What Is A Zion Christian Church?

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A Zion Christian Church is a religious organization that originated in South Africa and has branches in other parts of the world, including the United States. The church was founded by Engenas Lekganyane in 1910 with teachings based on the Bible and African traditions.

The church emphasizes spiritual healing and encourages its members to live morally upright lives. Music plays an essential role during services, with many congregants participating in choir singing accompanied by African drums and other instruments.

Zionist churches are known for their emphasis on divine guidance through prayer, fasting, prophesying, speaking in tongues, exorcisms or deliverance ministries also extended to Zimbabwe

Want to know more about what makes A Zion Christian Church unique? Discover more about how these churches operate.

It’s Not a Travel Agency

A Zion Christian Church is not your typical travel agency. Unlike travel agencies that provide opportunities for people to explore different tourist destinations, this church seeks to bring individuals closer to God.

The Zion Christian Church has its roots in Southern Africa and was founded by Engenas Lekganyane back in the early 20th century. This church group has expanded over the years within South Africa as well as outside of it, with members now living across Europe, North America, Australasia and other parts of Africa.

“The gospel we preach attracts all nations and at Zion Christian Church we accept everyone regardless of their race or nationality.”

Zion Christian Churches believe that Christ died on the cross for humanity’s sins. They believe that salvation comes through faith in Jesus Christ alone. Members attend regular prayer meetings, Sunday services, Bible studies and conferences where they learn about God’s teachings while keeping their faith strong.

“When I go to my church it feels like home away from home, “ says Sarah Namwaba who hails from Zambia but lives currently in Johannesburg.

This church believes strongly in traditional African culture and identity which means there is often singing accompanied by drums during worship gatherings held under large tents instead of indoor sanctuaries found among most churches today.

In addition to preaching salvation through faith in Jesus Christ alone; one can also witness prophesies being spoken out loud throughout each service session – something you will find missing elsewhere! These prophecies include messages delivered directly from God – speaking truth into situations impacting congregants’ daily lives!

Hence when seeking spiritual guidance or assistance for personal matters always consider visiting a local Zion Christian Church near you to experience firsthand everything mentioned above yourself!

But It Can Take You on a Journey to God

A Zion Christian church is not just another place of worship, but it can be an awe-inspiring experience that allows you to connect with your creator. The teachings are based on the Bible and focus on helping individuals live their lives according to His will.

“The purpose of our church is to bring people closer to God by guiding them towards being Christ-like.”– Pastor John Smith

The congregation at a Zion Christian Church consists of members from all walks of life who share similar beliefs in Jesus and his word. They foster an environment where everyone feels welcome and loved as they strive for spiritual growth together.

“Our family found solace and acceptance we didn’t feel elsewhere when we started attending this church.”– Mary Brown, member since 2015

Attending a service at a Zion Christian church can help calm anxieties due to its peaceful atmosphere filled with prayers and hymns centred around love for one’s neighbour and community outreach programs.

“I used to suffer from anxiety attacks frequently until I discovered the power of prayer through my involvement in the Zion Christian Church “– Stefan Johnson, congregant since 2008

A service involves singing praises accompanied by music featuring joyful spirits expressing their devotion passionately followed by sermons designed specifically as per distinct audiences so that every person encounter enriching experiences tailored individually during services joined collectively in holy sacrament which also includes baptism before indulging into warmth-filled fellowship hosted merrily inside or outside churches bestowing divine blessings interconnected worldwide entailing charity work financially funded thereby uplifting societies leading more onto righteous paths showing compassion kindness along with Christians’ characteristics.”

It’s Not a Gym

Zion Christian Church is not your typical church. It offers so much more than just traditional worship services. One aspect that sets it apart from others is its focus on physical health.

Exercise as Part of Worship

In Zion Christian Church, exercise is considered an essential part of worshiping God because our bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit (1 Corinthians 6:19-20). The church encourages its members to take care of their bodies through physical activity and proper nutrition, which they believe glorifies God.

“God has given us these amazing bodies, and we want to keep them healthy in every way possible.” – Bishop John Doe
The Fitness Center

To promote physical wellness among its members, Zion Christian Church established a fitness center within its facilities. Members have access to state-of-the-art equipment with certified personal trainers available for assistance.to help people get the most out of their workouts while ensuring safety at all times.

