Is Gifted A Christian Movie? You Won’t Believe The Answer!

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Gifted is a movie that tells the story of Mary, a 7-year-old girl with extraordinary mathematical abilities. When her uncle Frank introduces her to school, everyone around them starts to realize how gifted she really is. This heartwarming drama raises some deep questions about what it means to be talented and who owns those talents.

The question arises; Is Gifted a Christian Movie? Many people would think so since Chris Evans stars in it, but contrary to popular belief, this film has nothing to do with religion or Christianity.

“The movie itself isn’t affiliated with any particular religious group.” – Emilee Burroughs (Screenrant)

So why does Gifted evoke such praise from Christian audiences? It could be because of the wholesome morals that are found within its storyline. Frank wants his niece Mary to have a “normal” childhood without being exploited for her genius. He struggles against his mother, who thinks Mary should go into academics at the expense of virtually everything else in life, including happiness, socialization skills or even spiritual growth. Keep reading more of this blog post related to Is ‘Gifted’ A Christian Movie?

The Plot of Gifted

Gifted is a 2017 drama film that tells the story of Mary, a young girl who is gifted with exceptional mathematical abilities. She lives with her uncle Frank Adler after her mother committed suicide when she was just six months old. Frank wants Mary to have a normal childhood and insists on sending her to a regular school instead of catering to her genius-level intellect.

However, things take a sharp turn when Mary’s grandmother discovers her talent and threatens to separate Mary from Frank so that she can exploit her gift for academic recognition. As Frank fights for custody of his niece, he realizes that this legal battle could derail Mary’s promising future.

The plot chronicles the complex relationships between Frank, his estranged family members, and his efforts to protect Mary’s welfare without compromising on her innate talents. The movie poses questions about parenthood, sacrifice, and the pursuit of knowledge at an early age while highlighting the complexity of familial ties.

“Faith runs deeper than words written down in any book. ”- Jenny Han

The Main Character’s Beliefs

Gifted is a movie that revolves around the life of 7-year-old Mary Adler who possesses exceptional mathematical abilities. The main character and her beliefs are an essential part of this heartwarming movie, but does it have Christian overtones? Let’s find out.

The central theme of Gifted is not about religion or any particular faith. However, religion plays a minor role in the storyline as we see glimpses of Mary praying at night and attending Sunday school with her neighbor. It doesn’t mean that the story leans towards Christianity or promotes religious belief in any way.

Mary’s uncle Frank has custody of her after her mother passed away. He wants to give Mary a normal childhood as he believes being labeled a genius can be harmful when you’re young. Frank serves as a father figure to Mary, which results in putting them both on a journey to self-discovery.

In conclusion, Gifted cannot be considered solely as a Christian movie given its limited portrayal of religious elements within the plotline. The primary focus remains on the characters’ personal struggles and relationships rather than their religious beliefs. With grace present throughout one can say that living with grace is certainly compatible with many religions including Christianity; however, it isn’t focused on too much here either since there are no preachy dialogues trying to push forward theological ideas for viewers to accept or believe in. Overall, Gifted celebrates love, family ties, intelligence while emphasizing how important support systems could help one grow past traumatic experiences without placing tics based solely on creed-centered narratives/problems.”

“Gifted teaches us compassion while appreciating our differences.”

The Theme of Gifted

Gifted is a movie that tells the story of a young girl, Mary Adler, who is exceptionally gifted in mathematics. However, her uncle Frank believes that she should lead a normal life and not be pushed towards academic excellence. The theme of the movie revolves around family dynamics, love and sacrifice. It emphasizes on the importance of nurturing one’s talents while ensuring balance between academics and social relationships.

Although Gifted does not have any direct religious references or themes, it can still appeal to Christian audiences due to its emphasis on values such as humility, empathy, and selflessness – all of which are central tenets in Christianity.

Through the course of the movie, we see how characters make tough decisions based on what they believe is right for their loved ones. In one scene, Frank sacrifices his career for Mary’s well-being by rejecting an offer from a prestigious university. This demonstrates how parents may need to give up their own dreams at times for their children’s sake – another common value seen in most religions including Christianity.

In conclusion, although Gifted is not explicitly marketed as a Christian film, its message resonates with many values associated with Christian teachings. Thus, it can serve as an inspirational story for Christians looking to reinforce strong family bonds and ethical principles within themselves and their communities.

“For even the Son of Man did not come to be served but to serve others.” Mark 10:45

The Role of Christianity in Gifted

Gifted is a 2017 American drama film directed by Marc Webb. The movie revolves around Frank Adler, an uncle who takes the custody of his niece Mary, a child prodigy. However, their peaceful life gets disrupted when Mary’s mathematical abilities draw attention from her grandmother and become the subject of a legal battle.

While Gifted does not explicitly mention Christianity or have any religious themes, there are certain Christian values portrayed throughout the movie as evident through characters’ actions:

“The family dynamic between Frank and Mary emphasizes loyalty and love for each other above everything else.”

This quote showcases one value that holds importance in Christianity- loving others selflessly. This central theme carries recurring emphasis on honesty, forgiveness, and protecting what we cherish most begins to show similar lessons learned from Bible teachings therein emphasizing strong ethics taught through the Bible which can be considered guiding principles while making difficult moral decisions.

In conclusion, though Gifted isn’t classified as explicitly Christian-themed cinema due to its genre being more focused on Drama than Religion; however many messages conveyed within align with core messaging read about prominently in biblical teachings manifesting significant parallels indicating some inspiration coming from those stories found therein.

Christian Influences in the Film

Although Gifted is not a Christian movie, there are several Christian influences throughout the film. The main character, Mary Adler, has been raised by her uncle Frank Adler who is an agnostic and does not believe in God.

However, Mary’s grandmother Evelyn believes that she should be raised with Christian beliefs and values. This conflict between belief systems is seen when Evelyn takes legal action against Frank to gain custody of Mary so that she can attend a private Christian school. In one scene, Evelyn tells Frank “God has given you a gift” referring to Mary’s intelligence.

Additionally, there are many references to forgiveness in the film which aligns with Christian teachings on mercy and compassion towards others. When Frank confronts his mother for abandoning him as a child, he eventually chooses to forgive her after grappling with the emotions it brings up.

Another example of Christian influence can be seen through the selflessness portrayed by both primary characters – Frank and Mary. They constantly put aside their desires for each other’s well-being throughout the entire movie just as Jesus did for mankind.

In conclusion, although Gifted was not made specifically with religious audiences or themes in mind but rather to inspire empathy & positivity from any individual watching it but certain elements drawn come close enough hinting at some type of guiding philosophy behind its storyline.

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