Online Christian Homeschooling

Why choose online Christian homeschooling for middle school and high school students?  Primarily, because the public education system is going online.  Kids today are much more technically savvy then we were as children.  Show a 2 year old a cell phone, and they can dial, take a picture and post it for you!  Online homeschool benefits students today in our changing world.  Kids today have proven to excel with online classes, remembering far more than with text book courses and exams.  The online homeschool curriculum programs today are ever changing, and highly challenging!

If you homeschool your children, or have considered taking them out of a corrupt and poorly run public school system, consider as your partner in online Christian homeschooling.   CEA takes the guesswork out of homeschooling for grades 4-12th.  Most online Christian homeschool programs are fully accredited, giving your child a college preparatory transcript accepted by colleges and universities nationwide.

By using Christian Educators Academy’s accredited online curriculum program, parents no longer have to worry about obtaining teaching credentials, grading assignments or even creating homeschooling curriculums.  Online homeschool programs today meet state and national standards, and have Christian teachers gifted in individual subject area, giving your child the greatest opportunity for success for high school and beyond.

Online Christian homeschooling now means students have full access to over 100 online courses, including college preparatory, honors and even Advanced Placement courses, taught by highly qualified professional teachers.  Homeschooling online allows students to homeschool year-round, taking up-to 6 courses at a time.  Online classes offer flexible, fully online curriculum that allows students to work from home at their own pace, parents can control how much involvement they would like to have in their child’s education.

Choosing to homeschool online with an accredited school guarantees your child’s transcript will be transferrable to colleges and universities when the time comes.  Today, colleges are become much more strict about the “homeschool'” transcript, and may require students to take unnecessary SAT II exams by subject.  While choosing to teach your child in the home environment, have confidence that all your efforts will yield good fruit, and a transcript worthy of the work put into it!

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