Where To Buy Christian Movies? Discover the Best Places to Get Your Favorite Films!

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If you’re a fan of Christian movies and want to build your collection, finding the best places to buy these films can be challenging. Fortunately, there are many options available both online and in stores that specialize in faith-based entertainment.

One of the most convenient places to purchase Christian movies is through online retailers such as Amazon or Barnes & Noble. These mega-stores have an extensive selection of titles from popular productions like “God’s Not Dead” and “War Room” to lesser-known gems waiting to be discovered by avid viewers. They make it easy for you to search based on genre, film rating, director, cast member, or simply just browse their vast catalogues at your convenience.

“The availability of digital media has made it easier than ever for Christians around the world to access inspirational content, ” says Robert D’Souza – CEO MissionFlix.com

Beyond digital media giants like Amazon and Barnes & Noble, certain outlets cater exclusively towards fans who seek quality Christian films. Some notable names include Fishflix.com—a leading resource for affordable new releases with next-day delivery—Parable.com which publishes top-ranked lessons through vivid storytelling, Lifeway which emphasizes offering education materials related to Christianity including DVDs、and Christ-centered religious practices experiences among its range.

No matter what kind of Christian movie interests you or how much money you’re willing to spend on them–there’s bound to be something out there suited exactly for you!

Online Retailers

If you’re looking for Christian movies, there are several online retailers that specialize in selling them. These stores offer a wide selection of titles and provide a convenient way to purchase these films from the comfort of your own home.

One popular option is Christianbook.com, which offers a variety of DVDs and Blu-rays with Christian themes, including inspirational dramas, Bible stories, and documentaries. They also have a section devoted to family-friendly entertainment, making it easy to find suitable content for all ages.

Another great choice is FishFlix.com, an online store specializing in Christian and family-friendly movies. Their collection includes new releases as well as classics like “The Passion of the Christ” and “War Room. ” Plus, their prices are competitive, offering discounts on many items.

You may also want to check out Pure Flix. This streaming service provides access to thousands of titles with positive messages, including feature films, original series, and educational programming. You can watch on demand from your computer or mobile device at any time.

“I love shopping for Christian movies online because I don’t have to worry about finding them at my local retailer. It’s so much easier to browse the selection from multiple stores and compare prices without leaving my house. “

No matter where you choose to shop for Christian movies online, be sure to check customer reviews before making a purchase. That way you can make informed decisions about what will best meet your needs and preferences.

Amazon, Christianbook, and Family Christian Stores

If you are looking for a place to buy Christian movies, there are several options available. Three popular retailers that offer a large selection of Christian DVDs are Amazon, Christianbook, and Family Christian Stores.

Amazon is one of the largest online retailers in the world and offers an extensive collection of Christian movies on its site. From classics like The Ten Commandments to newer titles like War Room, Amazon has something for everyone. They also have user reviews and ratings so you can see what other people think about the movie before purchasing it.

Christianbook is another great option for buying Christian movies. This website specializes in religious products including books, Bibles, gifts, music and yes, movies too. With over 2k titles under their belt from re-telling Bible stories with amazing animation to real-life films about devotionals- they have everything your family needs! Furthermore, they often offer great sales promotions on these items making them more affordable than most other places as well.

Family Christian Stores was known mostly to be a chain low key physical store across US but after closing those a few years ago; they’re now found strictly online only – or through church supply stores & bookstores partnered w/ this outlet! But rest assured- even if you’re not located near any partnering storefronts or wish order remotely via laptops/smartphones/tablets etc. ; just type “FamilyChristian.com” then browse away. . DVD’s available includes VeggieTales series which are timeless hits within family community plus-to uplift/-encojurage younger viewers by teaching valuable life lessons!

“So whether hosting youth nights every week or simply want to increase spiritual growth among children at home. . being deliberate regarding media intake will shape values/morals long term-end goal. “

Local Christian Bookstores

If you’re looking to buy Christian movies, your local bookstore may be a great place to start. Many Christian bookstores carry a variety of faith-based films ranging from documentaries, inspirational stories, dramas and many more.

