Is Christian Nodal and Belinda’s Relationship Still Going Strong? Discover the Truth Here

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Christian Nodal and Belinda’s relationship has been making headlines since they went public with their romance in 2020. Their love story has captured the hearts of many fans, and their PDA-filled social media posts have only fueled speculation about the status of their relationship.

Despite the public attention, the couple has managed to keep their private life out of the spotlight. However, rumors have been swirling that the couple has hit a rough patch, and fans are wondering whether they are still together.

In this article, we will take a closer look at Christian Nodal and Belinda’s relationship and explore whether their love story is still going strong. We will highlight the beginning of their romance, examine controversies surrounding their relationship, and reveal the truth about whether they are still together.

If you’re a fan of the couple or just curious about the latest celebrity relationship gossip, keep reading to discover the truth about Christian Nodal and Belinda’s love story.

The Beginning of Their Love Story

Christian Nodal and Belinda first met in 2019 when they both served as judges on the Mexican singing competition show, “La Voz.” However, it wasn’t until a year later that sparks began to fly between the two.

During a concert in August 2020, Nodal surprised Belinda with a mariachi band performance of her song “Amor a Primera Vista” (Love at First Sight), and the two shared a passionate kiss on stage. The moment quickly went viral, and the couple confirmed their relationship soon after.

Their Social Media Love Affair

The couple quickly became known for their social media displays of affection, regularly posting sweet messages and photos of each other. Belinda even posted a photo of a tattoo on her arm that she got of Nodal’s name, further solidifying their commitment to each other.

The Proposal Controversy

Despite the apparent love and commitment between the two, their relationship was not without controversy. In May 2021, Nodal proposed to Belinda with a massive diamond ring, and the moment was captured on social media. However, some fans accused the couple of staging the proposal for publicity, as the moment coincided with the release of their new song, “Botella Tras Botella.”

Others criticized the size and extravagance of the ring, which some estimated to be worth over $2 million. However, the couple has since defended their love and denied the accusations of staging the proposal.

Are They Still Together?

  • Despite the controversies and rumors surrounding their relationship, Christian Nodal and Belinda are still going strong.
  • The couple has continued to post sweet messages and photos of each other on social media, and they have been spotted together at various public events.
  • While they have faced some challenges, it seems that their love is still thriving.

If you’re a fan of Christian Nodal and Belinda’s love story or just curious about celebrity relationships, stay tuned for more updates on this adorable couple.

Highlights of Their Relationship

Christian Nodal and Belinda have captured the attention of fans and the media since they confirmed their relationship in 2020. Here are some highlights of their relationship so far:

First and foremost, the couple seems to be head over heels in love with each other. They have been vocal about their love and support for one another on social media and in interviews.

Music Collaborations

  • Christian and Belinda have collaborated on music together. They released the single “Si Nos Dejan” in June 2021, which received positive reviews from fans and critics alike. Their music video has garnered millions of views on YouTube.
  • The couple has also performed together on stage, including at the Premios Juventud awards show in July 2021.

Traveling the World

  • Christian and Belinda have traveled to many different countries together, including Mexico, Spain, and the United States.
  • They have shared many photos of their adventures on social media, showcasing their love for each other and their passion for exploring new places.


  • Rumors of an engagement have been circulating since Christian Nodal shared a photo of Belinda wearing a diamond ring on her left hand in May 2021.
  • Although the couple has not officially confirmed their engagement, they have both expressed their desire to get married in the future.

Overall, Christian Nodal and Belinda’s relationship appears to be going strong. Fans are eagerly awaiting news of their next music collaboration and possible engagement announcement.

Controversies Surrounding Their Love

Despite the seemingly perfect love story between John and Jane, their relationship has not been without its controversies. One of the main controversies surrounding their love was their age difference. Jane was considerably younger than John, which raised eyebrows among their friends and family. Some even questioned John’s intentions and whether he was taking advantage of Jane’s youth and naivety.

Another controversy surrounding their love was their different cultural backgrounds. John came from a conservative family with strict traditional values, while Jane came from a liberal family that embraced modern values. This often caused clashes between them and led to misunderstandings, especially when it came to important life decisions like marriage and children.

Age Difference

  • Some saw John as taking advantage of Jane’s youth and naivety.
  • Others believed that age is just a number and true love knows no bounds.
  • There were also concerns about the power dynamic in their relationship, with John being older and more experienced.

Cultural Differences

  • John’s conservative values clashed with Jane’s more liberal views.
  • They often had misunderstandings and arguments about important life decisions.
  • However, they both worked hard to understand each other’s backgrounds and compromise when necessary.

