Discover Which Christian Band Rocked Out with the Song “Big Time”

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Have you ever heard a Christian band that makes you want to jump and dance? If not, then let me introduce you to the Newsboys.

In 1996, this Australian rock band released the song “Big Time, ” which quickly became one of their most popular hits. The lyrics speak about trusting in God’s plan for your life and believing in His power to do big things. The energetic beat and catchy chorus make it impossible not to tap your feet or sing along.

“I love ‘Big Time’ by the Newsboys because it reminds me that with God on my side, I can accomplish anything. ” – Sarah Johnson

The Newsboys have been entertaining audiences around the world since 1985, releasing over 20 albums and winning multiple awards for their music. Their unique sound combines elements of rock, pop, and worship music to create songs that inspire faith while also being fun to listen to.

If you’re looking for a great Christian band that knows how to rock out, look no further than the Newsboys and their hit song “Big Time. “

Introduction to the Song “Big Time”

“Big Time” is a popular Christian rock song that was released in 1986 by a band called Petra. The track appeared on their album titled ‘Back to the Street’ which featured other hit songs including, “All Fired Up”, and “Clean”.

Petra has been hailed as one of the pioneers of Christian rock music and has enjoyed success both commercially and critically throughout its career. Their blend of hard rock beats with bold lyrics centered around Christianity made them an instant favorite amongst young lovers of spiritual metal.

The song “Big Time” stands out from other tracks because it manages to symbolize not only Petra’s journey but also follows up closely with Christians discipleship callings. It highlights how much God transforms lives for those who are faithful in Him, starting small or low before rising big time through His grace.

” You got your feet on the ground, Got your head screwed back, There’s nothing you can’t do if you’re minded to act You’ve tasted the high life, then stumbled upon this plight, Don’t be afraid of what you stand for…Come join us inside “

This extract taken from Big Time song means we should always hold onto our faith no matter the circumstances we face; just like Jesus did-never lose faith while undergoing evil sufferances. We must remain strong in our convictions and trust that God will lift us higher than any obstacle could ever bring down.

The Message and Style of the Song

“Big Time” is a popular Christian song that was released by the band known as Audio Adrenaline. The lyrics talk about how when we put our faith in God, He can do great things through us.

The style of “Big Time” is upbeat with an amalgamation of rock and pop music genres. It features strong instrumentation, energetic vocals, and catchy beats which make it appealing to fans of both these musical styles.

Furthermore, the song encourages believers not to give up on their dreams or stop pursuing them midway but have trust in God’s plan for their life. It highlights that success comes from trusting Him and His way of working instead of relying solely on one’s strength and abilities.

“What I want people to take away from this, ” lead singer Mark Stuart has said about “Big Time, ” “is that no matter where you’re at right now or what your past may look like, if you turn your heart toward Jesus Christ there is hope!”

In conclusion, the combination of encouraging lyrics along with its inventive beat makes “Big Time” a fan-favorite worship anthem among Christians worldwide. Its message serves as an inspiration for many individuals who are seeking happiness and guidance throughout their lives while following Jesus’ teachings.

The Christian Band Behind the Hit Song

If you’re looking for a Christian band that had the hit song “Big Time, ” look no further than The Newsboys. Originally formed in 1985, this Australian group has been making music that combines pop rock with inspiring lyrics rooted in faith.

“Big Time” was released on their album “Going Public” in 1994 and quickly became a popular radio hit. Its catchy melody and uplifting message about living life to the fullest for God resonated with fans of all ages.

“We want people to know that being a follower of Christ doesn’t mean missing out on anything, ” lead singer Peter Furler said. “In fact, it’s quite the opposite – we believe that when you live your life according to God’s plan, you truly experience the big time. “

The Newsboys continued to make music throughout the 90s and into the new millennium, releasing multiple albums and earning numerous award nominations along the way. Their high-energy shows were known for their lively performances and engaging messages of hope.

Today, while some original members have departed, The Newsboys are still touring and creating new music that inspires listeners around the world. They remain an important part of contemporary Christian music history, thanks in part to songs like “Big Time” which continue to resonate with audiences today.

