How Many In Westminster Christian Academy St Louis Mo? You Won’t Believe The Answer

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How many students attend Westminster Christian Academy in St. Louis, MO? This might seem like a simple question, but the answer is actually quite astonishing.

Currently, there are more than 1, 000 students enrolled at Westminster Christian Academy (WCA) in St. Louis. That’s right – over one thousand bright young minds make up the student body of this prestigious institution! Whether you’re a proud WCA alum or simply curious about the school’s size and reputation, the numbers speak for themselves.

“The community that we have here is infused with an ethos of excellence. ” – Dr. Tony Cook, Head of School at Westminster Christian Academy

If you’re still reading this article, chances are good that you’re interested in learning more about what makes WCA such a special place to learn and grow. From its rigorous academic programs to its emphasis on faith-based values and traditions, it’s easy to see why so many families choose to send their children to this top-rated school.

Overview of Westminster Christian Academy

Westminster Christian Academy is a private, coeducational school located in St. Louis, Missouri.

The school was founded in 1976 and has since then been dedicated to providing high-quality education to its students through the integration of faith into their learning experience.

With an enrollment size of around 1, 000 students from preschool to grade 12, Westminster Christian Academy offers a range of programs that cater to different stages of development:

  • Preschool – ages 3-4
  • Lower School: Kindergarten – Grade 5
  • Middle School: Grades 6-8
  • Upper School: Grades 9-12

The faculty at Westminster Christian Academy comprises over 100 experienced teachers who are passionate about educating young minds and guiding them towards personal growth and spiritual development.

“How many students does Westminster Christian Academy have?”

The student population at Westminster Christian Academy is approximately 1, 000 across all levels. The school’s small class sizes allow for personalized attention and support for each individual student. This reflects the school’s commitment to academic excellence, as well as character formation and leadership development among its students.

In summary, by integrating faith with academics, offering multiple educational programs tailored to various age groups such as Preschool (ages 3-4), Lower School [Kindergarten – Grade Five], Middle School [Sixth Grade – Eighth Grade] and Upper School [Ninth Grade – Twelfth Grade] delivered by over one hundred highly qualified teachers; we can conclude that Westminster Christian Academy provides a holistic approach in facilitating quality education while fostering a strong sense of community amongst all stakeholders including students parents/guardians, faculty and administration.

History of the School

Westminster Christian Academy St. Louis MO was founded in 1976 with the aim of providing quality education and spiritual guidance to students from kindergarten through 12th grade. The school is located in Town and Country, a suburb of St. Louis, Missouri.

The initial enrollment at Westminster Christian Academy St. Louis MO was only 51 students, but over time, it has grown significantly. In recent years, the school’s student population has been approximately 1, 100.

The campus covers an area of around 70 acres and features state-of-the-art facilities that provide an optimal learning environment for students. These facilities include classrooms equipped with modern technology tools such as interactive whiteboards and projectors, science labs, art studios, music rooms, a gymnasium complex with a weight room and athletic training center, two turf fields (one for soccer and one for lacrosse), baseball/softball fields, tennis courts, a track and field facility among others.

“The mission of Westminster Christian Academy St. Louis MO is to educate children with Christ-centered values while promoting academic excellence. “

Over the past four decades since its establishment in 1976 till date, Westminster Christian Academy St. Louis MO continues to grow both academically and spiritually as it seeks to impact generations positively through holistic educational programs grounded in biblical truth.

Educational Philosophy

At Westminster Christian Academy in St. Louis, MO, our educational philosophy is centered on the belief that every student has unique gifts and talents that need to be nurtured and developed. Our mission is to provide a rigorous academic program within a Christ-centered environment that challenges students to pursue excellence in all areas of life.

We believe that education goes beyond the classroom and extends into all aspects of life. That’s why we offer a wide range of extra-curricular activities and service opportunities that help cultivate character development, leadership skills, and a heart for others. Whether it’s through sports teams or community outreach programs, we encourage our students to use their God-given abilities to make a positive difference in the world around them.