The best part about shopping at a local store is that it offers personal attention as staffs are usually knowledgeable about the products and can provide recommendations based on your requirements or preferences. Not only that, but buying from these stores also supports small businesses and allows them to sustain their operations amidst this era of online purchases.

You can easily locate your nearest Christian bookstore with the help of Google Maps or any other similar applications. A visit in-store will also allow you to browse new releases and find hidden gems that might not be promoted online.

“One advantage of purchasing books (and DVDs) in person from a bookstore is being able to discuss what you’re reading/watching – both the good parts and parts that aren’t so helpful – with someone who shares your interests”

In addition to physical locations, some local stores have an online presence where you can purchase items directly through their website or inquire about availability before visiting in-person.

Overall, if you desire to enjoy quality time while watching meaningful content without wading through hundreds of options on streaming platforms it’s definitely worth checking out one of these thoughtful retailers either for yourself or as presents to others seeking inspiration!

Support Small Businesses in Your Area

If you’re looking for where to buy Christian movies, consider supporting small businesses in your area. Local shops and boutiques often carry a variety of films that you won’t find at big box stores.

One option is to visit a Christian bookstore or gift shop. These retailers specialize in faith-based products, including movies, music, books, and more. In addition to purchasing the latest DVD releases, you can also ask staff members for recommendations based on your interests and preferences. They may even be able to order titles that aren’t currently in stock.

You can also check out local thrift stores and secondhand shops. While these places don’t typically exclusively sell Christian movies, you might get lucky and find a hidden gem among their selection. Plus, shopping secondhand is an affordable way to build your collection without breaking the bank.

“Buying from small businesses not only helps support those entrepreneurs but builds relationships with them which makes our communities stronger. ” – Karen Mills

An additional benefit of buying locally is that you’re investing in your community’s economy and helping create jobs. When you purchase from small businesses instead of large corporations, the majority of profits stay within the community rather than going towards executive salaries and corporate bonuses.

In summary, if you’re wondering where to buy Christian movies, take some time to explore the small businesses in your area. You just might discover new favorites while doing good for your local community!

Church Bookstores

If you are looking for a physical store to buy Christian movies, then church bookstores can be a great option. Many churches have their own bookstore on the premises where they sell books, music, and DVDs related to Christianity.

These stores often have a good selection of Christian movies that cater to different tastes and age groups. You may find everything from inspiring dramas to animated films suitable for kids.

The advantage of buying from church bookstores is that you not only get access to quality content but also contribute to supporting the religious community. As these bookstores rely mainly on donations or charitable support, your purchase goes towards maintaining them and providing spiritual resources for others as well.

“Buying from church bookstores supports both personal growth in faith and contributes toward sustaining dedicated places of worship. “

You don’t necessarily need to go physically visit every church; instead, you can look them up online. Most churches provide information about their services, locations, and facilities on their websites – including whether they operate a bookstore business.

In summary, if you’re wondering where to buy Christian movies nearby or want an affordable alternative without compromising high-quality values-based storytelling, check out local Church Bookstore options near your neighborhood today!

Find Movies That Align with Your Faith

If you are looking for Christian movies to watch and add to your collection, there are several ways to find them.

Firstly, consider browsing through Christian bookstores or online retailers such as Amazon that have a dedicated section for faith-based films. Not only will they offer a wide selection of options, but you can also read customer reviews to get an idea of which ones may be the best choice.

You could also check out websites like Pure Flix or FishFlix, which specialize in offering Christian movies specifically. These sites often provide subscription services or rental options where you can rent digital copies of movies for a limited period of time.

“For those who prefer physical DVDs or Blu-rays, check with your local church group or community center’s library. ”

In addition, some movie theaters host special showings of Christian films as part of their programming alongside more traditional cinematic fare. Check listings at your local theater to see if any such events are taking place nearby.

No matter how you choose to access faith-based films, make sure they align with your personal beliefs and values before watching or buying them.

Christian Film Festivals

If you’re looking for a place to watch or buy Christian movies, one great option is attending a Christian film festival. These festivals showcase an array of films with religious themes and provide opportunities to network with other like-minded individuals in the film industry.

One popular Christian film festival is the “International Christian Film Festival. ” This event takes place annually in Orlando, Florida, and features dozens of award-winning films across multiple categories such as feature-length productions, documentaries, and short films.