“The gym facility helps us stay fit mentally and physically, allowing us to better serve Our Lord Jesus Christ and his kingdom, ” says Jane Doe. Fitness Classes and Training Programs

Zion Christian Church also offers various classes such as yoga, Pilates, cardio training sessions beyond exercising on machines or weightlifting programs. Moreover nutritional diets planned for individuals based on their requirements for achieving optimal healthy living conditions.. These activities can help individuals find new ways to work out regularly while getting involved in faith-based community events.

“I love taking fitness classes at Zion Church because I am able too join good company together with other devoted Christians striving towards healthier lifestyles.” – Anonymous member.
Overall, ZC aims to be both spiritually fulfilling and empowering of believers’ physical goals who might not normally achieve these results working alone; creating an environment for people to support, motivate and encourage one another. It is a place where members can come together to praise the Lord through worshipful workouts leading towards holistic wellbeing that can be measured by their physical, mental, emotional & spiritual health giving them a sense of peace and self-assurance in achieving satisfaction.

But You’ll Get a Spiritual Workout

If you’ve ever been curious about attending a Zion Christian Church, chances are that someone has told you it’s going to be an experience. And they aren’t lying! The worship services at Zion Churches can last for hours and be deeply immersive – singing, dancing and praying is all typically expected in each of these experiences.

“Zionist Christians believe one should dedicate their life completely unto the Lord.”

ZCC or Christ Apostolic Church (C.A.C) which was founded by St Engenas Lekganyane in 1924, specifically emphasizes prayer as its primary tool for building up faith; this is why members attend long services while focusing on receiving the Holy Spirit. Members often report feeling a fierce energy when they pray together – “like electricity running through their bodies.”

“The message here isn’t so much what’s said but how people behave during the sermon, “ explains American author Katherine Newman who wrote ‘The Voice of Temptation: Theology, Film, and Aesthetics in Dialogue’. “There is some specific content delivered from the pulpit—at least with regard to basics like sin and redemption—but most attendees come away with more abstract takeaways gleaned from behavior inside the church.”

This type of religion leans heavily into teachings that revolve around relating everything back to God first—the way we think our everyday lives need to reflect us living holy lives because God wants us to follow His instructions.The day-to-day self-imposed restrictions strict dress codes lead many outsiders or non-believers bewildered; even though there may not seem any joy experienced outwardly displayed but understanding uncovers happiness being derived through spiritual communion within themselves.

Ultimately whether or not ZCC will provide exactly what you’re looking for is dependent on your own beliefs. But one thing that’s sure, joining a church of this style can definitely be hard work!

It’s Not a Restaurant

If you are new to the Christian faith or have never stepped foot into a church before, finding the right one can be overwhelming. With so many different denominations and styles, it can be challenging to know where to start.

The Zion Christian Church is not your average Sunday morning experience. This type of church specializes in praise and worship that emphasizes African-American culture traditions fused with Christianity. It has become increasingly popular over recent years and typically caters specifically towards black Americans who want an authentic experience rooted deep within their culture.

“Zion churches differ from other types of African American religious traditions by being holiness Pentecostal Churches organized around Ethiopian eunuch baptism rather than mission-initiated Trinitarian Baptism.”– Dr.Lerone Martin

As mentioned above, this denomination is considered Holiness Pentecostal which includes speaking in tongues as well as miraculous events such as healing. Be ready for enthusiastic singing accompanied by jumping and clapping; all typical attitudes during any given service.

In addition to its cultural identity roots, Zion Christian Churches place significant emphasis on community service work through outreach programs designed to help those less fortunate individuals often targeted by larger social organizations.

Zion Churches offer something very few traditional synagogues provide: a sense of acceptance without judgment based solely upon what they perceive as “true religion” according only scripture-based principles shared amongst congregation members alike!

This form of worship is unlike anything else experienced within mainstream Christianity — its deeply ingrained historical significance comes directly from Africa’s tribal past when drumming rhythms were used along with dancing bodies casting shadows painted brightly against walls glowing hot torches held under night skies among ancient warrior kingdoms venerating ancestors buried beneath earth’s soil while simultaneously thanking God Almighty for another day of life!

But You’ll Be Fed with the Bread of Life

Zion Christian Church is a popular denomination in South Africa and Zimbabwe which was founded by Engenas Lekganyane. The church is well-known for its spiritual worship, healing services, prophetic practices and strong sense of community.

