When God Ran Lyrics? Find Them Here and Be Moved by the Powerful Message of the Song

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Are you searching for meaningful lyrics that will touch your heart and soul? Look no further than the powerful song, “When God Ran.” This beautiful track has captivated listeners around the world with its moving message about love, forgiveness, and acceptance.

Whether you are a believer or not, this song’s lyrics have an undeniable power to inspire and uplift. Written by Benny Hester and John Parenti, “When God Ran” tells the story of the prodigal son in a fresh and unique way that resonates with people of all backgrounds and walks of life.

“I see my father, he’s running He’s calling my name, he’s saying, My child, come home again!”

The emotional impact of these words is impossible to ignore, and they serve as a reminder that we are all loved unconditionally by a higher power. No matter what mistakes we make or how far we may stray from our path, God always welcomes us back with open arms.

If you’re ready to experience the transformative power of “When God Ran”, be sure to read on and discover the full lyrics of this amazing song. Get ready to feel moved and inspired as you explore the deeper meaning behind these timeless words!

Discover the Heartfelt Story Behind the Song

The song “When God Ran” is a powerful and emotional piece that tells the story of a prodigal son who has strayed from his path and feels lost. It captures the moment when the son returns home and is embraced by his loving father, who runs to him with open arms.

The lyrics are deeply moving and speak to the heart of anyone who has ever felt lost or alone. The message is clear: no matter how far we wander, we are never truly alone, because God is always there waiting for us to return.

The inspiration for the song came from the parable of the prodigal son in the Bible (Luke 15:11-32). The songwriter was struck by the power of this story and wanted to capture its essence in music. The result is a beautiful and heartfelt piece that has touched the lives of countless people around the world.

Learn about the Personal Journey of the Songwriter

The songwriter behind “When God Ran” is Benny Hester, an American musician and producer. Hester grew up in Texas and began playing music at a young age. He started as a drummer but later learned to play guitar and piano as well.

Hester began his career as a member of several bands in the late 1970s, including the Benny Hester Band and the Hearndogs. He also worked as a session musician and recorded jingles for television commercials.

In 1983, Hester released his first solo album, “Benny from Here.” The album received critical acclaim and spawned two hit singles, “Nobody Knows Me Like You” and “When God Ran.”

“When God Ran” quickly became Hester’s most popular and enduring song. Its message of redemption and hope resonated with listeners all over the world, and its reach extended beyond Christian music circles to mainstream audiences.

Discover the Inspiration Behind the Lyrics and Melody

The lyrics of “When God Ran” are incredibly powerful and moving. The song paints a vivid picture of the prodigal son as he returns home, broken and ashamed. But instead of condemnation, he is met with love and compassion from his father, who runs to him with open arms.

“The idea behind ‘When God Ran’ goes back to the parable in Luke 15 where Jesus tells about the man who had two sons and one left home,” Hester explains. “And when that wayward son finally came home, the dad ran out to meet him. That was never done in those days. If anyone ever ran like that it would be considered undignified. But the dad didn’t care. He loved his son so much that he just threw caution — and tradition — to the wind.” -Benny Hester

The melody of the song perfectly complements the lyrics, starting softly and building in intensity as the message reaches its climax. The use of background vocals adds depth and emotion to the piece, creating a sense of community and collective praise.

“When God Ran” is a timeless masterpiece that continues to touch hearts and souls today. Its message of redemption, forgiveness, and unconditional love is one that we can all relate to no matter what our background or experiences may be.

Experience the Emotionally Charged Music Video

Watch the Powerful Visual Interpretation of the Song

The song “When God Ran” is a poignant and emotionally charged Christian song that tells the story of a prodigal son who returns to God after losing his way. The message of forgiveness, love, and redemption packs an emotional punch for many listeners.

This powerful message paired with the beautifully crafted music video enhances the experience of the song even further. The video’s stunning visuals and choreography captures the essence of the song while portraying its deeply moving lyrics.

“Music can connect people in a way that words alone cannot.” -Unknown

Watching the “When God Ran” music video allows you to delve deeper into the lyrics, absorbing their meaning on a visual level. It’s a perfect representation of how beautiful and impactful worship music can be when the right audiovisual elements are combined.

