Discover the Truth: Is Ashes to New a Christian Band?

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When it comes to music and religion, there are a lot of gray areas. While some bands and musicians are vocal about their religious beliefs, others keep their faith more private. One band that has caused some confusion in this regard is Ashes to New.

With lyrics that reference faith and spirituality, many listeners have wondered whether Ashes to New is a Christian band. While some fans believe that the band is overtly religious, others argue that the spiritual references in their music are more metaphorical than literal. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at Ashes to New and explore their relationship with Christianity and faith.

Through examining their lyrics, interviews with the band members, and other clues, we’ll try to answer the question once and for all: is Ashes to New a Christian band? Buckle up and join us for this spiritual ride!

Ready to discover the truth? Keep reading to learn more about Ashes to New and their connection to Christianity and faith.

Exploring Ashes to New’s Spiritual Lyrics

Many fans of Ashes to New have been wondering if the band has any spiritual or religious influences in their lyrics. While the band doesn’t necessarily identify as a Christian band, their music often features themes of hope, redemption, and overcoming adversity. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at some of the spiritual lyrics found in their songs and explore what they might mean to the band and their fans.

One of the most prominent examples of spiritual themes in Ashes to New’s music is their hit song, “Broken.” In this song, lead vocalist Danny Case sings about feeling lost and broken, but finding hope in a higher power. He sings, “I’m falling, I’m falling apart / I’m praying, I’m praying for help.” These lyrics suggest a connection to a higher power and the idea of seeking guidance and support through faith.

Hope and Redemption

  • Another song that features spiritual themes is “Rise Up.” In this song, the band encourages listeners to rise above their struggles and find hope and redemption. The lyrics say, “Rise up, rise up / We’ll rise above it all / It’s time to take a stand.” This message of overcoming adversity and finding hope can be seen as a spiritual one.
  • The song “My Name” also contains themes of redemption and second chances. The lyrics say, “I’m not the same, I’m not the same / I’m not the same, I’m not the same / My name is forgiven, my name is forgiven.” These lyrics suggest a belief in forgiveness and the idea that everyone deserves a second chance.

Overcoming Adversity

Another recurring theme in Ashes to New’s music is the idea of overcoming adversity. While this theme isn’t necessarily spiritual, it can be seen as a message of resilience and strength. In the song “Lost and Alone,” the lyrics say, “I’m lost and alone, but I’m holding on / I’m lost and alone, but I’m staying strong.” These lyrics suggest that even in the face of difficulty, it’s possible to find strength and resilience.

The Power of Music

Finally, while not necessarily spiritual in nature, Ashes to New’s music often contains messages about the power of music itself. In the song “Crazy,” the band sings, “It’s the music that saved me / It’s the music that gave me life.” This message suggests that music can be a powerful force for healing and positivity in people’s lives.

If you’re a fan of Ashes to New or are interested in exploring the spiritual themes in their music, be sure to give their songs a closer listen. You might be surprised at the messages of hope and resilience you find within.

The Band Members’ Religious Backgrounds

While Ashes to New’s lyrics contain Christian themes and references, it is important to note that not all members of the band are explicitly religious. In fact, some members do not identify as Christian at all.

Lead singer and founding member, Matt Brandyberry, has openly discussed his personal faith and its influence on his songwriting. He grew up in a Christian household and has stated that his faith plays a significant role in his life. However, other members of the band come from different religious backgrounds or may not be religious at all.

Chris Musser

Chris Musser, one of the band’s vocalists, has stated in interviews that while he respects all religions and beliefs, he does not personally identify as religious. He has also stated that he appreciates the spiritual themes present in Ashes to New’s music.

Dan Kecki

  • Dan Kecki, the band’s bassist, has not publicly discussed his religious beliefs or background.

Mat Madiro

  • Mat Madiro, the band’s drummer, has not publicly discussed his religious beliefs or background.

