Common Core

Many parents are concerned about the new Common Core standards which have been promulgated by the federal government and which have been adopted by almost all public schools and most private schools across the country.  While the Common Core standards themselves specify only objectives, not methodology or curriculum, and apply only to English and Math, some implementations of Common Core use new teaching methodologies, and contain literature selections which some parents find inappropriate.

As a private school registered in the state of Florida, Christian Educators Academy (CEA) complies with the requirements of the Florida Department of Education, both in terms of the subjects and credits required to graduate, and in terms of the contents of required subjects.  CEA also ensures that all students are in compliance with the educational requirements of their native state.  CEA does not conform to any other requirements, including Common Core.  In addition, CEA does not advocate the use of new, avant-garde teaching methods or inappropriate literature selections.  CEA uses only traditional teaching methods and classic works for its literature selection.


Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO)