How To Know When To Marry Her Christian? Let Jesus Take The Wheel

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If you’re considering marrying a Christian woman, it’s essential to know whether or not she is the right one for you. On your journey of searching for that special someone, bear in mind that Jesus can guide you to make the ideal choice.

Firstly, take time to pray and seek God’s guidance about this significant life decision before taking any steps forward. Wait patiently until He provides clarity on what path to follow next.

Secondly, consider her compatibility with you – Is she supportive? Understanding? Do your personalities align well? These are critical aspects to think through even though everything may seem rosy now; healthy relationships require an alignment beyond mere attraction.

You should also be aware of her spiritual beliefs and practices. Constructively communicating both sides’ perspectives would foster understandings toward each other as well equip both parties towards building a healthier relationship built on mutual understanding & respect

“It doesn’t matter how long we’ve prayed if our hearts haven’t changed.” — Stormie Omartian
In summary; Take heed dear reader! There’s no shortcut to finding true love destined by Heaven except through prayerful considerations backed up with necessary communication between partners along this blissful ride called ‘marriage’. “Letting Jesus Take The Wheel, ” will undoubtedly lead us down his righteous paths.

Pray For Guidance

If you are a Christian who is considering marriage, it is important to seek God’s guidance in making this life-changing decision. Marriage is not something that should be entered into lightly or without careful consideration of the spiritual implications.

The Bible tells us in Proverbs 3:5-6 “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight.” This means that we must look to God for direction and wisdom, rather than relying solely on our own thoughts and feelings when it comes to matters as significant as choosing a spouse.

“It’s essential that couples pray together because marriage requires teamwork.”

One way to seek guidance from God about whether or not someone is meant to become your future partner involves praying regularly. When faced with indecision regarding relationships, taking time each day alone in prayer can help provide clarity on such concerns. Through seeking godly counsel (e.g., meeting with church elders) during times of questioning, individuals may find answers pointing them towards their next steps.

Fasting can also enhance one’s prayer experience while helping Christians practice discipline before entering holy matrimony.

“Marriage takes more work than much else we do. The sacrament helps guide people through challenges.”
Ultimately, trusting oneself versus placing reliance upon God can lead an individual down either path — success or failure–when resolving questions surrounding companionship leading up to Holy Matrimony. Therefore, taking quality time out regularly for personal reflection & intercessory prayers gives ample opportunity for divine revelation concerning pertaining issues like coupling.

God May Have A Plan, But He’s Not Going To Text It To You

One of the biggest decisions a Christian will make in their life is choosing who to marry. However, there are no direct instructions on how to know when to marry her Christian. Oftentimes people pray for guidance and divine intervention.

“Prayer should not be regarded as a means of finding out what God wants, but rather as a method of developing fellowship with God.” -Dr. R.C Sproul

This quote sheds light that praying for answers from God may not always return an exact answer to our question regarding marriage or other major decisions we face in life. Although prayer helps create a deeper relationship with Him which can then lead us towards His path and better understanding.

In most cases, Christians base their decision on several factors such as mutual love and support, shared values and interests, compatibility etc.. Each person’s situation varies significantly so receiving clarity straight from above like through a text message might seem convenient yet unlikely.

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart; do not depend on your own understanding”. (Proverbs 3:5 NLT)

We must trust that whatever decision we make if it aligns with biblical principles ultimately pleases. Honouring God results in blessings regardless of whether We receive instant confirmation specific to someone being “The One”. Instead leaning into belief at this critical stage involves faith combined alongside actions derived by wise judgement based on knowledge – coupled alongside prayers hoping that risks taken honor him.

In conclusion, Remember seeking Divine wisdom increasingly strengthens connection between Individuals involved where partner selection across cultures having multiple historical contexts appears complex.Relying solely upon feelings divorced from facts/truth tends toward arbitrary judgements.Yet faith offers exploration of realistic goals for hopeful resolution, deepening understanding, Forgiveness/grace, Sacrifice commitment and blessings going beyond expectations.

Get To Know Her Church Community

If you’re considering marrying a Christian woman, it’s important to also consider the role her church community plays in her life. Is she an active member? Does she attend services regularly?

Getting to know her church community is a great way to understand more about your partner and whether or not your values align.

