Accredited Courses

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Christian Educators Academy is pleased to offer accredited online highschool courses from two of the leading providers of online high school curriculum.  Both curricula have received prestigious awards, and are well received by colleges and universities across the U.S.  Both curricula are recognized by AdvancED, the same organization which accredits Christian Educators Academy.

In addition, we supplement our core curriculum with science courses from Apologia, Language courses from Rosetta Stone, and book-based Bible Study courses.

General Information about our accredited online courses

How we choose our online curriculum
Our objective is to ensure that all our students have unlimited opportunities when they graduate from our online school. That is why we offer only the very best, accredited, college preparatory curriculum.
Honoring the Faith of our Students and Families
Many of our students and families hold strong religious convictions, which we honor as follows:

  • In addition to being highly-qualified, caring professionals, all of our teachers are believers who are sensitive to students beliefs, and teach courses from a believers perspective.
  • As a private school, we are allow our teachers to make substitutions in individual lessons and assignments (AP courses excluded) in order to accommodate the beliefs of our students and their families. This is done as needed on a case-by-case basis.
  • We allow and encourage students to answer according to their faith.
  • We believe in training our students to meet the call described in 1 Peter 3:15: “Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks and to give the reason…but do this with gentleness and respect.”
Honors and AP Courses
We encourage students to take Honors courses through our Apex curriculum.Honors Courses are preferable to AP Courses for a number of reasons

  • In order to receive AP credit, students must take and pass the AP exam. Students who do not take or pass the AP exam receive Honors credit for their AP courses.
  • Colleges generally prefer Honors courses over AP courses.
  • AP Courses require the use of a textbook, while Honors courses can be taught online.
  • AP Courses must be taught in strict accordance with CollegeBoard standards – no substitutions can be made whatsoever. With Honors courses we can make substitutions to meet individual and family beliefs.

We advise students and families who are new to online programs to limit the number of Honors courses they take in their first semester until they adjust to using our online curriculum.

Students should not take any AP courses until:

  • They have taken at least four Honors Courses.
  • They have demonstrated that they can meet CollegeBoard standards.
  • Their Junior/Senior Years.

For more information about our Honors/AP Courses, go to our Honors/AP page.

Dual-Enrollment Program

Christian Educators Academy is proud to offer dual-enrollment courses in partnership with Colorado Christian Academy through it Apex curriculum.  Students who participate in this program can receive college credit while taking courses at CEA.  For more information about our Dual Enrollment Program, go to our Dual Enrollment page.

College Preparatory Courses

For a complete list of CEA’s college preparatory courses, to our Courses page.

All of CEA’s Courses are 100% online, with the following exceptions:

  • AP Courses which are textbook-based and taught strictly in accordance with CollegeBoard standards
  • Our Christian-based Health 2 course, which is based on a textbook
  • Our Bible-study Course “Bible For a Firm Foundations”, which is textbook-based.
  • Some reading books required for some English courses.
World Languages
We offer the following World Language Courses:

  • Apex: Spanish I, II and III; French I and II
  • Rosetta Stone – Free for Gradpoint students; $200 extra for Apex students

Inclusive Tuition

Generally our tuition fees are all inclusive, with the following exceptions:

  • Rosetta Stone Courses for the Apex Curriculum
  • Some additional books required for English courses. (Most can be found at a local library).
  • Terra Nova, SAT and ACT testing fees.
  • Additional materials required for AP courses.
Length of Year
In our Gradpoint curriculum, students have one full year (365 days) to complete their courses.In our Apex curriculum, students have 10 months to complete their courses, due to the additional teacher demand required for the Apex courses.

Click here for a complete description of all our courses.