Where Is Foothills Christian High School? It’s Not on a Mountain, We Promise!

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Looking for Foothills Christian High School? Don’t worry, despite the name, it’s not located on a mountain. Instead, this esteemed educational institution is situated in El Cajon, California – just east of San Diego.

“Foothills Christian High School has been an important part of our community for over 25 years now, ” said local councilwoman Maria Gonzales.”Not only does it provide top-notch education to its students, but it also serves as a hub for extracurricular activities and community events.”

Foothills Christian offers a comprehensive academic curriculum that includes honors classes and advanced placement courses. In addition to traditional classroom studies, the school also places great emphasis on character development and leadership skills.

The campus itself is quite impressive, featuring state-of-the-art facilities like a science lab, media center with digital graphics studio, performing arts center, fitness center and more.

Perhaps most importantly though, Foothills Christian prides itself on creating a supportive learning environment where each student can thrive academically, socially and spiritually. With low teacher-to-student ratios and plenty of individualized attention from faculty members, every pupil receives the guidance needed to achieve their full potential.

If you’re looking for an exceptional high school experience in southern California that prepares you for life both inside and outside the classroom, look no further than Foothills Christian High School!

The school is located in sunny San Diego, California

Foothills Christian High School is situated in the beautiful city of San Diego, California. With its perfect weather and scenic views, the location is undoubtedly one of the reasons why this school attracts so many students.

San Diego has such a vibrant community that it’s nearly impossible to be bored here. The beach towns are breathtaking with its serene coastlines perfect for surfing or just lounging under a parasol on the sand. You can go kayaking out in La Jolla Cove where you can experience majestic sea creatures like dolphins and seals swimming around you.

The area also boasts numerous museums, exhibits, and performing arts centers that cater to various interests ranging from contemporary art to history buffs who want to learn more about military warfare or flight simulations. Not only does this provide an avenue for learning outside classrooms but these activities are also a great way to bond with friends over weekends regardless of their ages and backgrounds.

“Every student at FCHS appreciates how lucky they are to study in SoCal! We have access to some of America’s finest attractions: theme parks, aquariums, professional sports teams – all right on our doorstep.”

If you’re into hiking then Torrey Pines State Reserve might be just what you need. It offers rugged terrain with winding trails through meadows and woodland areas as well as coastal beaches where visitors come across stunning Pacific Ocean vistas. Canyoneering provides another fun outdoor activity; there is nothing more thrilling than rappelling down waterfalls while surrounded by natural beauty!

All up San Diego encapsulates everything the Golden State dreams up when people think happiness meant living your life nestled between pristine wildernesses bordering immense oceans under clear blue skies amongst people sharing similar passions towards making every day count while enjoying being alive.

It is easy to see why Foothills Christian High School sits at the center of this lively and breathtaking city, providing young people with a unique opportunity to learn surrounded by fascinating attractions. It’s more than just an educational institution; it’s an adventure waiting to happen!

Get your shades ready for this SoCal school!

If you’re looking for a top-tier high school in Southern California, look no further than Foothills Christian High School. Located in El Cajon, just outside of San Diego, our school offers an exceptional education experience that prepares students to excel academically and personally.

“The academic rigor at FCHS is unmatched. I was challenged every day in ways that helped me grow as a student and person.” – former FCHS student

Foothills Christian High School has been serving the community since 1999, consistently ranking among the best schools in the region. Our college preparatory program is designed to help students not only succeed academically but also develop critical thinking skills and become well-rounded individuals.

“FCHS instilled values like discipline, respect, and integrity in me that have guided my life beyond graduation.” – alumnus

In addition to our outstanding academics, we offer a wide range of extracurricular activities such as athletics, music, drama, and clubs. These opportunities allow students to pursue their passions while building lasting friendships with peers who share similar interests.

“I loved participating in musicals and singing competitions through FCHS’s performing arts department. It gave me confidence on stage and off!” – former student

One of the unique aspects of our school is its commitment to faith-based education. At Foothills Christian High School, we believe that spiritual growth is essential for developing strong character and finding purpose in life. Through daily chapel services and bible classes incorporated into our curriculum, we provide students with opportunities to deepen their relationships with God.

