Top 7 Easy Christian Songs to Sing That Will Fill Your Heart with Joy

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Christian songs have the ability to lift our spirits and connect us with God’s love. As we sing, we express our faith in a way that touches the hearts of those around us. Whether you are looking for uplifting music to listen to during your daily commute or need some inspiration for singing at church, this list has got you covered!

Here are the top seven easy Christian songs that will fill your heart with joy:

“Singing is one of the most powerful means by which God calls people into His presence, “

-David W. Peters, author of “Post-Traumatic God: How the Church Cares for People Who Have Been to Hell and Back”

The first song on our list is “Blessed Be Your Name” by Matt Redman. This popular worship song reminds us that even in difficult times, we can choose to praise God because He is faithful and worthy of our trust.

Another great option is “How Great Is Our God” by Chris Tomlin. This simple yet profound anthem focuses on the majesty and wonder of God, filling us with awe and reverence as we sing along.

Other songs featured on this list include classics like “Amazing Grace, ” contemporary hits like “Reckless Love” by Cory Asbury, and joyful tunes like “Good Good Father” by Housefires II.

If you’re feeling down or disconnected from your faith, try singing these easy Christian songs – they’re sure to lift your spirit and fill your heart with joy!

Classic Christian Hymns

If you’re looking for easy Christian songs to sing, classic hymns are a great place to start. These timeless melodies and lyrics have been sung by generations of Christians and still resonate with many people today.

One popular hymn is “Amazing Grace. ” The simple melody and powerful message make it an ideal song for beginners. Another well-known hymn is “How Great Thou Art. ” This beautiful song celebrates the majesty of God’s creation and can be easily learned by singers of all skill levels.

“Blessed Assurance” is another popular hymn that is perfect for beginner singers. With its straightforward lyrics and bright melody, this joyful song will fill your heart with praise. And if you’re in the mood for something more contemplative, try singing “It Is Well With My Soul. ” This peaceful hymn reminds us that even in difficult times, we can find comfort in knowing that our souls are secure in Christ.

“The Lord bless you And keep you; The Lord make His face shine upon you, And be gracious unto you; The Lord lift up His countenance upon you, And give you peace. “-Numbers 6:24-26

No matter which hymns speak to your heart, remember that singing praises to God is an act of worship and devotion. So whether you’re belting out these classics in church or softly humming them at home, know that your efforts are pleasing to Him who gave us the gift of music.

Amazing Grace, How Great Thou Art, It Is Well With My Soul

When it comes to easy Christian songs to sing, these three classics must be at the top of your list. Not only are they beloved by Christians all around the world, but they’re also straightforward and accessible for singers of any skill level.

“Amazing Grace” is perhaps the quintessential hymn: simple yet powerful lyrics that speak directly to God’s grace and mercy. The melody is easy to follow along with, making it an excellent choice for congregational singing or solo performances.

Similarly, “How Great Thou Art” offers a soaring melody that builds in intensity as the song progresses. Its opening lyrics proclaim God’s greatness through natural wonders like mountains and stars, leading to a chorus filled with heartfelt praise.

“It Is Well With My Soul, ” meanwhile, tells a stirring story of faith amid tragedy. Written by Horatio Spafford after he lost his family in a shipwreck, this song has resonated with believers for over a century thanks to its message of trust and hope even in life’s darkest moments.

Whether you’re looking for easy Christian songs to sing as part of your own worship practice or simply want some uplifting music on hand throughout your day, these three choices are sure to inspire and comfort you time and time again.

Contemporary Christian Worship Songs

When it comes to finding easy Christian songs to sing, contemporary worship songs are a great place to start. These modern hymns often boast simple melodies and straightforward lyrics that make them accessible even for beginners.

One example of an easy-to-sing contemporary worship song is “Good Good Father” by Chris Tomlin. This popular tune features repetitive lyrics and a catchy melody that make it easy for congregations to learn quickly.

Another option is “How Great Is Our God, ” also by Chris Tomlin. With its uplifting message and uncomplicated structure, this song has become a staple in many churches around the world.

“Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone), ” made famous by contemporary artist Chris Tomlin, is another classic choice for beginner singers. The iconic melody paired with powerful lyrics about redemption makes this an ideal song for any church service or gathering.

“The Heart of Worship” by Matt Redman is a beautiful and intimate reflection on what it means to truly worship God from the heart. Its gentle pace and haunting vocals make it perfect for quiet moments of prayer and meditation.

