How To Beat Heimdall God Of War Ragnarok?

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Heimdall, the God of War in Ragnarok, is known for his fierce and unbeatable strength. His agility allows him to move quickly and dodge attacks effortlessly, making it challenging for opponents to defeat him. However, with the right strategy and mindset, beating Heimdall is not an impossible task.

Many players have struggled when it comes to defeating Heimdall, but fear not! This guide will provide you with the essential tips and tricks needed to take down this challenging opponent successfully. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced player, there’s something here for everyone.

“With our help, you’ll be able to unleash your full potential and strike fear into the heart of Heimdall himself.”

We’ll cover everything from equipment selection to combat tactics, so you can face Heimdall head-on with confidence. Through careful planning and execution, you too can emerge victorious and claim the title as the warrior who defeated the mighty Heimdall.

If you’re ready to learn how to beat Heimdall in God of War Ragnarok, then keep reading!

Understand Heimdall’s Moves

To beat Heimdall, God of War Ragnarok, it is essential to understand his moves. After all, he is the guardian of Bifrost and a formidable opponent. One of his most powerful moves is the “Summon the Rainbow” attack that inflicts massive damage to Kratos at close range. Additionally, he has an aerial attack called “Rainbow Light,” where he leaps into the air and releases a stream of energy towards Kratos.

Another move of Heimdall is “Heimdall’s Judgement”. This move can only be activated when Kratos becomes hyperactive while fighting. If this happens during the fight with Heimdall, then he will start raining down lightning bolts around him.

In addition, Heimdall also uses the “Blessing of Bifrost” attack that surrounds him in a protective shield which makes it difficult for Kratos to deal any substantial damage to him.

Learn His Attack Patterns

If you want to beat Heimdall God of War Ragnarok, you need to learn his attack patterns. Knowing his moves alone is not enough – understanding how he attacks is equally important. A key strategy is to dodge his attacks by evading to either side instead of blocking, as he can break through blocks easily.

During the fight, try to stay on the offensive and strike hard when there is an opening. It’s essential to find an opening between Heimdall’s attacks to hit him and avoid wasting your strength on blocked strikes. Always pay attention to the color changes on Heimdall’s armor, as they indicate different forms of damage resistance or weaknesses.

Identify His Weaknesses

If you want to beat Heimdall God of War Ragnarok, you must identify his weaknesses. His armor has three distinct colors: red, green and blue. When Heimdall’s armor is red, it means he is resistant to both physical and elemental attacks. Using green-colored weapons or spells can break through this defense quickly. Green energy-based weapon upgrades like “Frost Axe” is a great choice to inflict more damage.

When the armor highlights in blue, it means Heimdall is vulnerable to physical attacks, allowing you to deal significant damage by using high stun attack forces. Finally, when the armor flashes with green light, it indicates that Heimdall is weak against elemental magic. A powerful spell like the “Leviathan Axe Throw” can deal massive damage while hitting him hard enough to leave him stunned or temporarily immobilized.

“It’s essential to find which type of damage works well for you during the fight; exploiting the color weakness mechanism can significantly increase your chances of success” – Gamesradar

Beating Heimdall God of War Ragnarok requires understanding all his moves, learning his attack patterns, and identifying his weaknesses. You need to remain on the offensive constantly while keeping a close eye on his color changes, attacking harder when there’s an opening. By following these strategies, you’ll be able to defeat Heimdall and progress further in the game.

Upgrade Your Gear

Improve Your Weapons

If you want to take down Heimdall, the God of War in Ragnarok, upgrading your weapons is essential. You need to be able to deal as much damage as possible with each hit, considering how resilient these mythical beings are.

To improve your weapons, make sure to constantly upgrade them. For instance, you can get special items and resources from defeating Valkyries that can be used to enhance your weapons. Besides this, try experimenting with different combinations: for instance, some enemies might be weak against Axes, while others require a different type of weapon.

“The choice between life and death is ever-recurrent. In varying forms it appears whenever a new adaptation is needed or a new potential is ready to be born.” – Frances G. Wickes

Upgrade Your Armor

Apart from improving your weaponry, beefing up your armor will help you survive longer in combat. When trying to beat Heimdall in particular, having high defense is essential to surviving his powerful attacks.