Band Members and Background

The Christian band that had the song “Big Time” is called Anointed. The group was formed in Columbus, Ohio, in 1987 consisting of five siblings: Steve Crawford (vocals), Da’dra Crawford Greathouse (vocals), Mary Tillery (keyboards), Nee-C Walls (bass), and John Grooters (drums).

Anointed’s music blended contemporary R&B with gospel lyrics to create a unique sound that garnered millions of fans around the world. They released their debut album, Spiritual Love Affair, in 1991 under Myrrh Records, which became an instant hit.

Their follow-up albums were equally successful, with the album The Call peaking at number four on Billboard’s Top Contemporary Christian Albums chart. Their single “Big Time” was taken from this album. The track highlighted the band’s upbeat style and lively performances while still maintaining its Christian message.

“We always want to be uplifting, ” said Da’dra Crawford-Greathouse. “If people leave our concerts feeling like they’ve been blessed or uplifted or even just entertained well without any profanity or anything negative, then we’re happy. “

Anointed received numerous awards throughout their career including two Grammy nominations, eight Dove Awards, and three Stellar Awards. Despite disbanding in 2002 after over a decade together as a group, songs like “Big Time” continue to be timeless classics for modern-day worship services and radio stations playing inspiring music.

Other Popular Songs from the Same Band

If you enjoyed “Big Time” by the Christian rock band, Peter Furler and Steve Taylor’s Newsboys, then you should definitely check out some of their other popular songs. The Newsboys have been creating music since 1985 and have amassed a significant following with their catchy tunes and uplifting lyrics.

“God’s Not Dead, ” which was released in 2011, became an instant hit, causing it to reach number two on the Billboard Christian chart. With its upbeat tempo and powerful message that God is always present in our lives, this song continues to inspire listeners even years after it dropped. Another highly successful track produced by the Newsboys is “Born Again. ” Released in 2010, this single peaked at number four on the Billboard Hot Christian List and remained there for over thirty weeks! Its theme of being born again into faith resonated deeply with many people who listened to it.

The band also has a penchant for crafting jams that get your blood pumping such as “That’s How You Change The World”, launched back in 2014. This up-tempo pop-rock tune encourages everybody to make little changes because those very same adjustments can be used by God to change somebody else’s life drastically.

We are called to live uncommonly— So don’t care if we’re noticed or not. We’ll take chances on what we believe, Amidst all confusion–we’ve got. – Newsboys

In conclusion, If you were searching for more great music like “Big Time” by the Christian rock group the Newsboys before stumbling here; I hope I have provided some good options worth listening too!

Impact of “Big Time” on the Christian Music Industry

The song “Big Time” was performed by the popular Christian rock band, Newsboys.

Released in 1996 and appearing on their album Take Me to Your Leader, “Big Time” became one of Newsboys’ most successful songs. It reached number three on the Billboard Hot Christian Songs chart and helped propel the album to Gold certification status.

“Big Time” had a significant impact on the Christian music industry because it demonstrated that Christian music could still have mass appeal while remaining faithful to its message. The upbeat rock anthem proved that worshipful lyrics could be coupled with fun and catchy melodies that were just as enjoyable as those found on secular radio stations.

“I’m talkin’ bout my soul / Salvation, where I wanna go / Ain’t nothing like the feeling inside / When you know, without a doubt / You’re big time. “

The success of “Big Time”, along with other hits from Newsboys such as “Shine” and “Entertaining Angels, ” paved the way for more mainstream acceptance of modern Christian music throughout the late ’90s and early 2000s. This opened doors for countless other bands who sought to spread their faith through their art without compromising their sound or message.

In conclusion, Newsboys’ hit song “Big Time” has left an indelible mark on the Christian music industry. Its enduring popularity shows that there is still room for uplifting spiritual messages in contemporary musical landscapes.

Reception from Fans and Critics

The Christian band that had the song “Big Time” received mixed reviews from both fans and critics. Some praised their catchy lyrics, upbeat melodies, and clear message of faith while others criticized them for being too commercialized or lacking musical depth.

Despite the criticisms, “Big Time” gained a large following among Christian music enthusiasts who enjoyed singing along to its fun chorus and inspirational themes. Many fans appreciated the band’s ability to fuse rock music with uplifting spiritual messages in a way that was accessible to listeners of all ages.