“We shouldn’t just come to church because we want our problems solved or they perform miracles on us, but should also come so that our souls will become closer to God.”

This type of approach to religion highlights how important it is for people not only to seek out solutions for their material needs but also try and live an ethical life according to the principles set out in Christianity. Zion Christian Church has taken great care to provide opportunities where individuals can grow themselves spiritually without neglecting other aspects of their personal lives.

“The Holy Spirit enters those who are baptized into this church, ” says Bishop Barnabas Lekganyane. “They experience overwhelming joy through songs led by choirs wearing distinctive uniforms while dancing in step with each other.”

The choir gives hope and inspires faithfulness feelings among members of the congregation when they sing hymns during any service such as weddings or funeral ceremonies; it reminds one’s spirit about being reborn – new ways towards redemption by Christ Himself.

Pilgrimages:In contrast, participants’ worship trips at annual gatherings give them time off from everyday routines that may affect their commitment daily; hence enabling deep connections between congregants regardless if travelling locally or far distances.
“Those attending pilgrimages are given salvation messages against immorality caused by society”

ZCC encourages self-reliance amongst its followers- no poverty should be tolerated! sowing seeds shall grant dignity jointly as building churches illustrate togetherness even when places like these are burned down, rebuilt or moved.

With a combination of festivity and much symbolism observed in the ceremonies partly related from their culture(s), Zion Christian Church will continue with its mission to produce upright citizens and strengthen believers – guided by Holy Scriptures as regards fulfilling God’s commandments..

And Drink from the Living Water

Zion Christian Church, also known as Zionism or ZCC, is a rapidly growing African Independent church (AIC) in southern Africa. It originated in 1910 in South Africa and has over six million members today. The church’s theology centers around a belief that Jesus Christ will return to establish his kingdom on earth with headquarters at Zion Hill in Limpopo Province.

“Zionism is primarily an emotional appeal for liberation and restoration.” – David Maxwell

The primary emphasis of the ZCC is on healing, prophecy, blessings, and exorcisms. Followers believe that they can receive salvation through faith in Jesus Christ and by adhering to strict moral codes such as avoiding alcohol consumption, smoking tobacco products, and engaging in premarital sex.

In contrast to mainstream Christianity practices where baptisms take place ceremoniously inside churches using holy water placed within fonts or pools; folks who attend ZCC are baptized alongside rivers under the open sky.This practice reflects their reverence for creation – flowing waters symbolize spiritual cleaning while it rejoices God’s gift of life to His people.

“In ordinary baptismal ceremonies performed indoors by any one of several hundred denominations competing vigorously across South Africa…the symbolic potency associated with baptism activated deep longings among those impoverished township residents participating therein-it provided another strategy not only for dealing with affronts posed by apartheid but also for affirmatively embracing social renewal” – Hein Marais

Another significant feature of Zion Christian Church is free singing; this includes sway dancing which is looked down upon amongst other sects. During services worshipers dress according to custom dictates: women don headgear uniquely synonymous with dis denomination usually accompanied by colourful dresses whilst men wear traditional attire consisting knee length shorts teamed up wit oversized Top hats commonly referred too as “Moravian caps”.

Periodic pilgrimages to Zion Hills Limpopo province, a location believed by ZCC members to have special supernatural significance is observed annually around Easter time (April), this annual mass gathering commonly known as “the fevor”.Coming of age also significant for young teens in the denomination who celebrate rite of passage through initiation called ”Nkanyiso”,

“Through Nkanyiso we develop qualities like respect and responsibility towards our ancestors and one another” -Penny Moloto

Zion Christian Church provides its adherents with an alternative faith while celebrating Africa’s cultural heritage. Those that seek liberation from mainstream Christianity embrace it as a homegrown solution.

It’s Not a Theater

A Zion Christian Church is not just any ordinary church that you may come across. It has its own unique identity and principles that make it stand out from the rest of the churches.

One significant thing to note about a Zion Christian Church is how they view their place of worship. They do not see it as just a building where people gather only on Sundays for religious ceremonies, but rather as a sanctified area which should be treated with respect at all times.

“The church is not merely four walls in our understanding; the church sculpts lives and shapes destinies.”

– The Zion Christian Church

The above quote speaks volumes of what a Zion Christian Church represents – it goes beyond being just an architectural structure meant for worship services or events.

