Unveiling the Truth: Is Brit Hume a Devout Christian?

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Brit Hume is a name that rings a bell for many Americans. He has spent over four decades in the media industry and has earned a reputation as a veteran journalist. While many know him for his work as a political commentator and news anchor, few know about his religious beliefs. Is Brit Hume a devout Christian?

Before we delve into Hume’s faith, let’s first examine his early life and career. Hume was born and raised in Washington D.C. and went on to study at the University of Virginia. After a brief stint in the Army, he began his journalism career, which eventually led him to work for ABC News and later, Fox News.

But it wasn’t until later in life that Hume became a Christian. In this article, we’ll explore his conversion story, how his faith affects his reporting, and what we can learn from his journey. So, if you’re curious about Brit Hume’s religious beliefs and how they shape his worldview, keep reading!

His Early Life and Career Before Finding Faith

Born in 1943, Brit Hume grew up in Washington D.C. as the son of a well-known journalist. Following his graduation from the University of Virginia, he served in the Army and then began his journalism career at the Hartford Times. After working for a few other news outlets, he joined ABC News in 1973 and eventually became their chief White House correspondent.

It wasn’t until later in life that Hume became a Christian, after experiencing a personal crisis that led him to re-evaluate his priorities and beliefs. Here are three key moments from his early life and career that helped shape him into the person he is today:

Meeting His Wife, Kim

While working in Virginia in the late 1960s, Hume met his future wife, Kim Schiller. The two fell in love and were married in 197Kim’s Christian faith would eventually have a profound impact on Hume’s life, but it would be several more years before he embraced it himself.

Covering the Watergate Scandal

  • Journalism – As a young reporter in the 1970s, Hume covered the Watergate scandal, which led to the resignation of President Richard Nixon. His reporting on the story helped establish him as a respected journalist in Washington D.C.
  • Politics – Hume’s coverage of Watergate also gave him insight into the workings of government and the power of the media to hold those in power accountable.
  • Integrity – Hume’s reporting on Watergate was characterized by a commitment to accuracy and impartiality, which would become hallmarks of his career.

Joining Fox News

  • Career – In 1996, Hume left ABC News to join the upstart cable network Fox News. He would go on to anchor several shows and serve as their senior political analyst for over a decade.
  • Faith – During his time at Fox News, Hume’s faith became a more prominent part of his public persona. He has been open about his Christian beliefs and has even used his platform to share his testimony.

While Brit Hume’s faith may not have been a central part of his early life and career, it has become an important part of his identity and worldview. In the next section, we’ll explore how Hume’s faith journey has influenced his reporting and analysis of current events.

Brit Hume’s Conversion Story: How He Became a Christian

Brit Hume’s faith journey is an interesting one, as he was not always a devout Christian. Hume was raised in a Presbyterian household but drifted away from religion during his college years at the University of Virginia. It wasn’t until later in life that Hume found his way back to Christianity.

According to Hume, his conversion to Christianity was a gradual process that began with his marriage to his wife, Kim. Kim was a devout Christian, and her faith had a significant impact on Hume. He began attending church with her and reading the Bible, and over time, he began to feel a calling to faith.

The Turning Point

The turning point for Hume came in the mid-1990s when he was diagnosed with cancer. Facing the possibility of death caused Hume to reflect on his life and his faith. He began to pray and study the Bible more fervently, seeking comfort and guidance.

The Decision to Follow Christ

After several years of searching and soul-searching, Hume made the decision to follow Christ. He was baptized at the Fourth Presbyterian Church in Bethesda, Maryland, and has been open about his faith ever since.

The Impact on His Career

Hume’s faith has had a significant impact on his career. As a political commentator for Fox News, Hume has not been afraid to speak about his beliefs and how they shape his views on politics and society. He has also been a vocal advocate for religious freedom, arguing that Christians should be able to express their faith in the public sphere without fear of retribution.

In conclusion, Brit Hume’s conversion to Christianity was a gradual process that was influenced by his wife’s faith, his battle with cancer, and his own personal reflection. His faith has had a significant impact on his life and career, and he has become a vocal advocate for religious freedom and the role of faith in public life.

The Role of Christianity in Brit Hume’s Life Today

Brit Hume’s faith journey not only impacted his personal life but also influenced his professional career. As a devout Christian, Hume strongly believes in the power of faith and its ability to guide people through life’s challenges. Today, his faith remains a significant part of his life and serves as a guiding force for his decisions and actions.

Through his public appearances and media commentary, Hume often speaks about his faith and how it has shaped his worldview. He believes that Christianity provides a moral compass and a sense of purpose that is essential in navigating the complexities of modern life. His faith also gives him a sense of inner peace and helps him find meaning in his daily activities.

The Impact of Faith on Hume’s Career

  • Journalism: As a veteran journalist, Hume has always strived for truth, fairness, and accuracy in his reporting. His faith instills in him a deep sense of responsibility to be truthful and honest in his work, and to hold those in power accountable for their actions. He believes that the principles of Christianity align with those of journalism, and that both are essential for a healthy democracy.
  • Political Commentary: As a political commentator, Hume’s faith influences the way he views political events and debates. He sees politics as a way to serve others and make the world a better place, and his faith provides him with a moral framework for making decisions and evaluating policies.

