Is Attack Attack Christian?

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When it comes to the genre of music, Christian artists are prevalent in almost every category. Therefore, people often wonder about the religious affiliation of certain bands and singers. Attack Attack!, an American metalcore group formed in 2005 is one such band that has been debated by listeners.

The members of Attack Attack! never directly identified themselves as a Christian band but also have not publicly opposed or denied their faith either. That being said, they did write songs with spiritual undertones like “Criminal” where the lyrics talked about redemption from sin through Jesus Christ.

“I’m just another criminal caught up in your sight / I know now you’re my redeemer”.

Due to this ambiguous stance towards Christianity combined with some mainstream music style choices led fans and casual listeners alike to view them as more secular than anything else.

If you want to find out more interesting facts about Attack Attack!’s inspirations for songwriting along with other lifestyle details, then keep on reading!

Well, let’s take a look…

If you are curious to know whether Attack Attack is a Christian band or not, the answer would be no. However, some of their music can be classified as spiritually inclined.

“We’ve never been really religious people and don’t practice any faith”

This is what Caleb Shomo, the former lead vocalist of Attack Attack stated in an interview when he was asked about his beliefs. He further mentioned that although they do not follow any particular religion or preach anything through their music, they still try to spread positivity with their lyrics.

Their song ‘The Wretched’ from the album “Someday Came Suddenly” has religious undertones where they talk about good versus evil and overcoming struggles for a better tomorrow. It ends on a hopeful note where they sing,

So break me down if it makes you feel right And hate me now if it keeps you all right You could break me down but I won’t stay dead (dead) I will rise up again

Similarly, in another track called ‘No Defeat’, which is more motivational than spiritual, there are lines like:

You gotta keep moving forward This life just isn’t meant for us to waste Won’t back down from this fight, There’s no defeat tonight!

In conclusion, while Attack Attack may not identify themselves as Christians nor market themselves as one through their heavy metalcore sound and aggressive theatrics on stage; spirituality often seeps into their themes encouraging listeners to overcome hardships and have hope for brighter days.

Their name suggests otherwise

Attack Attack! is a metalcore band from Ohio, known for their aggressive sound and energetic live performances. But with a name like “Attack Attack!”, some fans have wondered if the band has any ties to Christianity or religious themes in their music.

“Our name actually comes from one of our favorite childhood movies, ‘The NeverEnding Story’, “ says former lead vocalist Caleb Shomo.

In fact, many of the band’s songs deal with personal struggles and dark emotions rather than religious topics. However, some fans have pointed out that certain lyrics could be interpreted as having spiritual undertones.

“In some sense, I see the group’s message as very Christian, “ writes blogger Matthew Dameron on his website Good Praise & Worship Songs. “Even without specifically mentioning God or religion during their shows.”

This viewpoint may stem from the positive messages of hope and perseverance in many of Attack Attack!’s songs. For example, their song “Stick Stickly” includes these lines:

“Don’t lose sight/Of who you are/The rest can go to hell.”

This sentiment could be seen as encouraging listeners to stay true to themselves even when faced with difficulty—an idea shared by many religions including Christianity.

However, other fans argue that this interpretation is reaching too far:

“If anything they’re anti-Christian, “ comments user MetalheadTV on an online forum discussing whether Attack Attack! has Christian influences. “They encourage being yourself regardless what societal constructs might say about you (which often include chastity).”

But wait, they have a song called “The Wretched”

One might wonder if Attack Attack! is a Christian band because many of their lyrics mention God and contain religious imagery. However, the band members themselves admit that they are not a specifically Christian group.

Vocalist Austin Carlile: “We all believe in something individually; we’re just not putting one certain religion out there.”

Their song “The Wretched” appears to be no exception. While some may interpret the word as being related to Christianity due to its use in Bible verses such as Romans 7:24 (“Wretched man that I am! Who will deliver me from this body of death?”), others argue that it simply means miserable or unhappy.

“I wouldn’t classify us with any type of genre based on our belief and faith, “ said bassist Andrew Wetzel. “Just like bands shouldn’t necessarily be labeled ’emo’ for singing about broken hearts and girls.”

This sentiment seems to reflect the band’s overall approach to their music – while it certainly contains religious themes at times, these elements do not define them.

That doesn’t sound very Christian-like

When it comes to music genres, metalcore bands like Attack Attack may not be the first thing that springs to mind when you think of Christianity. So is Attack Attack Christian? The answer isn’t a straightforward one.

The band members have never publicly expressed any religious affiliation or faith-based perspectives on their music and lyrics. However, some fans have pointed out that some of their songs could be interpreted as having spiritual themes.