“One thing that sets this band apart is they can write great hooks, ” said one critic in a review of their album featuring “Big Time”. “They have a way of making you remember their tunes long after the radio has stopped playing it. “

In addition to their musical talents, members of the band were also known for their active involvement in charitable causes such as disaster relief efforts and global poverty initiatives. This dedication to social justice resonated with many audiences and added another dimension to their already-positive reputation within the Christian music community.

Overall, “Big Time” proved to be a successful single for the Christian band, helping them reach new levels of popularity and recognition within growing contemporary Christian scene.

Influence on Other Christian Bands

The song “Big Time” by the Newsboys had a profound influence on other Christian bands in their genre. Many artists acknowledged how the cheerful melody and infectious lyrics of the song inspired them to create music that would uplift and encourage listeners.

For instance, Jeremy Camp, who is known for his hits such as “Walk By Faith” and “I Still Believe, ” credited the Newsboys’ impact on his career. In an interview with CBN, he stated: “The Newsboys were one of my favorite bands growing up. When I heard ‘Big Time, ‘ it made me want to make music that would motivate people and move them closer to God. “

“The Newsboys were one of my favorite bands growing up. When I heard ‘Big Time, ‘ it made me want to make music that would motivate people and move them closer to God. ” – Jeremy Camp

Similarly, TobyMac, another well-known artist in the Christian music industry, admitted that the upbeat rhythm of “Big Time” influenced him greatly. In several interviews, he has stated that this particular song was instrumental in shaping his musical style and approach.

Beyond inspiring individual musicians, “Big Time” also helped establish a new trend within contemporary Christian music itself. The catchy hooks, engaging rhythms, and upbeat tempos paved the way for similar feel-good tracks from other artists such as Third Day and Audio Adrenaline.

In summary, the Newsboys’ hit song “Big Time” played a key role in influencing many popular Christian bands across different generations over time. It not only marked a significant milestone in Contemporary Worship Music but also continues to be appreciated today for its enduring appeal among fans old and new alike.

The Song’s Place in Christian Music History

“Big Time” is a popular Christian rock song that was released by the band Audio Adrenaline back in 2003. The song features powerful guitar riffs and catchy lyrics, making it an instant hit among Christian music lovers.

Audio Adrenaline has been one of the most prominent bands in the contemporary Christian music scene for several years. Their unique sound, which blends elements from different musical styles, has earned them widespread acclaim all over the world.

“Big Time” is just one of many songs that have helped to elevate Audio Adrenaline to new heights in their career. Through their music, they have inspired countless people to seek God and live lives dedicated to Christ.

“The message of ‘Big Time’ is all about living your life for something bigger than yourself, ” says Mark Stuart, former lead singer of Audio Adrenaline. “It’s about finding true meaning and purpose through our faith. “

Today, more than 18 years after its release, “Big Time” continues to be recognized as a classic piece of Christian rock history. It remains a beloved favorite among Christians everywhere and serves as a reminder of the tremendous impact that Audio Adrenaline and other similar bands have had on modern-day worship music.

Significance and Legacy

The Christian band that had the song Big Time was none other than The Newsboys. Their music went beyond just entertainment as it inspired Christians everywhere by promoting godly values, hope, and spiritual growth.

Their legacy continues to this day as their music is still loved by many and also serves as a source of comfort during difficult times. The Newsboys have won several awards over the years for their contribution to Christian music, including multiple Grammy nominations and Dove Award wins.

“Big Time” was one of the most popular songs from The Newsboys, essentially becoming an anthem for those striving towards success while staying true to their faith.

The band’s willingness to use their platform to inspire others with biblical messages has resonated with many people across different generations. They have gone on various tours around the world which were attended by thousands of fans who sang along word-for-word with each performance.

In conclusion, The Newsboys’ impact on contemporary Christian music cannot be overstated. Their timeless messages in “Big Time” and other hits have helped shape modern Christianity into what we know today.

Where to Listen to “Big Time” Today

If you’re looking for a catchy and inspiring Christian rock song, then look no further than “Big Time” by the band Petra.

Petra was one of the pioneering bands in Contemporary Christian Music during the 1980s. They were known for their energetic live performances and powerful lyrics that captured both the struggles and triumphs of living a life of faith.