You can upgrade your armor by investing Hacksilver, Aegir’s Gold or Common Materials. If you have beaten certain bosses or completed specific quests, you might also unlock unique items that give bonuses to certain areas of your defensive stats. Don’t forget to check out the Abilities section too, where you can invest points in skills such as “Parry Damage Reduction”.

“A Viking warrior does not win battles with strength alone; bravery, skill, intelligence, luck–they all come into play equally.” – Robert Fabbri

Enhance Your Talismans

Talismans are vials that provide special abilities when activated, such as boosting your strength or slowing down time. These can be very helpful in tough boss battles, such as when trying to defeat Heimdall.

To enhance your Talismans, make sure to collect Idunn Apples and Horns of Blood Mead, which can be found scattered throughout the game. By collecting enough of these items, you will be able to increase your maximum health and rage meter, allowing you to use more powerful attacks and abilities.

“Heroes are made by the times.” – Carolly Erickson
  • Key Takeaways:
    • You need to upgrade your weapons to deal more damage to bosses like Heimdall.
    • Increase your armor so you can take hits and survive longer during combat.
    • Talismans provide special abilities that can give you an edge against tough enemies.

Use Atreus’ Runic Attacks

Atreus’ runic attacks are essential in defeating Heimdall, the God of War Ragnarok. His arrows can deal substantial damage and inflict stun on enemies, buying you valuable time to land your own deadly blows.

Additionally, holding down square allows Atreus to summon allied spirits who can damage and stagger opponents. You can use this ability to take out weaker enemies or during a fight with Heimdall himself.

However, note that using Atreus’ abilities strains his health bar. If empty, he becomes incapacitated for an extended period, leaving you to fight alone.

Choose the Right Runic Attack

Each of Atreus’ runic attacks holds a unique trait which may give you an advantage depending on the situation. For instance, Wrath of the Wolf is excellent against groups, while Shock Arrows come in handy when facing a single enemy or boss-like foe such as Heimdall.

Make sure to upgrade Atreus’ skills regularly to improve the effects of these abilities and customize them to match your fighting style. Runic attacks can be purchased and equipped through the menu screen accessed via the touchpad.

“Learning how to adapt and adjust will not only improve our effectiveness but also makes us better people overall.” -George Springer

Coordinate with Kratos’ Moves

Kratos, being the main character, has several moves at his disposal. Combining Kratos’ melee strikes with Atreus’ abilities can create a powerful duo capable of taking down any enemy.

After knocking down an opponent, try to execute a surprise attack by pressing R3. This move allows Kratos to lunge and pin the target to inflict considerable damage. Atreus can also complement this by shooting his arrows, stunning the enemy in place, giving you a chance to deliver extra blows.

Kratos can pound his weapon on the ground causing an area of effect shockwave that stuns all nearby enemies while dishing out significant damage over time. Coordinating with Atreus’ thunder summons can give you noticeable results.

Remember to practice these combinations during battles because timing is everything. A well-coordinated attack may be the difference between victory and defeat against Heimdall, God of War Ragnarok.

“Teamwork is so important when it comes to success; without it you are just going at it alone.” -Zachary Scott

Make Use of Spartan Rage

The latest installment of God of War brings back the fury-filled combat style that defined the series over the years. The game introduces epic battles with mythical creatures, and one of the most challenging opponents is Heimdall. Without proper strategy, defeating him can seem impossible, but there’s a powerful technique to beat him – enter “Spartan Rage.” In this guide, we’ll discuss how you can make use of Spartan Rage to defeat Heimdall in God of War Ragnarok.

Build Up Your Rage Meter

Your rage meter will fill up as you deal damage to enemies or receive damage yourself. Whenever your rage meter hits its maximum level, press the right and left analog sticks together to unleash the devastating power of Spartan Rage. Once activated, your Kratos character turns red and gains superhuman strength and toughness for a limited period of time.

One of the most effective ways to quickly increase your rage bar is by executing close combat attacks while avoiding any damage from Heimdall. If you have Atreus as a companion, let him assist you during your fight against Heimdall. During critical moments, he will often give helpful tips about when you should dodge incoming attacks. Dodge at the right time, allow Atreus to take command. Let him throw arrows to break Heimdall’s shields so that you can focus on dealing heavy damage through melee attacks.