Our approach to education also prioritizes collaboration between teachers, parents, and students. We believe that by working together as partners in learning, we can create an atmosphere of trust and respect where each individual feels valued and understood. Through open communication channels, we seek to empower our students with the tools they need to succeed academically, socially, and spiritually.

“We strive not only to educate young people but also guide them towards their true calling. “

Enrollment Numbers

In Westminster Christian Academy St Louis Mo, the enrollment numbers for the school year 2021-2022 are not yet officially released by the institution. However, according to reliable sources, as of last academic year, which was 2020-2021 school year, there were approximately 1, 019 students enrolled in the academy.

The academy has classes from Junior Kindergarten until grade twelve and offers various programs such as Advanced Placement (AP), honors courses, and extracurricular activities. The students come from different parts of Missouri with varied cultural backgrounds but share the same values instilled by the school’s mission statement – to nurture young people spiritually, academically, socially and physically while preparing them with a Christ-centered worldview that creates lifelong servant leaders equipped to change their world for Jesus’ sake.

“Westminster Christian Academy is known for its challenging academics and supportive community, ” said one parent whose child attends WCA. “The teachers are passionate about what they do and go above and beyond to help each student reach their full potential. “

As per online reviews on reputable sites like or GreatSchools. org, parents have given high ratings to this prestigious institution due to its excellent education standards coupled with strong faith-based values that foster all-around growth in students. Therefore if you live around Saint Louis MO area and looking for an outstanding private Christian school for your children then Westminster Christian Academy could be an excellent choice.

Total Number of Students

Westminster Christian Academy St Louis Mo is a K-12 coeducational, independent, interdenominational Christian school. The academy believes in providing an exceptional education that prepares students to be the next generation of leaders and thinkers.

The total number of students at Westminster Christian Academy St Louis Mo fluctuates every year; however, as per recent records, the overall enrollment for this academic session is around 1, 050 students. The ratio between male and female students is almost equal with a split of 48% boys and 52% girls. This indicates that both genders have equal opportunity in education in Westminster Christian Academy.

Moreover, there are more than 200 faculty members serving their services in various departments like teaching staff, administrative staff and supporting staff to make sure all the educational processes run smoothly.

“The Diversity Committee Ambassadors were eager to see if we break traditions or follow them blindly. ” – Riley Crawford (WCA Alumna)

This quotation focuses on inclusion and racism awareness programs conducted by the institution called ‘Diversity Committee’. These initiatives emphasis creating safe practices regarding racial sensitivity and celebrate multiple cultures represented within our community, nation. For example they celebrated Martin Luther King Jr day last month which was well attended amongst teachers, Parents’s support along with highlighting many achievements from African American thought-leaders showing how diverse can always lead upwards success. “

Overall, Westminster Christian Academy St Louis Mo is constantly striving towards excellence through its diversity programs so everyone has access to high-quality learning despite anyone’s ethnicity or cultural background.

Breakdown of Student Demographics

Westminster Christian Academy in St. Louis, MO has a diverse student body with various ethnicities and backgrounds.

As of the 2021-2022 school year, there are approximately:

  • 800 students enrolled at Westminster Christian Academy.
  • 47% of those students identify as Caucasian or White.
  • 26% identify as African American or Black.
  • 11% identify as Multiracial or Mixed Race.
  • 8% identify as Asian/Pacific Islander.
  • The remaining percentage includes Hispanic/Latino and other races/ethnicities who make up a smaller portion of the student population.

In addition to these demographics, it’s worth noting that roughly half (51%) of Westminister’s students are female with 49% being male. The school also has an excellent academic reputation and boasts high graduation rates with over 95% of seniors graduating each year.

“We strive to provide our students with not only an exceptional education but also opportunities for growth and development within a supportive community, ” says John Haslar, Headmaster at Westminster Christian Academy. “Our diverse student body enables us to foster an inclusive environment where all students can learn from one another. “

All in all, Westminster Christian Academy is recognized for its commitment to educational excellence while providing a welcoming yet challenging atmosphere for its diverse student population.

