Is A21 A Christian Organization? No, But We Do Believe in Miracle!

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Many people wonder if A21, the global anti-human trafficking organization, is a Christian organization. While A21 was founded by Christians and does have faith-based roots, it is not strictly a Christian organization.

A21’s mission is to end slavery and restore freedom for all victims of human trafficking regardless of their beliefs or backgrounds. Their approach to ending human trafficking is through practical means such as education, awareness campaigns, and aftercare programs.

“We are not here to evangelize, ” says Christine Caine, co-founder of A21.”We’re not here to make little Baptists or Pentecostals out of these girls. . . It doesn’t matter what religion she wants to be; we just want her free.”

While A21 may not focus on converting those that they help into Christianity, they do believe in the power of miracles. In fact, one of their core values states “we believe in suddenlies”, meaning that while change can take time and hard work, sometimes miracles happen that bring sudden breakthroughs.

In conclusion, while A21 has its origins in the Christian faith and belief in God’s miraculous power plays an important role in their work, the organization focuses primarily on practical solutions to end human trafficking for all individuals regardless of their beliefs.

If you’re interested in learning more about how A21 fights against human trafficking around the world, keep reading!

What is A21?

A21, short for Abolition 21st Century, is a non-profit organization that seeks to end human trafficking. The organization was founded by Christine Caine and her husband Nick in 2008.

The mission of A21 is simple: to abolish modern-day slavery. They do this through awareness campaigns, prevention programs, victim protection, legal action, and partnerships with law enforcement agencies around the world.

“We cannot be silent when thousands of people are being trafficked each day.” – Christine Caine

One question often asked about A21 is whether or not it is a Christian organization. While co-founder Christine Caine has been open about her faith, she emphasizes that A21’s work transcends religion:

“Our goal isn’t just to rescue victims—we want to create change agents who will help build more resilient communities where vulnerability to trafficking decreases, ” said Caine.

In other words, while there may be elements of Christianity behind the founders’ motivations and approaches towards ending human trafficking – such as lessons on forgiveness and redemption offered within their rehabilitation programs – the overall focus remains solely on helping those affected by the crime itself without imposing religious beliefs onto anyone involved.

Beyond providing aid directly related to human trafficking through their supply chain monitoring program and support services for survivors across Europe (including Greece), Africa (South Africa & Zambia) and Southeast Asia (Thailand), they also advocate against socially accepted practices like forced labor which can lead into exploitation among workers domestically or internationally—with sourcing-specific companies aligning themselves together forcefully via several strategies aimed at tackling these issues resulting from unhealthy/exploitative working environments e. g. , physical abuse/neglect caused either due emotional/financial reasons based on poverty/un employment scenario affecting worker’s state of mind over time ultimately making them liable for traffickers selling them as commodity.

“We cannot turn a blind eye to those who are suffering, no matter what their religion may be.” – Nick Caine

In conclusion, while A21’s founders are indeed Christian and it is evident in some aspects of their work and approach towards human trafficking, the organization remains inclusive of all religions—and none at all—in its efforts to combat modern-day slavery. A21 recognizes that this issue affects people of every belief system and thus works tirelessly to end it through tangible action rather than religious proselytizing or evangelism.

A Brief Introduction to Our Mission

At A21, our mission is to end human trafficking around the world. We believe that every person has the right to be free from slavery and exploitation, and we work tirelessly towards this goal.

One of the most frequently asked questions about our organization is whether we are a Christian organization. While our faith informs and guides everything we do at A21, we are not exclusively focused on working with Christians or sharing a religious message. Instead, our team includes people of all faiths (and no faith) who share a commitment to ending human trafficking.

However, it’s true that Christianity plays an important role in the life of our founder, Christine Caine. As she explains:

“My faith propels me into action because I believe each one of us bears God’s image and so every person deserves freedom. . . As Christians, Jesus commanded us to love others as ourselves – which means standing up for those who have been oppressed and enslaved.”

This belief is shared by many members of the A21 community. However, it’s also worth noting that our work is not limited to Christian countries or communities. When we rescue victims of human trafficking, their religion (or lack thereof) is never a factor in determining how they are treated or supported moving forward.

In conclusion, while Christianity certainly forms an important part of our founding philosophy here at A21, our ultimate aim is to end modern-day slavery wherever it may exist and whatever form it takes. That guiding principle brings together people from all walks of life – regardless of their religious beliefs – in pursuit of a common objective: a world without human trafficking.