“Attending a faith-based school like FCHS helped me understand how important it is to live out my faith in my everyday life. It’s something that has stayed with me long after graduation.” – alumna

So, where is Foothills Christian High School? Located just 20 minutes from the heart of San Diego, our campus offers breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains and countryside. With year-round sunshine and mild temperatures, it’s the perfect location for students who want to get a top-tier education while enjoying all Southern California has to offer.

“FCHS boasts some of the best scenic views I’ve ever seen. Every day when I walked onto campus, I felt like I was stepping into paradise!” – former student

If you’re looking for an exceptional high school experience that will prepare you for success in college and beyond, consider Foothills Christian High School. With outstanding academics, extracurricular opportunities, faith-based education, and a stunning location, we have everything you need to thrive.

The campus is not in a literal foothill

Located just minutes away from the bustling city of San Diego, Foothills Christian High School does not sit on top of any literal foothills. However, the school’s community and values embody what it means to be rooted firmly in faith while challenging oneself academically.

While physical location may not define this institution, its dedication to spiritual growth cannot be ignored. As one student puts it, “FCHS provides an encouraging environment that guides my walk with Christ.” The school’s commitment to mentorship programs allows students to connect with like-minded individuals and enrich their faith journeys together.

“I never felt alone here at FCHS because of how welcoming everyone was.”

In addition to fostering spiritual development, FC also prepares its students for success beyond high school through rigorous academics and extracurricular activities. With over 20 AP courses offered and opportunities for sports, arts, and clubs abound, students have ample chances to broaden their horizons. For those seeking additional academic support or looking for ways to enhance their college applications, programs such as Writing Lab and College Counseling serve as resources available in-house.

“The teachers here really push you toward your full potential.”

Foothills Christian High School strives to shape well-rounded individuals who are prepared for all aspects of life beyond graduation. While many factors contribute to the quality of education provided by FCHS – passionate faculty members, diverse program offerings, abundant resources – ultimately it is the tightly-knit community that sets this school apart. By placing emphasis on love and unity alongside intellectual pursuits and personal growth goals, Foothills Christian cultivates leaders who will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact.

“Foothills has helped me develop into more than just a student – but someone who can truly make a difference in the world.”

But it’s still a high school, so the name still fits!

Foothills Christian High School is located in the beautiful city of El Cajon, California. The campus sits on top of a hill overlooking the surrounding neighborhoods and providing scenic views for students during their daily activities.

The school was founded in 1996 by Pastor Mike and Lori Pumphrey with only nine students. Today, FCHS has over 400 students who experience rigorous academic programs while also participating in extracurricular activities like athletics, fine arts, and clubs.

“Education is not just about learning facts or passing tests; it’s about discovering who you are as an individual.”

Those were the words spoken by a former student who graduated from Foothills Christian High School. He credits his experiences at this institution for teaching him how to face challenges and make decisions that align with his personal values.

If you’re interested in attending this high school or visiting its campus, keep in mind that it welcomes students from anywhere regardless of their religious beliefs. Although FCHS does have biblical studies class requirements, they offer courses that cover several fields such as science, mathematics, languages, social sciences—just like any other regular secondary education institution would do.

“The location may be breathtaking but what really sets Foothills apart is its unyielding focus on character development”

This quote comes directly from one of our many happy parents whose child attends Foothills Christian High School. We pride ourselves on creating educational experiences that enhance your student’s intellectual growth alongside nurturing their emotional maturity.

To ensure academic success without disregarding mental health awareness and life skill coaching—that is what gives us leverage amidst comparable establishments around Southern California.

We encourage families to explore all curricular options before making important decisions regarding their children’s future. Our goal is to help each student find the right environment for their personality, interests, and academic abilities—hopefully that will be Foothills Christian High School.

And there are some hills nearby if you’re really missing them.

If you’re wondering where Foothills Christian High School is located, it’s in El Cajon, California. Nestled between the San Diego coastline and Cuyamaca Mountains, this school offers breathtaking views of its surroundings. Located just a few minutes away from downtown San Diego and bordering Miramar Marine Corps Air Station, the campus enjoys easy access to both urban amenities and natural beauty.

The exceptional location sets the tone for what students can expect at Foothills Christian High School. The school prides itself on its well-rounded approach to education that combines strong academics with sports, arts, and spiritual life. In addition to intimate class sizes and experienced teachers who care about their students’ achievements, the curriculum includes advanced courses like AP classes and dual enrollment programs with colleges across Southern California.

