When Jesus Say Yes Lyrics? Find Out Now!

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Do you ever find yourself singing along to a worship song, but then realize you don’t actually know all the lyrics? It can be frustrating when you want to fully engage in worshiping and praising Jesus, but can’t quite remember the words.

That’s where we come in. Our team has compiled the complete lyrics to one of the most popular gospel songs out there: “When Jesus Says Yes” by Michelle Williams. This upbeat anthem is sure to get you dancing and singing with joy.

“I feel like Somebody needs this tonight….. WHEN JESUS SAYS YES, NOBODY CAN SAY NO! 🙌🏽❤️”

Maybe you’ve already heard the song before and loved it, or maybe you’re just discovering it now. Either way, having access to the full lyrics will allow you to connect with the message and really let loose in worship.

This blog post isn’t just about providing the lyrics though. We’ll also dive into the meaning behind them, unpacking the powerful declaration that “when Jesus says yes, nobody can say no.” You’ll gain a deeper understanding of what it means to live a life surrendered to God’s plan and purpose.

So if you’re ready to sing your heart out to “When Jesus Says Yes,” read on to discover the full lyrics and more!

Discover the Inspiring Lyrics of “When Jesus Say Yes”

“When Jesus say yes, nobody can say no.” This is one of the most powerful and inspiring lines from the song “When Jesus Say Yes,” which was originally recorded by Michelle Williams in 2014. Since its release, the song has become a gospel anthem that inspires people to trust in God’s plan for their lives.

The Powerful Gospel Message in the Song

The message of “When Jesus Say Yes” is simple yet impactful. The lyrics encourage listeners to have faith in God and trust Him to guide them through life’s challenges. The bridge of the song states, “If you’re living, He’s alive; If you’re breathing, He’s arrived.” This line implies that even in our darkest moments when it may seem like there is no hope, Jesus is with us, guiding our steps.

One of the most memorable lines in the song is “My answer is YES, Lord!” This declaration suggests that no matter what obstacles we may face, if we remain faithful and obedient to God, we will ultimately find success and happiness.

The Inspirational Story Behind the Lyrics

According to Michelle Williams, “When Jesus Say Yes” was inspired by her experiences growing up in church. She stated that as a child, she learned about the power of saying “yes” to God and trusting Him to lead her on the right path.

In an interview with The Christian Post, Williams said, “I’ve had to learn that following God isn’t always easy. But when I put my faith and trust in Him, things work out better than I could have ever imagined.”

The Catchy Melody and Chorus

Aside from the message of the song, one of the reasons it has become so popular is its catchy melody and chorus. The upbeat tempo and infectious rhythm make it impossible not to move your body and sing along.

In an interview with Billboard, Michelle Williams spoke about the song’s appeal, stating that she wanted to create a gospel tune that could stand alongside mainstream pop songs in terms of production value and catchiness.

The Collaborative Efforts of the Artists

“When Jesus Say Yes” was a collaborative effort between Michelle Williams, Beyonce, and Kelly Rowland. The three women were previously members of Destiny’s Child, one of the most successful girl groups of all time.

Williams stated in an interview with Essence that working with her former groupmates on this project was a dream come true. She said, “We’ve individually had some hits, but when we did ‘Say Yes,’ I don’t think any of us really expected for it to go anywhere. But then people started posting videos of themselves doing choreography to it, and it just took off.”

“‘When Jesus Say Yes’ isn’t just a song; it’s a message of hope and faith that resonates with people of all ages and backgrounds.” -Michelle Williams

“When Jesus Say Yes” is more than just a catchy tune. Its lyrics contain a powerful message of faith, trust, and perseverance, reminding listeners that no matter what challenges they may face, if they put their faith in God, He will guide them through.”

Uncover the Powerful Message Behind the Song

“When Jesus Say Yes” is a gospel song by Michelle Williams, Beyoncé and Kelly Rowland. The powerful lyrics of this song explain how saying yes to Jesus can bring change into our lives. This message resonates with millions of people across the globe who believe in Christianity.