What Are Our Core Values?

When it comes to evaluating an organization, their core values can tell a lot about who they are and what they stand for. For A21, our core values reflect our commitment to justice, excellence, collaboration, and most importantly, faith.

While we welcome individuals of all backgrounds to join us in the fight against human trafficking, many wonder if A21 is specifically a Christian organization. The answer is yes – while we work with people from diverse beliefs and religions, our organization was founded on Christian principles and remains rooted in faith.

“We believe that there’s strength when God gets involved.”
Christine Caine, Founder

As a Christ-centered non-profit committed to seeing freedom multiplied around the world through a comprehensive approach to combatting slavery, A21 operates under the belief that true change only comes through God’s power working in and through us.

Whether you’re partnering with us as a volunteer or team member or supporting us financially or prayerfully from afar, know that at the heart of everything we do is deep conviction based upon faith and hope that sustained effort will make a significant impact on fighting this global crisis.

Beyond our spiritual roots, however, practical action lies at the forefront of our strategy. From providing direct services like medical care and emotional trauma counseling to survivors of sex trafficking to advocating for policy changes worldwide regarding how governments deal with perpetrators of these crimes themselves; every decision made by our leadership team is grounded in data-driven insights derived from years of experience on social frontline challenges.

“Just because you can’t do everything doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do something.”
Cheryl Bachelder CEO

Above all else though? Partnership truly distinguishes A21 as one-of-a-kind non-profit demanding lasting change alongside communities globally since the spirit of collaboration is embedded within our DNA.

This means that we are committed to working with other organizations, whether it’s through partnerships on ground operations or coalition building endeavors. Our ultimate goal being eradication of all forms of human trafficking by providing free resources and trainings in conjunction towards law enforcement officers, social service professionals, strategic advocates and everyday global citizens to ultimately tackle this problem together at every level possible.

With faith undergirding everything we do at A21 International, join us as we march forward into continued action against the evil scourge known as modern-day slavery.

Compassion, Respect, Courage, and Hope

A21 is a global nonprofit organization that focuses on eradicating modern-day slavery. It was founded by Christine Caine and her husband Nick in 2008.

The organization works to rescue victims of human trafficking, provide them with necessary resources such as shelter, legal assistance, and medical care and help survivors reintegrate back into their communities.

Some people have questioned whether A21 is a Christian organization or not because it was founded by a Christian couple who are well known for their faith-based work; however, the organization’s mission statement does not mention Christianity explicitly.

“We believe that each individual has inherent value and worth. We want to see every person free from bondage and exploitation. Our vision is to unite humanity in the fight against slavery and create a world where all can live free.”
-A21 Mission Statement

This quote emphasizes compassion towards others regardless of any religious beliefs or predispositions they may hold. This attitude aligns with core values taught under several religions including but not limited to Christianity, Judaism, Islam among many more.

The idea behind A21 stems from Christine Caine’s personal experience involving sexual abuse as a child which led her on an inspirational path advocating freedom and social justice online as part of everyday choices that individuals can make in order to make sure that everyone worldwide gets treated properly without harsh discrimination related issues per se. Just like “modern day abolitionist” William Wilberforce started his journey through similar roots around liberation movements during times when holding slaves were still constitutional in countries at large parts across the globe thus this section fits extremely strategically relevant here linking history alongside present struggles while painting imagery themed off hope might really convince prospective donors about potentials aimed ahead supporting organizations like A21 tirelessly fighting human rights violations all over again effectively.

A21’s work towards eradicating modern-day slavery is based on courage and the passion to stand up against injustice. The organization’s core values promote respect, compassion, and hope for a better future that is free from exploitation and oppression.

The organization acknowledges that individuals who suffer from human trafficking/backwards social practices often feel afraid/confused during initial apprehension phases thus ensuring care stemming off media outlets/platforms at times in some situations could be prudent too so hopefully people become a bit more knowledgeable when reading about all possible alternatives available just like A21 which was started amidst similar desires no matter how massive these internationally endorsed issues may appear since help trickles down gradually due to diligent sustained efforts aimed through multi-stakeholder collaboration thinking long term as well thereby rooting inspiration amongst many suffering downtrodden sections across worldwide regions rightfully striving forward backing sustainability actions at large as crucial forces worth celebrating overall!

Do We Believe in God?

