CEA’s New Homeroom Process

Since I first began teaching at CEA, six years ago now, our online homeschool has grown and changed quite a bit! We’ve introduced two new curricula, ten new teachers, and three new administrators! Our numbers have grown, but our values are still the same: we want to make sure that we know each of our students and their families, and are shepherding them along as they pursue academic success!

When we were a smaller school, our fearless leader Mrs. Z used to do all of this on her own! She is still very involved with every student and family in the school—teaching elective courses with students and answering phone calls and taking registrations–but this past year, we’ve introduced a new Homeroom monitoring system that all of our administrators participate in. This system ensures that we are giving our students the most support possible, and that there is a system of checks and balances to keep everybody accountable.

Approximately every two weeks, Mr. Barnett, Mr. Zabor, and Miss G go through their respective section of students checking progress, emailing students for encouragement, and offering help where they see issues. They also email parents of students who have gotten behind, trying to make sure that we are partnering with parents to help students stay on track. This process has been incredibly important this year, and we have been so pleased with the results.

Our students have always been successful, but this homeroom system has allowed us to identify struggles earlier in the year so that we can intervene as quickly as possible. Our Homeroom teachers meet at least once a month with Mrs. Z to share information and make sure that we are engaging with every single student as productively as possible. We’ve seen students who were struggling make turnarounds and begin to improve, and we’ve been able to help parents feel more empowered and have a better understanding of their students’ schoolwork.

Every year we work to find new ways to improve and grow in our service of students and their families. We hire teachers who are experts in their subject area and who believe in our mission as a school; we work to improve communication and support wherever possible. We never want to remain stagnant, even if we are doing well; we always want to grow and improve and find ways to become better educators! This year’s Homeroom checking process has become a valuable part of our online homeschool, and we look forward to continuing to work with students to help improve their time management and study skills so that they can continue to be successful.