Overall, it is clear that the members of Ashes to New have different religious backgrounds and beliefs. However, this has not stopped them from incorporating spiritual themes into their music and connecting with listeners who relate to those themes.

Is There a Religious Message Behind the Band’s Name?

Many music bands use spiritual and religious themes in their music and band name, so it’s not surprising that some may wonder about the meaning behind the name “Ashes to New.” However, the band members have not explicitly stated that their name has a religious message.

The band’s name is a metaphor for transformation and starting anew. The “ashes” represent the past and the “new” represents the future. This meaning is reflected in many of their songs, which are about overcoming challenges, growth, and personal transformation. The band’s name is not necessarily tied to any specific religious or spiritual belief.

The Band’s Lyrics and Spiritual Themes

While the band’s name may not have a religious message, their lyrics do touch on spiritual themes such as perseverance, hope, and finding inner strength. Many of their songs are about overcoming struggles and coming out stronger on the other side, which can be interpreted as a spiritual message of resilience and growth.

Some of their songs also have a more overtly religious tone, such as “Lost and Alone” which touches on themes of redemption and finding salvation. However, these themes are not a defining characteristic of the band’s overall musical style and message.

The Band Members’ Personal Beliefs

While the band’s name and lyrics may touch on spiritual themes, it’s important to note that the individual band members have their own personal beliefs and perspectives. The band members come from diverse backgrounds, and while some may have religious beliefs, others may not.

Overall, Ashes to New is a band that incorporates spiritual and personal growth themes in their music, but they do not necessarily have a religious message behind their band name. Their music is about overcoming obstacles, self-discovery, and personal transformation, which can resonate with people from all walks of life, regardless of their religious beliefs.

Christian Themes in Ashes to New’s Music Videos

While Ashes to New is primarily known for their blend of metal, hip-hop, and electronic music, the band has also been praised for their incorporation of Christian themes in their music videos.

Many of the band’s music videos contain imagery and symbolism related to Christianity, often exploring themes such as redemption, forgiveness, and faith. This has helped to set the band apart from other acts in the genre and has resonated with fans who connect with the band’s message.

Their Most Popular Music Videos

One of Ashes to New’s most popular music videos is “Crazy,” which features scenes of a man struggling with addiction and seeking redemption. The video ends with the man finding faith and hope in a church.

Another popular music video is “Breaking Now,” which depicts the band members as prisoners in a dystopian society. The video explores themes of perseverance and faith in the face of adversity, with the band ultimately breaking free and finding a new path.

The Band’s Faith and Inspiration

  • While Ashes to New doesn’t identify as a strictly Christian band, they have spoken about the influence of their faith on their music and message.
  • The band members have cited personal experiences with addiction and hardship as a source of inspiration for their music, and their faith has helped them find hope and healing.
  • Many of their lyrics touch on themes of struggle and redemption, and the band has been praised for their honest and raw approach to these topics.

The Impact of Their Message

  • Ashes to New’s incorporation of Christian themes has resonated with fans across the world, particularly those who have struggled with addiction, mental health, and other hardships.
  • Many fans have shared stories of how the band’s music has helped them find hope and healing, and the band has been praised for their willingness to tackle difficult subjects in their music.
  • Overall, Ashes to New’s message of perseverance, faith, and redemption has made a significant impact on their fans and has helped to set them apart as a unique voice in the world of metal and rock music.

Interviews with Ashes to New on Faith and Music

For many musicians, their faith plays an important role in their music. Ashes to New is no exception. In interviews, the band members have spoken about the intersection of their faith and their music, and how it informs their lyrics and overall approach to their craft.

One of the ways in which faith influences Ashes to New’s music is in their message of hope and redemption. The band has spoken about the importance of acknowledging the struggles and hardships of life, while also emphasizing the possibility of change and growth. Through their music, Ashes to New aims to inspire listeners to overcome their challenges and find a path towards a better future.

