Homeschooling Online – Transferable Credits for College

If you are considering homeschooling online, it is extremely important to check into the school’s credentials, and make sure that their credits are transferable. In order to be useful, the school’s credits must be accepted by colleges and universities, and also by other public and private high schools – so that your options remain open. Otherwise you will find that the time and money you spend on homeschooling online will provide little or no benefit.

Transferability of credits really is a matter of accreditation – the online homeschool must be accredited by a recognized accreditation agency. Transferability of credits and accreditation has become a major topic of concern for homeschoolers, since almost all colleges and public high schools, and even many private high schools, will only accept credits from an accredited high school.

If you have been homeschooling, and are concerned about accreditation and transferability of credits, an online homeschooling program from an accredited private school is a great option. This type of program allows your student to continue doing their schooling at home with the added assurance that the credits they earn are transferable, and will be accepted by colleges and public high schools. The key to this is the accreditation of the school offering the homeschooling online program. To be transferable, the accreditation must be from one of the six agencies recognized by the US Department of Education for college accreditation (for example, SACS), or their designees (for example Advanc-ED)

Another area of concern for homeschooling students applying to college is the curriculum. Many secular colleges have a skeptical view of curriculum that is purely based on Christian religious content. While colleges respect the rights of prospective students in matters of faith, they also hold all students to the same rigorous academic standards when it comes to core subjects such as English, math, history and science. For this reason, it is important to choose curriculum that is considered “college preparatory”. The curriculum can be presented within a Christian viewpoint. The net result is a program that is Christian-friendly, but not Christian-based.

The leap from high school to college is not easy, and there are other areas in preparing for college, which really should begin in the ninth grade. One of these is preparing for the SAT or ACT test, as well as enrolling in classes at a local junior college in the 11th and 12th grades. Both of these help make the transition from high school to college easier.

Christian Educators Academy (CEA) offers an online homeschooling program fully accredited by SACS / Advanc-ED, with a choice of two of the best college-preparatory curricula available – Apex Learning and Gradpoint by Pearson. Both curricula have won prestigious award and are highly regarded by colleges and universities. Each curriculum is optimized for a different learning style.   CEA has an Honors program for advanced students, which now includes Dual-Enrollment classes through Colorado Christian University. CEA students also have the option of earning Dual-Enrollment credits through their local community college. CEA also offers remedial classes for students who struggle academically. In addition, CEA offers over 90 high school electives. All classes are flexible – they can be started and ended at any time, and students can work whenever and wherever they want. Students have a full year (365 days) to complete Gradpoint classes, and a standard 9-10 months to complete Apex classes.

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