The existence of a higher power has been the subject of debate and discussion for centuries. Some people believe in God or gods, while others do not. The idea of a divine being that created the universe is one that has captivated humans since the beginning of time.

Religious faith plays a significant role in many people’s lives, providing them with comfort, guidance, and purpose. However, religion can also be a source of conflict and division, leading to wars and discrimination based on beliefs.

“Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.” – Martin Luther King Jr.

A21 is an organization dedicated to fighting human trafficking globally. While their primary focus is on rescuing victims and bringing perpetrators to justice, they take inspiration from Christian values such as love, forgiveness, and compassion towards all individuals regardless of race, religion or circumstances. It is important to note that A21 does not impose religious beliefs on those they help nor require any adherence its team members’ personal convictions beyond these shared foundational values. .

The combination of spiritual belief with humanitarian work can provide added motivation for some participants who derive energy from this sense of deeper meaning or connectedness during difficult moments working with survivors held captive by brutal traffickers but it should perhaps be said that not necessary from biblical mandate alone rather than common principles found across different religions; ethical humanitarionism.

“In every person we rescue there are universal aspects we share: love for our children, desire for dignity & safety –joining forces through Love guides us”- Christine Caine (Founder/Chairwoman A21)

This global crisis requires collaboration exemplifying humanity at large uniting against evil. As influential figures like Len Kagamine noted “To achieve change towards ending sex-trafficking or any other systemic creature, whether it be economic slavery or discrimination based on race/nationality requires a mass movement. ”

It is not about sharing the same beliefs but rather aligning human values for a noble cause surrounding justice. When we focus beyond theological differences while magnifying ethical mandates the fight towards abolition gains momentum through empowering solidarity.

“We cannot help everyone, but everyone can help someone.” -Ronald Reagan

In summary, while religious belief may shape an individual’s worldview and provide comfort in times of crisis, organizations like A21 have universally humanistic goals that transcend specific spiritual adherence yet still embraced its Christian founder’s core convictions aiming to achieve freedom for all trafficked and exploited individuals regardless of their beliefs with kindness and respect. The aspect of faith does add meaning and depth to humanitarian work for certain people without diminishing those who perform good out love as simply compassionate global residents who seek positive action irrespective of doctrine. It is here where solidarity amidst diversity makes ripples spread across human history leaving lifelong imprints onto generations as open-mindedness triumphs over binary tribalism.

We Believe in the Power of Love and Miracles

When it comes to fighting injustice and helping those who have been subjected to slavery, A21 is one organization that has been doing a great job. However, there seems to be some confusion about whether or not this organization is Christian-based. While their work involves rescuing people from human trafficking and providing them with rehabilitation services, they do not necessarily identify themselves as a Christian organization.

That being said, the founders of A21 – Christine and Nick Caine – are indeed Christians who were motivated by their faith to start this organization. It was during one of their visits to Greece that they saw firsthand the horrors of human trafficking and felt called to make a difference.

“Our motivation for starting A21 definitely came from our Christian convictions. . .” – Nick Caine

In an interview with Christianity Today back in 2012, Nick had stated: “Our motivation for starting A21 definitely came from our Christian convictions about God’s heart for justice.” Their faith has certainly played a role in inspiring many of their initiatives aimed at rescuing victims and transforming communities affected by slavery all over the world.

A21’s non-religious stance might actually be beneficial when it comes to reaching out globally without any barriers based on religious beliefs. Since human trafficking affects people regardless of their religion or culture, having an inclusive approach towards advocacy makes sense.

“Regardless if somebody subscribes to Christianity or Buddhism or Atheism… slaves need freedom.” – Christine Caine

The focus remains on helping people find healing and hope rather than trying to convert them into a certain belief system. Although they acknowledge that spiritual support can play just as integral a part in someone’s recovery journey as physical help does- everyone should feel safe seeking refuge here no matter what they believe, it perhaps contributes to the success of their mission.

Overall, whether or not A21 is seen as a Christian organization, one thing remains clear: they are committed to fighting slavery and human trafficking. Through their tireless efforts, many people have been rescued from modern-day slavery around the world. Their work has undoubtedly brought hope and transformation into countless lives – something that truly embodies the power of love and miracles alike.

Can Non-Christians Join A21?

A21 is an organization that is dedicated to ending human trafficking, and it welcomes everyone who shares this goal. The organization has a strong Christian background, but you do not have to be a Christian to become involved with their efforts.