Unleash Spartan Rage at the Right Moment

Using Spartan Rage at the wrong moment in the battle will only worsen your chances of winning. You want to ensure you unleash it during the perfect time to inflict significant damage and reduce his strong defenses. A good recommendation is to wait until Heimdall starts using his Valhalla’s Might attack before triggering Spartan rage, since he will be most vulnerable at that moment.

Unleashing Spartan Rage also comes in handy when you’re low on health. It can help you stay alive for longer by allowing your Kratos character to regenerate a measure of health with every successful hit. Use it wisely and become unstoppable as long as the technique is active.

Use Spartan Rage to Break Through Heimdall’s Defenses

Heimdall’s defenses are almost impenetrable, but they won’t stand up to Spartan Rage. When Heimdall activates his shield, try to break it down using different strategies instead of brute force. Attacks like Atreus’s arrows and runic attacks prompt him to lower his shield to counter-attack – this presents an opening for you to unleash swift and powerful melee strikes. Once his shields come crashing down, build up the rage bar and let those destructive blows fly!

Defeating Heimdall requires maximization of all available resources, including Atreus’s arrows and quick dodge mechanisms. While God of War Ragnarok makes fighting Heimdall very challenging, following these tips will give you a clear advantage against this mythical god. Remember – strategic use of Spartan Rage combined with relentless execution of close combat techniques is the key to success against Heimdall!

Be Patient and Dodge Often

Watch for His Attacks and Teleports

Heimdall God Of War Ragnarok is a tough opponent that utilizes an arsenal of deadly attacks to defeat his foes. To beat him, you need to be able to read his moves and anticipate his attacks. Watching for his incoming strikes and teleports will help you prepare to hit back effectively.

Some of Heimdall’s attacks include his powerful sword swings, punctuated with grabs and quick teleportations making it difficult for the players to keep up. Be sure to study and recognize these moves so you can avoid taking damage by quickly moving out of the way before they land.

Stay Alert and Ready to Dodge

Being alert throughout the battle is key if you hope to emerge as the victor against Heimdall God Of War Ragnarok. This means being aware of your surroundings at all times to dodge every strike he throws at you. Never let your guard down for even one moment.

To stay alert, always watch where Heimdall moves, how he positions himself, and what weapons he uses. Also, take note of any patterns he may have when launching his attacks. This observation helps you anticipate when he might launch another attack and position yourself accordingly to dodge seamlessly.

Time Your Dodges to Avoid Taking Damage

Dodging alone isn’t enough to beat Heimdall God Of War Ragnarok, and timing matters. It would be best to make sure that your dodges coincide with his incoming blows. If you can master this, you’ll be able to avoid damage even more accurately while dealing heavy blows back at him.

Dodge too early or in the wrong direction, and you’ll give Heimdall a perfect opportunity to land a powerful attack that deals heavy damage. Therefore, only dodge when you’re sure it’s the right moment.

Look for Opportunities to Counterattack

While his moves are deadly, Heimdall God Of War Ragnarok still presents several openings where you can hit him back hard – these opportunities often present themselves after dodging punches and swords.

A successful block opens up a sizeable window for counter-attacks, allowing you to strike rapidly with light attacks before he recovers, weakening him more effectively over time.

“Timing is key for any counter-attack. Dodge swiftly and launch rapid attacks when given the chance.” -Anonymous


To beat Heimdall God Of War Ragnarok, it requires patience and avoidance of incoming blows. Stay focused, be alert to your surroundings and keep moving back and forth quickly while studying every move he makes in battle. Your success depends on getting precise timings, correctly reading his patterns and dealing counters whenever possible.

Find His Weaknesses and Exploit Them

In order to beat Heimdall, the all-seeing guardian of Asgard in God Of War Ragnarok, it is important to identify his weaknesses and use them to your advantage. One of his main weaknesses is that he is vulnerable to stun attacks which leave him open to your attacks. Here are some tips on how to exploit his weaknesses:

  • Use Atreus’ shock arrows to stun Heimdall which will give you a short window of time to attack him while he recovers.
  • If you manage to dodge one of his attacks successfully, use this opportunity to attack him with quick strikes before he can retaliate.
  • He has a weakness for Valhalla apples. Use these to lure him into traps or distract him so you have a chance to strike.

