Online Homeschooling Success & The Parents Role

There are many ways that parents can help a child succeed when enrolled online homeschooling. From providing the appropriate equipment, to ensuring proper time and space for the child to finish assignments, to following up with instructors to be sure the child is on the right track and completing lessons in a timely manner, parent play a crucial part in their child’s online homeschooling success.

Once parents have made the important decision to enroll their child in online homeschooling, one of the first steps is to be sure that the child has access to a high speed online connection and a computer or laptop that is in good working order. Because all of the assignments are done online, this is a basic but important part of the online homeschooling equation. Doing research, watching videos, and participating in online chat sessions with instructors and fellow students can be both difficult and frustrating if the connection is slow or if the computer equipment is not working properly.

Another important role parents play in online homeschooling is ensuring that the child has allotted adequate time to complete assignments by their due dates and that the child has a good, clean, well-lit workspace to do the assignments in. One of the benefits of online homeschooling is having a flexible schedule so children can experience life besides just sitting in front of a computer, but most children also benefit from having some structure, and studies have shown that many children learn and retain information better if they are doing it in a structured, repeatable location and method. Routines also help children learn self-discipline and give them a sense of security. The self-discipline and feeling of security learned during online homeschooling are important traits that most children will retain into adulthood.

While allowing children to develop and learn at their own pace is one of the benefits of online homeschooling, it is also important for parents to communicate with both instructors and child to be sure that the child is progressing through their lessons at the appropriate pace. By checking in with their child’s instructors regularly, parents can be notified if their child needs extra help with a certain area or subject, or if a particular type of task needs more practice. In addition, instructors can let parents know when a child excels in a specific area, so parents can encourage their child to develop skills or talents that they may not have focused on before.

While online homeschooling can allow many freedoms that traditional schooling may not afford, it is important for parents to still be active and involved in their children’s lives. By providing the appropriate technology, ensuring proper time and space to complete lessons and assignments, and keeping lines of communication open between the instructors and the child, parents can play a crucial role in their child’s online homeschooling success.

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