“It’s essential that both partners have similar beliefs and values when entering into marriage.”
The Importance of Shared Values

A successful marriage depends on shared faith, goals, and priorities – all of which can be impacted by involvement with a particular church community. By joining your partner for Sunday service or attending other events together, you’ll gain insight into how they see God working in their own lives as well as in wider society.

“Faith without works is dead.”

Show interest in volunteering opportunities at the local soup kitchen or non-profit organization sponsored by her church. Attending bible studies can tell you much about what kind of theologian your girlfriend is becoming over time.

Talk It Out

When dating someone who has similarly deep-rooted religious convictions and a strong involvement within their church, religion will most likely always play some sort of integral role in everyday activities like family planning among others In fact studies suggest evangelicals report higher rates of happiness than even secular marriages precisely because it helps them weather hardships common to any couple going through stresses from sick kids downshifts, job losses etc. Your futures are linked so communication early regarding each party’s expectations functioning now should lessen shock during future events such baptisms christenings confirmations..etc

It’s Like A Background Check, But With More Hymns

The decision to marry someone is one of the most significant decisions you’ll ever make. Before marrying her Christian, there are many different factors that you need to consider.

As a Christian, faith must play a major role in this decision. You want more than just physical and emotional attraction; you want to be sure that your partner shares your values and beliefs and will encourage growth in your relationship with God. To help determine if she is right for you spiritually, it’s essential to take some time getting to know her habits, attitudes toward moral issues such as money management or honesty, how committed she seems about going deeper still into knowing Christ intimately through study or prayer life outside of Sunday morning services.

“When considering marrying another believer—especially one who has not been walking with the Lord for much of their life—we must recognize the exceptional grace of God extended towards us.”

This quote highlights an unspoken truth when choosing a spouse: nobody’s perfect – Christians included! However we can all rest assured knowing that every day offers new opportunities for personal transformation by His great love and mercy poured out upon us!

You should talk frankly with each other regularly on subjects like spiritual life goals or devotional practices (such as daily prayers together), understandings around finances/debt etc., desires regarding children/family plans even before engagement use these conversations wisely.

“Engagements offer plenty opportunity get good answers upfront definitively so neither side feels blindsided later down line.”

Finally communicate directly yet lovingly with each other throughout process seeking advice from trusted friends/mentors mature married couples counselors preferred pastors where appropriate among others taking care pray frequently divine guidance understanding patience needed especially once engaged but ultimately confident strategy works.

Remember that marriage is about more than just a person. It’s about God uniting two people as one, sharing their burdens and joys throughout life with Him at the center of it all. Keep this in mind when considering whether she is the right Christian woman to marry – and seeking His wisdom will bring you clarity on which way to go!

If Her Church Is On Fire For Jesus, You Might Be Too

Choosing the right partner is crucial, especially when it comes to finding someone who shares your faith and values. If you’re a Christian man looking for a potential wife, finding one with similar beliefs can make for a beautiful lifelong partnership centered around Christ. Marriage isn’t something that should be taken lightly or rushed into, but rather something that requires careful consideration and patience.

When trying to determine if she’s “the one, ” taking note of her involvement in church can give insight into her level of devotion to God. Does she attend every Sunday? Does she participate in small groups or volunteer ministries? These actions suggest an eagerness to live out her faith in community and serve others as Jesus did.

“If you want to know how committed someone is to their faith, just look at their calendar.”

This quote holds true- if attending church seems like more of an obligation than a joy for her, this may indicate that Christianity is not central to her life. However, if she gets excited about sharing what she learned from the sermon with you afterwards or invites you along on mission trips/retreats/etc., chances are good that being married to her would mean having a partner who encourages and challenges your own spiritual growth while equally pursuing their own.

The bottom line:A woman whose heart burns passionately for serving Jesus will most likely drag herself out of bed early each morning to feast on His word before starting a day-long journey alongside Him.

Ask Her Father For Permission

If you’re a Christian and wondering how to know when to marry her, it’s important to consider the influence of your partner’s father. As per Christian traditions, seeking permission from her father for marriage is highly recommended.

Why ask her father?

“Marriage is not just between two individuals; rather, families are also involved in this bond. It shows respect towards the girl’s family as well as their beliefs.”