The Importance of Community and Service

Hume’s faith has also led him to prioritize community and service. He believes that Christians have a responsibility to help those in need and to serve others. He has been involved in various charitable organizations and has worked to improve the lives of those less fortunate. His faith also leads him to prioritize relationships with friends and family, and he strives to live a life that is guided by love and compassion.

The Future of Hume’s Faith Journey

While Hume’s faith journey has been long and winding, he remains committed to growing in his faith and deepening his relationship with God. He believes that Christianity provides a roadmap for living a fulfilling life and that his faith will continue to guide him in the years to come. Through his words and actions, Hume serves as an example of how faith can impact every aspect of life.

Controversial Statements: How Brit Hume’s Faith Affects His Reporting

Brit Hume is known for his controversial statements regarding faith and its impact on his reporting. Some believe that his religious beliefs may influence his news coverage and analysis, while others argue that his faith has no bearing on his work.

Hume himself has spoken openly about how his faith informs his worldview, stating that “My faith affects everything I do and how I think about things.” He has also acknowledged that his Christian beliefs have led him to take certain positions on issues such as abortion and homosexuality.

The Role of Objectivity in Journalism

  • Hume has been criticized for not being objective in his reporting due to his religious views
  • However, he maintains that his personal beliefs do not affect his ability to report fairly and accurately
  • Hume believes that being transparent about his faith allows his audience to better understand where he is coming from and make informed decisions about his reporting

Criticism of Secularism in Media

  • Hume has been vocal about what he perceives as a bias against religion in the media
  • He believes that many in the media are hostile towards religion and view it with skepticism or disdain
  • Hume argues that this bias can lead to incomplete or misleading coverage of stories related to faith and religion

Impact of Faith on Personal and Professional Life

  • Hume has spoken about how his faith has shaped his personal life, including his marriage and family
  • He has also discussed how his beliefs have influenced his professional life, particularly in his decision to leave his role as a news anchor to become a commentator
  • Hume has said that his faith has given him a sense of purpose and meaning in his work, and that it motivates him to pursue truth and justice in his reporting

Overall, while Brit Hume’s faith may be a point of controversy for some, he maintains that it does not compromise his journalistic integrity. Instead, he believes that being transparent about his beliefs allows his audience to better understand his perspective and make informed decisions about his reporting.

What Brit Hume’s Faith Can Teach Us About Overcoming Life’s Challenges

Brit Hume is a well-known figure in the world of news reporting, but he is also known for his deep faith in Christianity. His faith has played a significant role in helping him overcome the challenges he has faced in his life, both personal and professional.

One of the most important lessons we can learn from Hume’s faith is the importance of perseverance. Hume has faced many challenges in his career, including criticism from his peers and the public, but he has never wavered in his commitment to his profession or his faith. He has persevered through difficult times and emerged stronger on the other side.

Trusting in a Higher Power

Another lesson we can learn from Hume’s faith is the importance of trusting in a higher power. Hume has often spoken about how his faith has given him strength and comfort during challenging times. When we face obstacles in our own lives, it can be helpful to remember that we are not alone and that there is a greater purpose to our struggles.

Choosing Grace and Forgiveness

Hume’s faith has also taught him the importance of grace and forgiveness. He has spoken about the need to extend grace and forgiveness to those who have wronged us, even if they do not deserve it. This can be a difficult lesson to learn, but it is one that can help us move past our anger and hurt and find peace in our relationships.


In conclusion, Brit Hume’s faith has been an important guiding force in his life, helping him overcome challenges and find meaning and purpose in his work. By embracing lessons such as perseverance, trust in a higher power, and grace and forgiveness, we can all learn to navigate life’s challenges with greater strength and resilience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Brit Hume a Christian?

Yes, Brit Hume is a devout Christian. He has spoken publicly about his faith and how it has influenced his life and career as a journalist. Hume is a member of the Anglican Church in North America and has described himself as a “serious Christian.”

How does Brit Hume’s faith influence his reporting?

Hume has said that his faith shapes his worldview and informs his reporting. He believes that his faith teaches him to value honesty, integrity, and compassion, which he strives to incorporate into his work as a journalist. However, Hume has also emphasized the importance of separating his personal beliefs from his reporting and has been critical of journalists who inject their own opinions into news coverage.

Has Brit Hume faced criticism for his religious beliefs?

Yes, Hume has faced criticism for his outspoken Christian beliefs, particularly in regards to his views on issues such as abortion and same-sex marriage. Some have accused him of using his position as a journalist to promote a Christian agenda, while others have criticized him for what they perceive as an overly conservative bias in his reporting.

How does Brit Hume respond to his critics?

Hume has acknowledged his critics but maintains that his faith does not impact his reporting. He has argued that as a journalist, he strives to be fair and balanced in his coverage, regardless of his personal beliefs. Hume has also defended his right to express his religious views as a private citizen, outside of his work as a journalist.

Has Brit Hume ever faced backlash for his religious views?

Yes, Hume has faced backlash for his religious views, particularly in 2009 when he made controversial comments on Fox News about Tiger Woods’ personal life. Hume suggested that Woods should turn to Christianity to find redemption and forgiveness for his infidelity, which many found insensitive and inappropriate. Hume later apologized for his comments.

How has Brit Hume’s faith impacted his personal life?

Hume has described his faith as a source of strength and comfort throughout his life, particularly during difficult times. He has also spoken about the importance of forgiveness and compassion in his personal relationships, which he attributes to his Christian beliefs. Hume has said that his faith has helped him to find purpose and meaning in his life and has inspired him to serve others.

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