Online high schools prepare students for college

There are two primary aspects of college life students must be aware of before embarking on an advanced educational journey: The first being academic successful with college preparatory classes, the second is learning time management skills expected on a college level. At Christian Educators Academy, one of the top-rated online high schools today, graduates have given written testimonies to the success of our online school.  Online high schools prepare students for college in many ways.


  1. Academic Success:

Study Skills: Online high school classes instill excellent study skills to prepare students for college. As an online high school student, CEA encourages students to get in the habit of studying and taking notes on a regular basis. “Studying” can mean re-reading lessons presented, completing a study guide or taking good notes on materials presented. Online high schools prepare students for college by offering SAT type test questions on computer scored testing and diagnostic testing. Practicing test taking skills sharpens study skills, by teaching students what types of questions may be asked to prove mastery in a subject.


Research: online high schools prepare students for college by regularly requiring students to be able to compose well-written essays, as well as developing research papers that are properly documented. In order to write these types of paper, students must have experience with developing thesis statements, writing outlines, taking notes, citing resources, using correct grammar and walking through the revision process. Students must know how to take notes as they read for research. In order to prevent plagiarism, students should always reword any notes right away, so they are not tempted to use someone else’s words in their document. Students should also learn how to document all of their research using correct the format to cite any resources used.


Reading skills: Students who want to be prepared for college-level reading should be reading all the time. Online classes require students to be online a minimum of 3 hours a week in every subject. Each course presents a variety of reading materials, from novel excerpts, to textbook materials, and well-written documents. For college success, students must learn how to read for comprehension as well as retention. The reading load in college is much greater than the reading load in a traditional high school, but with online classes, students often read at a college level as early as 10th grade. Students who have not practiced reading large amounts quickly will have a difficult time managing the workload of college reading requirements.


  1. Time Management Skills

This is perhaps one of the greatest advantages of online high schools. At CEA, we teach students to choose their priorities One of the hardest management skill for college readiness is prioritization . With CEA’s online learning program, students are given study guides to help them consider questions that may be important for each activity and quiz on their schedule. With our Apex curriculum, students are given a weekly schedule, which we often find better than daily schedules. Knowing what needs to be done within the week, allows students to learn how to plan.


How do online high schools prepare students for college in the time management area?

Most online high school students say that learning how to find academic resources online before attending a college is valuable. These same students recognize the importance for their college careers of being able to plan and coordinate group tasks using calendars, scheduling and discussion applications. Students learn to develop a daily to-do list, follow weekly calendars and adhere to assignment deadlines. They learn to use their time wisely in completing assignments. Most importantly, students learn to set goals that are realistic, not ones that may set them up for failure.

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