In Christianity, marriage isn’t considered simply an agreement between two people but a union blessed by God with responsibilities that go beyond couples alone. Therefore, involving both families plays a crucial role in establishing strong relations and creating harmony within communities.(source)

Hence asking for permission reflects your commitment not only toward his daughter but also toward him and his household.

The Importance of Consent:

“Marrying without parental approval may lead to instability and failure due to disharmony created among relatives.”

A successful relationship requires trustful cooperation from all members involved which includes parents’ approval on the decisions made regarding marriage rights. By initiating such conversation will enable better understanding therefore decrease future misunderstandings or disputes caused by disapprovals or lack thereof.(source)

Tips To Ask Her Father:

  1. Schedule A Meeting: Make sure you arrange a proper time where you both can sit down across each other uninterrupted so that he knows the significance of what you plan.
  2. Show Your Intentions: Be clear about why you wish to meet him and ultimately propose marriage—your love and intentions should be crystal clear right from the start
  3. Respect And Consider His Thoughts: Acknowledge any concerns or objections he may have regarding the proposal and try to settle any issues by compromising in a respectable manner.
  4. Expect Graceful Feedback: Whether his answer is positive or negative, show gratitude towards him for considering your request, as this will demonstrate that you respect him despite his decision.(source)

Making sure they are strong in Christian values allows couples to build a stable foundation founded on faith—something that becomes crucial once marriage gets into play. Therefore involving one’s families should not be neglected nor looked down upon when making important life decisions like choosing the righteous spouse.

It’s Not The 1800s, But Respect Goes A Long Way

When it comes to marriage, respect between partners is key. However, in today’s society, where individuals are becoming increasingly self-centered and entitled, the value of respect seems to be diminishing.

In a Christian relationship, mutual respect should not only exist but flourish. One way of knowing if you’re ready for marriage with your partner is by assessing how much respect there is in your relationship.

“Respect yourself enough to walk away from anything that no longer serves you, grows you or makes you happy.”

If either party feels disrespected or undervalued in any way, this can cause serious problems down the road. Communication surrounding disrespect must take place frequently and respectfully so that both parties remain confident about their individual needs being met within their relationship dynamic.

A great deal of what causes marriages to fail nowadays stems from a lack of respect towards one another – whether that’s overt criticism or disregard regarding each other’s feelings and experiences. That said when both parties hold high regard for one another; even disagreement can aid communication as they address matters carefully while showing courtesy. Mutual admiration supports better decision-making during challenging times since they consider each other more agreeably instead of holding onto tension-filled frustrations.

“Each one of us deserves love that transcends our inadequacies.”

Furthermore thereby complimenting reinforces the impact whereby shared gentleness equally demonstrates reliable selflessness which leads them into fair reciprocal freedom blessed through unfeigned loyalty making trust grow deeper every day. Ultimately demonstration thereof daily sets an example leaving others in awe”

The Bottom Line:

With divorce rates increasing globally because people cannot seem able to deal with differences in value systems, it can never be overstated; the respect has to guide Christian relationships. Respect plays an important role and should be given equal emphasis with other values when assessing compatibility before heading into marriage life.

Pro Tip: Bring Him A Casserole To Soften The Blow

When it comes to marriage, choosing the right person can be a tricky decision. For Christians, this decision should not be taken lightly as it involves finding someone who shares your values and beliefs.

If you’re wondering how to know when to marry her Christian, there are several things that you can do. Firstly, consider whether or not both of you are invested in growing spiritually together. Your faith is an essential part of your life and sharing it with your partner can bring immense joy.

“I knew my wife was the one I wanted to marry because we could grow spiritually together, ” says John from Texas. “We were able to pray together, attend church regularly and read the Bible as a couple.”

“Having shared spiritual values helps align couples toward common goals with fewer conflicts.” – Rick Warren

You could also assess how well both of you communicate with each other regarding challenging topics such as finances or pre-marital sex rules based on personal belief systems. Additionally, consider if a strong natural friendship exists between both partners by spending time getting involved in mutual activities they enjoy doing outside of dating scenarios like helping out at charitable events pushing beyond shallow social media personas. However difficult deciding may seem bringing him over his favorite casserole dish may ease up avoiding any resentment caused due friction during discussion sessions.