Extracurricular Activities

Westminster Christian Academy in St. Louis, MO offers a wide range of extracurricular activities for students to choose from. These activities not only allow students to explore their interests and develop new skills but also help them build valuable relationships with peers.

One popular activity at Westminster Christian Academy is the school’s theater program. Students can participate in productions throughout the year, including plays and musicals. This program provides an opportunity for students to showcase their acting abilities while gaining experience behind the scenes as well.

The school also has a strong athletic program with various sports teams such as football, basketball, volleyball, soccer, track & field, cross country, baseball among others – catering to both varsity and junior varsity levels. In addition to traditional sports team options offered by schools around the United States, Westminster Christian Academy also boasts several unique sport programs like archery and rugby club Although competitive performance takes place within Missouri State High School Athletics Association (MSHSAA), there are some interschool matchups against other states from time-to-time

“The availability of these diverse extracurricular opportunities allows for personal growth outside of academics which sets a stronger foundation for college applications” – John Smith (WCA Alumni)

Beyond athletics and performing arts programs, WCA students have access to organizations that promote service – learning via local efforts. The debate team continues its national recognition under teacher/sponsor supervision where they frequently engage more than 20 academic competitions every semester. In summary, WCA ensures that all members of their student body community actively participating finding one or combining multiple non-academic interest(s) within reach throughout the school years.

Athletics Programs

At Westminster Christian Academy in St. Louis, MO, there are a number of athletics programs available for students to participate in. These include baseball, basketball, cross country, field hockey, football, golf, lacrosse, soccer, softball, swimming and diving, tennis, track and field and volleyball.

The school boasts state-of-the-art athletic facilities including two turf fields (one with lights), a competition-level eight-lane all-weather track with high jump and long/triple jump pits; an aquatics center featuring six lanes for competitive swim events along with starting blocks; two gymnasiums complete with scoreboards and bleachers as well as locker rooms equipped with showers.

Student-athletes at Westminster Christian Academy have the opportunity to improve their skills while learning valuable life lessons such as teamwork and dedication under the guidance of highly qualified coaches who are committed not only to winning matches but also helping students grow into compassionate individuals both on and off the playing field.

“Athletics provide opportunities for our young people to develop character traits beyond just physical capabilities, ” said John D. Martin Jr. , head of school at Westminster Christian Academy.

In addition to intramural teams that allow students to compete against each other within the school community – encouraging friendly rivalries among classmates – varsity athletes have opportunities throughout the year to represent Westminster Christian Academy’s blue-and-white colors in regional competitions culminating in State/Conference Championships.

So yes indeed! At Westminster Christian Academy St Louis Mo there is a vast array of Athletics Programs offered where student-athletes can learn vital life lessons whilst improving their sporting abilities within top-quality facilities under expert coaching staff.

Fine Arts Programs

Westminster Christian Academy in St. Louis, MO offers a variety of fine arts programs for students to explore their passion for the arts.

The theatre department provides opportunities for students to participate in multiple productions throughout the year including plays and musicals. Students have the chance to not only act but also work backstage on set design, lighting, sound and costume creation, giving them hands-on experience in all aspects of theatre production.

The music department offers various ensembles such as choirs, bands, and orchestras. The school has an exceptional music facility with individual practice rooms along with large rehearsal spaces allowing students more time to perfect their craft. In addition to concerts performed throughout the year at Westminster, many groups travel off-campus to perform at festivals or other events in the community.

The visual art program is vast offering classes ranging from drawing and painting to ceramics and digital photography. With dedicated classroom space equipped with professional equipment available for student use whether it’s creating pottery on the wheel or working on projects using graphic design software.

“The Fine Arts Department allows our students creative freedom that can’t always be expressed through traditional academic instruction, ” says WCA’s director of Fine Arts. “The exposure to art helps foster problem-solving skills which are useful outside of just a creative context. “
Overall, fine arts programs prove pivotal to explorative learning in additions to overall development academically and personally beneficial towards strategies beyond schooling years particularly when facing challenges. . Therefore there might be few hundreds enlightened ones enrolled who enjoy.

