Graduation Requirements by Diploma Type

Graduation Requirements by Diploma Type

CEA’s graduation requirements are based on the requirements of the State of Florida Department of Education, and align with the entrance requirement of most 4-year colleges.

Nomenclature: 1 credit = 1 year; 0.5 credits = half-year

Requirements Common to All CEA Diplomas

  • English: 4 years
  • Math: 4 years, Algebra 1, Geometry and Algebra II required, plus a fourth math
  • History: 3.5 years including World Geography (half year), World History (1 year), US History (1 year) and US Government and Economics (1 year) – identical for all diploma types
  • Science: 3 years
  • Required Electives: Health – 1 semester, PE – 1 year, Bible – 1 year; Art/Music
  • All CEA students automatically earn a required half-year of computer literacy
  • For an Honors Diploma, students must have a minimum of 8 Honors/AP credits

Differences between Diploma Types

To graduate with an Honors diploma, students must take at least 8 credits of Honors/AP courses.

Track:Honors, A/PCollege Prep Vocational
Total Credits26-2824-2624
EnglishFirst year - reading / writing skills
Math4th Math must be Pre-Calculus or an Advanced MathAny 4th Math OKIntegrated Math I,II,II or Literacy Advantage OK, any 4th Math
ScienceBiology, Chemistry, Physics and 4th scienceBiology, Chemistry & any third ScienceBiology & any 2 sciences
World Language3 years2 yearsNot Required
Fine / Performing Arts2 years1 yearNot Required
Electives5-8 credits; 4 in a major area of interest3-5 credits4 credits, 3 in a career or vocational education program.
Community Service100 hours100 hoursNot Required
College Prep Course1 yearHalf yearNot Required
SAT, ACTPrep course, and score 480(SAT) or 24(ACT) or higherScore 480 (SAT) or 24 (ACT) or higherNot Required
Minimum GPA3.52.02.0


See 3-5 year plan for sample course breakdowns.