The music video accompanying the song showcases women from different professions coming together to spread the importance of faith. So let us delve into what it means when we say ‘yes’ to Jesus?

The Importance of Saying “Yes” to Jesus

Saying “yes” to Jesus means that you have decided to follow Him without hesitation. It is an unconditional acceptance of His teachings and way of living. As Christians, we are encouraged to say ‘yes’ to Jesus in every aspect of life. When we choose to do so, we open ourselves to the blessings He has for us.

In this world, there are many things that compete for our attention. But when we surrender everything to Jesus, we give Him control over our lives. Our lives become more focused on serving others and spreading love wherever we go. Saying ‘yes’ to Jesus requires humility, which is not easy but critical. According to Proverbs 22:4, humility brings honour.

The Call to Action in the Lyrics

The lyrics of this song contain explicit instructions on how to live a Christian life. They encourage listeners to remain faithful and obedient to God’s word no matter what comes their way. Every time we sing along to this song, we are reminded to put our trust in God during difficult times.

“Sometimes obedience means going against your comfort level, but if you want God’s best blessings, sometimes that’s necessary.” -Michelle Williams

The song’s chorus says: “When Jesus say yes, nobody can say no”. This is a statement of faith that shows how powerful the name of Jesus is. It encapsulates the idea that if we obey God’s word, there is nothing in this world that can stand in our way or block our blessings.

The Message of Unity and Faith

“When Jesus Say Yes” emphasizes the importance of unity among Christians; it encourages us to come together and share the gospel with others. The music video for this song portrays several women of different ages, races, and cultures coming together as one body of Christ. It sends a message of acceptance, love, and community in the Christian faith.

“The beauty of discipleship is sharing in both the joys and the hardships – learning how to carry out the ‘one another’s’ actually does bring more peace and joy than what you experience when you walk alone.” -Kelly Rowland

As believers, we are called to support each other through prayer, encouragement, and generosity. When we work together, we can accomplish great things in the kingdom of God.

The Relevance of the Song in Today’s World

In today’s tumultuous times, the message behind “When Jesus Say Yes” resonates even louder than before. With so much going on and so many voices clamouring for attention, it is easy to lose sight of what really matters. But this song reminds us that sticking to what we believe in and staying true to God will lead us on the right path.

The words of this song hold deeper meaning now more than ever before. Even during times of despair, difficulties, and uncertainties, we must learn to trust God wholeheartedly. This song teaches that by doing so, our lives will be full of purpose and significance.

“Saying yes to God may require you to take a step of faith. When doubt, fear and uncertainty creep in, remember that Jesus is there with His arms stretched wide open ready to receive you. Say yes to Him today!” -Beyoncé

The message behind “When Jesus Say Yes” speaks volumes about what it takes to follow Christ and live a fulfilled life. By saying ‘yes’ to Jesus, we are acknowledging that we trust him to guide us through our journey here on earth. This powerful message inspires listeners to hold onto their faith even when things seem uncertain. Let us trust God, obey His commandments, and sing along to this song with enthusiasm!

Learn About the Artists Behind “When Jesus Say Yes”

The Life and Career of Michelle Williams

Michelle Williams is a Grammy Award-winning artist who has made significant contributions to the music industry. She first rose to prominence as one-third of Destiny’s Child, one of the best-selling female groups of all time. After the group disbanded in 2005, Williams shifted her focus to gospel music with the release of her debut album “Heart to Yours.”

In addition to her successful solo career, Williams has also appeared on various television shows, including reality competition series such as “Dancing with the Stars” and “The Masked Singer.” Her outstanding performances have earned her several accolades.

“I am grateful for every opportunity I’ve had in the industry thus far and look forward to what’s next” -Michelle Williams

The Achievements of Beyoncé Knowles-Carter

Beyoncé Knowles-Carter needs no introduction; she is simply one of the biggest names in the entertainment industry. Starting her career as a teenager in Destiny’s Child, she has since gone on to release numerous chart-topping albums and singles.

