduation standards for Florida, as well as all other states!  All transcripts and diplomas are accredited, allowing you to attend any college or university of your choice – nationwide!

Students in our High School Online program come from many walks of life, but all of have a common goal: to pursue academic success through distance education. Our diverse student body includes homeschool students, private and public school students with professional careers, students who are in remote locations, , students who want to accelerate the pace of graduation, and students who want more independence in their educational choices.

If you are a resident in the State of Florida, and if you plan to graduate with a college preparatory or honors diploma, you are eligible for Bright Futures Scholarships as well. Christian Educators allows students nationwide to take Dual enrollment credit courses at a local community college, transferring those credits into their high school transcript!  This allow students to earn simultaneous College and High School credit. For additional information contact the today.

Taking online high school courses

Many accredited online high schools offer a wide range of high school online courses for students in middle school and high school.  At Christian Educators Academy, students can complete a semester course in as little as six weeks or as many as 18 weeks. Students can enroll part-time or full-time, while completing online high school courses.  Students can catch up on missed credits, take a subject not offered at their traditional school, improve their technology skills, solve a scheduling conflict, try a different method of learning, or supplement their learning activities if they are homeschooled or temporarily home bound.  Christian Educators Academy caters to many types of students from all 50 states, and it is also a convenient option for athletes , musicians, dancers and entrepreneurs who need to complete their education in a flexible environment in order to meet demanding schedules.  Students have one full year to complete 6 or more courses online.
All high school online courses are completed for credit and evidence of such can be provided in the form of an accredited academic transcript when students register will Christian Educators Academy.    Committed to the provision of quality high school online courses, CEA is fully accredited by AdvancEd.

By taking high school online courses, students can study anywhere, anytime, all on-line as long as they have high speed internet access. Courses are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, however, teacher support is provided Monday through Friday.  The typical student spends between 15 to 20 hours per week to complete a variety of quizzes, assignments, discussion boards, tests and projects. While work can be completed in a flexible format, all required work must be completed on or before the published term end date.

All high school online courses are academically challenging, with CEA’s Apex curriculum, and considered college preparatory, honors, or Advanced Placement.  All courses will cover an entire semester’s worth of material, and for a full-credit, 2 semesters per core course are required.   It is important that students understand the need to set aside time to not only engage with their instructor but complete all of the required assignments. A complete summary of Student Participation Expectations is available as a downloadable document.

In order to take high school online courses, CEA highly recommends that students have continuous access to a computer with high speed Internet access, and a laptop or desk top computer.