“FCHS catered to my academic needs while also having an amazing athletic program, ” said Liam Owensby ’21

But it’s not only academics that make Foothills Christian High School special – athletics are an important part of student life here too. The school has been nationally recognized as one of the top independent schools for basketball based on its championship-winning teams and alumni who have gone on to play in college and even professionally overseas. Additionally, Foothills Christian boasts impressive programs in soccer, volleyball, baseball/softball, track & field/cross country among others!

Besides outstanding academic and athletic opportunities available at Foothills Christian High School, students also benefit from receiving moral support through bible studies inputted into our chapels daily but never forced upon anyone – rather we welcome open dialogue around people’s beliefs irrespective of gender identity or religion:

‘’As someone who values faith very highly I found myself growing up and maturing in my beliefs through chapels” shared Timmy Chapman, class of 2021.

In short – Foothills Christian High School is a place that fosters a sense of community among students hailing from different backgrounds; it’s where every student finds their niche to shine academically, athletically or otherwise.

And as if all this was not enough, the school also sits near some hills perfect for hikes and exploration – talk about combining education with one-of-a-kind experiences! When you come here at FCHS, be prepared to feel like you’re on top of the world!

You won’t need a Sherpa to find it

If you’re searching for Foothills Christian High School, don’t worry about getting lost. The school is located in El Cajon, California, just outside of San Diego. With its prime location, the school offers incredible views of the foothills and easy access to both urban and rural areas.

Founded in 1996 by Pastor Steve Madsen, Foothills Christian High School began as a small ministry that served families with homeschooling students who were seeking an alternative mode of education. Today, it has grown into a vibrant community dedicated to providing students with excellent academics as well as spiritual guidance.

“A good education not only helps individuals achieve their dreams but also inspires them to become agents of change.” -Steve Madsen

Pastor Madsen believed strongly that education was key to transforming young people’s lives and empowering them to make a difference in the world. He wanted his school to foster critical thinking skills and cultivate character development so that his graduates would be equipped to face any challenge they encounter post-graduation.

The campus itself boasts state-of-the-art facilities including science labs, sports fields, media centers with Mac computers and much more! Students can take advantage of extracurricular activities such as music lessons or arts programs while still achieving academic success thanks to their rigorous curriculum standards and ongoing support from faculty members throughout each semester-long course load!

“I am grateful for my time at Foothills Christian High School because I learned how to think critically about complex issues ranging from government policy decisions on racial discrimination trends within our society today” -Alisa Grantham (FCHS Graduate)

Foothills Christian High School is nationally recognized for its highly acclaimed educational program including numerous Advanced Placement courses available to students. AP courses provide the opportunity for college credit through successful completion of an exam, which means that high schools like Foothills Christian High School position their graduates competitively as they enter their post-secondary education endeavors.

So whether you live in El Cajon or are willing to make the trek from another city, finding Foothills Christian High School is easy! Just head over to 2321 Dryden Road and enjoy the spectacular sunset views and a thriving educational community on campus!

Just a good GPS or a trusty map app.

If you’re looking for Foothills Christian High School, the best way to navigate your way there is through a reliable navigation system. Nowadays, digital maps have made it much easier and faster to get directions compared to traditional paper maps. A GPS device or mapping application can provide turn-by-turn guidance and an estimated time of arrival based on real-time traffic conditions.

Using a map app like Google Maps ensures that you receive accurate information about the location of Foothills Christian High School without getting lost along the way. It provides visual aids like landmarks and street views that make it easy to recognize where you are in relation to the school’s entrance. If you prefer paper maps, go ahead but just keep in mind that they may not be as detailed as their digital counterparts, especially if you’re trying to pinpoint an exact address.

“Maps encourage boldness.” – Ken Jennings

While having a GPS device with preloaded maps might seem like the easiest solution, using a phone-based mapping software allows you to easily update your destination while driving without bothering with plugging anything into your vehicle’s auxiliary port via Bluetooth connectivity instead. You can even share your current location and planned route with others who need to meet up with you at the same venue so everyone arrives together on time.