Besides her music, Beyoncé has also made a name for herself as an actress, starring in films like “Dreamgirls,” “Cadillac Records,” and “The Lion King.” As a philanthropist, she co-founded the charity organization named BeyGOOD which provides assistance during global crises.

“I’m grateful that my parents raised me in a Christian household…And whenever I have moments of doubt or confusion, I pray about it.” –Beyoncé Knowles-Carter.

The Contributions of Kelly Rowland

Kelly Rowland was also a member of Destiny’s Child, performing with them from the age of 16. She has been recognized for her incredible vocal talents and songwriting skills.

After Destiny’s Child disbanded, Rowland ventured into a solo career and achieved success with songs such as “Work,” “Motivation,” and more recently “Coffee”. As an actress, she has also acted in movies and TV series like “Empire” and “American Soul.” She is a mother, author, and philanthropist promoting many initiatives through her organization—the Kelly Rowland Cares Foundation.

“I believe that God put me on this planet to uplift other people with my voice, inspiring others through my music.” -Kelly Rowland

The Collaborative Efforts of the Artists in the Song

When Jesus Say Yes was released in 2014 as a single by Michelle Williams. The Nigerian artiste, Osinachi Kalu Okoro Egbu known widely as Sinach and Grammy award-winning songwriter Diane Warren composed it. Beyoncé and Kelly were pleased to feature on their interest in the project about faith.

This collaboration led to a remarkable track that featured three powerhouse performers with distinctly different voices that complemented each other incredibly well. Together, they produce uplifting lyrics in harmony, pointedly expressing joy felt when God approves.

“It was beautiful to see two genres come together because gospel and pop are not often mixed” -Michelle Williams.

  • Regardless of who we are or where we came from, religion plays an integral role in our daily lives, and there’s always something unifying about coming together in worship. With “When Jesus Say Yes Lyrics,” we are reminded that it’s possible to celebrate and have fun while praising and giving reverent thanks to God authentically.
  • The original song and its remixes possess catchy melodies with God-centered lyrics that encourage any listener to move along and affirm their faith in expression, singing “When Jesus says yes, nobody can say no.”

Explore the Impact of “When Jesus Say Yes” on Gospel Music

The Song’s Popularity in the Gospel Music Scene

“When Jesus Say Yes” is a contemporary gospel song that was released on March 7, 2014. The song quickly became popular among gospel music lovers due to its upbeat rhythm and catchy lyrics. The song was performed by Beyoncé Knowles-Carter, Kelly Rowland, and Michelle Williams, collectively known as Destiny’s Child. Despite being secular artists, their performance of the song at the 30th Stellar Awards caused an immediate stir in the gospel music scene.

The trio had not been seen together on stage since their split in 2005, so for them to reunite and perform such an uplifting song lifted the spirits of many fans who were present during the awards show. Fans immediately fell in love with the track because it blended both contemporary and traditional elements of gospel music. This helped to appeal to a wider audience besides just keeping strictly to church walls, reaching even secular listeners that are inclined to Christian music.

The Song’s Success on the Billboard Charts

The release of “When Jesus Say Yes” took the world by storm. It debuted at number 20 on the US Hot Gospel Songs chart after its initial release. A remix version released on April 8 of the same year saw extensive commercial success. The remix, which features acclaimed Nigerian pop star WizKid and Ivorian-American reggae-dancehall singer Michel Montano, charted at number one on the Hot Dance/Electronic Songs, subsequently peaking at number 41 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts.

Fans globally embraced the song as their new go-to prayer anthem characterized by high tempo beats and powerful vocals. The remix elevated the original song to worldwide renown- later receiving airplay and glowing reviews on different international radio stations including the UK’s Capital FM. This helped to break cultural barriers as it exposed a wider audience beyond typical religious music fans.

The Song’s Role in Spreading the Gospel Message

“When Jesus Say Yes” challenged people to re-evaluate their relationship with Christ through music, which enabled them to have an enjoyable yet meaningful way to praise His holy name.” -Phil Thornton, RCA Inspiration senior vice president of marketing.

