Homeschooling Online

Homeschooling Online

Accreditation is a growing concern for many homeschooling families.  Although federal and state law allows parents the right to homeschool ( ), many institutions will not accept non-accredited high school credits from private family homeschools.  Public high schools throughout the country will often only accept credit from private schools that are properly accredited.  Most four-year colleges and universities will also only accept diplomas from properly accredited high schools.  Having non-accredited high school courses or a non-accredited high school may severely limit your child’s educational opportunities once they leave homeschool.

A properly accredited, private online high school is a great solution around the accreditation problem.  A properly accredited school is one that is accredited by a widely recognized accreditation agency.  Widely recognized accreditation agencies include the six regional agencies recognized for college accreditation by the US Department of Education (SACS, NWAC, etc), and AdvancED.  The transcripts and diplomas of a private online high school that is properly accredited will be accepted by any college or university across the country.  And while each of the thousands of public school districts across the US still set their own acceptance policy for incoming credits, a transcript from a properly accredited private online high school can still be a major asset to overcoming these hurdles.

Online Homeschooling offers tremendous benefits for the homeschool family.  

Through an online homeschool program, students can enjoy the highest-quality, college-preparatory curriculum available.  They can have access to Honors, Advanced Placement and Dual-Enrollment courses.  Online high school programs can greatly improve your children’s learning experience, with well-developed and high quality academic materials.   One of the greatest advantages of an online school is “year round” access to school, allowing students to complete their courses anytime, anywhere, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.  This provides tremendous flexibility for personal schedules. Your child will have 24 hour access to an online teaching program that is easy to use, inexpensive and convenient.  This flexibility allows students the freedom to pursue interests in music, drama, art, sports, business and many other interests.

Online homeschools take over the burdens of teaching difficult subjects such as Algebra, Chemistry, Biology and Physics.  They also take over all administrative and record-keeping burdens. All teaching is done using the latest high-quality digital curriculum.  All courses are taught by professional educators.  Your child will be assigned specific teachers for each subject. Online teachers offer one-on-one teaching or assistance as needed, and quickly respond to all questions. We also offer tutoring with the use of a white board demonstration and conference calling. As a parent, the fact that you no longer have to spend time with teaching or administration allows you to focus the time you have with your child on the areas that are most important – motivating, encouraging and guiding them.

Finally,  with an online private school, students and parents can develop their own customized graduation plans, specifically tailored to meet their academic and personal goals.  Students have access to a diverse set of electives that meet individual needs and interests.  These include music, art, drama, dance, business, healthcare, cosmetology, psychology and sociology, and many other interests.  With an online private school, students also have the ability to receive elective credit for their personal interests & passions.  Online homeschooling allows students to excel in their academic studies, while pursuing their interests, goals and dreams. With online homeschooling, the opportunities a child to excel in academics and career goals are limitless.


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