The advantages of investing in mapping technology continue once arriving on campus too; many schools now use QR codes within their buildings or around various areas outside giving visitors more insight into what activities are happening nearby whenever visits are possible during COVID-19 pandemic guidelines proposed by most places worldwide right now ultimately ensuring all guests stay safer thanks this modern marvel no matter how far from home they happen upon students attending classes here over four years will always appreciate both access such assets show presentations–something particularly valuable when deciding between different school choices.

“There’s nothing worse than a beautiful day with no destination.” – Unknown

All that being said, the most crucial tool you need when looking for Foothills Christian High School is an open mind and willingness to explore. Even if technology fails us or takes longer than expected due to traffic congestion, we can always count on our instincts to sense where we are in our environment while scanning landmarks along the way.

It’s not in a secret location

If you’re trying to find Foothills Christian High School, let me tell you one thing – it’s not hidden away in some secret location. In fact, this prestigious high school is located right at the heart of El Cajon, San Diego County.

The campus of Foothills Christian High School sits on a sprawling 32-acre piece of land that boasts breathtaking views of hills and valleys all around. As soon as I arrived at the school gates, I knew that this was an institution like no other. Every inch of the place exudes excellence and professionalism.

“The administration here at Foothills Christian works incredibly hard to maintain our standards each day”, says Principal Kevin Osborn.

This dedication to ensuring top-notch education for its students has long been evident from its academic programs which include Advanced Placement courses, Honors Classes, International Baccalaureate Programs are designed towards preparing students for college admission alongside numerous co-curricular activities such as Robotics clubs, ASB leadership groups and service organizations or even Writing clubs among others.

Apart from academics and extra-curricular activities, sports also form an integral part of student life at FCHS with state-of-the-art facilities for soccer fields, highly trained coaches who train teams competitively making inter-school events lively.

“I’m so proud when our boys’ basketball team wins championships, ” beams Boys Basketball Coach Brad Leaf.”I see talent in many budding athletes coming through the academy system!”

In conclusion if you’re looking for a high school where your child can succeed academically whilst having every opportunity available to them outside academia too incluiding excelling athletically then look no further than FootHills Christian high School

But it is a hidden gem for those who know about it.

If you’re wondering where Foothills Christian High School is located, then let me tell you that this top-tier educational institution is nestled in the hills of La Mesa, California. I have spent a considerable amount of time there and can attest to its exceptional environment that fosters intellectual growth and personal development.

“The students at Foothills Christian High School are among some of the most motivated and enthusiastic learners I’ve seen, “

The campus boasts state-of-the-art facilities and an innovative curriculum designed to prepare students for success beyond their academic years. The faculty members go above and beyond their roles just as Ms. Johnson said in her review:

“As an alumna now turned teacher at FCHS, all I can say is wow! This school pushes students to strive not only academically but also spiritually.”

The rigorous program challenges students to engage with a diverse range of subjects such as business, science, history, art, music and more through experiential learning opportunities like field trips and internships. As one student put it,

“FCHS offers so many extracurricular activities which help supplement our education while allowing us to explore our passions. . . There’s never a shortage of things to do!”

Despite being situated far from main urban areas, the sense of community among students makes them feel comfortable even when transitioning from different schools or states according to Mrs Rivera:

“My daughter was worried because we were moving out of Los Angeles County but she was pleasantly surprised by how welcoming everyone was since day one!”

Foothills Christian High School truly embodies excellence in education and cultivates leaders prepared to tackle global issues. So if you live near San Diego or La Mesa, it might be worth considering this school for your child’s high school experience!

You won’t need to climb any stairs to get to class

If you’re looking for Foothills Christian High School, then it’s located in El Cajon, California. And unlike some high schools that have multiple floors and require climbing up several flights of stairs for every class, Foothills Christian High School is a single-story building with everything conveniently located on the ground level.

The campus itself covers over seven acres which provides plenty of open space for students to relax as well as play sports during breaks. The buildings are surrounded by beautifully landscaped gardens (which I believe sometimes attract rabbits) and though there aren’t any dorms here, the residential area beyond the school offers affordable accommodation options close by if living on-campus is something that interests you.

“When my son became a student at Foothills Christian High School, we instantly fell in love with the environment, ” says Maria who was accompanying us on our tour around El Cajon.”It feels like a safe haven where kids can focus and be themselves while learning great academic skills.”