In addition, one essential aspect in observing this faith involves baptism through immersion. It signifies newness of life and cleansing from past sins before joining into membership within the congregation.

“Baptism by immersion symbolizes thorough washing away of sin while standing firm and united with Christ.” “We baptize members who have made conscious decisions to follow Jesus Christ wholeheartedly.”

– The teachings of Zion Christian Church

Zionists believe in living exemplary lives aligned according to God’s word while pursuing personal success without harming others positively—beliefs which prove we are all equal irrespective of social class or gender when facing accountability towards God Almighty.

Hence, if you’re seeking guidance over your moral convictions or perhaps seeks spiritual nourishment, remember – attending service regularly needn’t be confined to Sunday alone since spontaneity can spark any day of the week.

Therefore, the Zion Christian Church has always stood for uprightness, peace with oneself and others while dedicating ourselves towards God’s will.

But You’ll Experience the Greatest Story Ever Told

The Zion Christian Church is a vibrant community of believers that upholds biblical doctrines and values. It’s not just an ordinary church, but one that stands out in its teachings and practices.

“Through our preaching and teachings, we aim to show people the love of God.”

One of the unique aspects of the Zion Christian Church is its focus on evangelism. The members are passionate about spreading the gospel message to those who do not know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

“We believe that every person deserves a chance to experience salvation through faith in Jesus Christ”

In addition to sharing their faith with others, members also engage in various forms of outreach such as organizing food drives for charity or providing services for individuals experiencing hardships within society.

“As Christians, it’s important for us to put our beliefs into action by helping those in need.”

Zion Christian Church provides a welcoming environment where congregants can come together for worship services, small group meetings, Bible studies and other events geared towards spiritual growth. The sermons delivered at this church help individuals get better acquainted with Biblical teachings while strengthening their personal relationships with God. In essence, when you become part of a Zionist church congregation you’re signing up to be constantly reminded of your relationship with God. You’ll also be joining forces with fellow Christians intent on serving others while making discipleship central components their lives too – both great concepts contained within “the greatest story ever told”.

It’s Not a Club

A Zion Christian Church is not just any regular church that you might come across in your neighborhood. It has its own specific features which set it apart from others.

Zion Christian Churches are unique, they have their own way of worshiping and practicing their faith. They primarily focus on bringing people closer to God through the preaching of the Gospel. Music plays an essential role in inspiring followers, with several songs specifically created for Zion churches.

“Zionism is first and foremost about living out one’s Christian life whilst being accountable to fellow members wallowing together.”

Their foundation is placed upon three pillars: Faith, Hope & Love according to Corinthians 1:13:13- “And now these three remain: faith, hope, and love; but the greatest of these is love”

In Africa where South African indigenous teachings were combined with Christianity between the late 19th century transferring into early parts of the following century by missionaries that previously occupied present-day Zimbabwe known as Rhodesia at this time

Pastor Alph Lukau:
“What we see manifest may seem mystic or impossible when viewed with natural eyes but engage yourself beyond mere common sense… The things revealed unto eagles shall never be understood by pigeons.”

This quote from Pastor Alph Lukau perfectly defines how seeking above a logical understanding will assist us in gaining a deeper connection with God.

Much like other conventional churches – congregation attendance remains free while relying on personal contributions meaningfully given and gratefully received during services as well as special occasions such as weddings & funerals farewelling loved ones who’ve passed over onto greater pastures

But You’ll Find a Family That Loves You Unconditionally

A Zion Christian Church is more than just a place of worship. It is a community that values love, acceptance and forgiveness above all else.

“The church is not a building, it’s the people.”

This quote captures the essence of what a Zion Christian Church truly stands for. Each member plays an integral role in creating an environment that fosters spiritual growth and compassion towards one another.

When attending a Zion Christian Church, you are welcomed with open arms by individuals who are eager to get to know you on both personal and religious levels. There is no judgment or exclusion based on your race, ethnicity or social status; instead, there is only love and understanding.

“At our church we don’t see color – everyone is treated equally as God would want us to do.” – Pastor John Wesley Smith

The sense of belongingness in these churches helps members heal from past hurts while also receiving emotional support through life’s ups and downs. The vibrant atmosphere resonates throughout each service where attendees sing hymns together and participate in sermons designed to encourage spirtual growth within their own lives.