“The best way into someone’s heart is through their stomach” – Fanny Fern

All these aspects will help determine compatibility with your would-be spouse giving insights before making lifelong commitments intertwined.” Ultimately taking all these factors into consideration while authorizing prayers asking for guidance towards God resulting in blessings over the union; hence leading them forward emotionally fit-life filled religiously and with morally upright intentions.”

Discuss Your Shared Values

When it comes to a Christian marriage, having shared values is crucial. Before you decide to marry, it’s important that both of you have similar beliefs and principles which guide your life.

Accordingly, how can you know when to marry her as a Christian? The determining factor lies in understanding what the Bible has to say about marital relationships and building on aligned biblical principles.

One of the critical shared values in Christian marriages is spirituality. You must both share a deep passion for serving God through Christ Jesus by maintaining consistent prayer and reading scriptures together. As believers in Christ, if your goal is glorifying God with everything within your relationship, then there exists strong potential for compatibility between each other while pursuing this desire simultaneously.

“A cord of three strands cannot be easily broken.”

As another example of creating Biblical alignment amongst spouses: Integrity. Of course no one’s perfect – but honesty should be at its core value-giving an opportunity towards mutual trust-building even during difficult times where support from each other might make all the difference necessary— instead of severing ties altogether due only based upon temporary issues. Also related- Being truthful goes hand-in-hand with Respect; Show respect not just mutually whilst making decisions regarding finances or personal preferences – but also maintain privacy & sincere communication whenever possible without belittling someone else’s opinions/feelings.! Respecting their autonomy applies here too; opportunities arise wherein being considerate toward those individual choices like hobby preference will allow everyone happiness while cherishing level-headed conversation ove unnecessary drama concerning conflicts arising sporadically.

The Final Remark…!

In conclusion, our adherence to God’s word allows us clarity surrounding basic concepts such as unconditional love & divine acceptance rather than focusing on worldly materialism. Being aware of and practicing these principles will help you make the right choice when deciding to marry a Christian woman who shares your values – looking for greater things than ambition or success, steering towards true spiritual growth!

If She Thinks “Thou Shalt Not Kill” Is Optional, It’s Time To Run

Marriage is a lifelong commitment that requires compatibility and shared values. As a Christian man, you may be wondering how to know when to marry her Christian? One crucial factor to consider is whether she shares your beliefs about the biblical commandments.

The sixth commandment states clearly: “Thou shalt not kill.” This law reflects God’s respect for human life and upholds our fundamental value of love for one another. If your potential partner holds the belief that this commandment is optional or open for interpretation, it should raise some red flags regarding her faith in God.

“If respecting human life isn’t an absolute principle based on God’s word then I’m not sure what kind of world we are living in.”

A woman who does not recognize the sanctity of human life might have different priorities than you do as a devout Christian. Such individuals could keep dangerous company or take actions against other people that will go against Biblical teachings. Be aware if she believes killing can sometimes be justified means there are fundamental differences between hers’ and yours’ worldview.

No Excuses For Disobeying The Commandments

In Matthew 5:19 Jesus tells us whoever breaks one of these least commandments and teach others shall be called least in the kingdom while those who practice them will be deemed great! A faithful wife must obey all principles laid down by Christ- love thy neighbor as yourself included

God ‘s plan includes providing guidelines he hopes we follow so as believers we cannot choose which ones suit us whether big or small since breaking even one shows disregard towards his judgments hence disobedience. In addition, Christians believe disobeying His commands amounts to sinning.

“Our job is to learn the commands of Christ and obey them from our hearts.”

It’s important as a Christian man considering marriage with a loving wife should respect human life, uphold God’s commandments in their daily lives without equivocations. Understanding this will not only lead you towards building an admirable relationship but also improve your connection and closeness to God.

Agreeing On Jesus Is Great, But Make Sure You Agree On Everything Else Too

Marrying a Christian girl is a beautiful thing. It means that you share the same faith and beliefs about marriage. However, it takes more than just agreeing on Jesus to determine if someone is truly right for you.

You need to understand each other’s values, goals, personality traits, and cultural background. These factors can either make or break your relationship in the long run.


Your life choices are largely based on what you believe in; therefore religion plays an important role in shaping your values. Discuss with her topics like faith practices outside of church, relationships with non-believers and how she wants to raise future kids religiously amongst others things before making any commitments.


The next conversation should focus around both short-term and long-term objectives financial/work/study wise which will affect you two as a couple today tomorrow and possibly forever!

