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Christian Educators Academy –
An Online Homeschool

If you have been home-schooling your children, and are approaching the middle or high school years, you may be looking for resources to help you continue with your homeschool.  Perhaps you’ve tried enrolling your children in a public high school and are dissatisfied with the environment there and perhaps undesirable situations that your children are being subjected to.  Perhaps you’ve looked at private schools, but they are just too expensive.

Christian Educators Academy is a great solution for home-schooling families.  As an accredited online school we allow your children to continue their schooling at home, under your supervision.  Our program gives your children access to the best college-preparatory curriculum and caring, high-qualified teachers.   Our AdvancED / SACS accredited transcripts and diplomas have been accepted, and are accepted by colleges and universities across the US.   Think of CEA as your accredited, online homeschool.

Christian Educators Academy (CEA) is a private, online high school and middle school, offering an accredited online program in all 50 states.   If you are, or have been homeschooling, we make it easy for you to migrate into our program.  Here are some highlights:

  • CEA is just like a homeschool in many ways – your children continue to do their schoolwork at home, just as they always have been.
  • Instead of you teaching, grading and keeping records – we do that.  We provide qualified teachers and we keep the records.  We take the burden of teaching and grading off of you, so you can spend time parenting your children – and even though they are becoming teenagers (or especially because they are teenagers!) – they still need you, as their parent.
  • Students enrolled at CEA are considered private school students, not home school students.
  • We are fully accredited by AdvancED and by SACS – the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools – so you do not have to worry about whether your children will be accepted into college.  Our graduates have been accepted into colleges and schools across the US without a problem.
  • We accept homeschool credits, pending review.  What we ask is that in place of a transcript, you provide us a list, for every course taken, of the curriculum used, grades received, and samples of writing and math work.
  • We use two of the best college-preparatory curricula available – Pearson’s Gradpoint and Apex Learning – to ensure that your student receives the best education.
  • We have adjusted the content of our courses so that it conforms to the values held by most Christian families.  We also give our families a voice over what their children are learning.

Some reasons to consider CEA’s online high school or middle school:

  • Teaching high school subjects you are unfamiliar with or inexperienced in, such as Algebra or Chemistry, can be a daunting task for most people.  We have teachers who are trained in these subjects.
  • Although the law technically allows you to homeschool, colleges do not have to accept homeschool transcripts.  Many do not.  By utilizing a properly accredited online school, such as Christian Educators Academy, you can avoid this problem.
  • CEA can greatly enhance your children’s learning experience with our high-quality curriculum.

For more information, contact our Student Services Director at 1-800-866-0501, fill out an information request or find out about our enrollment process.