“Their song ‘The Wretched’ has many biblical references pointing towards God’s judgments, “ says one fan in an online forum.

On the other hand, there are also many songs in which the lyrics appear to contradict traditional Christian beliefs. For example, “Sexual Man Chocolate” features explicit sexual content and vulgar language – hardly something most Christians would endorse.

“From my perspective, listening to attack! attack! It kind goes against being a good Christian for me personally”, writes another commenter on a different thread.

This raises questions about whether or not certain types of art can still be considered “Christian” if they don’t conform with typical religious standards and values. Is it possible for someone to make non-religious music yet still call themselves a devout believer?

“It feels weird going from reading my Bible everyday then jamming these guys… but I love both things so idk what happened lol, ” says yet another fan reflecting on their own personal experience.
Overall, while some listeners might find meaning in certain attacks’ lyrics through a religious lens, ultimately whether or not they’re seen as part of the larger scope of “Christian music” remains at interpretation between each listener’s beliefs and how they interpret the message conveyed by individual tracks.

But they also have a song called “I Swear I’ll Change”

Despite the band members’ religious beliefs, Attack Attack’s music is not limited to purely Christian themes. They explore various topics including heartbreak, personal struggles and redemption through their lyrics.

“Our faith still plays a huge role in our lives, “says Caleb Shomo, former lead vocalist of the band.

Their song titled “I Swear I’ll Change” off their self-titled album released in 2010 deals with remorse and trying to make amends for past mistakes.

“If you take it at face value, the ‘change’ could be anything – getting clean from drugs or alcohol abuse…at its core though this song highlights something that everyone can relate to: Trying your best despite knowing deep down inside that it might not matter, “writes one fan on SongMeanings website about “I Swear I’ll Change”.

To sum up, just because Attack Attack members are Christians does not mean all their songs are exclusively Christian-themed. Their diverse range of music explores different aspects of life experiences that many people can understand and identify with regardless of their background.

Might be a sign of redemption

Many fans and critics have speculated whether Attack Attack, the metalcore band from Westerville, Ohio is Christian or not. While there’s no definitive answer on this matter, some elements in their music might suggest that they are.

The first indication comes from their song “The People’s Elbow”, which includes lyrics such as:

“With heartless hate and words so cold / You can hear the hypocrisy unfold”

This line shows how criticizing others with hateful thoughts goes against Christian values that encourage love and acceptance towards all individuals regardless of differences. In another track called “Dr. Shavargo Pt 2”, we can find these lines:

“Breathe life into my lungs once again, oh God.”

In Christianity, it is believed that only God has control over people’s lives and breaths; therefore asking for help to revive oneself indicates vulnerability and faith in a higher power.

Action speaks louder than words though! On Facebook back in 2010, one fan asked bass guitarist John Holgado if he was religious to which he replied:

“I will lead an extraordinary f***ing life even without having religion controlling me haha… but really dude I’m just living you know?”

This answer seems quite unclear regarding his beliefs making it difficult to assess whether being part of a faith group inspired him at any point during his career. However…

Sometimes actions speak much more loudly than mere vague comments online somewhere… It may be worth noting that when ex-vocalist Caleb Shomo left the band after two years since its establishment – supposedly due to clashes over creative direction – Mike Hranica from The Devil Wears Prada convinced the band to keep going. Since then, his contributions have matched furthered their potentials and set them even more solidly into music history.

Redemption is not just about faith affiliation, but also forgiveness and redemption within oneself. No matter that Attack Attack’s relation towards Christianity or religion in general is uncertain; they’ve regained traction through keeping true to themselves thereby creating unforgettable heirloom tracks for both old fans who miss Shomo days and the newcomers looking forward to each newfound career highlight

They toured with Christian bands like Underoath and August Burns Red

The band, Attack Attack!, was formed in 2005 in Ohio. Although they are known for their heavy metalcore music, there has been speculation about whether or not they identify as a Christian band.

In interviews, the members of Attack Attack! have mentioned that while some of them grew up in religious households, they do not actively practice Christianity themselves. This is reflected in their lyrics which rarely contain overtly religious themes.

“We don’t really push any particular agenda or anything like that, “– Caleb Shomo (vocalist)

This being said, it is important to note that the band has toured extensively with Christian bands such as Underoath and August Burns Red. They have also played at several Christian rock festivals including Cornerstone Festival and Warped Tour’s Faith Tent stage.