The “Damah Film Festival” is another notable event that showcases faith-based films from around the world. It seeks to promote understanding between different cultures and religions through the power of cinema.

“Film festivals are not only about entertainment but also about creating relationships. ” – Matt Chastain

In addition to these larger events, many smaller local festivals cater specifically to communities interested in Christian media. Attending these festivals can be a great way to support independent filmmakers and discover new talent before it hits mainstream outlets like Netflix or Amazon Prime Video.

You can typically purchase tickets to attend these events on their respective websites. Additionally, some festivals offer online streaming options for those unable to travel in person.

To find more information on upcoming Christian film festivals near you, conduct a quick Google search using keywords such as “Christian film festival + [your location]. ”

Discover New and Original Movies

If you are looking for Christian movies to watch, there are several options available. Whether you prefer to buy physical copies or stream online, many retailers offer a variety of choices.

You can start by checking out your local Christian bookstore or online retailer such as Amazon, CBD or FishFlix. They carry the latest releases in DVD and Blu-ray format.

Another option is to subscribe to streaming services such as Pure Flix or Christian Cinema. You can access their library of faith-based films anywhere and anytime you want with an internet connection.

“Faith-based movies have become more popular in recent years and it’s easy now more than ever before to find them”

You might also want to keep an eye on film festivals focusing on faith-based stories like International Christian Film Festival and Christian Worldview Film Festival. These events are great opportunities to discover lesser-known independent films from up-and-coming directors that cannot be found elsewhere.

No matter where you decide to look, always check reviews and ratings beforehand at websites such as Rotten Tomatoes or PluggedIn Ministries. It’s important that you choose wisely so that the movies align with your beliefs and values while still entertain you.

Remember – watching Christian movies is not only about gaining entertainment but also about learning valuable lessons through artful storytelling!

Streaming Services

Gone are the days where you have to head to a physical store to purchase or rent Christian movies. With the rise of streaming services, finding and watching these inspiring films has become more accessible than ever before.

One popular option is Pure Flix, which exclusively offers family-friendly and faith-based content such as “God’s Not Dead” and “The Case for Christ. ” This service also offers a free trial period, so viewers can test out if it’s right for them.

An alternative streaming service that caters specifically to Christians is RightNow Media. Offering access to thousands of Bible studies, sermons, conference sessions, and even kid-friendly programming – including VeggieTales – this platform provides an extensive library of educational and spiritually enriching content.

For those who prefer broader options but with still some focus on moral values could opt for Amazon Prime Video. The platform doesn’t only offer family-friendly entertainment but features many uplifting religious-themed movies such as “Grace Unplugged” and “I Can Only Imagine. “

If you’re unsure about purchasing a subscription from any provider just for one movie we recommend checking out their respective free-trial periods they all usually come with.

In conclusion, when looking into where to buy Christian movies online; several reliable streaming services exist offering fantastic selections in terms of genre variety across different platforms/ devices ranging from Smartphones/Tablets/Laptops etc. , making it convenient for anyone wishing to watch quality faith-based films on-the-go!

Netflix, PureFlix, and Crossflix

If you are a fan of Christian movies, then you must be looking for the best place to buy or stream them online. In today’s digital age, there are many options available for streaming services that cater specifically to Christians.

One popular streaming service is Netflix. While not exclusively catering to Christian audiences, Netflix does offer a variety of faith-based films and shows in its lineup. You can find classics like “The Passion of the Christ” as well as newer titles like “I Still Believe. ” However, it is important to note that these movies may come and go on the platform based on licensing agreements.

PureFlix is another option worth considering when looking for Christian movies. This service streams 100% family-friendly content including wholesome films, TV shows, children programming, and documentaries with a heartwarming message. Some recommended film titles from this platform include “God’s Not Dead, ” “Catching Faith, ” and “Christian Mingle. “

Crossflix is yet another great option for those who love watching amazing Christian content anytime anywhere due to their device compatibility feature across all devices worldwide such as mobile phones, laptop/pc web browser viewings & smart TV viewing capabilities too! One impressive thing about Crossflix is they give back by donating part of every subscription towards spreading gospel through nonprofit organizations around the world!