Personality Traits:
“Everyone has their own unique set of personalities.”

Careful consideration must be given to our partner’s likings/dislikings approach towards issues/conversations etc being aware of these qualities below prevents irrelevant confrontations from occuring.

  1. Bodily insight: Ability/inability/limitation/desire/comfort/aversion level(s).
  2. Social behaviour: Engage modes(feelers/thinkers) extrovert/introvert inclinations aka parent-family experiences
.Cultural Backgrounds:

Differences between people lead to varying perspectives—due mainly because we often predispose ourselves subconsciously against those who do not view instances through ordinary lenses when communicating or having arguments settling them productively; differences are a beautiful thing let them not become a sore point.

Ultimately, knowing when to marry her is critical for your future lives together as one! This may take time to evaluate but working out compatibility makes it worthwhile in the long term. Ensure you approach these factors with openness holding empathy also considering an unbiased lens when evaluating answers given.

Remember, Love Is Patient, But It’s Also Not A Magic Fix-All

When considering marriage as a Christian, it’s important to keep in mind that love is patient. Rushing into a marriage just because you’re infatuated with someone or feel pressured by society is never wise.

Take the time to build a solid foundation of friendship and communication before committing to each other for life. Consider how your beliefs align on spiritual matters, family planning, gender roles within the household, and finances. Make sure you have similar values and goals for your future together.

“Love takes time; so does trust.”

– Mary Ellen Edmunds

Although much emphasis may be placed on finding “the one, ” remember that no person will ever completely fulfill all of our needs and wants – only Jesus can do that.

We must also understand that while love is powerful, it isn’t enough on its own. Every relationship requires effort from both parties involved in order to thrive.

“Love doesn’t make the world go round; love is what makes the ride worthwhile.”

– Elizabeth Browning

If we expect everything in our lives to miraculously fall into place simply because we’ve found true love then it’ll come as quite a shock when conflicts arise down the road.

A successful partnership should involve humility which means willing submission towards one another regardless of titles or rank. Christian marriages ought to emphasize Christ as being central since He sets an awesome example for any kind of marital relationship based upon service rather than self-interests.. Such relationships are grounded in patience during difficult situations such as those regarding illness or financial strain. Thus examining qualities like commitment, strong compatibility traits stemming from emotional unity around core principles might be great steps towards finding your future spouse in a Christian context. Strive to grow together and remain patient through the ups and downs of life, knowing that true love stands the test of time.

Take A Leap Of Faith

If you’re wondering how to know when to marry her Christian, there are a few things you can consider. First and foremost, is your relationship built on a strong foundation of faith? Do you share similar values and beliefs about God, Jesus Christ, the Bible, and living a life devoted to serving others?

It’s important to remember that marriage is not just about finding someone who makes you happy or fulfills certain desires – it’s about committing yourself fully to another person in an act of love that reflects God’s covenant with His people.

“Marriage is designed by God as a holy union between one man and one woman. It was established at creation for companionship, procreation & partnership.”

One way to discern whether or not your relationship might be headed towards marriage is to seek wise counsel from trusted mentors or family members who have walked through this journey themselves.

“A successful marriage requires falling in love many times but always with the same person.”

You may also want to pray together regularly as a couple, seeking guidance from God and aligning yourselves with His will for your lives. Take time to study scripture together and attend church services where you can grow in fellowship alongside fellow believers.

In addition, it’s important to evaluate whether or not both parties are ready for the commitment of marriage. Have honest conversations about finances, career goals, future plans for children if any etc. Seek pre-marital counseling which could help prepare couples mentally/emotionally/physically/spiritually before taking their wedding vows than becoming victims (like 50% other married couples) of early divorce/separation/melancholy.

No matter what path leads you towards marriage, “Remember to keep Christ at the center of your relationship, and trust in Him as you take a leap of faith towards building a life together.”

Trust In The Lord And His Plan For Your Life

One of the most important decisions we make in life is choosing a partner to share it with. As Christians, it’s essential that we seek God’s guidance and direction when considering marriage.

The book of Proverbs tells us, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight” (Proverbs 3:5-6). This means putting our trust completely in Him and trusting His plan for our lives.

If you’re wondering how to know when to marry her as a Christian, prayer should be your first step. Ask God to reveal His will for your relationship and give you discernment about whether or not this person is the one He has chosen for you.