“When Jesus Say Yes” is enjoyed by people of all ages from various locations around the world. The song advocates obedience to God’s will and serves as a reminder that whenever you surrender your life to Jesus’ guidance, your frustrations are resolved, and peace follows- hence bringing us closer to our salvation plan. Through delivering this message, Destiny’s child managed to create consoling content far surpassing realms of entertainment but instead having eternal value.

Through using such an uber-popular platform, this has encouraged more artists to consider producing songs that project hope and edify spirituality besides just pop culture cliches. It had inspired several gospel musicians to create contemporary gospel performances over recent years while reinforcing how the genre can often deliver meaning and spiritual messaging. By spreading words about praising God and faithfulness to Him, it further encourages communities to appreciate and cherish each other’s company and live comfortably harmoniously knowing we have a God watching over us day and night.

The Song’s Influence on Other Gospel Artists

“The entire industry tuned into what Beyonce was doing…especially when she releases a Christian/Gospel single because that reaches across the aisle. ‘Say Yes’ broke down any boundaries and reached everyone”. -Randy Phillips, Live Nation Entertainment CEO (2015).

The impact of “When Jesus Say Yes” extended beyond just its core fanbase and mainstream gospel music enthusiasts. It has inspired other aspiring artists to infuse the song into their performances; some covers can be found on YouTube, with most netizens impressed by how it retains a unique Gospel feel but coupled with modern rhythms.

Some gospel musicians who have expressed admiration for “When Jesus Say Yes” include Koryn Hawthorne, Nathaniel Bassey, Marvin Sapp among others. They credit Destiny’s Child defining the bar of contemporary Christian music delivery thanks to the successful blend between traditional sense while retaining relevance even in this day of generation.

“When Jesus Say Yes” was an immediate hit upon release. Carrying the message meant for every believer that we need always to subject ourselves to God’s will, putting Him first as He is eternal making our lives much easier giving us peace like no other. Such songs challenge gospel boundaries while dismantling misconceptions about what gospel should sound or look after. In conclusion, the uplifting anthem shifted thousands beyond mere emotions- it planted a spiritual seed calling people closer to understanding why knowing Christ matters over everything.

Get Inspired by the Uplifting Story Behind the Song

If you are searching for a song that will uplift your spirits, then “When Jesus Say Yes” is definitely worth checking out. This lively gospel track talks about saying yes to God and living a life of faith, hope, and love.

The song was released in 2014 and quickly took the world by storm. It was performed by three talented artists – Beyoncé Knowles, Kelly Rowland, and Michelle Williams, who were previously known as members of Destiny’s Child.

The catchy tune and powerful lyrics are not the only things that make this song special. The story behind it is just as inspiring!

The Personal Experiences that Inspired the Song

In an interview with Essence, Michelle Williams shared how her personal experiences inspired her to write the song alongside two other writers, Harmony Samuels and Carmen Reece.

“We started talking about how when there’s doubt and insecurity, we don’t raise our hands as high to Jesus. But when something great happens or something exciting, we’re like ‘Jesus! Yes!’ We wanted to write a song that reflected letting God take control.”

Williams went on to say that she had faced challenges and struggles in her own life but instead of giving up, she chose to say yes to Jesus and allow Him to guide her steps. She hopes that this song will inspire others to do the same.

The Testimonials of the Artists Involved

Beyonce, Kelly, and Michelle all share how much they enjoyed working on this project together, and how meaningful it was for them personally.

“I am so proud to be part of a group where people can still come together to create music and put out a positive message,” Kelly said in an interview with Billboard.

Beyonce also shared her thoughts about the song, saying:

“It’s exciting to see us together again. This song is so inspiring and always gets me going. Whenever I hear it, I want to dance.”

The music video for “When Jesus Say Yes” shows three women dancing joyously as they sing praises to God. It serves as a reminder that no matter what life throws our way, we can choose to say yes to Jesus and find hope and strength in Him.

If you need a little bit of encouragement or a reminder that anything is possible when you trust in God, then listen to “When Jesus Say Yes.” Its upbeat tempo and faith-filled lyrics are sure to lift your spirits and inspire you to keep moving forward!

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