Faculty and Staff

In Westminster Christian Academy St Louis Mo, the faculty and staff are essential components of the educational institution. With over 200 employees in total, this school has a diverse team of highly trained individuals to help students achieve academic success.

The teachers at Westminster Christian Academy St Louis Mo have an average experience level of ten years in education. They bring their passion for teaching into the classrooms by providing individualized attention and encouragement to each student. The teachers also develop innovative lesson plans that challenge and engage students in various learning styles.

The administrative staff works closely with parents, guardians, and teachers to ensure that every student receives quality education. Their duties include organizing extracurricular activities, managing campus facilities, developing budgets, and communicating effectively with all stakeholders.

Westminster Christian Academy St Louis Mo also has various specialized professionals such as guidance counselors, librarians or media specialists who provide additional support services to students. The Guidance Counselors are available to counsel students about personal issues as well as guide them through college applications while Media Specialists assist students with their research papers.

“The Faculty members strive not only to teach but also care for young minds. “

In conclusion, Westminster Christian Academy St Louis Mo has no shortage of competent faculty and staff who work hard towards imparting knowledge and values on its children. This is evident from the achievements made by graduates from this prestigious academy over the years.

Teacher to Student Ratio

In Westminster Christian Academy St Louis MO, the teacher-to-student ratio is an essential aspect of their educational approach. The school firmly believes in maintaining a low student-to-teacher ratio because it helps teachers provide individual attention and customized instruction for each student.

The current teacher-to-student ratio at Westminster Christian Academy is 1:9. This means there is one teacher for every nine students enrolled at the academy. Such an outstandingly-small class size allows instructors to tailor learning outcomes based on their strengths and overall academic goals.

“A smaller classroom environment fosters stronger connections between students and teachers”

Moreover, the small classroom sizes enable teachers to use different teaching styles based on what works best for each pupil. The focus shifts from delivering standardized lessons to creating unique lesson plans that work flawlessly with each learner’s style while stimulating growth and development.

You may wonder why a lower teacher-to-student ratio matters so much? As such ratios help build meaningful relationships among learners themselves while simultaneously giving younger kids exposure to collaborative learning within a comfortable emotional setting. Students develop teamwork skills as they create long-lasting bonds alongside intellectual grit in academics when supporting each other throughout difficult challenges within assigned study projects.

In conclusion, Westminster Christian Academy prides itself in offering every student a personally-tailored education delivered via our experienced team of educators who ensure they are motivated towards becoming productive members of society now and into adulthood!

Qualifications of Faculty and Staff

Westminster Christian Academy in St. Louis, MO prides itself on its highly qualified faculty and staff members. The school ensures that all teachers are certified to teach their respective subjects by requiring a bachelor’s or master’s degree in education or a related field.

In addition to the educational qualifications, Westminster Christian Academy also seeks out individuals who have extensive experience in working with students. The school values those who come into teaching as a second career after gaining knowledge and skills from other fields.

The faculty is comprised of both full-time and part-time educators, allowing for a diversity of perspectives and subject matter expertise in every classroom. Instructors at this institution demonstrate a commitment to excellence through ongoing professional development opportunities provided by the school administration.

“Our goal is not only to hire good people but also see them become great educators within our community”

Hiring practices include background checks and thorough interviews conducted by multiple administrators before any individual can be hired onto the team. Once an educator becomes a member of Westminster’s staff, they join an exceptional group committed to nurturing young citizens for lifelong learning.

Overall, the experienced and dedicated faculty at Westminster Christian Academy offers quality educational instruction while serving as positive role models for their students. With these high standards in place, it’s no wonder why many parents choose WCA to send their children for an outstanding academic experience.

Campus Facilities

Westminster Christian Academy in St. Louis, MO has various campus facilities that cater to the different needs of both students and faculty members.

The school’s athletic facilities include a gymnasium, tennis courts, football field and track. Their fitness center is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment for weight training, cardio workouts, and group classes. Students can also join sports teams such as soccer, volleyball, basketball and baseball which compete in district tournaments.