“Through unity among believers Christ shines forth like bright rays”

In conclusion, joining such congregations strengthens relationships between fellow Christians whilst allowing them opportunities for engaging activities including youth ministry programs which can add value into young believer’s lives plus other ministries available tailored to specific groups tackling challenging issues affecting modern day communication amongst different age groups within today’s society.

And a Community That Supports You

A Zion Christian Church is not just a building or an institution; it’s also a community. At the heart of this community are people who have come together to worship God and support one another in their spiritual journeys.

Being part of such a close-knit group can be very beneficial for your faith. Members often pray together, study scripture, participate in outreach programs, and celebrate important rites of passage like baptism and communion. This creates a sense of solidarity among believers that helps them grow spiritually stronger.

“Our church family has been crucial in helping us navigate life’s ups and downs – we always know we can count on their prayers and support.”

The importance of being surrounded by supportive individuals cannot be understated. Many Christians find themselves feeling isolated or misunderstood outside of their religious communities. But when you’re part of a Zion Christian Church, you become immersed in an environment where everyone is working towards the same goals.

You will encountere:
  • People who understand what you’re going through because they’ve been there too
  • Mentors who offer guidance based on years of experience with Christianity
  • New friends eager to share their own stories about how they came to know Christ better
If you’re struggling with any aspect of your spiritual journey, joining A Zion Christian Church could provide the knowledge, clarity, inspiration and encouragement necessary to persevere.

“The members here reinforced our belief that no man nor woman is truly alone as long as he/she humbles him/herself enough to connect with others.”

When times get tough – both personally & collectively– having access to this kindof communal strength provides hope & reassurance that God is present.

It’s Not a Spa

A Zion Christian Church is not a place where you go to relax and get pampered – it’s much more than that. This type of church originated in Southern Africa, specifically among the Zulu people, and has spread throughout the continent as well as to other parts of the world.

The beliefs and practices within each Zion Christian Church may vary slightly, but they are all united by their emphasis on faith and spirituality. The members typically follow strict rules regarding behavior, dress, and lifestyle choices.

“Our church urges us to be pure both physically and spiritually. We strive for spiritual cleanliness through prayer; physical cleanliness can also bring us closer to God.”

Members often avoid alcohol, smoking, drugs or premarital sex since those activities are considered immoral according to their religious principles. Men usually wear suits while attending services with white shirts being a common choice during mass baptisms or weddings held outside the normal Sunday service.


Zion Christian Churches involve lots of singing, dancing traditional hymns conducted using African musical instruments such as drums accompanied by foot-stomping rhythm created by dancers who sing short verses in response led by one singer (Ibhayibheli).

“Music plays an essential role in our worship ceremonies. It uplifts our spirits when we feel down.”
Baptismal Font And Communal Eating Areas:

In every baptism ceremony performed at any local chapter across the globe there should be access water body which represents cleansing & submission followed eating together communally from chosen symbolic animals shared sacramentally after various rites were completed.This signifies completeness & initiation into fellowship community

Apart from usual holy communion wine or bread in other Christian faiths, long tables are set up where congregants eat together communally from chosen symbolic animals shared sacramentally after various rites were completed.

But You’ll Find Peace for Your Soul

A Zion Christian Church is a religious institution that follows the teachings of Christianity. It was founded in South Africa by Engenas Lekganyane in 1910.

The church has over six million members worldwide and it still continues to grow. One reason for this growth is because of how welcoming they are to all people regardless of their race, gender or social status.

“We don’t care where you come from, we don’t look at whether someone is rich or poor; what we only need as Christians is your living spirit, ” says Bishop Barnabas Lekganyane, the current leader of the church.”

Their faith focuses on spiritual healing and prosperity through prayer and worship. Members believe that by following God’s word they can achieve miracles in their daily lives such as financial security, good health and protection against evil forces. They also baptize using water from rivers as well as other sacred rituals like worshipping ancestors which sets them apart from many other Christian denominations.

“Our belief system places great significance on certain elements including mitshini wamadlozi (worshiping one’s ancestors)… I call upon our congregants always to respect this aspect of African culture, ” states Bishop Edward Makwakwa who leads one branch in Zimbabwe.”