In conclusion, whether you’re new to singing or simply looking for some fresh inspiration, there are plenty of contemporary Christian worship songs out there that are both meaningful and easy to sing. From timeless classics like “Amazing Grace” to newer hits like “Good Good Father, ” these tunes offer something for everyone who wants to connect with their faith through music.

Good Good Father, 10, 000 Reasons, How He Loves

If you’re looking for some easy Christian songs to sing at church or other events, these three options are excellent choices. They have simple melodies and lyrics that are easy to remember and sing along with.

“Good Good Father” is a popular worship song that has been covered by many different artists in various styles. Originally written by Pat Barrett and Tony Brown, it features a repetitive chorus that is especially easy to learn.

“10, 000 Reasons” is another well-known song that can be performed acoustically or with a full band. Written by Matt Redman and Jonas Myrin, this uplifting tune reminds us of God’s goodness and faithfulness.

“How He Loves” was originally written by John Mark McMillan but gained popularity after being covered by the David Crowder Band. It tells the story of how much Jesus loves us despite our flaws and mistakes.

I am loved by You. It’s who I am, it’s who I am…

No matter which one of these songs you choose to sing, they all share a common theme – praising God for His love and grace. So whether you’re singing them alone in your car or leading worship in front of hundreds of people, know that you are spreading powerful messages through music.

Gospel Favorites

If you are on the lookout for easy Christian songs to sing, then look no further than the world of gospel music. Gospel music is a genre that stands at the crossroads between traditional hymns and contemporary worship, with many timeless classics that have stood the test of time.

One such song is “Amazing Grace”, which has been covered by countless artists over the years. Its simple melody and heartfelt lyrics make it an ideal choice for those who are just starting out in their singing journey.

Another favorite among gospel enthusiasts is “How Great Thou Art”. This hymn offers a powerful message about giving thanks to God and praising his divine greatness, while also offering up an uplifting tune that is sure to inspire listeners.

Songs like “I’ll Fly Away” and “Blessed Assurance” represent other great choices, thanks to their catchy melodies and straightforward lyrics that pack real emotional punch.

“Gospel music is all about lifting spirits and connecting with faith through song. “

Regardless of your religious beliefs or background, there’s something special about hearing these classic tunes sung in harmony by a group of enthusiastic singers. Whether you’re looking for inspiration during tough times or simply want to celebrate your love of God through music, exploring the world of gospel favorites will provide you with plenty of opportunities to do so!

Oh Happy Day, I’ll Fly Away, Precious Lord Take My Hand

There are plenty of easy Christian songs to sing that can bring joy and comfort to those who listen. “Amazing Grace” is a traditional hymn that even new singers can learn with ease. The melody and lyrics are simple yet powerful.

“I Can Only Imagine” by MercyMe is another popular song among Christians. It’s a beautiful expression of one’s longing to be in the presence of God. This song has become an anthem for many and offers hope to those who need it most.

“10, 000 Reasons (Bless the Lord)” by Matt Redman is also an excellent choice for beginners because it repeats simple phrases throughout the entire song. These repetitive verses aid memorization while allowing worshippers to focus on the essence of praising their cherished savior.

The Lord speaks to us through music. May we use our voices as instruments of praise now and always!

Last but not least, there’s “Jesus Loves Me, ” which kids often learn first early on in Sunday school classes or at home from parents or grandparents whose mentors sang it too. Its straightforward message reminds listeners that love isn’t just something we feel with just anyone; rather it comes floundering down solely upon us whether young or old because Jesus loves every human being he created.

These are only a few examples of how music inspires and connects people globally beyond denominations’ differences—in worship areas, living rooms, vehicles around children bedtimes—for individuals seeking peace in turmoil circumstances—a way for some anxious hearts where anxiety overtakes their indescribable suffering—to find rest in Scripture-based words connected via gentle melodies all sung simply enough by humans – adults or ages-old toddlers alike – crying out hope without needing advanced singing skills whatsoever

Children’s Worship Songs

For parents and Sunday school teachers, finding easy Christian songs for kids to sing is important. It can be a great way to teach children about God’s love and the importance of faith.

One classic song that most children know is “Jesus Loves Me. ” This simple ballad has been sung by generations of Christians and can easily be learned by young children.

Another popular choice is “Amazing Grace. ” The lyrics are simple yet powerful, giving children an understanding of grace – something we all need in our lives!

If you’re looking for something more upbeat, try “This Little Light of Mine” or “He’s Got the Whole World In His Hands. ” These catchy tunes will have your kids singing along while learning important messages from the Bible.