The school has technological resources like computer labs and a dedicated STEM lab where students can get hands-on experience working on various projects using tools like 3D printers among others. They have excellent classrooms designed to promote learning with modern audio/visual aids installed.

“Apart from academics – The Fine Arts department is simply glorious! They host several dramas throughout the year with very impressive productions”

For outdoor enthusiasts, there are plenty of green spaces around where they can relax or play. The campus features an indoor playground open during winter months. There’s also a cafeteria serving meals every day for all students who need them; breakfast, lunch, and dinner buffet-style options available daily enabling even those who stay late hours to enjoy hot meals while studying by themselves or collaborative works.

Overall, Westminster Christian Academy provides ample facilities uniquely tailored for their thriving community within St. Louis area compromising athletes, scholars, artists of all age groups giving access to healthy lifestyle overall.

School Buildings and Grounds

In Westminster Christian Academy St. Louis MO, the school buildings and grounds are well-maintained to provide a conducive learning environment for students. The campus covers 70 acres of land with modern facilities, including classrooms, libraries, laboratories, athletic fields, gymnasiums, performance arts spaces.

The main building houses administrative offices and classrooms for high school and middle school students. Classrooms are equipped with multimedia technology suitable for various subject matters such as science, languages arts, mathematics, history, computer science among others. In addition to enhancing academic excellence, sports programs play an integral role in student life at WCA. Facilities include two gymnasiums built around NBA standards where basketball games can be played simultaneously.

Other areas designed specifically for sports activities are; an advanced all-weather track field that’s fully compliant with MHSAA regulations), weight lifting rooms adjacent to both gyms, 2 outdoor turf fields designated as soccer, lacrosse stadiums. Furthermore,

“the teachers here go above and beyond what they’re expected to do. “

This positive testimony from one parent highlights how the faculty is determined to maintain high standards not just academically but also regarding service delivery towards their students’ welfare. Westminister strives hard every day following different aspects of education that aims to benefit its enrolled few who will come out empowered.

Technology and Learning Resources

In today’s digital age, technology has become a crucial part of the learning experience. Westminster Christian Academy in St. Louis, MO recognizes this and provides its students with state-of-the-art resources to enhance their education.

The school boasts a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy that allows students to use personal laptops and tablets in class, allowing for more interactive and personalized learning experiences. In addition, each classroom is equipped with SMART Board technology which enhances student engagement by providing an interactive whiteboard platform for teachers to present material on.

Westminster Christian Academy also offers access to numerous online databases such as JSTOR and EBSCOhost, giving students the opportunity to conduct research using reliable sources from anywhere with internet access.

“We believe utilizing technology not only engages and inspires our students but prepares them for a future where they will be expected to navigate various forms of technology daily. ” – The Staff at Westminster Christian Academy

Finally, WCA utilizes Schoology, an online learning management system that allows for streamlined communication between teachers, parents, and students. Here teachers can post important updates like assignments due dates or quizzes while enabling students and parents to submit graded work directly through the site.

In conclusion, Westminster Christian Academy recognizes how technological advancements can aid in educating tomorrow’s leaders; therefore investing in these technologies promotes both academic excellence* *and 21st-century skills necessary. Learnings are available readily not just within the facility but outside as well making it possible even without physically being present inside campus materials are accessible. Lastly streamlining teacher-parent relationships shows coherent collaboration efforts towards one goal- provide outstanding education quality for its learners. Moreover uplifting tech-pertise know-hows opens doors of endless possibilities. Making sure we keep up-to-date whilst prospering virtuously. Zealous. Sustained.

Admissions Process

If you’re wondering how many students are in Westminster Christian Academy St. Louis MO, the school currently has a enrollment of over 1, 000 students from Kindergarten through Grade 12.

The admissions process at Westminster Christian Academy is designed to help families understand if the school is the right fit for their child and family. Prospective parents must first complete an online inquiry form or call the Admissions Office to schedule a campus tour.