Remember, patience is key when fighting Heimdall as he is incredibly powerful and can quickly turn the tide of the battle if not approached carefully.

Target His Unprotected Areas

Like most enemies in God of War games, Heimdall also has a weak spot that can be exploited to take him down more easily. In his case, his unprotected head area is susceptible to heavy attacks from Kratos’ Leviathan Axe. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Aim for Heimdall’s head with precise throws of the axe. This will cause him to stagger and give you an opening to attack him further.
  • You can also wait until he launches himself towards you with his spear and then parry at the right moment. This will make him kneel which gives you another opportunity to target his head for maximum damage.
  • Use Atreus to distract Heimdall by shooting arrows at him from the side or behind. This will make him more vulnerable and give you a chance to go for his head.

If done correctly, targeting Heimdall’s unprotected areas can effectively wear down and beat him in battle while preserving your own health and resources.

Use Elemental Attacks to Stagger Him

Heimdall has an immense resistance to physical attacks which makes it necessary to use alternate approaches such as elemental attacks. It is possible to stagger Heimdall with powerful ice and electricity-based abilities. Here’s how:

  • Magni and Modi’s charge-up punch move can cause electrical damage to Heimdall which temporarily subdues him.
  • You can also upgrade Kratos’ Leviathan Axe and imbue it with frost elements which can slow down Heimdall and make him easier to strike.
  • Atreus’ special arrow attacks like Shock Arrow (electricity) and Frost Arrow (frost) can be used to stun Heimdall or deal extra damage respectively.

By using the right abilities and equipments that utilize different elements, you can control Heimdall’s movements and significantly increase the chances of defeating him in combat.

Attack Him During His Recovery Time

One aspect that sets Heimdall apart from other bosses is his ability to recover quickly after taking a hit. However, there are still ways to attack him during this recovery time period and weaken him further. Here are some tips to do so:

  • After deflecting one of Heimdall’s attacks, wait for half a second before attacking him. This is when he is unable to block or retaliate, giving you an opportunity for a free hit.
  • While Heimdall is stuck in the ground after his Bifrost slam attack, use this extended period of time to deal as much damage as possible before he gets back up. Be careful though as he can still cause significant damage if you get too close.
  • During Heimdall’s “Sightless” phase (where he covers his eyes with his hand), wait until he drops his guard or attempts to swipe at Kratos before countering him and dealing big damage while he is staggered from missing his attack.

Timing your attacks and taking advantage of Heimdall’s vulnerabilities during recovery is crucial to finishing him off faster than expected.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the recommended strategies for defeating Heimdall in God of War Ragnarok?

First, use Atreus to distract Heimdall while attacking from behind. Second, dodge Heimdall’s attacks and look for openings to strike. Third, use Kratos’ Spartan Rage to deal massive damage. Fourth, use Atreus’ arrows to stun Heimdall and leave him vulnerable. Fifth, stay patient and wait for the right moment to attack.

What are the weaknesses of Heimdall that can be exploited during the battle?

Heimdall’s weakness is his reliance on his shield. When he charges, evade and attack from behind. When he shields himself, use Atreus’ arrows to break his guard. When he summons wolves, use area-of-effect attacks to clear them out. Lastly, exploit his vulnerability to frost attacks.

How important is it to level up Kratos and Atreus before facing Heimdall?

Leveling up Kratos and Atreus is crucial to defeating Heimdall. Higher levels mean stronger attacks and more health. Kratos’ skills and abilities allow for more strategic combat, while Atreus’ upgrades make him a valuable asset in battle. It is recommended to have both characters at level 5 or higher before facing Heimdall.

What weapons and armor are effective against Heimdall in God of War Ragnarok?

The Leviathan Axe and Blades of Chaos are both effective weapons against Heimdall. The axe can deal frost damage and stun him, while the blades deal fire damage and can break his guard. Upgraded armor with high defense and resistance to frost is also recommended.

How can Atreus be used to gain an advantage in the battle against Heimdall?

Atreus can be used to gain an advantage in several ways. His arrows can stun Heimdall, leaving him vulnerable to attacks. He can summon wolves to distract Heimdall while Kratos attacks. His shock arrows can also deal massive damage to Heimdall’s shield. Lastly, his special abilities can turn the tide of the battle in Kratos’ favor.

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