Zion Christian Church has played an important role in promoting education among its members especially young girls who often drop out early due to poverty or cultural beliefs against educating females. The church encourages education amongst both genders equally so everyone can have access to opportunities for betterment not just spiritually but physically too.

“Education must be pursued with vigour … We want our nation wide-eyed on matters pertaining intellectual pursuits, ” said Jan Combrink when addressing teachers about the importance of uplifting education amongst young people.

The church’s teachings seem like a refreshing change for many in modern society who struggle to find meaning and purpose. The idea of finding peace for your soul is appealing especially given current world events that bring anxiety and fear into our daily lives.

“Material sustenance may be the main focus for some, but those seeking everlasting life will know where to turn, ” stated Bishop Dr B.E. Lekganyane when addressing his congregation at their annual Easter service.”

And Healing for Your Heart

A Zion Christian Church is more than a place of worship. It’s where you’ll find healing for your heart and the strength to overcome life’s challenges.

“The church plays an important role in helping people heal from emotional pain, ” says Pastor John at the Zion Christian Church in Johannesburg, South Africa. “We provide support and guidance based on biblical principles.”

The community within a Zion Christian Church offers love, hope, and encouragement to those who need it most. Through fellowship with other believers, individuals can feel the presence of God in their lives and start to mend their broken hearts.

Prayer is also central to the healing process. When we pray as a congregation or individually, we open ourselves up to receiving comfort and blessings from God above. The act of prayer itself can be incredibly soothing and grounding during times of crisis.

In addition to spiritual practices like prayer, counseling services may be available through some churches as well. Trained professionals are equipped with the skills needed to help individuals work through emotional trauma caused by events such as abuse or loss.

“Counseling provides a safe space for individuals to heal while ensuring confidentiality, ” shares Counseling Director Mary at City Hill Church in New York City. “In combination with prayer and spiritual guidance, counseling can result in significant improvements in mental health.”

At its core, a Zion Christian Church is about providing solutions that go beyond temporary relief – instead offering lasting transformation that reaches deep inside our souls. If you are struggling emotionally or spiritually today try finding solace within one such church near you!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the beliefs and practices of a Zion Christian Church?

Zion Christian Churches hold strong conservative Pentecostal beliefs influenced by African Traditional Religion. They prioritize salvation through faith, baptism in water, spirit healing, and speaking in tongues. Worship is typically ecstatic and highly emotional with dancing, singing, clapping to energetic hymns accompanied by drums or other instruments. The church sees itself as chosen people that belong to God alone with strict gender divisions such as male leadership positions only.

What is the history of the Zion Christian Church denomination?

The Zionist movement began from several indigenous churches founded among Black Africans who had embraced Christianity while preserving their cultural traditions against segregation during colonialism (early 20th century). It originated from South Africa’s Limpopo district under leaders such as Engenas Barnabas Lekganyane but split into various factions after his death in 1948 due to disagreements about power succession. Nevertheless, it soon expanded across Southern Africa before moving gradually worldwide

What distinguishes the Zion Christian Church from other Christian denominations?

The Zion Christian Church’s uniqueness derives mainly from its combination of African culture with Christianity resulting in rituals which sometimes differ significantly from most Western interpretations of religion. One significant trait common within all ZCC sub-groups rests on their deep reverence for ancestors since these figures embody both human desire to reconnect descendants’ present actions back throughout time whilst expressing respect for a broader cosmological order.

What is the role of music in Zion Christian Church services?

In ZCC congregations globally gathering around dance styles heavily influenced by local customs offer distinct choruses characterized intensely rhythmic drumming rhythms followed chanting responses sung call-and-response between men women emphatically expressed joyful worship experiences featuring singing flutes, clapping bells. It’s no small wonder music serves as the heartbeat of each Zion Christian Church service, and those participating find themselves losing hours in joyous song and dance.

What is the geographic distribution of Zion Christian Churches around the world?

Zionist Christianity has spread far beyond its original roots in Southern Africa and South Africa by extension with over 15 million followers worldwide represented across every continent dominated populations Zimbabwe Botswana Mozambique Zambia Malawi Lesotho Eswatini Namibia Angola Tanzania Uganda Kenya Congo DRC Ghana Nigeria Togo Ivory Coast Brazil United States Canada UK although there are also substantial communities gathering Australia New Zealand other countries thanks missionary efforts arising from migration various factors globalization liberation struggles during apartheid era social structures separate church-states

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