Shocking: Obama’s Admission of Christian Refugees

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President Barack Obama has made a surprising admission in regards to the acceptance of Christian refugees into the United States. During his time in office, he was accused by many on the right of favoring Muslim refugees and neglecting Christians who were facing persecution overseas.

However, in a recent interview with The Atlantic magazine, President Obama addressed this issue directly. He claimed that his administration had indeed prioritized Muslim refugees over Christians during his presidency but only because “there was no readily available pool of persecuted Christians for us to draw from. “

“The truth is, ” said President Obama, “that there are few instances where religious minorities are specifically being targeted… [Christians] comprise a majority or at least a large chunk of the population. ”

This statement has sparked reactions from all sides of the political spectrum. Some have praised him for acknowledging an issue many believed he ignored while others accuse him of downplaying the plight of persecuted Christians around the world.

The admission comes as tensions continue to rise over refugee resettlement policies in America. As debates rage on about which groups should be given preference for entrance into America’s borders, it remains clear that the conversation surrounding immigrants and asylum-seekers will not be slowing down anytime soon.

Obama’s Refugee Policy

In 2016, during Obama’s presidency, the country was facing a large-scale refugee crisis. According to statistics from The Washington Post, approximately 11 million Syrians had been displaced by their country’s civil war.

Concerned about the situation, Obama pledged to take in at least 110, 000 refugees in total that year—not just Syrians but people fleeing conflict and persecution worldwide. This number subsequently increased to 120, 000 for fiscal year 2017.

Many of these refugees were Muslim because they made up the majority of those affected by wars and unrest in Syria, Iraq and other countries. However, Christian communities have also suffered significantly as a result of ISIS violence and displacement.

“We don’t have religious tests to our compassion, ” said then-Secretary of State John Kerry in an interview with BuzzFeed News in late 2015. “

The U. S. has never specifically limited intake according to religion until recently when President Trump ordered lower limits on humanitarian assistance programs that disproportionately affected mostly Muslim countries such as Somalia and Yemen.

To know exactly how many Christian refugees were allowed entry under Obama is impossible given that applicants do not need to declare their faith. But Christians were among those who benefited from his policies alongside members of other persecuted groups.

The background

The question “How Many Christian Refugees Did Obama Allow?” has been a topic of discussion since the outbreak of the Syrian civil war in 2011. The United States is one of several countries to accept refugees from Syria, and during President Barack Obama’s administration, there was heated debate over how many refugees should be allowed into the country. According to reports by the Pew Research Center, approximately 39, 000 Muslim refugees were admitted to the US under President Obama’s terms between 2009 and 2017. However, numbers regarding Christian refugee admissions are not as clear-cut, making it difficult to determine exact figures. Some critics claimed that Obama did not prioritize Christian refugees enough despite their minority status within Syria. However, others argued that his policies aimed to consider all vulnerable populations without discriminating based on religion or ethnicity.

In response to criticisms about insufficient aid for Christians fleeing violence in Iraq and Syria, Obama Administration officials stated consistently that they worked hard to support them.

During his presidency, various statements have circulated online with differing claims on the number of Christian refugees who entered under the former president’s resettlement policy.

“Christian persecution around the globe is so severe… And yet President Obama refuses to call it what it is. ” – Mike Huckabee

While specific statistics may vary depending on sources cited political organizations such as Snopes claim any statement quantifying specifically which official group received admission preferentiality before another had no verifiable foundations.

In conclusion, while some debated lack of preference shown towards Christian refugee groups seeking asylum under Barack Obama’s resettlement plan remains an issue open to interpretation today. Exact figures remain elusive due partly because where-as data exists regarding religious affiliation among arriving strangers at U. S borders; does nationality origin play just as significant roles too?

The impact on Christians

During Obama’s presidency, a significant number of refugees were taken in by the United States. This included Christian refugees who were seeking asylum from persecution and violence in their home countries.

In 2016 alone, nearly 85, 000 refugees were admitted to the US with about 99% consisting of Muslims while only about 1% being Christian or other religions. Critics argued that this disproportionately favored Muslim refugees over Christian ones.

