High School Online

Take high school online classes, start anytime, work anywhere, with high speed internet access!  Start earning an accredited diploma today, having the flexibility of distance learning, and still focus on dance, drama, competitive sports, or any other interest you have.  Christian Educators Academy offers high school online classes that are fully accredited through AdvancEd.   We use the Apex Learning curriculum, which is state and nationally approved, giving you an educational alternative to public schools.

With CEA’s High School online program, students can choose from over 90+ courses, including various levels in the core subjects of English, math, science, and history.  Students can take standard courses, college preparatory, honors and even Advanced Placement courses!  Choose your level of ability, and have a choice of diplomas.

CEA is registered with the Florida State Board of Education.  We follow all graduation standards for Florida, as well as all other states!  All transcripts and diplomas are accredited, allowing you to attend any college or university of your choice – nationwide!

Students in our High School Online program come from many walks of life, but all of have a common goal: to pursue academic success through distance education. Our diverse student body includes homeschool students, private and public school students with professional careers, students who are in remote locations, , students who want to accelerate the pace of graduation, and students who want more independence in their educational choices.

If you are a resident in the State of Florida, and if you plan to graduate with a college preparatory or honors diploma, you are eligible for Bright Futures Scholarships as well. Christian Educators allows students nationwide to take Dual enrollment credit courses at a local community college, transferring those credits into their high school transcript!  This allow students to earn simultaneous College and High School credit. For additional information contact the christianeducatorsacademy.com today.

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