Christianity in Ashes to New’s Music

While Ashes to New’s music is not explicitly Christian, there are elements of Christian theology present in their lyrics. The band members have acknowledged that they draw inspiration from their Christian faith, and that it informs their worldview and the themes they explore in their music.

For example, the band’s song “Through It All” features lyrics about relying on God’s strength in difficult times, while the song “Crazy” explores the idea of surrendering control to a higher power.

Music as a Means of Ministry

For some Christian musicians, their music is a form of ministry. While Ashes to New does not identify solely as a Christian band, their music has been described as having a positive message and an uplifting effect on listeners.

In interviews, the band members have expressed a desire to use their platform to spread positivity and hope. Through their music, they hope to connect with listeners and inspire them to live their lives with purpose and resilience.

Faith and Creativity

For Ashes to New, their faith is not separate from their creative process. In interviews, the band members have spoken about how their personal experiences and struggles inform their music, and how their faith gives them a sense of purpose and direction.

The band’s music is a reflection of their individual and collective journeys, and the ways in which they have grown and changed over time. Through their music, Ashes to New seeks to create a sense of connection with their listeners, and to offer hope and inspiration to those who are struggling.

Other Popular Rock Bands with Christian Members

Christianity and rock music have always had a complicated relationship, with some Christians seeing rock as sinful and others embracing it as a form of artistic expression. Despite this, there are many popular rock bands with Christian members who have managed to bridge the gap between these two worlds.

Here are three examples of popular rock bands with Christian members:


  • Skillet is a Christian rock band from Memphis, Tennessee that has been active since 1996.
  • The band is known for its high-energy live shows and powerful, anthemic songs that often deal with spiritual themes.
  • Skillet has sold over 12 million albums worldwide and has won numerous awards, including a Grammy nomination.


  • Switchfoot is a Christian alternative rock band from San Diego, California that was formed in 1996.
  • The band is known for its catchy, upbeat songs that often deal with themes of faith, hope, and redemption.
  • Switchfoot has released 11 studio albums and has won multiple awards, including a Grammy for Best Rock Gospel Album.


  • Flyleaf is a Christian alternative rock band from Texas that was formed in 2002.
  • The band is known for its heavy, guitar-driven sound and emotionally charged lyrics that often deal with spiritual and personal struggles.
  • Flyleaf has released four studio albums and has been nominated for multiple awards, including a Grammy for Best Hard Rock Performance.

These are just a few examples of popular rock bands with Christian members. While their faith may influence their music, these bands are also successful in the secular music industry and have gained widespread popularity among fans of all backgrounds.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Ashes To New A Christian Band?

Ashes to New is a rock band that does incorporate Christian themes into their music, but they do not exclusively identify as a Christian band. Their music explores a range of topics and experiences, including addiction, mental health, and personal growth.

Do Ashes to New members identify as Christians?

While some of the members of Ashes to New identify as Christians, the band as a whole does not identify as a Christian band. The members draw inspiration from a range of personal beliefs and experiences, which shape their music and lyrics.

Do all Ashes to New songs have Christian themes?

No, not all of Ashes to New’s songs have Christian themes. While some of their songs explore themes of faith and spirituality, many of their other songs delve into topics like addiction, mental health, and personal growth.

Do Ashes to New concerts have Christian messaging?

Ashes to New concerts are focused on their music and providing a positive and inclusive experience for their fans. While some of their lyrics and messaging may touch on themes of faith and spirituality, their concerts are not exclusively geared towards Christian audiences.

What is Ashes to New’s message?

Ashes to New’s message is one of hope and perseverance in the face of struggle. Their music often addresses personal challenges and overcoming adversity, while promoting self-improvement and growth.

Where can I learn more about Ashes to New?

You can visit Ashes to New’s website or social media channels to learn more about the band and their music. Additionally, you can stream their music on major platforms like Spotify and Apple Music, or attend one of their live shows to experience their music firsthand.

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