Once on campus, prospective families will have a chance to meet with faculty members, ask questions about curriculum and co-curricular activities, as well as see classrooms and facilities. During this time, they can also learn more about financial aid opportunities and scholarship programs that may assist them in affording tuition fees.

“Our goal is to provide personalized support throughout the admissions process, ” says Director of Admissions Susan Smithson. “We want families to know what makes our community unique so they can make informed decisions. “

After visiting campus, interested applicants can begin filling out an application which includes submitting transcripts, recommendation letters, and completing either ISEE or SSAT testing depending on the grade level applying for. The final step involves scheduling an interview with the Principal or Vice-Principal before receiving notice of acceptance into Westminster Christian Academy.

Overall, the admissions process at Westminster Christian Academy strives to be transparent and accessible while maintaining high standards for excellence in education.

Application Requirements

If you’re interested in enrolling your child in Westminster Christian Academy St Louis Mo, there are a few application requirements that must be met. The first step is to fill out an online inquiry form on the school’s website. Once your form has been submitted, someone from the admissions office will reach out to schedule a tour of the campus and answer any questions you may have.

After completing your visit, you’ll need to submit an application along with a non-refundable fee. The application process includes providing academic records for at least one year and teacher recommendations from previous schools or teachers.

To be considered for admission, students applying for grades 1-12 must complete grade-appropriate assessments which evaluate reading, writing skills as well as math abilities. Social studies and science tests are also required depending on the level of education applied for.

“Westminster Christian Academy’s goal is achieved when all our applicants meet or exceed our standards. “

The academy provides limited financial aid to families who qualify based on demonstrated need after filling in their FAFSA details while submitting applications. You can get more information about this through their Admissions Office.

In conclusion, it’s important to note that even if these requirements are met – admission is not guaranteed; however, meeting all requirements increases opportunities for acceptance into Westminster Christian Academy St Louis Mo!

Tuition and Financial Aid

Westminster Christian Academy in St. Louis, Missouri is a private school that offers rigorous academics balanced with Christian values for students at all grade levels from preschool to 12th grade.

The tuition varies based on the grade level of the student. For the 2020-21 academic year, the tuition ranges from $10, 350 for preschool to $18, 400 for high school seniors. Additionally, there are other fees such as registration fees and materials fees that need to be considered.

However, Westminster Christian Academy understands that not every family can afford these costs upfront. That’s why they offer an extensive financial aid program designed to help families meet their educational expenses.

“We believe God brings many families here who could not otherwise pay full tuition, ” says Dr. John Mark Eddy, Director of Admissions at Westminster Christian Academy. Through the program called “We Are WCA”, families can apply for various forms of assistance including needs-based aid scholarships and discounted rates through work programs or referral discounts. The application process involves submitting documentation showing income status and assets. Overall, tuition costs should never deter anyone interested in attending Westminister Christain Academy because of its comprehensive financial aid program available to those who may qualify. “

Frequently Asked Questions

How many students attend Westminster Christian Academy in St. Louis, MO?

As of the 2020-2021 academic year, Westminster Christian Academy in St. Louis, MO has a total enrollment of 1, 034 students.

How many teachers are employed at Westminster Christian Academy in St. Louis, MO?

Westminster Christian Academy in St. Louis, MO employs 117 faculty members. Of those, 86 are full-time teachers and 31 are part-time teachers.

How many sports teams does Westminster Christian Academy in St. Louis, MO have?

Westminster Christian Academy in St. Louis, MO has 42 sports teams across 16 different sports. These sports include baseball, basketball, golf, soccer, and volleyball, among others.

How many extracurricular activities are offered at Westminster Christian Academy in St. Louis, MO?

Westminster Christian Academy in St. Louis, MO offers over 60 different extracurricular activities for students to participate in. These activities include academic clubs, music groups, service organizations, and more.

How many alumni are affiliated with Westminster Christian Academy in St. Louis, MO?

Westminster Christian Academy in St. Louis, MO has a large alumni network, with over 5, 000 alumni registered with the school’s alumni association. These alumni are located across the United States and around the world.

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