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Online high school:  A growing trend in all 50 states

In most states, more and more students are struggling with the antiquated traditional public school high school system.  That is why online high school has become a growing trend for junior high and high school students.  Students are bogged down with an unusual amount of homework due to the overcrowded class instruction and are often bored or frustrated with the workload.  Gifted students, or students who are academically strong are exasperated because they are and held back by the rest of the class. A growing number of academically talented teens, as well as the average child are now enrolling in online high schools.  Online high school choices can meet a variety of student needs. The assignments are challenging, yet not overwhelming, the teachers are exceptional, and the transcripts and diplomas are fully accredited for college acceptance.

What to Look For in an Online High School

When selecting an online high school for your teen, make sure the program is regionally accredited by an agency such as Advanc-ED.  Proper accreditation will ensure that the online high school is genuine and the credits will transfer to any school of your choice.

online high school curriculum is a particularly important decision for teens. Make sure the school you select has a solid college-prep curriculum and, if possible, several honors and AP classes. Some online high school selections, such as even allow students to take college-level courses from online universities.  Thus, students earn dual enrollment credits as well. If your child has a special talent, consider selecting a school that focuses on these strengths.

After enrolling your child in online high school, be sure to monitor his progress on a weekly basis.  While online high schools focus on academics as well as encouraging students to be disciplined, your child will still need support and oversight. Sometimes, kids at this age become overwhelmed with a the challenging course load of online high school classes.

Every year more teens choose to study through an online high school. There are many reasons to transition from a brick-and-mortar programs for online learning.  These are just a few:


  1. Online high school classes may help your child earn credits faster, or make up missing credits.
  2. An accredited school may help your child get ahead and graduate early, with an advanced diploma.
  3. Online schools often provide flexibility for students, offering year-round classes.
  4. Online schools offer 24/7 access to courses, and excellent teacher response times.
  5. Online high school students allow students to get away from the failing public school system, avoiding bullying and other negative peer pressure.
  6. Online high school students work at their own pace, in their own home.
  7. Online classes allow students to focus on academics and avoid social distractions.

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