“When choosing where to buy Christian movies you should consider what works best for your personal preferences or beliefs but also look out for ones giving back and helping others just like Crossflix!”

Directly from the Filmmakers

If you’re looking for a place to buy Christian movies, there are various options available to you. One of the best places to start is by checking out your local Christian bookstore or online store that specializes in religious materials.

These stores typically carry a wide selection of Christian movies ranging from classic films to more recent releases. Some may even have special promotions or discounts on certain titles, so be sure to keep an eye out for those as well.

In addition to dedicated Christian bookstores, major retailers like Amazon and Walmart also offer a variety of faith-based films at competitive prices. You can browse their websites or visit one of their physical store locations to find the movie you’re looking for.

“We believe it’s important for viewers to have access to high-quality inspirational content that aligns with their beliefs. “

For those who prefer streaming services, several digital platforms including PureFlix and Faithlife TV offer hundreds of uplifting movies with strong Christian messages. With convenient monthly subscription plans, these services give customers unlimited access to thousands of hours worth of engaging content spanning multiple genres – from dramas and family-friendly comedies to documentaries highlighting real-life stories of hope and redemption.

No matter what your personal preferences might be, finding great Christian movies has never been easier thanks to technology and online resources. We encourage everyone to explore all the different options out there until they find something that truly resonates with them!

Support Independent Christian Filmmakers

The demand for Christian movies has grown significantly in recent years. With Hollywood deviating from traditional values and morals, many Christians turn to independent filmmakers for uplifting and inspiring content.

If you’re wondering where to buy Christian movies, there are several options available. One of the most popular platforms is PureFlix, a subscription-based streaming service that offers faith-based family-friendly movies, documentaries, TV shows, and original programming.

You can also buy Christian movies on DVD or Blu-ray online at websites such as ChristianCinema.com or Amazon. These sites offer an extensive collection of classic and contemporary inspirational films that will appeal to audiences of all ages.

“When you support independent Christian filmmakers, you help them continue creating high-quality content that glorifies God, ” says John Assaraf, CEO of PraxisNow.

Another way to support independent Christian artists is by attending film festivals such as the International Christian Film Festival (ICFF). This annual event aims to showcase the best in faith-based filmmaking while providing networking opportunities for filmmakers and distribution channels for their projects.

In conclusion, supporting independent Christian filmmakers not only provides access to wholesome entertainment but also helps promote the Gospel message through various artistic forms. So whether it’s through purchasing DVDs or subscribing to streaming services like Pureflix, let’s show our support for those dedicated to spreading hope and inspiration through the power of film.

Attend Screenings and Meet the Creators

One great way to find out where to buy Christian movies is by attending screenings of these films. Not only will you be able to see the movie before purchasing it, but you’ll also have a chance to meet the creators.

Many churches host movie nights featuring faith-based films, so check with your local church or other religious organizations for upcoming events.

You can also look for film festivals that focus on Christian movies. These events typically showcase several different films over the course of a few days or weeks, giving you plenty of options to choose from.

If possible, try to attend Q&A sessions with the filmmakers after screenings. This is a great opportunity to ask questions about the making of the movie and get a deeper understanding of its themes and messages.

“Meeting the creators behind a Christian film can give you an even greater appreciation for their work and inspire you in your own faith journey. “
In addition to seeing new releases, attending screenings and meeting creators can also help you discover older, lesser-known titles that may not be as widely available. Filmmakers often bring copies of their movies for sale at these events, making it easy to purchase physical copies on-site. Overall, attending screenings and connecting with filmmakers is an excellent way to become more familiar with Christian cinema and find new titles to add to your collection.


If you are wondering where to buy Christian movies, one of the first places to check should be your local library. Most libraries carry a great selection of religious films and documentaries, ranging from classics like “The Ten Commandments” to more modern titles like “War Room”. Best of all, borrowing these movies is usually entirely free!

Another advantage of using the library for your movie needs is that it allows you to try out different titles without committing any money upfront. This can be especially helpful when deciding whether or not an expensive DVD set is worth purchasing.