“When it comes to teaching children about Jesus, there are few things as effective as music. ” – Unknown

In addition to these classics, there are many other easy Christian songs for kids available online. So whether you’re at home or in Sunday School, gather some little voices and start singing praises today!

Jesus Loves Me, This Little Light of Mine, Deep and Wide

As a believer in Christianity, it’s important to have easy Christian songs that we can sing along with. These simple melodies not only help us remember the message behind them but also bring joy when sung together in congregational worship.

One such song is “Jesus Loves Me. ” Written by Anna B. Warner in 1860, this classic hymn has been beloved for generations. With its catchy tune and simple lyrics proclaiming Jesus’ love for each one of us, it’s no wonder it’s still popular today among all ages.

“This Little Light of Mine” is another favorite among children and adults alike. First recorded as a spiritual back in the early 20th century, this upbeat tune encourages us to shine our light brightly and share God’s love with those around us.

The song “Deep and Wide” may be familiar to many from childhood Sunday school classes. Its joyful melody invites us to come and drink from the fountain of Christ’s never-ending love that flows deep and wide enough to satisfy our thirsty souls.

In times of darkness or distress, singing these easy Christian songs can provide comfort, hope, and reassurance that God loves us always and forever.

No matter where you are on your faith journey, incorporating music into your daily life can strengthen your relationship with God while having fun at the same time. So go ahead – sing out loud, let your heart overflow with gratitude towards Him who created everything!

Christmas Carols

When it comes to easy Christian songs to sing, Christmas carols are a great option. Whether you’re singing them with family around the fireplace or at church during the holiday season, there is sure to be a favorite for everyone.

Some popular and well-known Christmas carols include “Silent Night, ” “Hark! The Herald Angels Sing, ” “O Holy Night, ” and “Joy to the World. ” These songs not only have simple melodies but also carry powerful messages about faith and hope that can uplift anyone who sings or listens to them.

In addition to traditional English-language Christmas carols, many churches feature hymns from other languages during their holiday services. One such song is “Feliz Navidad, ” which has Spanish lyrics and an upbeat rhythm that makes it ideal for group singing.

“Sing out your joy in this beautiful music because happy hearts make beautiful melody!” – Colossians 3:16 (The Voice)

No matter what style of music you prefer, there is no denying the power of Christian songs during the holiday season. So gather your loved ones around, strike up some tunes on the guitar or piano, and let your voices ring out in sweet harmony as you celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ!

O Holy Night, Joy to the World, Silent Night

If you are looking for some easy Christian songs to sing, then you cannot go wrong with “O Holy Night, ” “Joy to the World, ” and “Silent Night. ”

“O Holy Night” is a classic song that tells of the birth of Jesus. The melody is simple yet powerful and the lyrics are meaningful. This makes it a perfect choice for anyone who wants an effortless song while still maintaining its relevance in spreading the gospel.

“Joy to the World” is another popular Christian song that is very easy to sing even without proper musical training. It has a catchy tune that quickly gets stuck in your head, making it hard not to join when singing along with others during congregational worship sessions.

Finally, “Silent night” is one of those tunes that everyone knows regardless of their religious affiliation. So if you’re just starting out or want something familiar as a beginner, this timeless carol will be ideal for coming up with lovely melodies effortlessly.

If you need additional inspiration, try listening to YouTube videos or online streaming platforms like Spotify where there are lots of covers by different artists or live performances from concerts worldwide. These channels can help improve your confidence level in singing these songs as they demonstrate how versatile each track can sound across various cultures mixed with different music genres

In conclusion, these three hymns offer excellent introductions into singing most Christian-themed songs whether individually or collectively. They encapsulate reverence towards faithfulness and serve an essential aspect of spiritual nourishment through heartfelt sincerity; however, don’t forget always to practice before performing publicly so you’ll memorize them better and feel confident enough!

Inspirational Pop Songs

While there are many easy Christian songs to sing, it can be refreshing and motivating to add some inspirational pop songs to your singing repertoire. These songs may not necessarily have a religious message, but they can still provide inspiration and encouragement.

One example is “Brave” by Sara Bareilles. This song encourages listeners to speak up for themselves and be confident in who they are, which aligns with the idea of being unashamed of one’s faith. Another inspirational pop song is “Roar” by Katy Perry, which promotes perseverance and strength during difficult times.