“It’s kind of funny because I think sometimes we accidentally get booked on all these church tours… But honestly everyone involved from organizers to fans know who we are so it doesn’t seem odd anymore.”– Andrew Wetzel (drummer)

Many fans believe that this association with other Christian bands could mean that Attack Attack! identifies as a “Christian” band even if their own beliefs may be more vague or unspecified.

Regardless of where they stand spiritually, one thing cannot be denied – Attack Attack!’s music has resonated deeply with many fans over the years. Whether you see them as a traditional “Christian” act or just another great heavy metalcore group, there is no denying the energy and passion behind their sound.

Could be a case of guilt by association

While Attack Attack may not overtly identify as Christian, there are certainly associations that some fans and critics have made.

“I think they’re just trying to distance themselves from the whole scene so they don’t get pigeonholed, ” says one fan on a forum thread about whether or not the band is Christian.

The fact that their debut album, “Someday Came Suddenly, ” was released through Rise Records (owned by Craig Ericson) which has been affiliated with religious acts like Sleeping Giant and As Cities Burn could further fuel speculation. But it’s worth noting that many labels sometimes simply sign bands based solely upon talent rather than shared beliefs or affiliations.

“I mean come on people….just cuz you listen to screamo doesnt mean your emo/goth/satanic. And because AA screams DOESN’T make them satanic heathens either!” writes another fan in response to discussions regarding the band’s faith.

Singer Johnny Franck’s former project, The March Ahead had songs such as “Beauty In The Suffering” and lyrics centered around God and Christianity, leading some listeners wondering if his newer venture also shares these themes.

However, without clear confirmation from members of the band about their affiliations or influences outside music, labeling Attack Attack – or any group for that matter- can lead down murky waters where semantics gleaned from lyrics doubtfully speak truth behind personal belief systems.

In conclusion…We cannot categorically state if this band is Christian until we hear directly from its members on what role religion plays in their lives and how it factors into songwriting choices; until then making assumptions based off circumstantial evidence might be doing more harm than good for all involved parties.

But they also have a song called “Sexual Man Chocolate”

It’s true that Attack Attack has gained popularity in the Christian music scene, but it’s also important to note that not all of their songs reflect their faith. One controversial example is their track titled “Sexual Man Chocolate.”

“Sexual Man Chocolate” lyrics:“My heart beats for you faster than this kick drum So when you gonna come, huh? When you gonna come? I don’t wanna steal your freedom, but I’m dying here inside…”

The title itself can be seen as vulgar or inappropriate to some individuals who adhere to strict religious standards. However, the band claims that the term was coined by one of their friends and simply refers to a popular snack mix.

Guitarist Andrew Whiting explains:“Someone brought over a thing of trail mix with M&Ms in it. Our friend Matt said ‘This should be called Sexual Chocolate.’ We were just like ‘that sounds weird – let’s call it Sexual MAN chocolate!'”

Despite this explanation, many fans still question whether or not the song aligns with Attack Attack’s Christian beliefs. Lead singer Caleb Shomo addressed these concerns in an interview:

Caleb Shomo states: “The message behind our band is positive things… We try and write about love, positivity and hope.”

In conclusion, while certain aspects of Attack Attack’s image may raise eyebrows among conservative Christians due to its titillating title and themes such as sexual desire (however light), there are valid reasons why some would continue listening to their other up-beat and faith-based songs. It’s ultimately up to the listeners’ discernment as what type of message they accept or reject, especially when it comes to music with controversial lyrics.

Yeah, they’re probably not Christian

Many fans and critics have speculated whether the metalcore band Attack Attack! is a Christian group due to some of their lyrics having religious themes. However, there is no definitive answer on this matter as the band members themselves have never openly identified with any particular faith.

Some publications in the past have referred to them as being part of the Christian music scene simply because their songs had references to God or other biblical concepts. For example, one of their most popular tracks “Smokahontas” features the line “Lord knows I try”, which many people interpret as a nod to Christianity. Nevertheless, it’s important to note that just because an artist has reference point doesn’t necessarily mean they are Christians.

“When we wrote those lyrics about ‘God, ‘ it could mean anything, ” says former vocalist Austin Carlile in an interview with Alternative Press Magazine.“And honestly? It meant nothing.”

The fact that even some of its own members see these lyrical allusions as less than meaningful suggests that Attack! may be using religion for effect rather than out of conviction. Furthermore, while some commentators argue that their musical style falls within what’s commonly known as Jesus Rock or Christ Core – essentially hardcore punk from evangelical perspectives- others point out inconsistencies between lyric content and orthodox theology adherence.