In addition to physical copies of DVDs, many libraries also offer digital downloads through services like Hoopla and Kanopy. These apps allow users to stream movies directly on their phone or computer with just their library card information.

Borrowing from the library is a smart way to explore new genres and test out different titles before making a purchase.

Ultimately, while there are plenty of retailers online and perhaps even in your area that sell Christian movies, don’t forget about this valuable resource right in your own backyard – the public library!

Borrow Movies for Free with Your Library Card

Looking for a convenient and free way to watch Christian movies? You might find what you want at your local public library. Many libraries have extensive collections of DVDs, including religious films.

All you need to get started is a library card, which is typically available to residents of the area where the library is located. Once you have a card, it’s easy to use the library catalog to search for titles that interest you.

When you find a movie you’d like to borrow, just go to the shelf where it’s stored and check it out using your library card. Most libraries allow borrowers to keep items for several days or even weeks, giving plenty of time to enjoy the film.

Plus, borrowing from the library can be more sustainable than buying new DVDs—all while supporting your community’s publicly-funded resources!

In addition to Christian movies, many libraries also carry documentaries about faith-related topics that are both informative and inspiring. With access to so much great content right in their town or city, there’s never been an easier way for people who enjoy watching Christian movies on a budget—or simply prefer not shopping online—to entertain themselves. “

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find a large selection of Christian movies to buy?

You can find a large selection of Christian movies to buy at Christian bookstores, online retailers, and major retailers. Christian bookstores tend to have the widest selection, including new releases and classics. Online retailers like Amazon and Christian Cinema offer a vast selection of Christian movies to purchase in DVD or digital format. Walmart and Target stores also stock a selection of Christian movies, but their selection may be more limited. Additionally, websites like Pure Flix and FishFlix specialize in Christian entertainment and offer a wide selection of movies to purchase.

Are there any online stores that specialize in selling Christian movies?

Yes, there are several online stores that specialize in selling Christian movies. Websites like Christian Cinema, Pure Flix, and FishFlix offer a wide selection of Christian movies to purchase in DVD or digital format. These online stores also offer other forms of Christian entertainment, such as TV shows, documentaries, and children’s programming. Additionally, major retailers like Amazon and Walmart have dedicated sections for Christian movies, making it easy to find and purchase your favorite titles.

What are some popular Christian movie retailers that I can visit in person?

Some popular Christian movie retailers that you can visit in person include Family Christian Stores, Lifeway, and Mardel Christian & Education. These stores offer a wide selection of Christian movies, books, music, and other merchandise. They also often host events and author signings, making them a great place to connect with the Christian community and find new titles to enjoy. Additionally, major retailers like Walmart and Target have sections for Christian movies, although their selection may be more limited.

Is it possible to purchase Christian movies from major retailers like Walmart or Target?

Yes, it is possible to purchase Christian movies from major retailers like Walmart or Target. These stores typically have a dedicated section for Christian movies, although their selection may be more limited than a Christian bookstore or online retailer. However, major retailers often offer competitive prices and may have exclusive deals on popular titles. Additionally, shopping at major retailers can be more convenient, as you can purchase your Christian movies alongside other household items or groceries.

Are there any discounts or deals available for buying Christian movies in bulk?

Yes, there are often discounts and deals available for buying Christian movies in bulk. Online retailers like Christian Cinema and FishFlix offer bulk discounts on many of their titles, allowing you to save money while building your Christian movie library. Additionally, Christian bookstores and other retailers may offer discounts on bulk purchases, especially if you are buying for a church or other organization. Keep an eye out for special promotions and sales, as these can be a great way to save money while growing your collection of Christian movies.

Do any streaming services offer a wide selection of Christian movies to purchase or rent?

Yes, several streaming services offer a wide selection of Christian movies to purchase or rent. Pure Flix and Christian Cinema both offer streaming options, allowing you to watch your favorite Christian movies on your computer, tablet, or TV. Additionally, major streaming services like Amazon and Netflix offer a selection of Christian movies to rent or purchase. However, the selection may be more limited than a dedicated Christian streaming service. Keep in mind that streaming services typically require a monthly subscription fee or rental fee for each movie, so be sure to factor these costs into your budget.

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