Public Scrutiny

Their relationship was not only scrutinized by their friends and family, but also by the public eye. As their love story gained more attention, some people on social media criticized them for various reasons, including their age difference and cultural backgrounds. However, John and Jane remained committed to each other and did not let the negative comments affect their relationship.

Are They Still Together?

After years of rumors and speculation about their relationship, many fans are still curious about the status of the love between the two. While both have been relatively private about their personal lives, there have been a few clues over the years that suggest they might still be together.

Despite the rumors of breakups and makeups, the couple has never officially confirmed their relationship status. However, they have been spotted together in public several times over the years, and some fans believe that they are still very much in love.

The Evidence

  • One of the most compelling pieces of evidence that suggests the two are still together is their social media activity. While they don’t post photos of each other very often, they have been known to like and comment on each other’s posts, which many fans believe is a sign of their continued love.
  • Another clue that suggests they are still together is their habit of wearing matching jewelry. Both the couple have been spotted wearing identical bracelets and necklaces over the years, which some fans believe is a symbol of their enduring love for each other.

The Denials

Despite the evidence that suggests they are still together, there have been some denials from the couple themselves. In interviews, they have both been asked about their relationship status, and they have consistently refused to confirm or deny whether they are still together.

Some fans believe that the denials are just a way for the couple to protect their privacy and keep their relationship out of the public eye. Others believe that the denials are a sign that they have broken up and are trying to move on with their lives separately.

The Conclusion

So, are the two still together? The truth is, no one knows for sure except for the couple themselves. While there have been some clues that suggest they are still in love, there have also been denials and rumors of breakups.

Ultimately, it’s up to the couple to decide whether they want to share their relationship status with the public. Until then, fans will just have to keep speculating and hoping that the two are still together and happy.

What’s Next for Christian Nodal and Belinda?

Christian Nodal and Belinda have been the talk of the town since they announced their relationship in 2020. Fans have been following their love story closely, from their first public appearance together to their engagement in May 202But now that the couple is engaged, what’s next for them?

Many are wondering if the couple has set a date for their wedding. While they haven’t made any official announcement, sources close to the couple have hinted that they might tie the knot in 202The couple has been spotted touring wedding venues in Mexico, fueling speculation that the big day might be coming soon.


  • Christian Nodal and Belinda are both successful musicians, and fans are eagerly waiting for a collaboration between the two. The couple has teased that they might work on a project together, but nothing has been confirmed yet.
  • Some fans speculate that their relationship might affect their individual careers negatively. However, others believe that their relationship could actually boost their popularity and success.

Their Future Together

Many are curious about what the future holds for Christian Nodal and Belinda. The couple seems to be very much in love and has been very open about their relationship. Fans are hopeful that their love will continue to grow and that they will have a long and happy life together.

Their Personal Lives

  • Belinda has been very vocal about her desire to start a family, but it’s unclear if the couple has plans to have children anytime soon. However, sources have reported that the couple is already discussing the possibility of having kids.
  • Christian Nodal has been very open about his struggles with anxiety and depression. Fans are hoping that Belinda will be a positive influence on him and that their relationship will help him overcome his mental health challenges.

Overall, the future looks bright for Christian Nodal and Belinda. With their engagement, possible wedding, and collaborations, fans are eagerly awaiting what’s next for the couple. They are undoubtedly one of the most talked-about couples in the entertainment industry right now, and their fans can’t wait to see what the future holds for them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Christian Nodal still with Belinda?

Yes, Christian Nodal is still in a relationship with Belinda. The couple has been together for over a year and frequently shares their love for each other on social media.

Are Christian Nodal and Belinda engaged?

As of now, there has been no official announcement regarding Christian Nodal and Belinda’s engagement. However, the couple has been open about their desire to get married in the future.

Have Christian Nodal and Belinda broken up before?

There have been rumors in the past about Christian Nodal and Belinda breaking up, but those rumors were never confirmed. The couple has remained together and appears to be going strong.

When did Christian Nodal and Belinda start dating?

Christian Nodal and Belinda started dating in August 2020. They first met while working on the Mexican reality show “La Voz.”

What do Christian Nodal and Belinda have in common?

Christian Nodal and Belinda both have successful music careers in Mexico and are passionate about their culture. They also share a love for fashion and frequently attend events together.

Are Christian Nodal and Belinda planning on collaborating on a music project together?

There has been no official announcement regarding Christian Nodal and Belinda collaborating on a music project together. However, the couple has been supportive of each other’s music careers and has performed each other’s songs in the past.

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