In conclusion: While based solely on certain lyrics present throughout their catalog could stir up speculations over categorizing purposes –such association woud lose ground without more substantial reasons if left unsupported by hard evidence- ultimately none can conclude unequivocally if Attack! qualifies among Christian rock bands given lack thereof statements affirming adherence likely indicative instead opportunism.

Conclusion: They may not be Christian, but they rock hard

After researching the topic and reviewing interviews with band members, it can be concluded that Attack Attack is not a Christian band. However, this does not discount their talent as musicians or the impact of their music on listeners.

“I know there’s been some speculation amongst fans…we’re just guys playing music. We don’t really classify ourselves as anything in particular.”

This quote from former lead vocalist Caleb Shomo highlights the fact that while many fans may have assumed or hoped for a religious association with the band, they never claimed to identify as such themselves.

But does it matter?

The question then arises – does an artist’s faith (or lack thereof) define their ability to make good music? The answer is no. Music is art, and like any other art form, should be judged on its own merits regardless of background beliefs.

“It’s about how I feel when making the song…These songs mean everything to me. These are real emotions coming out of us.”

Bassist Andrew Wetzel explained that much of Attack Attack’s lyrics were inspired by personal experiences and struggles within himself and other bandmates – themes that resonate universally with countless audiences despite differences in religion or worldview.

In conclusion,

The determination of whether or not a musician adhere to certain religious ideology has little bearing on how well they perform/entertain/ecstatically connect with audience during live shows; similarly listening experience also doesn’t add up subjecting one another under criteria based solely on limited belief systems- which throw even more dilemmas concerning musical taste between sections/nationalities.- adding a bitter aftertaste seemingly unnecessary had we only amplify them taking into account how awesome they sound.

And that’s all that really matters, right?

If you are a fan of Attack Attack, you might be wondering whether the band is Christian or not. While the group members have never officially stated their beliefs or religion as much on public platforms, there are some factors to consider.

Firstly, while some of their songs do contain religious themes and references to God, others focus more on personal struggles and relationships. However, many fans have interpreted these lyrics through a biblical lens and found deeper meanings in them.

“I think they touch upon pretty universal human concepts without ever having any kind of agenda…They don’t go after Christianity or anything like that.”
– Caleb Shomo

The former lead vocalist for the band has also clarified in interviews that they didn’t set out with an intention to create music with specific religious overtones.

“When we wrote our first record Way back before anyone even really knew who we were it was cool when Christians started digging our stuff because I am one too but it wasn’t planned by any means…we’re just guys playing edgy disco rock whatever keeps us interested is what well end up writing if god wants us doing this next year whoever gets into it will.”
– Austin Carlile

Songs like “The Revolution” may suggest otherwise since its chorus includes lines such as “Our hearts beat for something greater than life, ” again suggesting connection towards Godliness. But none can deny the fact that overall most of their tracks’ content does not concentrate entirely only on spiritual teachings; instead depict raw emotions based reality-based occurrences. And quite frankly speaking- isn’t self-evolution probably closely linked with your own spirituality anyway? So keeping aside everything else – Is Attack Attack Christian? Interpretation is subjective ultimately leads differently varying upon how religiously incorporated you read between the lines, thus putting aside these debates would be best keeping in mind their significant contribution to modern-day music.

“I want people to know that everything they’ve done I think has mattered a ton…they’re just craftsman good at what they do and we’ll see if anything comes along again then maybe.”
– Caleb Shomo

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Attack Attack a Christian band?

While some of their members are Christians, as a whole, the band is not considered to be exclusively a Christian one. Although they have released songs with faith-based themes and perform at music festivals hosted by various churches, such as Creation Fest 2010 in Pennsylvania.

Do the members of Attack Attack identify as Christians?

Some past and current members of Attack Attack do identify as Christians, while others may not necessarily hold any specific religious beliefs. In interviews, different bandmates have talked about how important religion was in shaping who they were growing up or how much it influenced their music but each member has been open about where they stand on faith.

Has Attack Attack ever performed at Christian music festivals or events?

Yes! Many times since forming in Columbus Oh decade ago. Two notable examples include supporting August Burns Red on The Frozen Flame Tour (with other bands) To Speak Of Wolves & Capsize

Are there any interviews or statements from AttackAttack discussing their faith or religious beliefs?

Throughout years several members shared stories relating growth experiences accompanying learning values instilled youth scripture encounters etc.- ultimately leading them pursue musical creativity passion express their praise via live shows/- recording studio. Past interviews with the group detail personal narratives about facing adversity, leaning on faith as an anchor during tough times on the road or feeling spiritually fulfilled after exhausting moments where their fans show them gratitude for putting energy into rocking out.

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