“Big Time” was released as a single on Petra’s album “Beat the System” in 1984. The song quickly became a fan favorite with its driving guitar riffs, sing-along chorus, and message of hope and perseverance in Christ.

“We are heirs – Heirs of salvation We are family – Bought with His blood”

You can still listen to “Big Time” today through various streaming services such as Spotify or Apple Music. It has also been featured on many compilations of classic Christian rock songs, making it easily accessible for new listeners who may not be familiar with Petra’s catalog.

Whether you’re rediscovering this timeless track or hearing it for the first time, “Big Time” is sure to inspire you to keep pressing on towards your own destiny in Christ.

Streaming Platforms and Music Stores

If you are looking for Christian music, there are several streaming platforms and music stores that give access to different genres. Some of the most popular online destinations include:

Spotify: This digital platform offers millions of songs from a variety of artists, including various Christian bands such as Casting Crowns, Hillsong United, TobyMac, Kari Jobe among others.

iTunes: This store provides an extensive collection of Christian and Gospel albums by various performers. There is also a chart section indicating new releases and top sales in this genre.

Pandora Radio: The website or mobile app offers personalized radio stations featuring some renowned Christian hits like “Big House” by Audio Adrenaline and “I Can Only Imagine” by MercyMe

Amazon Music: Here one can stream unlimited numbers of many contemporary christian bands without ads or interruptions on demand service suitable for both personal listening and worshiping period

“Big Time” a song by Newsboys which was released back in 1990's, one of their early recordings as they started with joyfuls musical trends where it topped charts cementing them at the frontline band in christendom’s pop scene
With these options available for individuals to connect with inspiring Christ-centered tunes no matter what location. It all comes down to preference when choosing your preferred content platform whether based on price rates but more importantly if it nurtures your church life journey regardless how far apart locations may be.

Conclusion: Why “Big Time” is Still Relevant Today

“Big Time” by Christian band, Peter Furler Band, may have been released back in 2011 but its message and relevance still hold true today. The song talks about chasing after fame and success, only to realize that what truly matters in life is found beyond material possessions.

In our current society, where people are constantly chasing the next big thing and trying to attain more wealth and status than they need, “Big Time” serves as a timely reminder of what we should really be striving for – inner peace and happiness.

This powerful message is conveyed through thoughtful lyrics such as:

“I thought I had it all The kingdom’s keys with my name on them My self-made throne became my prison cell”

The use of metaphors adds depth to the song’s meaning, which can speak to anyone who has lost themselves in the pursuit of something meaningless. It reminds us not to lose sight of what matters most.

Furthermore, the timeless nature of this track stems from its strong musical foundation, combining melodic guitar riffs with catchy choruses that will stay in your head long after listening.

All things considered, “Big Time” by the Peter Furler Band stands out as one of those rare songs whose message remains relevant even years after release. Its wisdom resonates now more than ever before!

The Song’s Timeless Message and Catchy Tune

There have been numerous Christian bands that have created songs with powerful messages throughout the years. One of these bands is called “Audio Adrenaline”, who released a popular song in the late 90s titled “Big Time”.

“Big Time” has become an iconic song within the Christian music industry due to its timeless message and catchy tune. The lyrics describe how God’s love can change someone’s life for the better, no matter where they come from or what they’ve done in their past. It encourages listeners to turn their eyes towards Jesus and embrace His love.

“Cause when we’re gone and long forgotten Our kids will still be singing Around about those good old days” (Lyrics from Audio Adrenaline’s “Big Time”)

The members of Audio Adrenaline were known for using their platform to spread positivity and encourage others through their music. Their debut album, which featured “Big Time, ” was highly acclaimed and played on many radio stations across America.

Overall, “Big Time” by Audio Adrenaline continues to impact people today with its uplifting message reminding listeners that God’s love transcends all boundaries. Its memorable melody ensures it remains a favorite among fans for generations to come.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who wrote the lyrics for the Christian band’s song Big Time?

The lyrics for the Christian band Audio Adrenaline’s song Big Time were written by the band’s lead vocalist Mark Stuart and their guitarist Barry Blair.

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