Homeschooling Online for High School

If you are considering homeschooling online your children through high school, accreditation should be a major concern for you. Most college and universities will only accept accredited diplomas, and if your child does not have an accredited diploma, it will severely limit their choices. Even many high schools, public and private, will now only accept credits from an accredited institution.

To eliminate the possibility that your child’s high school transcript will not be accepted, enroll them in an accredited online homeschool program. The online homeschool should not only be accredited, but be accredited by a recognized accreditation agency – one of the six agencies recognized by the US Department of Education – or one of their designates.

If you are homeschooling in high school, another concern is the curriculum that you use. It is not uncommon for college admissions directors to ask what curriculum was used for students coming out of a homeschool program. Much of the curriculum promoted to homeschoolers is frowned upon by colleges – particularly curriculum that is based on religious content or that is highly religious in nature. Colleges prefer curriculum that they deem as “college-preparatory”.

To eliminate questions about the curriculum you used, enroll in an online homeschool that uses college-preparatory curriculum, taught by professional teachers. This ensures that there will be no questions when it is time to enroll your students in college.

Other important ways that high school students prepare for college include preparing for the SAT or ACT tests, and taking a few college or dual-enrollment courses in their junior or senior year. Look for an online homeschool that includes SAT and ACT prep, and the ability to take Honors or Dual-Enrollment courses.

Christian Educators Academy (CEA) is a private school in Florida that provides an online homeschool in all 50 states that is properly accredited by SACS and AdvancED, uses college-preparatory curriculum and professional teachers, and offers SAT/ACT prep and Honors and Dual Enrollment courses. CEA’s program allows your child to continue to work at home, have access to their curriculum anytime, and meets the educational standards in all 50 states.

CEA offers two world-class curricula – Apex Learning and Gradpoint by Pearson – both are well-received by colleges and are considered to be college-preparatory. The curricula differ slightly in how they are presented, Apex being more “academic” and Gradpoint more “intuitive”. Having two curricula allows CEA to adapt to the individual learning styles of its students.

CEA’s program promotes academic excellence and is mastery-based; at the same time CEA’s educational philosophy is to develop the whole person so that they can fully utilize their talents and gifts. We also approach learning from a Christian viewpoint and perspective. We strive to maintain a relationship between academic excellence and the dynamics of Christian life, with the highest quality of educational materials, grounded in Christian values and beliefs.


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