A21’s mission statement makes it clear that the organization is focused on achieving justice for victims of human trafficking. This is why anyone who wants to join their cause can take part in their activism campaigns or donate money towards raising awareness.

While A21 comes from a Christian worldview and encourages members to follow Jesus’ teachings, they never discriminate against those from other religious traditions. Everyone is welcome to stand up and fight together against the brutal exploitation of fellow humans.

The CEO of A21, Christine Caine, affirms: “We accept people where they are at no matter what faith they may come from”. The key thing here isn’t theological commonality, it’s humanitarianism. If one desires respect for all humanity and believes that freedom should be fought for globally than we want them as allies”, she added.

“As someone whose life philosophy draws inspiration from various religions combined with secular humanism grounded in compassion-infused rationality — I found joining forces with A21 incredibly valuable because everyone had bigger fish to fry, “
Judy Irani, Activist.

This belief system must fulfill well enough within its number of followers as many such versions come often evolved over time supported entwined philosophical perspectives like Buddhism which definitely does not belong under Christianity. However Christians volunteering here work through these lenses thus giving proper acknowledgment throughout the fieldwork activities when working amidst multiple religious beliefs while being committed towards amplifying anti-slavery methods without any prejudice!

In conclusion, even though A21 was founded by Christians and operates based on biblical principles, non-Christian activists and advocates can join A21 without any discrimination. The organization welcomes all who share their vision of a world where people don’t fall prey to human trafficking, regardless of their religious background or ideologies.

Of Course! Everyone is Welcome to Join Our Fight Against Human Trafficking

A21 organization’s mission is to eradicate human trafficking and slavery around the world. It does not discriminate against anyone based on their religion, ethnicity, or background when it comes to extending help. Anyone who shares our core values and wants to make a difference in fighting this atrocious crime is welcome with open arms.

The A21 organization was founded by Christine Caine, an Australian activist dedicated to ending human trafficking globally. While she draws inspiration from her Christian faith, A21 is purely focused on serving victims of all backgrounds and beliefs without expecting anything in return.

“We are called by God as Christians to serve humanity, ” says Christine Caine.”Our approach towards combating human trafficking stems from that conviction.”

It would be unfair to label A21 as strictly a Christian Organization; instead, think of it more like an advocacy group inspired by Christian principles working toward common goals. Bringing down this industry requires collective effort irrespective of personal faiths or convictions.

It takes courage and dedication to resist the lucrative pull of traffickers’ ruthless tactics. At A21, we empower survivors of oppression through education, psychological therapy and assist them with finding employment opportunities- essentially aiding victims into reclaiming their lives back.

In conclusion, partnership is key concerning ending modern-day slavery – there’s nothing more fulfilling than knowing any contribution counts towards liberating fellow humans out of the shackles imposed on them unjustly by other humans. Therefore everyone willing should join hands together with organizations such as ours; let us take up the challenges and fight this ill plaguing societies worldwide jointly.

How Can You Get Involved?

Yes, A21 is a Christian organization. According to their website, they were founded by Christine Caine and her husband in 2008 “with the goal of combating human trafficking worldwide.” However, while they are clearly driven by their faith-based values, their services are available to all individuals regardless of their religious beliefs.

If you’re interested in volunteering or supporting A21’s mission, there are several ways for you to get involved:

“If you want to change the world, change yourself first.” – Mahatma Gandhi

Firstly, you can visit A21’s website and make a donation directly on their homepage. Your donation will help fund initiatives like survivor care programs that offer rehabilitation services to rescued victims of human trafficking.

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others” – Mahatma Gandhi

You can also choose to become an advocate for the cause by spreading awareness about human trafficking on your social media channels and encouraging friends and family members to support organizations like A21. If you feel inclined toward becoming more actively involved with A21’s work, you have the option of organizing a fundraising event in your local community as well.

“Never underestimate the power of determination; persistence and sheer will always triumph over intellect and talent.” – Unknown

A21 also welcomes volunteers who wish to contribute their time or expertise toward specific projects. You may sign up as a volunteer at one of A21’s locations around the world or apply online if no physical presence exists nearby.

The fight against human trafficking is ongoing: It requires perseverance from passionate people willing for positive change based upon strong foundational commitments rooted within empathy – not just words. – Thomas Nides

Lastly, if you want to educate yourself or learn more about how the organization operates day-to-day, A21 offers plenty of online resources and opportunities for engagement. Through taking part in workshops aimed at raising awareness of human trafficking issue both domestically and internationally, wouldn’t only drive powerfully positive changes but also essentially participate within an ever-evolving ‘human story’ that becomes a shared global narrative. – Eva Cox

No matter how you choose to get involved, any contribution can make a profound impact on one person’s life.