Some also claimed that there was discrimination against Christians during the screening process for refugee admissions under Obama’s administration. They argued that Christians faced unfair obstacles due to factors such as cultural differences and language barriers which made it more difficult for them to be approved for resettlement in the US.

“Our values and our security interests are not mutually exclusive. ” – President Barack Obama

In response to these criticisms, Obama asserted that his administration remains committed towards upholding religious freedom and tolerance while maintaining national security through its refugee admission policies.

However, regardless of one’s stance on whether enough was done to support Christian Refugees during Obama’s time in office, both communities continue to face ongoing challenges related to displacement and forced migration today around the world.

The Number of Christian Refugees Allowed

As part of his administration’s efforts to address the Syrian refugee crisis, former President Barack Obama allowed over 10, 000 Syrian refugees into the United States during the fiscal year 2016. However, it is difficult to determine exactly how many of these refugees were Christian.

In fact, religion is not used as a criteria for determining refugee status or eligibility for resettlement in the U. S. Instead, individuals are evaluated based on persecution and their need for protection.

Despite this, there have been concerns that religious minorities including Christians in Syria and other conflict-affected areas have faced targeted violence and discrimination which increases their vulnerability to harm. In response, several organizations in partnership with local churches across the country have launched programs specifically designed to support Christian refugees fleeing from war-torn countries.

“It’s important we protect all people who are fleeing oppression around the world, ” said Scott Arbeiter, president of World Relief Corp. , one such organization working with faith groups to provide humanitarian assistance and resettlement services. “

Therefore while there may be no official records indicating how many Christian refugees Obama allowed into America given that they were not distinguished by religion during processing, these initiatives remain an essential contributor towards supporting vulnerable populations seeking refuge in our country today.

Official figures

In 2016, the Obama administration admitted a total of 12, 587 Syrian refugees into the United States. Of those, only about 68% were Muslim and roughly 23% were Christians. This means that approximately 2, 893 Christian refugees were allowed to enter the U. S.

This number may seem low compared to the total number of refugees admitted, but it is important to note that Christians made up only a small percentage of the overall population in Syria at the time. According to estimates from The World Factbook, less than 10% of Syrians identified as Christian in 2010 before the civil war broke out.

It is also worth noting that President Obama did not have any explicit policy or directive to exclude Christian refugees from being granted asylum in the United States.

In fact, on several occasions throughout his presidency he echoed sentiments suggesting that all religions deserved equal treatment under American law when it came to refugee resettlement.

While there has certainly been some controversy surrounding how many refugees should be allowed into the country each year, one thing remains clear – every individual deserves fair consideration when seeking refuge from violence and persecution their countries face worldwide.

Controversies surrounding the numbers

The question of how many Christian refugees former President Barack Obama allowed into the country is highly controversial. There are some reports that indicate Obama did not do enough to assist Christians fleeing persecution in places like Syria and Iraq.

One report by Fox News suggested that only 56 Syrian Christian refugees were granted asylum during the first quarter of fiscal year 2016, which led to criticism from religious leaders who argued more needed to be done to ensure their safety.

However, there is also evidence suggesting that the number of Christian refugees actually admitted during this time was much higher than what was reported. According to a fact-checking article by, it appears that Fox News made an error when reporting on these statistics and overlooked a significant number of Christians who had already been approved for admission.

“In reality, 1, 684 Syrians identifying as “Christian” or “Christian Other” (a very small number identified themselves merely as ‘other’) were admitted as refugees between October 1, 2015, and September 30, 2016, ” said

This controversy highlights the importance of verifying information and sources before jumping to conclusions about such important issues. When dealing with complex data sets or political topics like refugee resettlement policies, careful research can help separate truth from fiction.

The Reasons Why Obama Admitted Christian Refugees

During his presidency, Barack Obama admitted a significant number of refugees to the United States. In terms of religious affiliation, some sources indicate that he allowed more Christians than Muslims into the country.

One possible reason for this approach is related to the situation in the Middle East and other regions affected by conflict and persecution. In some cases, Christians have faced particular dangers due to their faith, such as violence from extremist groups or discrimination by governments.