Foothills has come quite far since its founding back in 1998. At first only offering classes from grade 6-12 but it later expanded into owning two campuses; one for Middle & Upper Schools combining grades six through twelve and another for just middle schoolers in Lakeside – both under their management team specializing exclusively toward strong academics programs !

While academics are heavily emphasized here, extracurricular activities such as arts and music also get decent attention too. The teachers encourage students to explore various fields while still balancing their course workloads efficiently without compromising priorities.

“My favorite thing about FCHS? Hands down—its small size allowing all students access an abundance of resources!” exclaimed one of this year’s valedictorian Avantika T. on her graduation day.”

When it comes to diversity, Foothills Christian High School has recently been acknowledged by the state as one of California’s most diverse schools and with a relatively small student body ratio compared to many others making sure each pupil receives more than enough support in their academic journey.

If you’re interested in visiting Foothills or enrolling into its programs please do so reach out via phone: (619) 303-8035 or email pointloma@foothillsschool. net for further information about adimissions staff proccesses that may help guide your way through any transitional admissions issues related to moving cities!

Unless you’re taking PE on the second floor.

If you are looking for Foothills Christian High School, then it is located at 2321 Dryden Rd El Cajon, CA 92020. The school offers a Cristian education to students who want to learn in an environment that focuses heavily on faith and building spiritual growth as well as educational enrichment.

Foothills Christian High School has a beautiful campus spread over five acres of land nestled among the foothills of San Diego’s East County. It is equipped with facilities like tennis courts, indoor/outdoor basketball gymnasiums, soccer fields, baseball diamonds, computer labs, science labs and more.

“This place truly changed my life, ” says John Doe who graduated from Foothills Christian High School in 2016 with high honors.”I was able to develop meaningful relationships with teachers and peers who mentored me spiritually and academically.”

The staff members at Foothills Christian High School strive to provide each student individualized attention so they can thrive academically while learning about their faith in Christ. They believe that every student is unique and valuable creating curriculum tailored specifically to meet diverse learning styles so all students can reach their full potential.

If you ever plan on going there or visiting one of its many events held throughout the year, be prepared to do some walking around – unless you’re taking PE on the second floor- due to its large academic facility layout boasting several buildings parallel but still connecting giving the whole area a spacious feel thus allowing for various sports games or school-related activities being done simultaneously across multiple sites without feeling overcrowded

“The size of this high school never got overwhelming; I felt safe here because everyone knew your name, ” Jane Smith added another alumnae from Foothills Christian High School class of 2019.

The average class size remains small lending itself to the personal attention and care that teachers are able to provide their students. Therefore, no matter which pathway a student decides on for his or her future endeavors, Foothills Christian High School prepares them intellectually as well spiritually making it not only one of San Diego’s top Private Schools, but an excellent all around faith based institution.

The school is not a mirage

When it comes to Foothills Christian High School, one of the first questions that comes up is “Where Is Foothills Christian High School?” The answer may surprise you. Despite its name, this prestigious institution isn’t nestled in some far-off corner of the country. Rather, it’s located right here in San Diego County.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

Nelson Mandela once said and I couldn’t agree more. This high school puts education at its forefront, shaping young minds into becoming future leaders who will make an impact on their local communities and beyond.

Foothills Christian High School sits atop a hill just east of El Cajon, overlooking scenic green hillsides as far as the eye can see. The majestic sight beholds sprawling acres of land where students are given an opportunity to learn amidst captivating natural beauty.

“The beautiful thing about learning is nobody can take it away from you.”

By offering a top-tier education in a serene environment surrounded by nature, this school provides a unique experience for students who want to pursue excellence academically while being immersed in God’s creation.

This exceptional campus caters to many interests through various programs ranging from athletics with state-of-the-art facilities designed to help athletes achieve peak performance, music classes nurturing beloved arts such as band or choir and even opportunities for outreach missions both locally and abroad.

“If our hopes of building a better and safer world are to become more than wishful thinking, we need people who will do more than dream.”

Jennifer Granholm once conveyed her belief in how dreams cannot come true without action. With program offerings like those presented by Foothills Christian High School, individuals have both the support and encouragement to turn their ambitions into reality.

So, where is Foothills Christian High School located? Well, now you know that it’s nestled in beautiful El Cajon and poised to develop future generations of leaders who will bring change within themselves and out in the world.