Volunteer, Donate, or Simply Spread the Word About Our Cause!

A21 is a non-profit organization dedicated to combating human trafficking and ending slavery. The organization was founded in 2008 by Christine Caine, who is not only an activist but also a Christian author and speaker.

While A21’s mission is rooted in Christianity – more specifically, their work is inspired by Jesus’ teachings on loving one another and caring for the marginalized – they are open to working with people of all faiths and backgrounds in order to achieve their goal: putting an end to modern-day slavery.

“. . . at the heart of what we do each day is our mandate from God.”

This quote comes directly from A21’s website under their “About Us” section. It highlights the fact that while they may have religious beliefs guiding their actions, they are still committed to working with anyone who shares their passion for justice and freedom.

If you’re interested in supporting A21’s cause, there are plenty of ways to get involved. First and foremost, you can donate money or become a monthly partner – both options allow A21 to continue operating on a global scale, rescuing victims and providing them with necessary resources such as medical care and counseling.

However, if you don’t have extra funds to spare right now, you can also volunteer your time or simply spread awareness about the issue at hand. Host a fundraiser event or start conversations with friends about how prevalent human trafficking really is in today’s world (spoiler alert: it happens far more often than many realize).

“Our aim isn’t just rescuing individuals; it’s changing systems so this never has to happen again.”

This statement was made by Christine Caine herself during a TED Talk on human trafficking. It emphasizes that A21’s ultimate goal isn’t just putting a bandaid on the issue – they want to eradicate it completely so that future generations don’t have to face this horrible reality.

In conclusion, while A21 may be rooted in Christianity, their mission is universal. They believe firmly in fighting for justice and freedom for all humans, regardless of race, gender, or religion. So whether you choose to donate funds or simply spread awareness about the cause online, every little bit helps in ending modern-day slavery once and for all.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is A21 founded on Christian values?

Yes, A21 is a faith-based nonprofit organization founded on Christian values. The organization’s mission is to abolish human trafficking and slavery through prevention, protection, prosecution, and partnership. A21’s founders, Christine and Nick Caine, are both Christians who believe that everyone is created equal and that human trafficking is a violation of basic human rights. The organization sees their work as a way to live out their faith by loving and serving others, especially the most vulnerable and marginalized in society.

Does A21 have any affiliation with Christian churches or organizations?

Yes, A21 has partnerships with various Christian churches and organizations around the world. The organization believes that fighting human trafficking requires collaboration and partnership across different sectors and communities. A21 works with local churches to raise awareness about human trafficking and to provide support and care for survivors. The organization also partners with other faith-based and secular organizations to advocate for policy changes and to provide training and resources to law enforcement, healthcare professionals, and other frontline responders.

What role does faith play in the work that A21 does?

Faith plays a significant role in the work that A21 does. The organization sees their work as a calling to love and serve others, especially those who are most vulnerable and marginalized. A21 believes that every person is created in the image of God and deserves to be treated with dignity and respect. The organization’s staff and volunteers are motivated by their faith to work tirelessly to abolish human trafficking and slavery. A21 also provides pastoral care and spiritual support to survivors of trafficking, recognizing that healing and restoration are essential components of the recovery process.

Do A21’s volunteers and staff members need to adhere to any particular religious beliefs?

No, A21’s volunteers and staff members do not need to adhere to any particular religious beliefs. The organization welcomes people from all backgrounds and beliefs who are passionate about ending human trafficking and slavery. A21 believes that everyone has a role to play in creating a world free from exploitation and oppression. The organization values diversity and inclusivity and seeks to build partnerships and collaborations across different communities and sectors.

How does A21’s Christian faith shape their approach to combating human trafficking?

A21’s Christian faith shapes their approach to combating human trafficking in several ways. Firstly, the organization sees their work as an expression of their faith and a way to love and serve others as Jesus did. Secondly, A21 believes that God has called them to seek justice and to defend the oppressed, and that fighting human trafficking is part of that calling. Thirdly, A21 recognizes that the spiritual and emotional needs of survivors are just as important as their physical needs and seeks to provide holistic care and support. Finally, A21 believes that faith communities have a vital role to play in raising awareness about human trafficking and in providing care and support for survivors.

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