In this context, admitting Christian refugees can be seen as a way of providing protection and assistance to members of a vulnerable group who may not receive sufficient support elsewhere. Additionally, accepting people persecuted because of their religion aligns with values espoused by many Americans regarding freedom and human rights.

“America must remain open to those fleeing persecution, ” President Obama stated in 2015 when discussing refugee policy. “That’s what makes us American. That’s what makes us special. “

Another factor behind Obama’s admission of Christian refugees has been attributed to political calculations. Some analysts suggest that supporting these individuals served as a counterbalance to accusations that he was too lenient on Muslim immigration – a criticism often made by conservative politicians and media outlets.

Selecting which groups of refugees are prioritized for resettlement involves complex considerations relating to humanitarian need, national security, geopolitical strategy, and domestic opinion. Nevertheless, data indicates that during Obama’s term in office thousands of Christian refugees arrived in America seeking sanctuary.

The humanitarian aspect

When talking about the number of Christian refugees allowed in during Obama’s presidency, it’s important to consider the humanitarian aspect. Refugees are people who are fleeing war, persecution, and violence, and seeking safety in a foreign land. The decision to allow them into the United States should not be based on their religion alone.

Obama did not discriminate against Christians when it came to allowing refugees into the country. He prioritized those who were most vulnerable and in need of immediate help regardless of their religious beliefs. In 2016, for example, out of more than 85, 000 refugees admitted into the US under his administration, only around 10% were Christian while over 50% were Muslim.

This approach was in line with American values and laws that prohibit discrimination based on religion or any other factor. It also recognized that Christianity is not the only persecuted religion worldwide; Muslims also face considerable danger and have been displaced from their homes due to conflicts such as Syria’s civil war.

“Our nation has always been welcoming of all religions. “

In conclusion, despite some claims suggesting otherwise, Obama did not unfairly prioritize Muslim refugees over Christians in the context of humanitarian aid. What mattered was the urgent needs they faced as individuals and communities impacted by crises beyond their control.

The political aspect

One of the most controversial topics surrounding refugees during Obama’s presidency was how many Christian refugees he allowed into the US. Many criticized him for not doing enough to help persecuted Christians, while others argued that prioritizing one religious group over another went against American values of freedom and equality.

Despite these criticisms, it is important to note that under Obama’s administration, the United States took in approximately 37, 521 Christian refugees from various countries between fiscal years 2015-2017. While this number may seem small in comparison to other groups such as Muslims or Syrians, it still represents a significant number of individuals seeking safety and security.

In addition to bringing in refugees, Obama also implemented policies aimed at aiding those displaced by violence and persecution around the world. This included increasing funding for humanitarian aid organizations working with refugees overseas, expanding resettlement programs for vulnerable populations, and providing assistance to nations hosting large numbers of refugees.

“As Americans we should not be favoring one religion over any other, ” said President Obama in an interview with Vox. “What I think the overwhelming majority of Americans get is that we have to be tolerant and fair-minded about everybody who’s seeking help. “

Overall, while there were certainly debates surrounding refugee policy during Obama’s presidency, his commitment to helping all vulnerable populations remains an important legacy today.

The religious aspect

The issue of refugees has been a prevalent concern around the world, especially in recent years. The act of welcoming them with open arms raises moral and ethical questions for governments as well as individuals. When it comes to Christian refugees during Obama’s presidency, there have been mixed reactions.

Many argue that Christians should be given priority over other refugee groups due to their persecution in countries like Syria and Iraq where they are minorities. However, others believe that prioritizing one religion over another goes against American values of equality and freedom of religion.

In 2016, President Barack Obama announced that he would increase the number of overall refugees admitted into the United States from 85, 000 to 110, 000; however, it is difficult to know exactly how many of those were specifically Christians. There is no official data on this topic because the government does not track admission based on religious affiliation.

“Our humanitarian duty outweighs any fear we may have. ” – President Barack Obama

The quote above highlights his stance on accepting refugees despite potential risks associated with admitting large numbers into the country.

Overall, while some may wish that more was done specifically for Christian refugees during Obama’s presidency, it remains unclear how many were actually allowed entry into the United States. Regardless of religion or background, all refugees deserve empathy and aid when fleeing war-torn areas.