“God knows who is right for me better than I do.”

Once you’ve prayed about it, pay attention to any signs or indications from God. Do doors seem to open effortlessly? Does everything feel like it just fits together perfectly? If so, these are good indicators that God may indeed be leading you toward marriage.

On the other hand, if there are unresolved issues between you two despite having made every effort towards reconciliation or things don’t seem quite right but you can’t put a finger on what exactly is off then perhaps postponing getting married would help bring clarity before moving ahead with such an important union.

“It’s possible that waiting may also mean some soul-searching.”

Remember though becoming obsessive over finding certainty about something we’re uncertain about isn’t helpful either because faith brings assurance where reason fails. Trusting in Him –even when plans turn out differently than hoped for– ultimately leads to a life full of peace and contentment.

But Also, Don’t Ignore Red Flags Just Because She’s Got A Cross Necklace

As important as it is to find a partner who shares your Christian faith, it’s equally essential to assess whether they align with your values and beliefs.

Having a cross necklace or attending church regularly doesn’t necessarily indicate someone’s spiritual maturity or suitability for marriage. Therefore, while dating someone who identifies themselves as a Christian can be comforting at first, don’t let that cloud your judgment when evaluating the relationship’s health.

If you’re considering marrying someone of the same faith, here are some red flags that shouldn’t be ignored just because she wears a cross:

“It may sound cliché but there are wolves in sheep’s clothing even within faith communities.”

Firstly, observe how often you meet her family and friends. Is she courteous to them? Does she hold grudges against anyone? Evaluate her relationships with other people before deciding if she could handle being in one with you.

“Faith does not always cure character defects.”

The second flag involves character inconsistencies such as dishonesty, infidelity and uncontrolled anger outbursts-issues evident by poor character traits discovered through time. Be careful if these exist early on; they will still be present after getting married.

“Do not operate solely based off what scripture says ‘should’ be happening instead continue asking God ‘what IS according to Your perfect plan?’”

Last but not least is compatibility level between potential spouses; this tricky question which requires detailed soul searching analysis concerning both parties’ long-term goals and differences about preferences on wealth distribution habits etcetera hence pre-marriage counselling should never be overlooked nor pushed aside especially when the couple’s beliefs do not align Homogenously.

To find a person who shares your spiritual path is essential, yet overlooking character defects, poor relational patterns or habits along the facade of faith may cause later bitterness and heartache;

therefore take time to assess your potential partner’s character quietly through everyday occurrences in dating life before racing into an engagement.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some biblical principles to consider when deciding to marry someone?

The Bible calls for us to be equally yoked, meaning we should share the same faith and belief system. Additionally, Godly marriages require love, sacrifice, and commitment. It is important to also consider compatibility in personality traits, communication style, family values and future goals while seeking godly counsel from leaders within your church.

How can you discern if you share the same values and beliefs with the person you are considering marrying?

You can start by having an open dialogue about each other’s religious practices or beliefs on various topics like finances or parenthood. You could compare what both of you want in a partner as well as where they see themselves in few years’ time so that there will not be any surprises later on into relationship.The best way is sharing spiritual activities such as attending worship services together or participating in praying groups since those moments bring up different aspects of individuals beliefs beyond mere words spoken

What are some signs that indicate that you and your partner are ready for marriage?

A mutual willingness towards long-term commitment bodes well alongside good communication skills developed over time indicating understanding towards resolving issues amicably.There possessing emotional maturity which involves self-awareness leading them staying positive during tough times.When couples’ desire is eventually progressing down aisles, they may display transparency when communicating their thoughts & feelings after building deep friendship.The ability provide space when needed without sacrificing intimacy plus taking actions geared helpful concerning partnership growth displays readiness.

What are some red flags that should make you reconsider marrying someone?

If a potential spouse shows selfish behaviors neglecting others opinions, young immature behaviours which haven’t changed massively despite previous criticism already addressed previously indicates lack of capacity incapable changes..Unstable jobs causing financial instability i.e living pay check to paycheck perhaps with consistent debt creation can also be detrimental. Finally, lacking spiritual or emotional maturity growing irrationally angry at the slightest provocation – especially raised voices during petty disagreements- lowers compatibility regarding Christian values and beliefs.

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