Feel the Intensity of the Song’s Message through the Video

If you haven’t had the opportunity yet, watching the “When God Ran” music video is highly recommended. You’ll get lost in the intricately woven storyline combining contemporary dance moves with breathtaking scenery.

You’ll feel the weighty emotion behind each line, which will stay with you long after the video has ended. Witnessing the pain of the prodigal as he realized the depths of his mistakes serves as a reminder of our own shortcomings and the ultimate power of forgiveness.

“There is no substitute for seeing real emotions in front of your eyes.” -Steven Miesels

The beauty of this particular song lies in its ability to convey such a profound message through both its lyrics and accompanying visuals. This extraordinary combination touches the soul, leaving a lasting impression that can be felt long after listening to the song.

If you want to experience the full scope of “When God Ran” and its incredibly powerful message, watching the music video is an absolute must. The deep emotion behind each line and movement culminates in a captivating performance that’s nothing short of amazing.

Explore the Various Interpretations of the Song’s Meaning

The song “When God Ran” has been beloved by many on account of its emotional and spiritual depth. The lyrics, written by Benny Hester and John Parenti, tell a story that resonates with anyone who has ever felt lost or alone.

Read the Song’s Lyrics and Discover its Literal Meaning

The song opens with the lines:

“Almighty God, the great I Am/ Immoveable Rock, omnipotent, powerful”

The opening verse sets the tone for an emotionally charged ballad about a wayward son returning home, seeking forgiveness from his father. The straightforward language used in the lyrics provides the listener with a literal explanation of the story being told.

Explore the Symbolism and Metaphors Used in the Song

The central metaphor in the song is based on the biblical parable of the prodigal son. In this story, a young man demands the inheritance owed to him by his father, leaves home, squanders all his wealth, returns home penniless, and is welcomed back warmly by his father despite having sinned against him.

A line from the chorus summarizes the symbolism:

“And then He ran to me, took me in His arms/ Held my head to His chest, said ‘My son’s come home again’

This imagery portrays a forgiving, loving God who welcomes those who have strayed from the path back into his embrace with warmth and compassion.

Discover the Different Cultural Interpretations of the Song

The beauty of music is that it transcends cultural barriers, and this song has touched hearts around the world, regardless of religious or cultural background. Some listeners interpret the story as one of redemption after a life spent in addiction, while others see it as representing a spiritual return to faith.

The broad spectrum of interpretation resonates across religious beliefs and cultures.

Explore the Spiritual and Emotional Meaning of the Song

The emotional resonance of “When God Ran” lies in its emphasis on forgiveness and redemption. The song expresses an unwavering belief that no matter how far someone has strayed from their path, there is always a way back home — both figuratively and literally.

The ultimate message of the song can be summed up by this line:

“But His voice called out to me/And mercy fell on me”

This lyric speaks perfectly to the power of grace and the forgiving nature of God’s love.

It’s evident from the various interpretations of the song over the years that “When God Ran Lyrics” provides a powerful reminder of the unconditional love of God that quenches our spiritual thirst when we come running back to Him; some have experienced healing; some have found new ways of hope from listening to the song’s lyrics.

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Learn about the Talented Artist Who Wrote and Performed the Song

“When God Ran” is a popular Christian song that was written and performed by Benny Hester, a talented American singer-songwriter. Born in 1948 in Waco, Texas, Benny Hester began his musical career at an early age. He joined his family’s gospel group called The Hesters and started playing drums, piano, guitar, and bass. Throughout the years, he embarked on a solo career and wrote many inspirational songs that encourage people to seek spiritual guidance.

Hester released “When God Ran” in 1985, and it quickly became a hit among Christian listeners. The track stayed on top of the charts for several weeks, and its reflective lyrics touched the hearts of millions. Many people wondered what inspired Hester to write such a profound song, and how he managed to craft such meaningful words.

Discover the Background and Musical Career of the Artist

To better understand the meaning behind “When God Ran,” it’s essential to explore Benny Hester’s background and musical career. Hester grew up in a deeply religious household where music played a significant role. His father, Alton Hester, was a prominent evangelist who preached across Texas and Oklahoma, and his mother, Velma, was a pianist and vocalist who taught him various musical styles.