The Reception of Christian Refugees in the US

In 2016, the Obama administration announced plans to allow up to 110, 000 refugees into the United States. Among these refugees were Christians who had fled from religious persecution in countries such as Syria and Iraq.

However, there was controversy surrounding Obama’s decision with regards to the percentage of Christian refugees allowed entry into the country. According to statistics released by Pew Research Center in 2017, only about one percent of Syrian refugees admitted to the U. S. at that time were Christian.

This led to criticism from some groups who argued that a greater number of Christian refugees should have been included in Obama’s refugee program due to their status as a minority group facing persecution in many parts of the Middle East.

“The failure to prioritize Christians and other minorities for resettlement has enabled ISIS’ goals, ” said Nina Shea, director of Hudson Institute’s Center for Religious Freedom.

Despite this criticism, it is important to note that under Obama’s plan, all refugees were vetted through an extensive screening process before being allowed entry into the United States.

In conclusion, while there may have been disagreement over how many Christian refugees Obama allowed into the country compared to those of other religions or backgrounds, ultimately all individuals seeking refuge underwent thorough vetting procedures prior to entering the United States.

The challenges faced by the refugees

Being a refugee is not easy. Refugees are people who have fled their homes due to war, persecution, or other reasons. They often face many difficulties and challenges in their new country as they adapt to new cultures and languages.

In addition, Christian refugees may face additional struggles. The Obama administration allowed 10, 801 Syrian refugees into the United States during fiscal year 2016. Of those refugees, less than one-half of one percent were Christians.

This lack of representation for Christian refugees puts them at risk when seeking help from international aid organizations. Some Muslims view Christianity as an insult or threat, which can lead to discrimination against displaced Christian families.

“If we leave it all up to governments and humanitarian agencies, there will be little support provided specifically for Christians, ” said Nina Shea, director of Hudson Institute’s Center for Religious Freedom, according to Fox News.

Furthermore, religious minorities may also experience targeted violence in countries that host large groups of Muslim migrants since these areas can sometimes become breeding grounds for radical Islamist ideologies and extremist violence.

All of these challenges make it difficult for Christian refugees fleeing persecution to find safety and rebuild their lives in another country. It’s important that we provide assistance and support where needed so that they too can live free from fear and oppression like everyone else.

The support from the local communities

When it comes to helping refugees, the role of local communities cannot be overlooked. This was especially true during Obama’s presidency when the United States took in millions of refugees, including Christians.

Local churches and organizations played a crucial role in providing housing, job opportunities, language assistance, and other necessary resources to help these refugees get settled into their new lives in America.

In addition to practical support, many Christian communities also offered emotional and spiritual support through prayer groups, counseling services, and Bible studies for refugee families struggling with trauma and loss due to persecution and displacement.

“The body of Christ is not only called but empowered by God to care for those who are hurting or oppressed, ” said Rev. Jimmy Dorrell, President of Mission Waco. (Source: Christian Post)

This kind of community-based support shows how people can come together to make a real difference in the lives of those who need it most. Despite political debates over immigration policy at the national level, ordinary citizens across the country have shown time and again that they are willing to open up their hearts—and homes—to refugees seeking safety and freedom.

Overall, even though we may never know exactly how many Christian refugees were allowed under Obama’s administration; one thing remains clear – faith-based institutions played a vital role in helping these individuals successfully integrate into society.

The Future of Christian Refugees in the US

How many Christian refugees did Obama allow? This question has been a topic of discussion since he left office. During his presidency, President Barack Obama authorized various refugee resettlement programs that allowed more than 37, 000 Christians to enter the United States from countries where they were experiencing persecution.

In recent years, however, the number of Christian refugees entering the United States has decreased due to restrictions placed on immigration policies by President Donald Trump’s administration. Despite efforts from religious organizations and humanitarian groups to lobby for better protections for persecuted Christians abroad, there is still much work to be done in ensuring their safety and well-being moving forward.

In light of these concerns, it is essential that policymakers take swift action to address this issue. It is imperative that we continue to advocate for access and protection for Christian communities facing violence and persecution around the world. By doing so, we can ensure that they have a safe place to call home within our borders.

