Virtual School

Virtual School Alternative

Virtual school is one of the many types of online education:

  • Online school generally refers to a 100% private school like Christian Educators Academy
  • Blended learning refers to a brick-and-mortar school that uses online education for some classes.
  • Virtual school is generally used to refer to large online programs offered by public school systems, Florida Virtual School (FLVS) is a prime example of a virtual school.
  • Digital Learning refers to the online curriculum and teaching methods used by all of the above.

Each solution has its advantages and disadvantages.  Having a variety of solutions gives students and parents choices.  Which option is best depends on the needs and situation of each student and family.

The primary advantage of a public virtual school is no, or low tuition.  Virtual schools are typically funded by public revenue; they are essentially part of the public school system.  One disadvantage of virtual schools is that virtual school classes can be quite large – one teacher can have several hundred students in a class – and with so many students they can tend to be somewhat impersonal.

Private online schools such as Christian Educators Academy can be a good alternative to public virtual schools.  Our enrollment is limited so that we can keep classes small and give students and parents personalized attention.  There is a cost involved, since we are not publicly funded, expenses need to be paid for by the parents.  However we try to keep those costs reasonable and as small as possible while still providing good service.

Advantages to online school are flexibility, the ability to allow students to work at their own pace, and portability.  Advantages that are unique to CEA is that we have year-round enrollment, students can have up to a full year to finish their classes, that we are small and personalized, and that we tailor our curriculum and instruction around the needs of each student.  CEA uses two of the best college preparatory curricula available – Apex and Gradpoint, and all of our teachers are caring, trained professionals.  CEA offers classes for middle school and high school students, and in high school we offer a number of programs include college-preparatoty, AP, Honors and Dual Enrollment.

CEA’s accredited diploma allows our students to go on to the college of their choice, into military service, or whatever their next step is.

virtual high school student

For more information, contact our Student Services Director at 1-800-866-0501, or visit our enrollment page.