Benny Hester went on to hone his craft at Baylor University, where he studied classical music theory, composition, and performance. After graduation, he formed a rock band called Benny and the Goodmen, which gained national recognition after releasing their self-titled album in 1972.

In the 1980s, Hester turned his attention to writing and performing Christian music. He released his first solo album, “Benny from Here,” in 1980, and it included the hit single “Nobody Knows Me Like You.” This track became a standard on contemporary Christian radio stations and earned Hester several awards for his outstanding songwriting abilities.

After the success of “Nobody Knows Me Like You,” Benny Hester continued to create thought-provoking music that resonated with his audience. He released three more albums during the 1980s, and all of them contained songs that were inspired by his faith and personal experiences.

Learn about the Artist’s Personal Connection to the Song

Benny Hester wrote “When God Ran” after experiencing a period of spiritual awakening and renewal in his life. In an interview with Carol Tornquist from PraiseCharts.com, Hester explained that he was going through a tough time when he wrote the song:

“It just poured out as I realized God had forgiven me even before I’d asked Him.”

The lyrics of the song reflect Hester’s realization that no matter how far we may stray from God, He always welcomes us back with open arms. The phrase “when God ran” refers to the biblical story of the prodigal son, who squandered his inheritance but was welcomed home by his father with great joy and celebration.

Hester’s personal connection to the song is evident in its emotional delivery. His powerful vocals convey a sense of longing, humility, and joy, and the arrangement of the music perfectly complements the message of salvation and redemption.

“When God Ran” is a beautiful song that celebrates the never-ending love and grace of God. Its timeless message continues to inspire people around the world, and Benny Hester’s legacy as a gifted songwriter and musician lives on. Listening to this song can be a reminder that no matter how lost we may feel, God always stands ready to receive us back into His loving arms.

Find Inspiration and Comfort in the Uplifting Lyrics of “When God Ran”

The song “When God Ran” is a powerful ballad that tells the story of a wayward child who has strayed from their faith, only to be welcomed back by a loving and forgiving God. With its poignant lyrics and moving melody, this song has become an anthem for anyone seeking redemption and hope.

“He called out my name / And ran to me / He took me in his arms / Held my head to his chest / Said ‘My son’s come home again'” – “When God Ran”

This verse encapsulates the heart of the song. The image of a father running towards his prodigal son, without judgment or condemnation, highlights the unconditional love and grace of God. It reminds us that no matter how far we may stray, we can always return to our faith with open arms waiting to receive us.

Discover the Positive Message of Forgiveness and Redemption in the Song

“When God Ran” is a testament to the transformative power of forgiveness and redemption. As the lyrics state, “There’s no shame in looking to Jesus now / For he was there before you took your first breath / And he’ll be there when you’ve taken your last.” Through these words, we are reminded that even in our darkest moments, God is always present, ready to offer us a path towards healing and renewal.

“Forgiveness can heal you emotionally, spiritually and mentally if you just give yourself it, believe in it and have faith in it.” -Mary Taylor

In a world where we often focus on punishment rather than rehabilitation, it can be easy to forget the power of forgiveness. “When God Ran” reminds us that true transformation can only come through an act of love and grace. By accepting forgiveness, we can move forward in our lives with a renewed sense of purpose and hope.

Find Comfort and Support in the Song’s Uplifting Lyrics

The uplifting message of “When God Ran” has resonated with countless people over the years. Whether you are going through a difficult time or simply need to be reminded of the power of faith and forgiveness, this song offers words of comfort, support, and encouragement.

“Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy.” -Ludwig van Beethoven

Perhaps it is the power of music itself that makes this song so impactful. As Beethoven once said, music has the ability to touch us on a deeper level than mere words alone. When combined with the right lyrics and melody, as in the case of “When God Ran”, music can provide us with a much-needed source of inspiration, hope, and comfort.

No matter where life may take us, the message of “When God Ran” will always remain relevant: that even in our darkest moments, there is always a path towards redemption, healing, and renewal.

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