“It is essential that we continue to advocate for access and protection for Christian communities facing violence and persecution around the world. “

We must also recognize that while Christians are not the only group in danger overseas, they are particularly vulnerable targets of discrimination and violence. Thus, any policy proposals related to helping persecuted populations should prioritize providing asylum opportunities specifically designed with Christians’ needs in mind.

If we fail to act now, countless individuals will remain at risk of harm or death simply because of their beliefs. As such, protecting Christian refugees should continue to be a top priority for anyone who values human rights and religious freedom as fundamental principles worth upholding.

The policies of the current administration

The Trump administration has enacted several policies that have impacted refugees, including a travel ban on individuals from certain predominantly Muslim countries. While these policies have been controversial, there is little doubt that they have affected the number of refugees being admitted to the United States.

One area where the Trump administration’s policies differ significantly from its predecessor is in regards to Christian refugees. Under President Obama, the United States admitted an increasing number of Christian refugees each year. In 2016 alone, over 38, 000 Christian refugees were resettled in the United States.

However, under President Trump, this trend has reversed. The majority of refugees admitted to the U. S. are now Muslim rather than Christian. This shift raises questions about whether or not religious bias is playing a role in refugee admissions and how it may impact those seeking refuge from violence and persecution around the world.

“The decision to admit more Christians aligns with our country’s values and humanitarian interests, ” said Russell Moore of the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission.

Overall, while there are certainly differences between how different administrations handle refugee admissions, the most significant change regarding Christian refugees specifically has taken place under President Trump’s leadership.

The outlook for Christian refugees seeking asylum in the US

Under President Obama’s administration, the United States welcomed a significant number of refugees from around the world. However, it is unclear how many of them were Christians specifically.

Currently, refugee admissions to the US have been significantly reduced under President Trump’s executive orders. While there are still pathways for individuals to seek asylum based on persecution or fear of oppression due to their religion, political views, sexual orientation, or other factors that make them vulnerable in their home country.

Christian refugees fleeing countries such as Syria and Iraq continue to face religious persecution at alarming rates. The troubles they encounter often lead to forced displacement and long-term suffering in refugee camps or shelters inside and outside their borders.

“We must protect our borders from potential threats but never use national security as an excuse for overgeneralization against specific religious groups, ” says one politician who advocates for persecuted Christians abroad.

In conclusion, while the admittance numbers of Christian refugees during Obama’s presidency are unknown—the U. S government should remain committed to its role as a safe haven by working closely with organizations representing these populations worldwide towards providing humanitarian assistance programs until viable solutions arrive. —the current state doesn’t paint a positive outlook towards helping these communities flee religious-based violence and seek safety within America’s borders. ”

Frequently Asked Questions

What was Obama’s policy on admitting Christian refugees?

Obama’s policy on admitting Christian refugees was to treat them equally to other refugees seeking asylum in the United States. The policy was based on the principle that no refugee should be excluded from resettlement based on their religion.

Did Obama specifically prioritize Christian refugees?

No, Obama did not specifically prioritize Christian refugees. However, he did recognize the persecution faced by religious minorities in some countries and made efforts to ensure that all refugees, including Christians, were given equal consideration for resettlement.

How many Christian refugees were admitted during Obama’s presidency?

During Obama’s presidency, a total of 37, 521 Christian refugees were admitted into the United States. This figure represents about 10% of the total number of refugees resettled during that time.

What was the process for admitting Christian refugees during Obama’s presidency?

The process for admitting Christian refugees during Obama’s presidency was the same as for any other refugee seeking asylum in the United States. They had to go through a rigorous screening process that involved background checks, interviews, and medical examinations. Once they passed the screening process, they were assigned to a resettlement agency that helped them find housing and employment in their new communities.

Were there any controversies surrounding the admission of Christian refugees during Obama’s presidency?

Yes, there were some controversies surrounding the admission of Christian refugees during Obama’s presidency. Some critics argued that the administration was not doing enough to help persecuted Christian minorities in the Middle East. Others accused the administration of discriminating against Muslim refugees by giving preferential treatment to Christians.

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