“What A Wonderful World” by Louis Armstrong is another uplifting song that focuses on appreciating the beauty around us and having a positive outlook on life. Similarly, “Happy” by Pharrell Williams inspires happiness and positivity, reminding us that even small things like a good mood or sunny weather can make a big difference in our day.

Remember that listening to inspiring music can help boost your spirit when you’re feeling down or facing challenges in life.

If you want something more explicitly Christian, try “Amazing Grace, ” “How Great Thou Art, ” or “Just As I Am. ” These timeless classics offer comfort through their strong messages of redemption and grace.

No matter what type of music you prefer, incorporating these inspirational pop songs into your singing practice can provide motivation and upliftment as you pursue your passions and goals while staying true to your faith.

You Say – Lauren Daigle, God Only Knows – for KING & COUNTRY, Blessings – Laura Story

Are you looking for some easy Christian songs to sing? Look no further than these three popular tunes: “You Say” by Lauren Daigle, “God Only Knows” by for KING, COUNTRY, and “Blessings” by Laura Story.

“You Say” is a powerful anthem about finding your worth in God rather than the opinions of others. The lyrics are simple yet moving, making it an excellent choice for both solo performances and group worship sessions.

“I believe oh I believe What You say of me I believe”

“God Only Knows” has a catchy melody that makes it easy to sing along with. Its message about the unconditional love of God is heartwarming and uplifting. This song is perfect for church services or family gatherings.

“God only knows what you’ve been through God only knows what they say about you But God only knows the real you”

“Blessings” is a reflective tune that reminds us to count our blessings even in difficult times. It’s a gentle reminder that God works all things together for our good.

“We pray for wisdom Your voice to hear And we cry in anger when we cannot feel You near” “We pour out our miseries God just hears a melody. “

No matter which of these songs you choose to sing, their messages will inspire and uplift all who listen. With their simple melodies and heartfelt lyrics, they’re sure to become new favorites among your repertoire of Christian music!

Acoustic Covers

Christian songs offer comfort and hope to many people, making them a popular choice for worship services. However, not all Christian songs are easily sung by everyone in the congregation. So if you’re looking for some easy Christian songs to sing, try these acoustic covers that simplify some of the most beloved hymns and contemporary Christian hits.

The first song on our list is “How Great Thou Art” performed by Carrie Underwood. This beautiful rendition features simple guitar chords and vocal harmonies that accentuate the powerful lyrics of this classic hymn.

Next up is “10, 000 Reasons (Bless The Lord)” by Matt Redman covered by Kim Walker-Smith. The acoustic version of this modern worship anthem keeps it pared down with just an acoustic guitar and lightly layered backing vocals allowing you to focus on worshipping through singing the uplifting lyrics.

“What A Beautiful Name It Is” originally recorded by Hillsong Worship has become one of many favorite praise anthems from their repertoire and there’s nothing better than Brooke Fraser Ligertwood’s intimate solo/acoustic cover as she strips back everything but light strings accompanying her emotive voice which really lets the emotional beauty of the song shine through. ”

“Music can change how we feel in ways words simply cannot express, ” says gospel singer Marvin Sapp. And when it comes to singing praises to God, sometimes simple is best! With these acoustic covers, even beginner singers can join in on spreading love and positivity through music!”
So go ahead, grab your guitar or sit at your piano – let’s get acoustically praising with these easy-to-sing along tunes!

How Great Thou Art – Carrie Underwood, Because He Lives – Matt Maher, What a Beautiful Name – Hillsong

If you’re looking for some easy Christian songs to sing at church or in your personal time of worship, these three popular songs are great options.

First up is “How Great Thou Art” as sung by Carrie Underwood. This classic hymn has been covered by many artists but Underwood’s powerful rendition adds a modern touch while still honoring the traditional melody and lyrics. The song features strong vocals and a beautiful crescendo towards the end that will leave everyone feeling inspired.

The next song on our list is “Because He Lives” by Matt Maher. This contemporary Christian hit has simple yet profound lyrics that focus on the hope we have because of Jesus’ resurrection. Maher’s smooth singing style makes it an easy song to follow along with and the uplifting chorus will have everyone singing along in no time.

Last but not least is Hillsong’s “What a Beautiful Name”. With its catchy chorus and relatable message about the power of Jesus’ name, this song quickly became a favorite among Christians worldwide. While some of the verses may be more challenging to sing for beginners, the repetitive chorus makes it an overall easy choice.

“Singing worship songs together helps uplift our spirits and connect us closer to God. “
So gather some friends or head to your local church and give one (or all!) of these songs a try!

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