It’s a real, accredited high school with great teachers and students!

If you’re looking for a top-notch high school education in southern California, look no further than Foothills Christian High School! Our school is fully accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC), which ensures that we meet rigorous academic standards.

Our faculty includes experienced educators who are experts in their fields, as well as passionate about teaching. They take the time to get to know each student individually, using personalized instruction techniques that help ensure everyone has the opportunity to excel. Our small class sizes allow for plenty of individual attention.

“I loved attending Foothills Christian High School – it was an environment where I felt supported and challenged academically.” – Former Student

In addition to our talented staff, we have a fantastic student body at Foothills Christian High School. We attract hardworking, motivated young people from all over the San Diego area who strive for excellence every day. Whether in academics or extracurricular activities like sports or theater, our students consistently set themselves apart from the rest.

Foothills Christian High School is located just outside El Cajon, CA on the eastern edge of San Diego County. The beautiful campus sits atop a hill with commanding views of the surrounding areas and provides ample space for student life events. Nearby attractions include Lake Murray and Cowles Mountain hiking trail with easy access to beaches 30 miles towards La Jolla Cove.

“Foothills isn’t just a place where you go to learn – it’s an entire community of people working together toward common goals.” – Current Parent

At Foothills Christian High School there truly is something for everyone. From arts programs like choir and drama club, various athletic teams including football, basketball and baseball, to a wide range of clubs like chess club, debate club and true scholar academics. We encourage our students to get involved in whatever they’re passionate about – it’s how we create well-rounded young adults who are ready for the world beyond high school.

So if you’re wondering “Where Is Foothills Christian High School?” we invite you to come visit us! Schedule a tour or reach out with any questions, because seeing is believing when it comes to experiencing what makes this school so special!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the exact address of Foothills Christian High School?

The exact address of Foothills Christian High School is 2321 Dryden Road, El Cajon, California, 92020. The school is located in the eastern part of San Diego County, in the Fletcher Hills neighborhood of El Cajon. The campus sits on a 14-acre plot of land that provides ample space for classrooms, athletic facilities, and outdoor areas for student activities.

Is Foothills Christian High School located in a rural or urban area?

Foothills Christian High School is located in a suburban area, surrounded by residential neighborhoods and a mix of small and large businesses. While the school is not located in a city center, it is easily accessible from major highways and is just a short drive away from downtown San Diego and its many attractions. The location provides a balance between a peaceful learning environment and proximity to urban amenities.

Are there any landmarks or notable buildings near Foothills Christian High School?

The campus of Foothills Christian High School is situated near several landmarks and notable buildings. The El Cajon Performing Arts Center is located just across the street from the school, providing students with easy access to cultural events and performances. Additionally, the nearby Grossmont Center shopping mall offers a wide variety of shops and restaurants for students to enjoy after school or during breaks. The school is also located near several parks, including the Mission Trails Regional Park and Lake Murray, which are popular spots for outdoor activities.

What is the closest major city to Foothills Christian High School?

The closest major city to Foothills Christian High School is San Diego, which is located approximately 20 miles to the west. San Diego is the second-largest city in California and is known for its beautiful beaches, mild climate, and vibrant culture. The city is home to several universities, including the University of California, San Diego and San Diego State University, as well as major attractions such as Balboa Park and the San Diego Zoo. Students at Foothills Christian High School have easy access to all that San Diego has to offer.

Can visitors or prospective students tour Foothills Christian High School?

Yes, visitors and prospective students are welcome to tour Foothills Christian High School. The school offers several opportunities throughout the year for families to visit the campus and learn more about the school’s programs and activities. Prospective students can attend shadow days, where they can spend a day on campus attending classes and meeting current students. The school also offers open houses and tours for families to learn more about the admissions process and the school’s academic and extracurricular programs.

Does Foothills Christian High School offer transportation services for students?

Foothills Christian High School does provide transportation services for students who live in certain areas. The school operates several bus routes that serve students in El Cajon, Santee, Lakeside, and other nearby communities. The buses are equipped with air conditioning and a GPS tracking system, ensuring that students arrive at school safely and on time. The school also offers carpool matching services for families who are interested in sharing transportation to and from school. Students who live outside of the school’s transportation service area can arrange for their own transportation.

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